Alison Martinelli – Too Young & Innocent to Die

I received a telephone call from my daughter Natalie last Friday morning. She was calling from her cell phone from Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, where she goes to school learning to be a Hair Stylist, etc. She asked me to pick her up, explaining that she was not feeling well. I told her ok, and promptly left the Home Depot in Clifton Heights and my basket full of electrical stuff. I then fought the traffic on 291 and then in South Philly to reach her.

She got into the bucket truck that I was driving and told me about her friend and classmate Alison Martinelli from Drexel Hill who was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago. She was in tears and freaked out about it. I tried to console her to no avail. I had read about it in the Daily Times shortly after it happened and felt sick myself that such a young woman could meet a tragic death because of being served booze at a place that she worked at. I never knew beforehand that my daughter even knew her, let alone was friends with Alison and due to graduate this July. My daughter heard rumors and so did I that Alison’s Dad warned the staff at the Bryan Street Pub where She worked NOT to serve her booze several times before. 19 years old, for Christ sakes! The same age as my daughter. God I sit here with my gut torn out, feeling badly for her Parents.

I feel horrible for Alison’s Mom and Dad, and her family, Boyfriend, and many, many friends. I also feel angry toward who ever served her the booze. No wonder that the owners of the Bryan Street Pub were asked to NOT attend the funeral services. But this all is rumored mind you. I also read that she did NOT drink at Bryan Street. I do not know the facts, but I do know that because of SOMEONE serving or buying this woman booze, She is DEAD. Does this bother you? To most of you who read this, probably not. Well it bothers me!

I am taking Natalie up to where the crash happened to lay flowers there at Her request. Maybe She can find solace for the loss of her friend where she was too upset to attend Alison’s viewing & funeral. So what happens next? Criminal charges? Civil charges? All will NOT bring back this gifted, beautiful young woman. It just makes my blood boil on another senseless death.

People need to be held accountable here! I am no angel myself. I got in some trouble of my own in the past. A bad time in my life, I’ll explain it some other time. (There is no reason though to drive drunk mind you). Thank God I never hurt anyone but myself. What gets me is that the current BAC to get a legal consumer of alcohol in trouble in the state of Pennsylvania is 0.8. In most fatal DWI related automobile crashes the average BAC is over point 14. MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Drivers want ZERO BAC while driving. To me this is non attainable, short of banning booze altogether.

I have an idea. What needs to be done is to hold the bars and clubs in Delaware county accountable, both criminally & civilly. There should be a license for bartending in the state that INCLUDES being aware of customers who should not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle due to excessive consumption. Check your keys at the bar, just like checking your guns in Carson City, years ago. Maybe I am grasping at straws, but this hits really close to home, so I chose to post about it.

In closing: To Alison’s parents and family, I am at a loss of words for you. I can only imagine your pain. I am sorry for your loss and have and will pray for you and your Daughter.


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  1. I am not against “MADD”. There priorities are just way off base. If you visit their web site they offer great info. BUT they do not address the people who MAKE the booze! HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! Replies?

  2. The manufacturers are marketing the “Zima” type of malt or fortified alcoholic beverages to an ever younger market year after year. Ever catch some of these ads on TV? They look like MTV Real World actors clinking malt beverage bottles ever chance they have. This aggressive marketing of this type of alcohol to a younger segment (read “Demographic Segment”) of our society (in addition to really shitty parenting going on these days, some kids I’m convinved would be better of having been raised by wolves for Christs sake) leads to unfortunate circumstances like your daughters friend who gets caught up in the belief that they can in fact drink & drive when thier impairment causes thier unfortunate death or injury.

  3. “The manufacturers are marketing the “Zima” type of malt or fortified alcoholic beverages to an ever younger market year after year. Ever catch some of these ads on TV?” Yes I have and yes I totally agree. The bottom line , If there is any, is that alcohol related deaths nationwide kill more teens and young adults than any thing else.

  4. I too knew Alison and I mourn her loss. However, I think the person who should be held most accountable for this tragedy is Alison herself. I agree that if she was served alcohol at the Bryan Street Pub that the owners/bartenders should receive some kind of punishment. However, she was the one who chose to drive. I also was not there, so anything I say is purely heresay. But from what I understand, her boyfriend was driving in a separate car. She could have chosen to leave her car there.At this point I have not heard what her BAC was so it is pointless to argue the merits of the current legal limit (which is actually .08). I can’t imagine what her parents are going through and my heart goes out to them. I have thought about this everyday since the accident occurred. That being said – it seems like whenever we lose someone so young to a careless accident, we look for someone to blame. We need a villain so we can keep the victim’s memory pure. I suggest that we concentrate our efforts on teaching our children more about the effects of drinking on driving.

