Pissed at Wawa

In the process of trying to find out just who is running for what in the election on November 8th, I came across this from Dan Quinn’s web site:


October 13, 2005

My bride of 40 years and I have been residents of Haverford Township for 35 years now. We moved here many years ago so that our three(3) children could benefit from the excellent schools and the family atmosphere that existed at that time. Our children are now grown, but in their place, many of our ten(10) grandchildren still reside in Havertown and still attend the same excellent schools. Yes, we all love our community!

However, something happened recently that bothers us greatly since we are people of principle and don’t like the fashion in which we have been treated by either WAWA or their authorized agent.

On Saturday October 1st (Havertown Day) we parked in the WAWA located at Darby and Manoa Roads and our automobile was subsequently towed. Note that we were wrong and deserved to be punished. We were more than willing to pay the $200 towing charge and this issue would have ended there. However, WAWA’s agent (shown below) refused to give us our car back on Saturday and told us to come back on Monday- when, naturally, additional storage charges would also be tacked on to the original $200 towing charge!


We have both been treated in an extremely rude and calloused fashion to the point that (forget me) I was concerned that my wife was going to have a heart attack. (Having personally had a heart attack and quadruple by-pass surgery, I guess you might consider me to be somewhat of an expert on heart attacks.) When I say she was near having a heart attack, let me tell you that she continues to shake at the mere mention of the words “WAWA or Tow Squad”! As an example of WAWA’s attitude, when my wife demanded to pay the $200 towing charge and get her car back on Saturday, WAWA’s agent (in front of a Haverford Police Officer in the WAWA parking lot), snapped his fingers in the air in an extremely belligerent and aggressive manner and said “Sure lady-just like that you’ll get your car back-You’ll get it back on Monday morning and not before!”

I immediately went to the WAWA agent’s above location, where the car was being held, and called the Upper Darby Police. Their incident report will document that at that time, the owner was on the premises, another employee was on the premises and in addition they released a previously towed car to a young woman that arrived “AFTER” me. (because she paid them an additional $100 that I did not have!) In addition, his tow truck had another car in the process of being put on his lot when I arrived.

WAWA’s agent refused to give me our car indicating that his office was closed until Monday. Let me reiterate:

-The owner was present
-Another employee was also on-site
-They were in the process of releasing a car to a person that arrived after me
-They were continuing to tow cars
-All they had to do to release my car was to open the gate- there were no cars blocking us in.



Our signature below signifies that we agree with the Greenwald’s open communication dated October 13, 2005 that spells out in detail the need for new and enhanced legislation to address the obvious deficiencies in our current Towing Regulations. We request that new legislation be passed AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE TIME to protect the citizens of our communities. Some specific issues and recommendations follow:

-Towing Charges- it is requested that a towing company’s charges be tied to a specific index. As an example, “a towing company’s fees can not exceed the charges levied by the police department of the township from which the vehicle is towed for similar services”. If there is a need to further punish the owners of towed cars, it is acceptable to add to this amount an additional reasonable “specified” penalty fee.

– Towing Destination- to ensure that vehicles are not towed across the country and further to ensure that the Township from which the vehicle is towed does not lose its legal jurisdiction, we request that a new regulation be passed that specifies that a towed vehicle can not be towed outside the township from which the towing commences.

– Vehicle Protection- the current regulations that indicate that towing companies are not responsible for damage to, loss, or theft from towed vehicles must be closely re-examined.

