Special Guy 29

I’m watching MSNBC’s “Dateline” special report about pervos who meet who they think are 13, 14 year olds for sex. 19 Men, ranging from Doctors, to Rabbi’s to Enlisted men all agree to meet these “Kids”. One pedophile in particular, “Specialguy29”shows up with a 12 pack of beer and strips naked in the garage. When confronted by the Dateline investigator Chris Hansen tells him some line of BS.

What amazes me is that the same guy (Chris Canelli), after getting caught redhanded and his fugly mug plastered on a national television show, proceeds to get back online and try to hook up at a McDonalds. And when he’s confronted with this yet again? He blurts out: “I was hungry!”. I’ll give him hungry. You pedophiles think that your above the law.

At least one website, Perverted Justice has been exposing these freaks for what they are. One thing I like is how they make these scumbags lives miserable by posting anything and everything thay can get on them. Here in Delco we have the Delaware County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, I believe started by then Delco DA Patrick Meehan. Lt. David Peifer is the head honcho, with Michelle Deery as lead investigator.

What they do I assume is to go into chat rooms like they have at Yahoo, and AOL and pose as young kids. Their track record is impressive. Over 100 arrests right here in Delaware county, and tipping off other jurisdictions. But more has to be done. As in My eariler post, I showed how a convicted pedophile who lives right behind me continues to hang around a Catholic school and the law protects him.

The message here is clear. Prey on underage children and pay with your soul. Don’t give me your excuse that you were “Sexually abused as a child” either.
That’s a pure cop out.


7 thoughts on “Special Guy 29

  1. ACLU represents NAMBLA and calls parents case against them “a witch hunt”http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0101/07/impc.00.htmlPedophilia + Summary ExecutionThat’s the way it SHOULD BE!!!!!

  2. If I remember correctly, wasn’t there a set-up w/ Channel 10’s Harry Hairston a few years ago in Delco? I don’t remember which town it was in (Springfield? Broomall? Newtown Sq?), but I believe a bunch of pedophiles were lured to a specific house thinking they were going to have sex with a kid.I know the parents in the community were beyond pissed off because Channel 10 brought all those freaks of nature into the township…Anyone remember the incident?Anyway, for those in Delco, you can check here to see if there are any sex offenders in the area:http://www.pameganslaw.state.pa.us/BTW, great blog.

  3. I remember that also. It seems that these Pedophiles have some sort of network amongst themselves.It makes me sick that I have to deal with one right behind my house. Thanks for the kind words about this blog.P.S. Your blog is a great read also 🙂 I’ll send you an e mail to be a contributor to this one if you want. Seems only me and PIT (Playing In Traffic) are the only ones who post.

  4. Thanks for joining. Post about anything you want. As it says “Musings from a variety of people from Delaware County, Pennsylvania.” BTW, your blog layout is beautiful. I tried to mess with the template on here but messed it up several times. Thank God I save a copy first.

  5. He didnt say “I was Hungry,” you silly goose!He said: “I was going to get something to eat!”Perhaps you shiukd pay closer attention before you defile the craft of writing with your ill-fated attempt at orchestrating a half-assed attempt at a blog.

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