Natalee Alive?

I Live In Delaware County: More About Natalee Holloway

Amazing that this blog post from June is receiving so many hits. I do think that she may have been kidnapped and sold as a sex slave, (As I posted eariler) but they are looking in the wrong places. They should try Saudi Arabia or Israel, two of the worst offenders when it comes to white sex slavery.

Even Dr. Phil say’s that she may be alive, but even if she is, how do you aquire her? Do you hire Mercs (If I had the money I would), or ask the state department to send in some clandesent special Op team? This isn’t the movies you know, so in reality the best thing for Natalee’s family and friends would be to find clousure.

So I offer this: To those who know the wereabouts of Natalee Holloway, give it up. Your going to burn in hell if not before your tourtured first. You had no right to do what you did. Would you want the same for your mother/sister/wife/girlfriend?

Not a snowballs chance in hell unless your demonic.
Fire away.


3 thoughts on “Natalee Alive?

  1. Don’t give up hope she may still be out there. But dont spend all your sime searching for someone that may not excist anymore. Just remember her as she was and not what happened to her.

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