– Recovery of Towed Vehicles- A towing company can not be allowed to pick and chose when they will allow the return of personal property of other people. All towing companies should have to adhere to the same schedule in the respective township! Further, a specific new section should be added that indicates that any towing company that tows a vehicle after the prescribed time schedule is deemed to be open for business and must accommodate the owners of towed vehicles that desire to retrieve their vehicles on the day towed. It is noted that one of the Tow Squad’s signs indicates that that recovery is by “appointment only”. Since the Tow Squad was “not” open when the owner and another employee were on-site and when they were both towing and releasing vehicles from their lot, we wonder how anyone could possibly make an appointment!
-Towing Authority- The legal rights of a towing company (and naturally the owner of the vehicle) must be thoroughly examined. After a vehicle leaves the property of a business (such as the WAWA) by what right does the towing company have to tow the vehicle further, charge whatever fees it desires, and decide when it will release the personal property to the owner, while at the same time hiding under an umbrella of section 3353 of the PA Motor Vehicle Code that apparently says they are not liable for any damage to the vehicle or other loss or theft therefrom? It is further important to distinguish between the actions of the towing company in the actual towing of the vehicle and subsequent damage, loss or theft that arises after the initial towing action is complete (the vehicle is placed in the lot of the towing company).

It is further suggested that all towed cars be immediately towed to the applicable local police department’s towing lot and that the local police take ownership of the matter immediately.

– Parking Meters- Authority should be granted to all Police Department’s to tow all vehicles that are parked in front of expired parking meters.

– Expired Registration Stickers- The posted WAWA sign indicates that vehicles with expired registrations will be towed. WAWA and their agents are not the local police enforcement agency- what right do they have to tow the vehicle of a customer of WAWA that is doing business in their store? WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE!

I hereby support the need for the above new towing regulations and ask that all legislators immediately address the deficiencies that are highlighted in this petition and the Greenwald’s communication dated October 13, 2005, a copy of which will be made a part of the formal petition.

Click here for the petition

What amazes me is that Wawa would even think of pulling a stunt like this. I always have felt good when going to area Wawas, the people who work there perform multiple tasks, like fixing you a sandwich or hoagie, “Deli Worker”, ringing you up”Cashier”, in addition to deal with product “Stock Person”. Even cleaning the rest rooms, and store! At “MY WAWA”(s) the workers and managers are extremely nice and a few I even would consider friends. So that to say that the above had me shocked is beyond belief. But shocked I am. I hope that Mr. & Mrs. Greenwald achieve two things. One, a sincere and public apology from Wawa, and Tow Squad Inc; and Two, the people in power in Haverford Township take notice of this and deal with it accordingly. Better yet, how about all of Delco’s community leaders look into this?

38 thoughts on “Pissed at Wawa

  1. They’ve been victim of circumstances. From what I’ve read here are the circumstances. First off, the wawa lot is posted with signs from the towing company as to the conditions and dollar amounts in question. Secondly, I don’t see how wawa can be held legally accountable for anything in this situation as they merely allow this towing company to enforce the parking regulations they have in place as allowable by local and state law. Thirdly, tow operators are the scum of the earth, ever had your car held hostage while it’s still on the hook in front of you, the word “shakedown” is raised to an art form. Lastly, don’t park in the wawa lot at Eagle & Darby Rd’s to then cross the street to enter the Oakmont Pub, the tow operators will sit and watch as people park in the wawa lot, walk across the street, then after about a half an hour will tow your vehicle. I saw that occur with a group of women last month. They inquired to a police officer as to “what can be done” to which he replied “sorry, but it’s a private matter between you and the tow operators, wawa is held harmless due to the fact that the tow companies rates are posted”

  2. To hold Wawa accountable for your car being towed is ridiculous. Signs are posted and the tow company is who you should be directing your anger at, or in reality, you should be angry at yourself for being wrong in the first place. There are signs posted, you chose to ignore them so you pay the consequences. Suck it up, grow up, and let it go.

  3. To hold Wawa accountable for your stupidity and negligence is untollerable. You occupied a spot in the parking lot meant for customers of WAWA!!! They didn’t leave the spot there designated for your use anytime you see fit. I just believe you are angry because you didn’t get away with it. Suck it up, pay the fine and get over it.

