Happy Birthday Mr. President

Today is July 6th, 2005. Today is George W. Bush’s 59th birthday. In his 59 years, he has been involved with several failed oil businesses, arrested for drunk driving, accused of being AWOL from the Air National Guard, owned a baseball team, executed hundreds of people while governor of Texas. He also is accused of stealing two elections, doing nothing after America was “attacked” on 9/11/01, and going to war without authorization of Congress.

Today is also the day that my father died. in his 74 years he was a tail gunner in World War 2 (RAF), shot down over Germany, spent 8 months in various “Luftstalags”, made his way to America, joined the U.S. Army in 46′, shipped out to Korea in 50′, fought in yet another war, wounded and bloodied, sent home, arrested for drunk driving, had a few failed businesses of his own. was in the VA at Coatesville. Played the violin and accordion, enjoyed fishing.

In the end my dad to me was an honorable man. He was diagnosed of having pancreatic cancer at the VA hospital in Philly. He spent several months in agonizing pain, then died on July 6th, 1997. Why God picked that day to take him is anybody’s guess. But I now have a feeling that it was a sign. A sign of things to come in the world that would make Nostradamus’s head spin.

R.I.P. Dad.


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