  5. I see a lot of comments on here about God. Death is such a good time to stand back and think about life. Although she’s dead and there is no way you can change that, what you can change is you. Where are you going to go when you die?Is life just a joy ride that leads to nowhere? If so then why even live it if all these efforts are in vein. On the other hand if this God that you thank numerous times does truly deserve thanks, then why not thank him?The truth is the God you thank is the creator of the universe. He holds the keys to eternal life and offers it as a free gift. (1 John 5-11:12) “And this is the testimony, God has given us eternal life and this life is in his son, he who has the son has life, he who does not have the son of God does not have life.”What are you going to say when you stand outside those pearly gates and God asks you why should I let you into heaven?

  6. Anonymous said… You have no right to blame the Bryan Street Pub and furthermore I hope that the owners of the pub sue you for mentioning them in a negative light ! Friday, April 29, 2005 3:25:55 AM I never said I blamed the Bryan Street Pub. I did mention that I heard RUMORS about her drinking there. Recently I have also been informed through various sources that She DID consume alcohol there that night. I post what I hear, and what I feel. It’s called Blogging.Sue me? I think not. Why? Because I feel that they(The Owners)are decent people also and feel horrible about this just as both you and I and others do. And furthermore this blog is protected under the freedom of speech. (At least for now). I did not slander anyone. The only ones who would benefit from a lawsuit would be the Lawyers. And I find your statement repulsive. But it is your right.Cheers.

  7. Anonymous said… I think portions of your piece are hypocritical and irresponsible. As you said, a lot of rumor. There is still a lot of information not yet known.True, but the truth will hopefully come out. This is about a yound woman who was my daughters friend. This is about many lives torn apart. A no win situation.

  8. With regards to some comments that have been left…For one nobody said Alison is not part to blame, she did choose to drive. However, without the alcohol in her system that was served to her, who is to say whether she was thinking clearly? If she didn’t know that Bryan Street would be serving her would she have gone out that night? There are so many unanswered questions that will remain unanswered. No matter what, she is gone and nothing can bring her back. But there is nothing wrong with punishing those who took part in the events that occured that night. It’s a chance to set and example that serving minors is a crime. And if just one bar owner or one person in general learns from this case, if just one family can be spared the agony that Alison’s family is going through and will go through for the rest of their lives then the purpose will be achieved. No one should lose their life so young, no one should drink and drive, and no one should serve alcohol to a minor. So rather than saying don’t blame Bryan Street or parts of this blog are hypocritical and irresponsible why doesn’t that person wait for the facts to come out and then we will see who is a hypocrit. Whatever the case a young woman who was loved is now missed by many. Alison touched a lot of peoples lives and for most their life will never be the same because of the events that occured on April 5, 2005. I just hope she knows how much everyone loved her. Rest in Peace Al.

  9. Over ten years ago, my best friend was killed in a car accident after a night of drinking, so this issue hits very close to home w/me. We were together that night, and we fought about her driving home, but she did. Did I try to stop her — Yes. Did I try hard enough — obviously not, she is gone and for the rest of my life I’ll believe I could’ve stopped her if I just fought harder. My heart goes out to the people w/her that night who may have tried to get her not to drive. You will always wonder why you didn’t do more. In my case, there were lawsuits against the bar from my friend’s family, and I had really mixed feelings about who bares greatest “responsibility” (in my mind it’s me!). Although I didn’t agree then, the law is what the law is — and bar owners are well aware of the risks they assume every night. The difference here is that we were well over the legal drinking age. Alison at 19 was just a kid, who was served alcohol by her employer. They are absolutely responsible. Further, her father went to the bar (i know it’s a rumor, but i believe it) and asked that she not be served alcohol at that establishment. The owners and bartenders completely disregarded this and BROKE THE LAW by serving an underage employee. As far as I’m concerned, criminal charges and a civil lawsuit are absolutely warranted. No it won’t bring Alison back, but maybe it will save others by serving as a wake-up call for other bar owners. My heart goes out to the Martinelli family, her boyfriend and friends who will never get over the loss, and will always wonder, what if? You will find a way to keep living, but you will never forget.