  4. Attached is a similar complaint of my own that I posted on WAWA’s customer service website on Oct 3. I sent a copy to Commisioner Ken Richardson, who said he would raise it in front of the township solicitor…….I am writing to inform you of an incident that occurred at your WAWA Food Market located at 1000 Darby Road in Havertown, PA, this past Saturday, Oct 1, 2005. My son was driving to work on Saturday and stopped at this WAWA store to purchase a beverage. There was a street fair underway on Darby Rd (Haverford Township Day), and when my son stepped inside the store, he found that many residents from the fair were in WAWA purchasing items. Because of the long line at the cashier, my son decided to step outside momentarily to see what was going on at the street fair while waiting for the crowd within the store to thin out. When he returned to the store 15 min later, he found a tow truck driver attaching his car to a tow truck. Although my son offered to move his car immediately, the tow truck driver would not release the car until my son paid a $100 cash fee. There are several aspects of this incident that I find deeply offensive. 1) Haverford township has a bylaw (175-72) stating that no vehicle shall be removed if the owner is present and willing to remove the vehicle immediately. Thus, your tow operator was acting in a manner inconsistent with township bylaws.2) The WAWA in question was clearly benefiting financially from the street fair, as many of the thousands on the street were entering the store to make purchases (myself included). Nevertheless, your store manager had a tow truck parked nearby ready to pounce on any vehicle that looked like it might be parked too long, apparently in an effort to maximize customer access and store profits. I view this as a very hostile act against the Haverford community on a day that residents were in the area to celebrate community spirit. 3) When I called the store manager to complain about the incident, he was extremely abrupt and dismissive, claiming that it was ‘company policy’ to have a tow truck monitor the parking lot and tow vehicles parked longer than 15 minutes. However, the signs in the lot do not indicate a maximum time limit. The signs state only “Customer Parking Only”. There was no way for my son to know that stepping off property temporarily would result in a parking violation.I would like to believe that WAWA has a better sense of community and customer service than is apparent from this incident. Until now, my son and my entire family have been frequent WAWA customers. However, I am extremely dismayed by your store’s aggressive actions against my son, who has frequently patronized your store in the past, and who parked on your store’s premises with good intentions on this occasion. I encourage you to contact the manager of your store on Darby Rd and have him issue an apology and reimbursement of the $100 paid. It would also be beneficial for the store to adopt a less hostile stance against the community it serves, and have more tolerance for minor transgressions during community celebrations. We plan to avoid patronizing your stores until such steps are taken. I also plan to contact our local and state government representatives, and will urge them to vote against further expansion of WAWA franchises within our community.

  5. you have to understand it’s a bussiness,why do you think your special.If it was my bussiness i would of fined you 500 dollars,i guess you won’t do that again and i hope you learned a lesson

  6. Anonymous said… “If it was my bussiness i would of fined you 500 dollars,i guess you won’t do that again and i hope you learned a lesson” Businesses cannot dictate the so called “fine” amount that they are allowed to collect. It’s up to the local authorities. And it ain’t your “Business” anyway retard, so butt the hell out. I’m sure your some nitwitted asshole “guest” poster from the Haverford Blog who has had a few too many. “Did the Manoa Tavern close early?”Take my advice: Go sleep it off and be sure to put your cigarette out.

  7. its funny how people bitch and complain because they were wrong. When pulling in to a parking lot read the signs because if theres a tow sign and you get towed because you elft the property obviously your wrong.everyone who gets towed is just mad because towing companies can charge you 20 extra bucks just for using other equiptment ive seen tow companies charge 2 dollars a minute until the lady came up with the money so stop complaining because tow squad is the most efficent towing company in delaware county and the only ones who have been in bsuiness the longiest so there is no excuse to complain for being towed READ THE SIGNS BEFORE YOU PARK

  8. “READ THE SIGNS BEFORE YOU PARK”I have a better Idea..BOYCOTT!P.S. Impound (Tow Squad) companies in Delco are ripoffs who steal your shit when they get your vechile impounded. Been that way for years and that’s gotta change.

