Hold The Door Please!

I was thinking about my Dad tonight. I miss him. I guess I am looking in the mirror more often and am realizing that I am getting older. During the course of the work day I meet women at Wawa and other places. I look at them and measure myself as a compatible person and potential friend. I know what your thinking, this guy is married! He has no business looking at another woman! Sure thing. When the day comes around that I stop admiring a woman’s beauty or being a “Gentleman” will be the day that you can put a round behind my right ear!(And I’ll lend you my Baretta too!)

In today’s world, Nazi-Feminist have corrupted the essential “roles” of Men and Women. It’s “not ok”, to look at a woman, gaze at her lovely legs, hold a door open for her, or just say: Hi, my names Jake Jericho”. Men like me are considered pigs and perverts. I recently held the door open for a woman at Wawa and she said: I can get the f’n door myself! Well EXCUSE ME BITCH! Don’t get me wrong now. I do not look at a woman every time and picture me in bed with her or visually take her clothes off. I just enjoy being around them. Their scent just overpowers me at times. The short skirts, breasts hanging out, the coy smile they give you plus the spring weather reminds me of just how goddamn great it is to be a man!

Which brings me back to my Dad. He was a ladies man. He knew how to treat them good, to make them feel special. In the end though it was my Mother who was there for him. Not his bitch wife Beverly, a woman who just married him to flaunt herself within his circle of friends and when he died, denied me and my sister Kathy his personal effects until she met yet another man to leech onto. No, I am still bitter. You see, Women can be evil too.

So to all you women who happen upon this blog, Know that most men are on the whole only acting on what God and their Mothers hopefully gave them. Don’t be so snobbish! And when he holds the door open for you at Wawa? Say with a smile: T H A N K S!

Anyway, I updated my tribute page to my Pop if your interested.

5 thoughts on “Hold The Door Please!

  1. “I recently held the door open for a woman at Wawa and she said: I can get the f’n door myself! Well EXCUSE ME BITCH!” What Wawa location did this occur? I have a hunch and I’m dying to know.

  2. Why my favourite Wawa of course. Oak ave, in Primos. Now maybe she was “In a hurry” to catch the R3 into Philly, or it was “Just that time of the month excuse”http://www.fwhc.org/health/moon.htmRegardless to me, I now will try to gauge in a sec or two a woman before I do my “gentlemanly” duty.

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