Nextel – DONE!

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Today in the Daily Times I read about a guy who was “alledgely” stabbed by his girlfriend after she peeked at his Nextel camera phone and saw pictures of him and another woman doing the nasty. Is he an idiot? Or did he want her to see them?

Seriously, I think that they were his “Trophy” pics. You know, the ones you used to take of you and your girlfriends and be scared shitless that the lady at the PhotoMat wouldn’t look at them? (You knew she did by the nasty look she would give as you picked them up.) Today, things have changed. Digital camera’s abound, “Web Cams” are the norm, and voyeurism goes on.

Speaking of voyeurism, I did a quick google search of the word and was shocked to find that it is labeled here as a “disorder of sexual arousal”.

Heh. I used to call it a peeping tom.

3 thoughts on “Nextel – DONE!

  1. A guy got arrested in Tampa for taking pictures under a woman’s skirt, without permission, of course. I don’t like the picture phones. A lot of my students had them and used them during school. I don’t like the idea that anyone can take a picture of me at any time without my knowing about it.

  2. I agree. I feel uneasy especially when i’m in the Wawa looking at the back of my balding head in the monitor. It has become a habit of mine that is hard to shake. I know that they have a DVR attached and are recording.

  3. We may not like the idea that anyone at any time can take a picture of you (traffic cams are the ones that really torque me off) but we’d better get used to it. The technology is here to stay and there’s absolutely no way to stuff the genie back into the bottle – No way to police it at all.I wonder where it’s all headed — picture phones, blogging, the incredible rapid exchange of highly specific information. I get the feeling sometimes that no one understands the ramifications of half of what we are doing. And mind you, I’m a technophile — but sometimes it gives me pause for thought.

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