  9. It’s freaking simple people when you pull into a lot read the signs if you park there and your not suppose to your going to get towed away it’s not rocket science people geeze it’s a 3×2 foot sign how the hell can you miss it if you owned a business and everyone from the bar next door parked in your lot wouldn’t you be pissed ok then just shut the hell up thank youa tow squad fan and a towtruck driver

  10. I am absolutely astonished to read this report. I am, in fact, a proud Wawa employee, but this event has knocked my pride down a bit because I could never imagine a Wawa condoning this type of behavior. You are right, they were wrong to do what they did, and they were rude. If it had been my store, this would not have happened. In the entire time I have worked there, we have towed only ONE car, and it was only because it had been there for over two weeks and we could not find out who the owner was. Please reconsider your overall view of Wawas, though, because I know they are all not like that. I work at store 590 in Westminster, MD, and we value our customers far too much to allow this type of thing to happen. Nonetheless, you have my sympathy and I am ashamed that a Wawa could do this to their customers.

  11. Wow, i work for Wawa as well, in claymont. if someone called me complaining about the TOW COMPANY, i’d be pissed too. you guys are just looking to get your money back. and the dude talking about his son, he is lying to you. if i got a $200 ticket, i’d lie to my dad so he wasnt mad at me. But maybe you wouldnt know because your too busy B*tching about stupid stuff. and at my wawa, i hate customes… they all suck you all complain about everything. i work in a busy store so im not saying all wawa customers suck, but mine do…. and i would love to tow someones car after they insulted me because i didnt hear them say “lights” when buy gay cigarettes. peace

  12. Private property owners have the right to have any vehicle towed from their property. Business owners can post their property with signs of warning. your vehicle being towed from any private property is legal. The towing company is acting on behalf of the property owner. The towing company has the right to be paid for their services. Most towing services business office are not open 24 hours and are not required to release vehicles after normal office hours. You as the offender do not have the right to demand release of your vehicle. You were at fault, your the bad guy. Stop slandering the towing services name and get on with your life. Making you wait till their office is open to get your vehicle, is standard practice in the towing industry. WaWA is a great community business, you owe them an apology for dragging their name thru the mud. You own the towing service an apology, they were only doing their job. Research the internet. You would be amazed at how other towns and cities and states handle this kind of incident.According to some sites, you got off easy. One town I found charges a $525.00 impound fee on all towing by the police, and includes illegally parked vehicles. Only shore towns make the illegally parked vehicles be towed to a police impound and only the police can have it towed from a private lot. I believe, Police should not be involved in private parking lot squabbles. Its people who try and work the system and ignore other peoples property rights that scream when they get caught. Once again. the towing was legal, not releasing your vehicle till monday is legal. AND the most important fact here is this. Most local towing serices do not get involved in towing from private lots just so they do not have to deal with idiots like you.

  13. Anonymous said… “Private property owners have the right to have any vehicle towed from their property. Business owners can post their property with signs of warning. your vehicle being towed from any private property is legal. The towing company is acting on behalf of the property owner.”Yeah, Wawa has a five minute linit in HT? Fuck them.. That Wawa SUCKS, more of a CORPORATE conveinance than a customer one. Hey, but I bet the bottom dollar is their mantra right?”The towing company has the right to be paid for their services.” Tow Squad, Herbies, Marshall road, etc are all a bunch of THUGS. What gives them any RIGHT to slim jim a vehicle, and then root around the glove compartment?Maybe one day when some car owner pulls out a .44 and caps one of these cretins (thinking their car is being stolen of course) will the County clamp down on this illegal bullshit.Hey Asshole! It’s called PRIVATE PROPERTY. The “system” as you call it is socialist. Not a REPUBLIC. Thanks to the heathens over the last 50 years to sell out this country.Answer me this mr Tow Man..

