Today is I D-Day

Papers, Please!

Real ID = National ID Card

TODAY the US Senate is scheduled to vote on the implementation of a national ID card system. The Real ID Act is nothing less than a Real National ID Act. The only thing left to the individual states is to decide which pretty picture they will choose to put on the card: everything else will be controlled by Washington DC bureaucrats.

The Real ID Act has never been debated on the US Senate floor. They’ve never talked about it in any committee. Heck, most of them haven’t even read it! Yet they’re planning to vote on it on Tuesday, no questions asked.

In order to make a single irresponsible Congressman with totalitarian leanings happy, the Senate leadership let him write the bill and then slipped it into a another bill, one that would keep our fighting men and women taken care of in Iraq and Afghanistan. Supporting our troops means making sure they come home to a free nation, not a surveillance state.

Take Action

You’ve sent over 20,000 Faxes to your Senators.
Over the past 36 hours, over 20,000 faxes have been sent by you asking your Senators to stop the Real ID Act. This is nothing short of amazing, but we need to keep telling our Senators that this national ID scheme is un-American, dangerous and wrong.

Today is the day of the vote. Call your Senators. The bill you’re calling about is H.R. 418 RFS. Tell them they need to remove the Real ID Act from this bill.

When speaking to your Senators, remember to:

be polite, and respectful;
remind them they should read and discuss a bill before voting on it;
tell them that this is America, not Communist China;
suggest that putting cops and judges in danger is not a good idea;
inform them that we must not let the terrorists change American life;
tell them that forcing National ID cards on us would be a victory for Osama bin Laden.

State: Pennsylvania
Arlen Specter (R)
Washington DC Office Phone: 202-224-4254
District Office Phone: 412-644-3400

Rick Santorum (R)
Washington DC Office Phone: 202-224-6324
District Office Phone: 412-562-0533

Identity Guard

The above is what George Orwell wrote what was to become in 1984. Twenty One years off there George. And to Arlen and Rick ? I really hope you do not vote for this. I really really do. There is no need for Pennsylvania, the Birthplace of our Constitution, to be in on this beginning of a Police State. Nazi Germany had the same thing. Are we to stoop to that level all in the bullshit name of “National Security”?


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