Happy Birthday Nessie

Earlier tonight Vanessa, or “Nessie”, her friend PJ, Her sister Erica and Boyfriend Dustin came over to watch the Clifton Heights Fireworks. Nessie asked my wife where I was, and she told her I was up in bed sleeping. I had a rough day of partying, and was resting for the fireworks. Vanessa decided to come up and jumped on the bed beside me and woke me hell up. I didn’t even recognize her. She looks great. she has a glow around her, and I was curious as to know why.

You see, the last time I saw her was in March, as I visited her brother, Robbie. She was kind of down and out at the time, and it was quite obvious, even to me. But tonight she was different. She met a good man. His name is Derek. A good guy I’m told, and I believe her and I am happy as hell that this special woman to me has finally found a good man to spend time with her! (Am I boring you all yet?)Well we all went to the fireworks, and they as always were awesome! Clifton puts on the best display. We did see Collingdale’s from a distance, and to me they were quite a sight.

It’ has been a great fourth of July, I took someone’s advise and fired up the BBQ, forgot about George Bush, and enjoyed having people visit us who I love.

Happy Birthday Vanessa. Keep in touch.


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