  14. If I were to break into your home, because your wife was late on a Cable TV bill, and took the cable box while nobody was home, and because it was hooked up to a nice flat screen, took that also (Hey, let you and them fight over that) wouold that be ok?Just like a person adding a nice stereo to a car, then the “Repo” man taking it.An Armed America is the only way to thwart corporations like “WAWA” from total control.

  15. How sad!! Unfortunately I am NOT surprised….Wawa chooses this towing company to tow customers cars knowing what they charge and their predatory ways and possibly even get a kickback on each tow. I am soo disgusted with the influx and domination of Wawas and CVS stores in our area appx. every .8 miles and the decline of any small business trying to make ends meet. Could we be any more generic to shop around here anymore?? I avoid all of these stores unless I have to go to them. I like my homemade coffee from home better anyway … it is cheaper and better tasting and I don’t have to waste gas and fight to trying to find a freaking spot in our oversized Wawa or worry now that I am in a Wawa too long for my Joe to cost me $200 or more or have someone begginfg for money in the lot ….I was conned once by an unrelenting pathetic looking pleading older lady who was supposedly stranded with her other half ( who I later saw also begging for money) bc they had no gas and took the money I gave them in the wawa after that to buy cigarettes instead of gas with god knows how many other ppl money and disappeared b4 I realized what was going on and I had a small child with me and couldnt chase them down … I have been encuntered a few other times in the parking lot by the gas terminals…where are the authorities when THIS happens…the police do not really care as I found out when I contacted them to advise them to keep an eye out and to tell them what happened — places like these bring around some corrupt elements who can merge into the crowd and Wawa doesnt have any type of security or backup to help prevent this activity…… I do sympathize with the poor people whose cars were towed and the victimization of these persons who have to pay these exorbitant fees!! How sad!! Our local leaders that could put a stop to this are not doing anything about it…. for some people $200 is a paycheck for the week. Does anyone care??Disgrace…If I get gas at Wawa it is bc they are open and no one else is– they monopolize everything– yes they have SOME decent things in their stores…but of course many overpriced items as well…They have the Wallyworld mentality of overdomination anywhere they can acquire land and demolish other businesses, old houses etc… as does CVS. Enough rant…

  16. The Harleysville Wawa has this shithead Aaron who works the counter. He’s the rudest motherfucker I’ve ever had to deal with anywhere. He so deserves to be fired.

  17. I feel your painPREDATORY TOWING alive and well in SecaucusI was out late and parked in the CVS parking lot in 1300 Paterson Plank Road Secaucus, NJ 07094 ,and my car was towed by Atlantic Towing 230 W Forest Ave Englewood, NJ 07631(201) 567-5330 and charged $250 to get the car and when I objected she was told she had to wait till Monday to get the car. There are NO “no parking signs and the only sign says 1 ½ hour parking I was not parked that long I had to be some where else in lass than that amount of time.What was done was in violation of the Governors PREDATORY TOWING PREVENTION ACT on many counts, see the bold!These are the violations:1) Under the new legislation, if a motor vehicle is to be towed from private property without the vehicle owner’s consent, there must be conspicuous warning signs posted detailing parking rules and towing conditions. No such signs exist, the signs simply say only 1 1/2 hour parking only and I was not there for that length of time.2) The tow truck must affix a decal stating that the truck is registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs, No such decal.3) It unlawful to give an advantage or preference to any person who provides information about vehicles parked for unauthorized purposes on privately owned property. The bill will require operators to release a vehicle subject to non-consensual towing if the vehicle had not yet been removed from the property. If this occurs, the towing company must charge no more than a “decoupling” fee. The bill also prohibits refusal to accept payment for towing services by debit or credit card, if the towing company regularly accepts these forms of payment. Landlord uses a spotter! If not the tow company was engaged in “cursing the parking lot looking for pick ups”4) They must also provide reasonable accommodations for after-hours release of stored vehicles and are prohibited from charging an additional fee for releasing a vehicle after normal business hours. When I challenged the towing, the tow company help the car till Monday!5) The bill also prohibits refusal to accept payment for towing services by debit or credit card, if the towing company regularly accepts these forms of payment. Atlantic wanted cash only exact change!

