The Huffington Post- Arianna’s Weapon of Mass Destruction?

I had blogrolled her new site a few weeks ago, looking forward to it’s debut. Well, it’s day two of the Arianna “Blogstage” situation, and already I am feeling generally like crap. What am I talking about? At The Huffington Post, you have a pseudo-spattage of both newbie and veteran celebrities, all jockeying for the pole position. So far I’ve read some excellent posts, but all with one thing missing.(Remember the WMD’s?)

You guessed it. No way to comment. At her main site, the one I visit all the time and even get a news letter from, you have the ability to reply to her posts with comments. I enjoy as do many others reading her comment section as much as the original posts. Here’s a link to her last post w/ comments and you”ll see what I’m talking about.

I just hope that Queen Arianna does the right thing and allows readers to comment on her long list of guest blogger’s threads. I mean, Joe Scarborough? Bill Maher? Gary Hart? And you cannot comment? Please! Even the God of News himself, Walter Cronkite for Christ’s sake, has allied himself with her. Arianna, please consider allowing us mere “Useless Eaters” the privilege of commenting.

P.S. So when is King George going to post?


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