Camp out for Hunger

Every year radio personalities Preston & Steve from WMMR have a “Camp out for Hunger”, which will help those in need here in the Delaware Valley on behalf of Philabundance. For those of you who can help, stop by from Monday, December 5th at 6am until Friday, December 9th at 10am at the Metroplex Shopping Center on Chemical Road in Plymouth Meeting, and drop off a can or two to help feed a family.

Here’s an article from the News of Delaware County letting everyone know that food is needed as much as ever.

For those of you that read here, have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. 🙂


One thought on “Camp out for Hunger

  1. Kate. Thanks for the information! It is for a great cause1 It’s kind of a shame though that us as Americans have families in this predicament to begin with.You are a kind and loving soul. Happy Thanksgiving ro you and your and may God Bless America and her people!P.s. I’ll post a link on the main page on the next update, tomorrow. (I’m visiting my Mom, the rest of my family are going up north.)

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