Independence Takes On A New Meaning

My sons and I went fishing yesterday, out on Ridley Creek Rd. Fran caught a fish, it was a sunny. I remember when my Dad and I would go out to what we called “The Water Works”, right off of Baltimore Pike and Ridley Creek Rd. That’s were we were initially heading. There are no trespassing signs all over the place. So, we wound up at the other site.

Just a heads up for anyone thinking of fishing at the Springton Reservoir. It’s off limits. Seems that Good old DHS decided that Anglers may pose a “Terrorist Threat”. I think that this is a bunch of bullshit. Americans are losing freedoms in the guise of retaining them. If that makes any sense at all. So, Tomorrow is our “Independence Day”. Independence from what? England?

Oh well. Just remember to wave the flag and be sure to spy on your neighbor. He or She may be one of those al-Quida types, or may be a sympathizer. Hell, you may even get a call from your local congressman telling you, Good Job!

What I am trying to say is that since the faux 911 affair, I have seen this country turn into a police state with big business owned by non AMERICANS ruling with an iron fist. After August, you will find it way harder to just file for bankruptcy. Own a home? TPTB can take it from you to build a mall. Want to go to abroad? Be sure to get strip searched, especially if your a young woman. Bush the other day used 911 and terror as his favourite words in his speech to the troops several times.

Informed people know that another “Leader” used these same pep talks in his quest for justifying war. I will bet that the draft comes back, that gasoline reaches three bucks a gallon, that there is some other “Staged terrorist event” just to keep you sheeple in line.

Happy Fourth of July.


7 thoughts on “Independence Takes On A New Meaning

  1. Sorry to piss on your self imposed “pity parade” about Springton but I’d guess that Aqua (or PSW at it was known for many years) has most likely closed access for fishing due to the abundance of 14 and 15 yr old dead bodies they’ve had to drag out of there every summer for the past 15 yrs or so, and to stem their liability from parents who then sue them for liability after their kid drowns. It’s not all about some huge conspiracy of the govt out to get you. Christ, relax and have a barbeque. Didn’t you forget the obligatory Hitler reference, Oh, sorry, my bad, you’ve got the Bush photo of him giving the Sieg Heil salute. It wouldn’t be Independence Day w/out a Hitler reference to the Bush administration on this Blog.

  2. Oh My! I seem to have gotten under someone’s skin yet again.FYI,This is why it was closed.”Aqua Pennsylvania would like to reassure area residents and customers about the reasons for the restrictions on fishing in the Springton Reservoir (“Fishing for answers,” Metro Letters, June 7).Fishing restrictions on the reservoir are not related in any way to water quality or the health of the fish in the lake. Like many area companies, we had to address increased security concerns after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.Although no specific threats exist, these concerns led us to take proactive measures to restrict access to our reservoirs. In addition, in today’s litigious society, restricting access was also necessary to protect the company from potential lawsuits that could arise if accidents were to occur on the property. In the past, there have been several occurrences in which individuals did not comply with posted signs and injuries resulted. In some cases those injuries resulted in lawsuits.We appreciate the opportunity to assure customers that the water and fish quality are not a concern at the lake.Christopher H. FranklinVice president, public affairs and customer operationsAqua AmericaBryn Mawr”And as far as the Bush thing, You tell me what he has really done positive in the last four plus years.Have a nice day.P.S. I you want, you can be a contributor to this blog. E-mail me and I will give you access. That way you can post away on how great the Bush Administration is. We are a “Fair and Balanced” Blog.

  3. I can honestly say having such a department makes sense. The administration, however, has done a poor job in its creation. Understandably the creation of a such a department is a huge undertaking, analagous to the creation of the War Department and subsequent Department of Defense. However, the focus of DHS seems to be toward limiting the potential of terrorist attack instead of ensuring our freedom at home. And yes, these are different.Being a traveler and having to sit through the huge security lines I find the airports are usually at fault, and not TSA. The implimentation of TSA by PHL is the issue as I’ve had less problems at other airports. Security was never fun and there were still lines pre-sept 11th, we just don’t remember them since there is this huge TSA thing to blame.Oh and I don’t agree with most Bush administation policies and doings, but the hitler reference was a bit much. Perhaps think your frustration with PSW got the best of you? I think PSW realizes, and correctly, poisoning the water supply is a huge undertaking. Remember the ol ‘the solution to pollution is dilution’? It will take a heck of a lot of chemical agents to do anything at all and biological agents are too tough to deal with (transport & delivery). Its just PSW passing the buck to DHS with the real issue being the lawsuit happy society we live in. At least that’s my opinion.

  4. I agree the “Hitler” thing was a bit too much, but I guess it’s a combination of talking to local people who still believe that Saddam did 911, and reading the Daily Times and it’s biased view of having the troops in Iraq are now there “Securing Our Freedom”.Nothing could be “Führer” I mean further from the truth.:-)P.S. I asked Gil Spencer to become a contributor. Think he”ll do it?

  5. My husband and I have often wondered why Springton Lake is not available for nongasolined-powered boats. We would love to kayak near our home and do not understand why local government has not protected both water quality and citizen access to this resource. Many other water suppliers allow recreation – it has to be better than McMansions. In light of recent Supreme Court decision, why not challenge the corporations? I believe Upper Providence and/or the County has a Home Rule Charter allowing change to take place with enough signatures to place a question on the ballot. Anyone interested?

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