Runaway Bride

They “found” Jennifer Wilbanks today, safe but tired in New Mexico. Turns out she had a case of “cold feet” I am happy that Jen is alive, and laughing at some of the vulture news outlets who compared her missing as another “Lacy Peterson”. She initially told through a 911 call that She had been abducted.

So who is mad about this? The news media made this a national story, only for the fact that she had 600 people attending her wedding today, was from a well to do family, and was White. Many people go missing, such as the law man from Bucks County, or the couple from Philly. How come no hoopla? Not a peep from CNN, or MSNBC or any other major media outlet.

As I type this, I am listening to FAUX News. (Wife watching it, I do not) and already they are discussing possible crimminal charges against her for lying. Boy, oh boy, just keep the wheels going!

White + Female + Missing = Big news coverage for the tabloid news. Anything else is unworthy of coverage. What a shame.

5 thoughts on “Runaway Bride

  1. This is yesterday’s new, forgotten already in my book. Besides, anything that draws the press attention away from the Michael Jackson molestation trial if even for one day, can’t be all that bad can it? PS. The crazy bitch deserves to get written up for submitting false information to police, if my family needed the police and some crazy broad like this was wasting thier time, I’d be pissed.

  2. She’s basically reduced herself to “Marital Kryptonite” other than the poor bastard who wishes to still marry her, who would touch this high maintenance chick? She’s 14 minutes into her 15 mins of “fame” I can smell a book deal and maybe even a TV mini movie in development as we speak, don’t you just love TV these days!

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