What’s So Funny?

After watching This Clip I finally realized that our so called President is no better than Adolph Hitler. How he can joke about his bullshit rhetoric of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” is beyond belief! How smug he looks as he makes jokes about a war that HE started, on unjustified LIES! Most of you who read this blog probably couldn’t care less about Iraq, or anything, other than your FOX bullshit news channel or going to Homo Depot to buy some frigging house plants.

Me? I became enlightened after years of reading REAL stories, ones from uncensored alternate sources. Did you notice today in the Daily Times in sound off about a 70 year old man who posted his cloud comment? What he said was basically he had never seen cloud formations like he has this year in Delaware County in his life. I have his answer. CHEMTRAILS. Look it up sometime if your not too busy feeding your face and watching the bullshit mainstream news media.

Wake up and take notice!


5 thoughts on “What’s So Funny?

  1. Your calling me a traitor? Sure buddy, go ahead and defend Mr.Bush while thousands of AMERICAN soldiers go to their deaths, all based on a pack of lies.If anything, YOUR the traitor. And as far as the chemtrail “theory” as you call it, kindly look the hell up and notice a clear blue sky turn grey. Here in Delaware county, I have seen it first hand. Many other people have noticed it too. NATO planes over American skies spewing god knows what. I suggest that you google the word and READ.

  2. “…I finally realized that our so called President is no better than Adolph Hitler…”Bwahahhahhahaa! Your boy Kerry lost, remember? C’mon, the Hitler analogy? Two words….Desperate & Grasping!

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