Remembering Daniel Faulkner

 This Friday marks the 24 year anniversary of Philadelphia police officer Daniel J. Faulkner’s murder by Wesley Cook, better known as Mumia Abu-Jamal. Several web sites are all for Mumia’s release, not happy enough that the scumbag’s death sentence has been put on hold. Mumia Abu-Jamal is a big cause for various Actors, Musicians and other “Anti death penalty” supporters. He even claims he is a political prisoner! Make one thing clear. The evidence against Mumia is mountainous. The man was convicted in a court of law. He deserves to die for his heinous crime of shooting a man point blank in the face after first shooting him in the back!

Here’s a quote from Maureen Faulkner, Danny’s Widow.”After listening to six weeks of ballistics, the evidence, the eyewitness testimony, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was Mumia Abu-Jamal murdered my husband.” I heard several stories about people threatening Maureen, all because she took a stand against the “Free Mumia” fanatics. Some even called for phyicial harm! On a personal note, I was very good friends with Danny’s brother Kenny, who just recently passed away. Kenny tended bar years ago at Pops Barrel Inn, not too far from my old stomping grounds. Every time something would come up on TV about “Free Mumia” etc, he would just shake his head. The stress that the Faulkner family has had to endure all these years must be overwhelming, and in my eyes, contributed to Ken’s death.

So what has Mumia been doing all these years? Well let’s see. He’s still alive. He has managed to write a few books, gain the support of misled people, become an honory Parisian, and is a poster boy for every liberal minded, extreme cause you can think of. Mumia is not the Angel he is made out to be. He was one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party in Philly who were affiliated with the ones who killed Officer Frank Von Colin in 70′ BTW, I was close enough to hear the shots that night, as I grew up in Cobbs Creek. Later he became a Move member and a “Radio Personality”. I say he grew up a radical moron with a chip on his shoulders. I will not go any further at the risk of being labeled a “Racist” by you bleeding hearts. Just read the facts and you”ll see that Mumia is guilty of cold blooded murder, and deserves the same fate.

17 thoughts on “Remembering Daniel Faulkner

  1. Thanks 🙂 I just hate it when Officer Faulkners anniversary comes around and the Mumia morons get all riled up and the MSM asks Mumia for “Statements”.The man is a cold blooded killer, end of story.

  2. Hello. The two Officers who captured the scumbag were from my old Unit…The Stakeout Unit. The latest twist posted on the “Freedom Journal” is the Mumia crowd, taking up for the “reformed Cript” TOOKIE. Manny times I have tried to post a rebuttel on that sight, but never got to first base even when I posted they didn’t have the ba!!s to explain their support on the Murder Mumia. Sign me “The Watermellon Man””It’s Gods job to forgive Mumia…it’s the job of Justice to arrange their meeting…one way or another”

  3. Yes, God ‘s job is to forgive Mumia. But it’s the supporters of both the Faulkner’s family and the families of every law enforcement officer who’s lives have been cut short to tell the world the real truth. That crimminals with connections always try to bullshit the masses with some “Frame up”. We all need to rise up against these pussies like Ed Asner, and that moron from M.A.S.H. who haven’t got a clue to what goes on in the real world.In Chester,Delaware County, two cops who lost their lives to these cretins were Connie Hawkins, who was killed in the line of duty in 1993, and Michael Beverly, more recently, in 2001.I remember watching the accounts of these murders, and as a result gave me more reason to respect and thank our law enforcement men & women and to help them spread the word.Justice shall be served in these deaths, I am sure of it.May all of the families and friends of ALL law enforcement personel have a joyous and Merry Christmas and Holiday.Cheers 🙂

  4. I was notified last night by a friend (He’s a Cop) that I failed to mention Dennis McNamara, an Upper Darby Police Officer murdered on January 30th, 2002. I apologize. Here is a link to all of the fallen in Pennsylvania. Officer Down Memorial Page

  5. Part of me wants to see the SOB executed yesterday, preferably by some hideous method such as impaling (thanks to the Conservative UAW Guy for that).But another part of me thinks that should the death penalty be lifted, the celebs would go away and he would rot. While it’s painful to think that he would still be breathing, the denial of celebrity would be far more painful to such a hemorrhoid on humanity.Came via Katey. Will be back and add y’all to the blogroll here in Chester County.

