Sick To my Stomach

Lately I’ve been rather disgusted with the news I been watching and reading.Three young boys found dead in a trunk in Camden, Natalee Holloway still missing and now the father of one of the original suspects arrested, and locally, two guys impersonating cops try to abduct a young girl into their van.

The three young boys in Camden, were found in the trunk of a Toyota by one of the victim’s father. Why this happened to these kids is anybody’s guess, but I suspect that yet another sicko is roaming around the area. Regardless, a tragic ending to yet another quest of hope that they would be found safe.

On to the Holloway issue. This has me as I read somewhere, “Pig Biting Mad”. As I stated earlier in another post, If Natalee Holloway was a black girl from Chester High School, this NEVER would have made the world news, and dragged out like it is on CNN and FOX news. But the issue still is that yet another young lady goes missing in Aruba, a so called “Paradise Island”. And me? I suspect that the kid killed her. He then called his dad, and then the guy in the party boat took her corpse way out to sea, weighed it down, and dumped it overboard. Maybe I do watch to much TV after all.

This happened a few blocks from my home and my son’s buddies were the victims in this alleged case. Two “men” trying to act like undercover cops decide to get themselves a girl that what I believe was to rape and maybe worse. All this happening behind the Pizza Hut/Burlington Coat Factory on Baltimore Pike. There is Putt-Putt back there also, and I’ve taken my kids there several times, as well went there to “Hang Out” when I was in my teens.

These three stories let me and you know that the world is not a safe place to live anymore. You cannot go out to play in the summer sun like all young kids want to do, you can’t go on a vacation after graduating high school, you can’t even “Hang Out” with your friends..

And I thought the seventies were bad.


2 thoughts on “Sick To my Stomach

  1. Yes,unfortunately the American Mainstream Media or(MSM)is still quite biased when it comes to following a story. Thank god for Blogs, where REAL people can post real musings about the issues in the world.

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