Live Aid – 1985

I remember going to Live Aid in 85′. I was with Bernadette, ( My ex and Mother of my daughters), and that morning she insisted we go to the Philadelphia Zoo. So here I agree, while secretly knowing that I was going to go after our zoo trip. To put it pleasantly, I was 24 years old, at one of the biggest concert events ever in the city and at JFK to boot! I had seen in the past at JFK Lynard Skynard and the Stones, Molly Hatchet and The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band, Hell, Peter Frampton I saw and only wanted to hear two songs from him. After that, me and my buddies didn’t give a rats ass.

To say I was not drinking would be a lie. EVERYBODY drank booze, did some drugs of some sort, and got with a woman. I got to sweat it out (It was hot that day) with everyone, from Jimmy Page, to Joan Baez. Now I am going to “Live 8” with my wife, sons, and possibly daughters down at the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Should be a hoot! I will add to this later, I’m on the phone with my Daughter Stephanie as I type.



One thought on “Live Aid – 1985

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