It’s called CHRISTMAS You Minority!

I agree with this 100 percent.
Does that make me a Conservative? No, It’s called being an AMERICAN Christian!

Christmas Trees Are Christmas Trees “What Other Holiday Uses A Tree?”

By Ken Hughes Nov. 30, 2005

We don’t celebrate the 4th of July with a tree, or Easter, or New Years. We celebrate Christmas with a tree so it isn’t a holiday tree after all, so says Dennis Hastert Majority leader of the House of Representatives. Christmas has become a merchant’s holiday, therefore if we were to accept a new definition of the traditional Christmas tree it would be more appropriate to call it a, “Merchants Tree” rather than the “Holiday Tree” either has little to do with religion.

It’s a time of year when everyone is supposed to feel good about themselves and their neighbors, It may not always work out that way but that’s the way it should be. 75% of the population of this country claims to be Christian the rest are of other faiths or no faith at all. How can 75% of the population be expected to sacrifice a life long tradition just so they won’t offend 25% who probably celebrate Christmas along with the Christians. If they don’t celebrate they certainly take the day off work.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Kwanzaa have nothing in common. Hanukkah is the festival of lights celebrating the victory by the Jews over the Syrian in the first century BC. Ramadan is a dedication of faith by fasting, expressing an atonement to Allah. Kwanzaa is a harvest festival held by African Tribes in late October. There’s no reason to connect these holidays together, they have no common association. This is simply a way for the politically correct “I Hate Everything American Crowd” to screw up one more tradition that is American.

There’re those who give minorities more rights than the majority. It’s acceptable to give everyone equal rights, It should end at equal, it doesn’t. When one group’s given rights beyond the majority, it becomes discrimination. Discrimination is a highway with many lanes running in many directions and going nowhere. It isn’t any particular group who abject to the name Christmas, African Americans are some of the most enthusiastic supporters of Christmas. Come to my neighborhood and I’ll show you dozens of Little fat Rabbis in red suits with bushy white beards sitting on lawns. Hanukkah trees have become a tradition in America. There aren’t enough people in this country truly offended by Christmas to fill a child’s wading pool.

It’s Atheists and the Media who’re encouraging this attack on Christmas. The media for fun and profit, Atheists just because they can. There’s an old adage in the media,” Good News doesn’t sell, blood and guts do.” When it applies to anything negative, the media’s usually out front. According to Time’s 2006 Almanac only 3.7 % of the population would fall in the category of those having a cause to appose Christmas decorations on religious grounds. That leaves 96.3% who want a traditional Christmas or don’t care one-way or the other.

More than anything, I believe the assault on Christmas is little more than small groups and individuals creating situations for them to get publicity they would otherwise never get, “Their 15 Minutes of Fame” as it were. There’re people who crave attention but do nothing outstanding to attract attention. They often turn to bizarre behavior as a substitute for achievement.

If the media were to act as the fourth estate and report good news along with the bad and the ugly with equal fervor these people wouldn’t stand a chance of expressing their opposition to the trivial. There’s enough out there in the world for the media not to feel compelled to challenge the value of all of our traditions. Many blame the lack of quality of reporting news to the need by the new expanded 24/7 need for product. I say balderdash, there are only so many silk purses in a Sows ear. It’s a lack of commitment to honesty and a poor introduction to gathering facts that guides the media.

Thank God, this country’s moving away from the absurdity of Liberal Politics. The public is finally realizing they’ve been had politically for the past 25 years. Some of the good old days will return with the sanity of a constitutional inspired congress.

What I have been gathering now for many years is that a few “minority” groups have been trying to get rid of Jesus in America. Well I say to all Americans, “especially to the mg’s” and to the rest of the world, Have a Merry, Joyious and Peaceful CHRISTMAS Season!


4 thoughts on “It’s called CHRISTMAS You Minority!

  1. The atheists and the liberals aren’t doing much of anything. The Religious Right spreads these crazy rumors that the ACLU is ready to jump down the throats of anyone who dares to say Christmas in public, which makes people skittish and fearful of having their butts sued off. The ACLU is currently involved in defending a girl in Jersey who was barred from singing some religious Christmas ditty in the school talent show. Yes, we’re all trying to mow down Jesus.This isn’t about who is in the minority and who is in the majority. It’s about all of us, collectively. Stores say ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘merry christmas’ because they want to sell stuff to everyone…not just Christians or people like me who celebrate Christmas strictly in the commercial sense. It’s greed, not some evil cabal of atheists.The Religious Right are the people who are sucking the joy out of Christmas. Instead of people being content to buy themselves into debt, worship [or not] as they see fit, be happy with their friends and family, etc, the Jerry Falwells of the world are manufacturing a war against Christians as a way to fundraise to the scared masses of fearful and faux-persecuted sheep.

  2. I believe in and will continue to say “Happy Holiday’s”. Perhaps I care about my fellow person too much? Not everyone is a christian regardless of majority/minority. Maybe I’m just being nice? Maybe I just don’t have that ‘philadelphia attitude’?Stores can say whatever the heck they want just like we cn say whatever we want. Given, school are a different breed all together. School are paranoid about ANY show of religious expression (France not allowing muslim garb in schools…) especially in the sue crazy US (one little mistake can cost $1mil thanks to the judicial system and my favorite breed of unhuman robots…lawyers).I will also say people are too damn touchy (the other side of that philly attitude). Just because someone says ‘merry christmas’ doesn’t mean they’re putting down any religion or saying their’s is superior. Its a freaking saying. And to all of you out there who are completely psycho over ‘taking christ out of christmas’ don’t think this holiday is religious anymore. Its not. Its commercialism. Going to church once or twice around the holiday season isn’t making you this religious zealot. Heck even if you go every Sunday it doesn’t mean anything either. IF you out there worried about what presents to buy, office parties, wrapping paper, tinsle, lighting up yoru house so the space station can see it…you need to open your eyes and realize non of this has anything to do with ‘the spirit of christmas’.Here I am in my late 20s and all I can think of is ‘Everyone needs to freaking grow up’. Shut up. Be Happy. Be nice to people around you.

  3. LOL PIT, your right to feel that way but It’s just the fact that over the years in my mind I’ve seen “Other” religious holidays take the front burner while “Christmas” and the nativity scenes, etc have been taken away. Remember Macy’s in New York? It was ok for them to have Chanukah Menorahs and the new one “Kwanzaa” “God only knows where that came from”, plastered all over the place.Yes I am all for putting “Christ” back in Christmas. And, if us “Christians” would quit trying to instill our religion on others (See the middle east) it would be all for the better.”Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men (and Women)”

  4. Yes I am all for putting “Christ” back in Christmas. And, if us “Christians” would quit trying to instill our religion on others (See the middle east) it would be all for the better.Exactly. Soon we’ll see mini base outposts (aka missions) in order to protect (aka brainwash) those who aren’t smart enough (aka non-christians) to know they need protection (aka conversion).

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