  18. This story and some of the comments are amazing to me. This man admits he was wrong and was willing to pay the towing charge…he made a mistake! Big deal, the are made every day – he’s a human being and I am proud that he took the time to let others know about this incident. Sounds to me like WAWA has a bit of a con-game going on with the towing service….I mean calling them after a few minutes – giveme a break!! Bottom line is….common courtesy no longer exists in today’s society. Should it be a pipe dream to expect that WAWA owner to wait a little longer?

  19. THUG TOW OPERATOR said…Franny, what’s the make of your car? I’ll add it to our lookout list. Watch where you park in UD.10:59 PM, August 07, 2008Hey THUG, and as your towing it you maybe will find a Savage left handed bolt action rifle pointed in your direction.Are you ok with that?Specs:Model 111FL Left-hand Model Caliber25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 30-06 Spfld, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win MagOverall Length42.75″ (25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 30-06 Spfld)44.75″ ( 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag)Barrel Length22″ (25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 30-06 Spfld)24″ ( 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag)Weight6.5 lbs (25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 30-06 Spfld) 6.75 lbs ( 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag)

  20. Understand that most of these men are very sleazy, don't shower on a regular basis, and frequent interstate rest stops for entertainment. Many have moustaches and smelly Dickies, missing teeth and tenth grade educations.

  21. Oh I could tell you stories about Tow Squad. I realize they are just doing their " job " which is a crock of shit but hey who am I to punish low lifes trying to make a living." Mommy , when I grow up I want to be a tow truck driver and have a McDonald's sandwich named after me!!" Follow the signs. I agree , if you park illegally , you get towed and you can not do shit about it. The best thing I read on this thread was " PREDATORY TOWING ". This is where I have a problem. One sleazy fat tow truck driver named Justin from TOW SQUAD told us , " I make more money by just picking up the vehicle and waiting for the disgruntled victim to come out and claim it. I will call the place of business to alert the victim inside. I make a $100 cash just by picking it up and than dropping it 15 minutes later. 5 in one night is $500 under the table. If I tow it to Upper Darby I only make $50 and my boss makes the money. I have done this many times each week. Why report it ? " Tow truck drivers just doing their job eh ? I have a buddy who is a tow driver and he is against all of this bullyshit and only helps people in distress………dead batteries , flat tires , engine problems , etc. Imagine that someone with morals. Or being fat , hated , horrible to look at , a boozer , and burning down half your home because of falling asleep while eating a Wawa hoagie and smoking a cigarette at the same time could be the way to go.

  22. Preditory towing is a word that is to often thrown around buy victims.. Im in the towing buisness and i tow private propertys but theres a fine line between what is right and what is wrong. I do not work for tow squad they are a mickey mouse operation junk trucks and no regards for showing respect cause if its one thing ive learned in my 13 years in this buisness its that the people you piss on will eventually be the death of a cash cow. Now on to illegal parking and preditory towing is it preditory policing when a cop sits in the middle of the highway? then why is it preditory to watch the lot for a buisness, that what private property towing companys are hired for so corporations like wawa and so on dont have to do it.. Second of all why do u think that if a towing company is dispatched to remove a vehichle and we have it hooked and lifted that are time is worth nothing? just cause you illegally parked and got back at a fortunate time dosnt mean your off the hook so to speak.. best thing you can do if u really hate this company is dont boycott find a really busy night and just tell people not to park there, make them lose a nights pay the problem with tow squad is there just greedy write to corporate as many times as you can eventually someone will get a bug up there ass and stop this practice believe me ive seen six figure accounts be lost in a blink of a eye…. Just takes the right amount of time and people power…

