London’s Madrid today, Madrid’s 9/11 yesterday, what happens tomorrow?

When I think of the british I always think of the nicest people in the world. I mean really, I have never met a british person I didn’t like. Maybe its the accent, everyone coming off as so educated and intelligent. Now add London to that equation. One of the greatest cities in the world. Full of such rare class.

Then today happens.

I was in Brooklyn on September 11th. Luckily too far away to see details. Smart enough to turn away before things got out of control. Unlucky enough to see it first happen. Unlucky enough to see it happen real-time, outside of the magic tv that makes real events look like a movie. Unlucky to have to drive through Staten Island/Brooklyn, seeing that lone lane dedicated to the FBI/CIA/EMS/NYPD/NYFD and anyone else I don’t want to see. Lucky enough not to have lost anyone I knew. Unlucky enough to watch a dockworker goes crazy trying to get in touch with his wife whom worked there, only to find out she was one of the few running late for work.

The use of Iraq as an excuse for the bombings is getting to me. It made Spain pull out. Its making Italy leave in September. 5-10 more years of this Iraq thing. 5-10 more years of the rest of the world thinking not contributing in Iraq equals no bombings. In 5-10 years everyone else will be forced to realize Iraq has nothing to do with all of this besides being an excuse. How can europe forgot the many bombings prior to Afghanistan & Iraq?

Britain has been through this before. Many times before. I’ve seen one video, not from London, where a suspiscious truck was found parked on the side of a busy road for hours. Slowly and calmly the entire area for 3 blocks was evacuated. A robot sent in. The entire street in shambles following the blast. Pushing forward is in the blood of every Britain. Dealing with hardship is like taking holiday.

All of these people, killed and injured, for no reason. Some probably thought Iraq was a mistake. Victims of some misaligned initiative created by realigious zealots. My heart to the families of the victims of New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Madrid & London whom are either having to watch their loved ones suffer, watch them leave this world, or have been forced to relive their horror. And my heart to those who witnessed this event, stuck with a vision no one deserves.

I couldn’t image Madrid. I can’t imagine London. I don’t want to.

Long live the Queen.


2 thoughts on “London’s Madrid today, Madrid’s 9/11 yesterday, what happens tomorrow?

  1. The group claiming responisbility was .. get this…”the secret organization of al qaida in europe” – they cant make better shit than this up!!! Fucking SAD!!!!this is dirty, just as UK was facing huge resistance about the ID cards and their version of the police state / homeland security, the people there arent so sheepish as here…this is dirty. and just as the ROVE story is about to break, here comes distraction…its the BOOGYMAN….i hope everyone see’s through this. State Sponsored Terrorism to scare the people and make them go along with the NWO plans…this is sad. All those innocent people , because the UK and US is set on their sick personal agenda!!!!!

  2. It is a shame that some will use any means nessasary to shift world focus from one thing to another. I feel bad for the innocents just like you do.Only God himself knows just who planted these bombs. I do not buy the story presented and the people who claimed responsibility are non existant.Lets hope it dosen’t happen here.

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