Out. Of. Control.

Some will see this as a sticky situation. Some will see it as an abvious insult. Some will see it as an obvious over-reaction.

I belive in free speach. I believe newspapers can print what they want and people in return have the right to not buy it. I believe the FCC shouldn’t be so tough on radio jocks like Stern since people have a choice. People can turn it off.

Why are there people out in this world who don’t understand that? Everything should be filtered and filtered and held to some standard? Hey people, don’t like it? Turn. It. Off. Think some music is offensive? Don’t freaking buy it! Don’t let your kid buy it! Think some tv show is offensive? Don’t freaking watch it! Don’t like a radio show? Turn the freaking dial!

This whole cartoon thing. I get it that a certain population is all pissed off at this representation of whom they believe as a prophet. But where do they get off? Jokes, caricatures, etc, is never shoved down the face of catholics? buddhists? jews? I’m not talking just about the type of people I’m talking about the idols they worship. We all know of the many many many jewish jokes that don’t have to do with that which they hold as higher powers but there in fact ones that do poke fun at such an idol.

What I love most is this perception that its a government’s fault. This idea that governments should be controlling newspapers and ensuring what they print will not offend anyone in the world at all. This is what happens when a religion becomes a political system. Yeah burn the Danish flag because a newspaper printed a story. Yeah that makes sense.

Its so hypocritical. Iran is out there bashing everyone through their government run papers and advertisements. Not just the US but everyone. The people, the political system, the religions…everyone. But now the shoe is on the other foot and there’s nothing but outrage?

Kudos to all of the other newspapers in the many other nations that ran the same cartoon. Jeers to the US for condeming the cartoon (Jee that’s not some obvious plow to get a certain population on your good side? Come on be creative at least). Oh and I really loved it when papers ran the offensive cartoon just to ‘show the people the offensive cartoon’. Yyyyeeaaahhh. That’s why you did it. Ssssuuurree. Not reaching trying to get the alrighty buck there are ya? No not at all.


2 thoughts on “Out. Of. Control.

  1. Your right on the money. People of the world have been through enough. I remember the “Iranian Conflict of 1979”, when fanitical muslims overthrew the installed Shah. Then came the Hostage situation, when Khomeini held our people for 444 days.Remember Salman Rushdie? He wrote a book about Muhammad (The Satanic Verses)and the Ayatollah put a 3 million bounty on his head. Cartoons? I am really unhappy with the way things are going and the bs i’m hearing from the WH, but on the other hand, Fanatical religious people of all faiths have to be put in their place once and for all.So my mind is twisted to some on this. Too bad.

  2. Check some of the press, especially today’s Inky. This BS that Islam forbids any iconography of Mohammed is total BS!There are statues and tapestries of him all over the Middle East.This was a planned protest by Islamofascists looking for something new to stir the pot against the West because we are making inroads in their sphere of influence.

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