Blog Shares?

I found this on my referrer logs. I never thought that Blogs could be so valuable. The sad part is that only one incoming link from JRH and his Blog Upon Further Review gives me any value. (Thanks JRH!)

Still in all I do not want to be a blog whore. I created this blog so I could interact with others in a safe medium. I do not have many friends, believe it or not. Most of my in person friends are women. I have several “Blogs”, notably my old Live Journal one. Back then, I was involved in the cam girl world, and I loved to piss people off. (See Troll)..

Screw it. Feel free to read my posts, and hell, maybe I’ll reply to them.
Note: My PhillyDad Journal is not one for any self righteous politically correct stuffy assholes to read. What you read is what you get.


4 thoughts on “Blog Shares?

  1. You’re welcome, although, I’m not sure how much value a link from me should be worth.I saw that site a while ago, I should probably check it out again to see how I’ve grown. I wonder what makes people start things like that.

  2. I’m not sure how the whole thing works, I just glanced at it. I did just have my highest traffic day ever yesterday, so maybe I’ll get some more links which should make my link to you more valuable.

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