Interviews & Snap on’s

It was a pleasure to finally see the article that Alex Rose of the Daily Times interviewed me about a few weeks ago. Basically, the article is to the letter, and I was pleased with it. Thank you Daily Times! So now that’s the cat’s out of the bag, I was hoping that a swarm of net surfers would be posting away on the forums, and clamoring to be contributors of this Blog.

I was wrong. It seems that the majority of people who surf the net treat it the same way they do the television. If they don’t find it interesting or interactive, they just change the channel. That’s all fine and dandy with me.

I’ll explain this at another time, as I am too upset to do it in a logical and calm way. Let’s just say that if I came into your home and replaced a 3 way switch, and 3 weeks later it failed, would you be hesitant to pay me? You bet your snap-on’s you would! Then to tell other’s that I am a “Deadbeat” for not paying a bill that I really do not have the legal obligation to pay, being that the vehicle isn’t even mine? But don’t worry, you will be “paid” in full. I’ll never recommend you two to anyone ever again.

Have a great weekend!

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