  10. Above you say that with the alcohol in her system how could she have been thinking clearly. And therefore how could she be to blame for making the decision to drive. If that was a valid excuse, no one would ever be convicted of DUI.I agree that if she was served alcohol that those who did it should be held responsible. I just don’t believe that that is the message we should be concentrating on sending to young people. As an adult, Alison was responsible for her behavior. From what I heard (and I believe) the owner of the bar made her promise she wouldn’t drive home that night. And her boyfriend tried to stop her. She decided to drive even though she had other options.

  11. I agree. The “Manager/Owner” knew damn right well that she was drinking there. I asked my nephew Joey who used to work there a few years ago and HE told me he used to get served there. (He just turned 21 last year BTW.)Like I said before, NOBODY wins here and I couldn’t even fathom being Alison’s Dad. Hopefully, God willing, SOMETHING GOOD will arise out of this horrible tragedy.The best thing to do here is to help out Alison’s family and friends in their time of need.

  12. For one she may have had other options that night, who know’s? The fact of the matter is she was served alcohol at an establishment and that establishment is just as responsible. By saying was was she thinking clearly is not an excuse…it’s merely one of the questions that will always be unanswered. However, alcohol does impair judgememnt and does not help a person to think clear. An excuse is one thing but breaking the law is something completely different. An excuse is like saying I smoked a cigarette because I was stressed…that however is not illegal (if over 18) so therefore no punishment will stem from that (aside from health). Drinking does impair judgment, however a person may feel as if they are alright to drive…but it is illegal and the person should suffer the consequences for their actions whether it be a DUI charge or whatever. Just as whoever served Alison should have to suffer the consequences….she was 19 years old. Unfortunately in this case Alison is no longer here and her family and friends have to suffer such a tragic loss.For those who new Alison, she was a great girl. Her smile ane personality could light up an entire room. It’s hard to lose someone so young and who had so much going for her. Just one year out of high school she was going to graduate in July and pursue her career in cosmetology…she would have done great too. She had a great family and tons of friends. No one could have asked for more. I believe God has his plan for everyone, I just wish his plan for Alison was not so short. This situation is a lot harder to deal with than other deaths. For one she was too young and second it was so unexpected and sudden that no one had a chance to prepare. She is in a good place now. Although we all wish she was here with us. My life changed on April 5, 2005 and it will never ever be the same. Alison, I love you, rest in peace.

  13. The death of young people hits home to us all. Senseless and shocking. I lost four friends in 1976 when I was fifteen by a drunk driver. Four funerals to attend, grieving with friends and wondering WHY.I am thinking of putting up a tribute page to Alison, but I ask first to those that knew her for their permission. I did not know her at all, other than that she was my daughter’s friend and classmate.Anyway, I again give my condolences to Alison’s family & friends and all who knew her.

  14. She is my cousin.. and I do know all the facts. Her BAC was double the legal limit. She was served at BRYAN STREET PUB and they do need to be held accountable. Not to mention, she had been served there previous times. So to anyone who feels the need to make comments such as ..”You have no right to blame the Bryan Street Pub and furthermore I hope that the owners of the pub sue you for mentioning them in a negative light!”.. Please, use your head. Don’t make such stupid remarks because, obviously, you don’t know what YOU’RE talking about. I hope you NEVER have to feel the pain and loss I, and my family, feels. ~~Now Heaven’s more beautiful to view… rip alison. love and miss you.

  15. I did not know Alison, yet, I find myself thinking of her and her family several times a day. I have a family member that works at Bryan Street and I would be devastated if something like this happened. Yes, Alison made a poor decision, but she paid for it. And look at how many other people are suffering too. She made a decision that, let’s face it, we’ve all made at some point in our youth. The fact of the matter is that the adults that own the bar & work there are responsible for her while she’s there. She may still be alive if they had been firm and denied her the alcohol. maybe not, but, no one will ever know. As adults, it’s our job to make sure that the young people of our communities stay safe. We have to look out for them. Sure, accidents happen, but had the Bryan Street been more responsibe bar owner/workers this may have been preventable. The BSP was cited for underage drinking 7 months previous. ONLY 7 MONTHS before. It’s a shame no lesson was learned at that time, in october. We may not have lost a loved young woman. My heart goes out to Alison’s friends and family. I hope that you can some day find comfort in the wonderful memories you keep. May she rest in peace.

  16. How about you did not know Alison, you do not know anyone who is involved. Who are you to say or write anything about Alison or in her name? Rumors are rumors and they do not need to be supported by your ignorance. As for the innocent life that has been lost, we need to look around to make sure it does not happen again. I am sure that Alison would want it that way. To add, everyone, and I mean everyone is at a loss and feels nothing but sympathy for her family. – This is from a true friend of Alison’s. Thank you.

