Yes Fran, I am outraged!

OK, I have lots of issues today…..Appointing a fucking veterinarian to direct Women’s Health?? How many decades will this administration push back women’s issues?
I’ve been fearful of what is going to happen once the frat boy gets to make an appointment to the Supreme Court (now 2 of them, oy vey). I feel like we as a gender have been pushed aside….can you say burka? I was hoping that my generation’s strides in women’s rights would be a legacy to pass down to our children and grandchildren…was hoping that when my granddaughter is of age, there would be no glass ceiling for women in business, that women would not have to struggle as hard as men to get to the same place….

I know some of you that read Fran’s blog are young enough to think that I’m talking smack here but seriously….when I started my career in 1973, I was working in the Intensive Care Unit of a large Philly hospital…large pediatric hospital actually. I was making $4.20 an hour which really, at that time, you could live on ($5.00 to fill your gas tank)…the male nurse that started with me, also a new graduate made 10 cents an hour more. Why? (and yes I DID ask), “Because he has a family to support”. This has chapped my ass for years and you know what? It still happens!

Back to the women’s health issues….there is already a difference in the way health insurance treats male and female issues. Viagra is paid for but in many instances, birth control pills are not, did you know that? I know of what I speak, I work for an HMO. Insurance also pays for an erectaid pump in cases of erectile dysfunction and does not pay for a similar technology for women with sexual dysfunction. Need a penile implant? You can get one! Need breast implants? Sorry Miss.

On to another issue..the news. Did you learn from reading the headlines today that we’re suffering casualties in Iraq? I didn’t think so. I have a dear friend that is there as a reservist, working as a nurse doing air evacuations…didn’t hear from him all week and was beginning to worry. Heard from him briefly today, just enough time to tell me that it’s bloody and ugly over there this week…just thought you might want to know.

Enough bitching for now, but I’ll be back!

2 thoughts on “Yes Fran, I am outraged!

  1. It is a real slap in the face for this “Vet” to be installed controlling American Women’s health issues. I did not know about the fact that they treat men & women so different.Thanks for posting here, hopefully others will follow suit.P.S. I hope & pray that your friend stays safe.

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