2006 – A Turning Point?

It’s a new year. So what is everyone going to do with it? Me, I figured that I would try to work harder, be more caring towards others, and try to stay away from politics. It seems that in the blogosphere one can quickly get a name for themselves, either as a good or a bad person. I myself have been labeled by some as a bad man. Why? Because I cannot stand George Bush nor anyone in Washington weather they are Republican or Democrat. I feel that the Republican party has been hi- jacked, and America is on a downword sprial to a third wold status.

Iraq, Iran, China, Russia, Gasoline prices, North Korea, Karl Rove, Bushgate, all of these and more have dominated the net during the past year. What I want to see in 2006 is for someone like John McCain to step up and out of his shell, to lead the Republican party in 2008. Am I asking too much? Is McCain just another shill for the real people in control? I hope not.

Now for the real things that concern me. One is the passing of my ex Father In Law, Grandpop to my two daughters. He died on December 31st, around 5:00 pm. My younger daughter Natalie called me.(Her 20th Birthday was 1/2/06). She and her Sisters, Mom, etc are devastated. I cannot even bring myself to call, because I should be there in person to try and comfort them. As I get older it seems that things get more complicated and you need more time to do the things you want.

It’s late so I’ll leave it at that.


4 thoughts on “2006 – A Turning Point?

  1. Aaaah 2006. A year just like any other. Politics and profits rule all of us poor shmucks who weren’t born into royalty. We have managed to merely expanded the royal sect and call it a democracy.I plan on being more patient and increase energy spent seeking alternate employment. Maybe I’ll learn Italian.And I dig the new color scheme.

  2. Right on PIT. As for the color scheme, I’m still working on it. Thanks for being a contributor to this blog, Lord knows the others can’t seem to get into it. (Exception Katey).I’m sure though that when I bring in a few heavy hitters they will come around.P.S. I’m taking a sabbatical for a week or two. Hold the fort ok?

  3. Hey sweetie…I’m really sorry to hear about your father-in-law. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Don’t hestitate to email or call if you need someone to talk to.Keep your chin up. Things will get better.BTW, love the new layout. πŸ™‚

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