  23. If a tow operator ever tries to tow my ride, I'll capp his white sorry ass!typical from a internet tuff guy.. This thread is to adress the issues of preditory towing and its rights and wrongs.. Not make aimless threats cause some tow guy might tow your pep boys hooked up with stickers honda civic.. Ive been in the buisness long enough and what ive learned is the more somebody talks trash the less they are gonna do.. youve never capped anybody let alone even held a gun.. and i dont think your gonna risk life in jail over a 100 bucks people are always threating tow truck drivers and trash talking them when they arnt the ones who you should be mad at, the stores cvs, wawas, mcdonalds, walmart, kmart, bars these are the corporations allowing this to be done on there property of course these drivers are gonna tow cars thats how they pay the rent…

  24. This is quite an old post now, but most likely still an issue in many areas besides just this one.To blame Wawa for this altercation is very wrong as well as presumptuous. They have nothing to do with the local laws about towing, nor do they have any say in the way the towing company runs their business.Working in customer service, I've grown to be very critical of the way companies treat their customers. To hear that Wawa employees treated you poorly is of course disappointing; however, the customer's attitude greatly affects the attitude of the employee. What you are leaving out is how you approached the team at Wawa, and it most likely was with an aura of agitation. Although this does not condone any employee of any company to mistreat a customer, it is still something to be aware of. Employees are humans, not machines. If you treat another person poorly, or approach them in any way negative, they are more likely to respond to you in a negative manner.Instead of posting a blog online about a problem that stemmed from your own wrongdoing, you could have done something much more productive. Calling Wawa's Corporate number and registering a complaint about the towing company they work with would be the first step. I'm familiar with Wawa's Human Resources Department and they will go above and beyond for customers. Since Wawa chooses which towing company they work with, you could suggest their choosing a different towing company. Explain to them their lack of customer service and overall poor attitudes. Most Wawas take pride in their customer service, and would be very likely to change what companies they mix business with immediately if that business is driving away customers (no pun intended). And even if the General Manager does not take action, as I said before Wawa Corporate, I guarantee you, will take action.

  25. WTF….it very simple ….DONT PARK WHERE THE SIGN READS "NO PARKING , TOW AWAY ZONE ….BIG DUMMY.The signs arent there for fun .WAWA hired tow squad for scum like you who use their lot and shop across the street . you were on video doing just that . but you refuse to divulge the real scum .

  26. I recently came across your post and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that it caught my interest and you've provided informative points. I will visit this blog often.Thank you,Paigehttp://www.ezbusinessloans.com/ez-business-loan-faq/

  27. I am an employee of the wonderful company Wawa. Just to defend my work place, even though this is not my particular store, when a car is towed from the stores property, we have no control as to what happpens after that point. The tow companies that come in and tow vehicles from the property our not Wawa agents. They are outside corporations, companies, or vendors. They are in no way shape or form connected to Wawa. We call in the vehicle to the local law enforcement and then the police contact a tow company and once the vehicle is removed from the premises wawa is no longer involved in anything to do with the vehicle or the tow company that has the vehicle. I am sorry that you would have had to go through this but don't blame Wawa.

  28. Many tow drivers are on work release from prisons and are hired because of their experience, such as car theft, masturbating in the truck, and being stupid.WAWA Corporate appears to avoid customer issues, although leaving a car in their lot wasn't our issue. Wegot hit and run by a plow truck andfound out there are no security cameras at the old stores outside.Don't expect them to look out foryou. They will have some degeneratetow your car though.The store manager has no real power, and the execs at WAWA suck.

  29. Obviously this company uses spotters. Tow Squad is notorious throughout the Philly area for its criminal actions. Whenever I see one of their spotters I call the police and tell them there is a shady looking character using drugs or smoking pot in the parking lot. One time the spotter had warrants and was hauled away in handcuffs Made my day!

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