Bush In Philly – A New Stratergy For The War In Iraq

I am reading the Daily Times and see that President Bush is in town this morning, to “Articulate” a plan for winning the war in Iraq, according to William Bender, a Times reporter. He is going to address about 600 local people of the World Affairs Council. From their web site:

“Established in 1949 as a forum for discussing differing points of view, the Council does not endorse candidates for public office or lobby for policies. Membership is open to all who share its principles. The Council currently serves over 120 corporate members and their CEOs, and more than 4,000 other executives and individual members.”

Would have been nice if I was invited, better yet, Bush can come over my house and we can knock back some Budweisers and in no time at all I could maybe get some real answers from him.



5 thoughts on “Bush In Philly – A New Stratergy For The War In Iraq

  1. There is much confusion on this issue that needs to be cleared up. The American citizens do not have a democracy. What we have or had was a Constitutional Republic. There is a big difference. Bush uses the term Constitutional Democracy. Please be aware that democracy is nothing more than mob rule. So what he is referring to is a deomcracy for the elite ruling class. Democratize the entire world and we have global fascism. An American led New World Order and one world government of oppression and enslavement. So the next time you here someone say that the war in Iraq is about “freedom and democracy” please explain that the Constitutional Republic in the USA is dying just as Abraham Lincoln envisioned: Now that the corporation has been elevated there will be corruption in high places and the government will use prejudices to divide the people until an aggregate of wealth is in few hands. Then the Republic will be destroyed. In Peace,Daniel E. Moore, USAF veteran

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