Sears – Where America Shops

Ok, Monday morning here and a little over 5 months ago we needed a new refrigerator, being that our other one went kaput. We didn’t have time to be shopping around so I went online and ordered one from Sears. It showed up about 4 days later. The men who delivered it also removed our other one.

Everything worked fine until yesterday. After getting back from the Giant I wanted to make some tuna sandwiches. Milk goes great with tuna as some of you know. Anyway, our “New” refrigerator is not working. Freezer section, ok, fridge section, no good. So now we wait until Thursday (Yes Thursday) for the Sears repairman,(or woman) to come and try to fix it.

Thankfully, we have our old trusty 14 year old Frigidaire “Quality Goes In Before The Name Goes On” or some old saying I remember in the garage still plugged in used to keep beer & soda, or we would have had to find someone else’s fridge to use. I am curious as to why this refrigerator broke in the first place. Compressor is ok, as evidenced by the freezer section. The blower motor seems to be the culprit.

Off to work.


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