Observations At Night

As I sit here listening to the television in the other room I just cannot fathom what the fuck is going on in this world anymore. My wife is watching some show about Jessica Lunsford, the young girl who was raped and brutally murdered by John Couey, a piece of shit that if you could give me just 24 hours with him and my electrical skills, would wish he was never born.What I would do to him I will not divulge. I often wonder what goes through these peoples mind as they live day to day.

Changing gears, I see the Senate approved yet another 81 BILLION dollars for the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just why are we still there? Fuck these people! They DO NOT want us there and I am dam sure that most of the military personnel over there don’t want to be there either. They want to come HOME. Home to the United States of America, a country that once was revered by the rest of the world.

What is more important to you, the American citizen? The Iraqi people and their freedom? Or dealing with your problems. The skyrocketing prices of gasoline, food, utilities, insurance (Not to mention HEALTHCARE, in which I believing a bill for $770.00 every month that is getting harder and harder to afford.) I know that some of you who may read this will side with the Government, believing that they know what’s best. BULLSHIT! I only have a H.S. Diploma and I could straighten out this country in 1 year. You read it right, one year.

1. Quit meddling in other countries affairs , in the guise of “freedom”.
2. Dump the Federal Reserve Bank.
3. Ban “Outsourcing”, and keep jobs in America , by Americans.
4. Ban lobbyist, and any corporate donations to politicians.
5. Close our borders completely.
6. Get big business out of the government.
7. Abandon the Patriot act, and start looking for the real terrorists.
8. Ban ANY official from holding office if they hold dual citizenship.
9. Tax the hell out of the oil companies, to pay for the mess that they started.
10. Give new credence to the saying: “Your either with US or against US”.

We (Americans) are good people, who are being fucked over by a few who don’t give a rats ass about me or you, or any other person. Just themselves.
Who’s the real enemy here?


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