  6. The Mumia backers not only want the death penalty lifted, they want him out of jail. They think that he was framed. Amazing,only last night at my favourite watering hole, I discussed Mumia with a friend and she said that she somehow thinks that Mumia was framed. I got into a heated discussion with her, and told her that if she went to, she would find the whole trial transcript.I’m hoping she will and if I see her on Friday I will ask.P.S. Thanks for the blogroll, will do the same.

  7. I found your blog through Kate on Domelights. Thank you!! I was only 11 when P/O Faulkner was murdered, at the time I lived in Springfield DE county, but I’ll NEVER forget it. I still remember the look on Jim Gardners face. We should NEVER stop bringing this up until that coward is executed!!If you get a chance check out my blog. I wrote a little something on there about P/O Faulkner and there’s a great link to an Anti-Move blog. If you don’t mind, I’m also going to add you to my list of blog buddies.

  8. “Thanks for reminding me; I forgot. Someone should hit me in the head with a brick.”No problem at all. Besides, bricks hurt like all hell. Danny will forever be remembered for sure. Mumia? forget about him, he’s just a dirtbag.

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for the link. And I agree with everything you said about Mumia. It galls me that he’s still breathing. I had two members of my family that were Philly PD back then so it could have been them.

  10. Hi All. In this day of technology, it is amazing anyone with any brains could ignore the insurmountable evidence against this animal. Then again, it did work in the defense of a once-famous football player who, with his dream legal team, managed to do just that. I am a retired police officer (run down by a drunken driver) I always remember PO Daniel Faulkner in my prayers.

  11. whoever wrote this article and the morons that follow it deserve the same treatment as that dead cop, first off living in philadelphia and being a police officer, your a marked target, so i feel no pitty for the man, he signed up to be shot at from the start now its a tradgedy, NO.Mumia was framed and a confessed killer is on the loose right now as you read this, is that justice, an innocent mans life ruined while the guilty walk free?Daniel Faulkner interfeared in mob/police pay outs, if you really think the mob and right down to petty street drug dealers dont have the cops in their pockets you need a reality check, clearly your all white males in your late 40’s that have no real idea what life on the streets of Philadelphia is really like, it must be easy to point a finger from where you sit and say “fry the nigger” jsut liek the judge, Mumia will be free again, you cant stop all that support, people arn’t gonna roll over and watch him die.A case such as his doesnt catch the attention of millions for no reason at all, theres obviously some reasonable doubt as to weather or not he did it, and the anwser is not.On some level though I would liek to see you all suceed, killing Mumia only further marks his place in history, and if you did kill him, I can GUARENTEE there will eb a riot on the streets of Philly.

  12. A “confessed killer”? You mean the one who more than a decade afterthe fact, gave an obscure statement which wasn’t even consistent withthe ballistic findings or other physical evidence? Please.What’s interesting is you claim to seek justice, yet you advocate violence right away. You have a very perverse sense of justice to say the least, though given the fact you believe in the trite little fairy tales spun byMumia’s group probably says more about your lack of intelligence thenanything else.So forget it. Mumia’s own gun fingered him. Despite all the fact-less emotional appeals filed in media outlets, it doesn’t mean jack in the real world. Mumia’s going to rot in prison for life. Your fantasy world where the police conspired with the Nazi Party and the CIA, where mentally deficient leftist “revolutionaries” murder and steal for “freedom and justice” just doesn’t exist. Get over it. Go play with your nintendo some more.

  13. After the Irish corrupted the all system. In Philadelphia or anywhere else .They can…..they wantto look like the good guys##&$*#&&!#&??!!!America is so sick of your shit… hate each other anyway….and you think that by being racistand liers you 'll attract people's sympathy….You are so fucked up you little minded people….Just go have a drink and forget your miserable shady little corrupted lifes

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