  17. I made the comments on Thursday, May 12, 2005 1:07:07 PM. I saw there was a post after mine. I hope that I did not offend with anything that I said. No, I did not know Alison, but, I have been keeping her & her family/friends in my thoughts & prayers. If I did offend, I am truly sorry. It was not intended.

  18. Anonymous said… Its not just the people that worked at bryan streets fault or there owners..what about her parents? they could of been little more responsible… Friday, May 13, 2005 4:14:26 PM Now that just isn’t fair at all! To blame Alison’s parents for this is total bullshit! My own daughter is the SAME age as her, and lives outside of my home. I cannot control her,or tell her what to do anymore than I could “control” you. I only can try to look out for her. Are you a Parent? Do you know what it feels like to worry about your children 24/7? I don’t think so..Your statement is callous and plain old fucking wrong to her Mom & Dad and anyone else for that matter. Trolls are NOT what I invisioned while posting this thread. No matter what happens as a result of any law suits or criminal charges, The fact remains that a Daughter, friend and good human being was lost FOREVER! Think of her family for Christ sakes!

  19. You sound like a real class act. You’re a mother? And you speak like that? I can only imagine why your 19 yr old daughter is not living with you, let alone what she is like.

  20. How about you did not know Alison, you do not know anyone who is involved. Who are you to say or write anything about Alison or in her name? Rumors are rumors and they do not need to be supported by your ignorance. As for the innocent life that has been lost, we need to look around to make sure it does not happen again. I am sure that Alison would want it that way. To add, everyone, and I mean everyone is at a loss and feels nothing but sympathy for her family. – This is from a true friend of Alison’s. Thank you. Thursday, May 12, 2005 2:53:45 PM ***This was posted for the man who invented this page***

  21. i was there the night she died and can say it has changed me. i’m 23 and know that it could have been me and not her. you shouldn’t be served underage but think about the fact that if she was 21 she still would have left drunk (if she was drinking) and got in an accident. No one should have served her but it still would have happened and then everyone would have blamed the bar for giving her to much to drink. Which BTW i heard she came from another bar before she got to the Bryan Street.

  22. Replies to “Anonymous”You sound like a real class act. You’re a mother? And you speak like that? I can only imagine why your 19 yr old daughter is not living with you, let alone what she is like.” and.. “How about you did not know Alison, you do not know anyone who is involved. Who are you to say or write anything about Alison or in her name? Rumors are rumors and they do not need to be supported by your ignorance.” Number one, a am a Man, a Father. Speaking like what? Get a life.. To the second reply: Who am I to write or say anything? Ignorance? This is called a Blog. Don’t like what I write about? Don’t read it.

  23. Why Cant anyone blame Maggie Oneils…? I know for a fact she was drinking there also…If people are going to bring down Bryan Street, Maggies should be right there with us…

  24. For those of you who believe the owners of the Bryan Street are responsible, I have some questions. First of all, what is it that you would like to see them charged with? Serving someone under 21 is obvious but is there something else you are looking for? Do you believe the owners deserve to go to jail for this and if so for how long? And, aren’t the bartenders just as responsible? Do you believe they should receive the same punishment?

  25. Losing the life of someone so young is a tragedy, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Martinelli family. However, is it fair to blame one establishment? (Rumor) has it she was at numerous bars that same evening but yet I don’t see or here of them mentioned anywhere. Is it fair to use the Bryan St Pub as a front when there is obviously a much bigger picture?

  26. Very sad that a yong life was tragically snuffed out, however, to blame a single establishment for her death is obscene! Nobody at the Bryan St or any other pub forced alcohol down this girls throat. She made a decision do drink, do drugs and drive…..not a good choice but her own choice. Her father is suing?? Will this bring her back??? Very sad for a parent to lose a child but perhaps the onus of responsibility lies closer to home than in a pub!*disclaimer* my issue here is not with the keeper of the blog but with some of the bleeding hearts commenting Connie B

  27. To Connie B as well of the many others commenting about the rumors…Well apparently you have given yourself authority to speak on behalf of the victims father as well as investigators. As you all stated Alison was rumored to be out drinking at numerous bars that night….rumored being the operative road. All other establishemnts have been looked into and that is why blame still lies with Bryan St. If a person assist another in a suicide did they not break and law and do they not go to jail??? If a person provides someone a gun to commit a murder are they not breaking a law as well??? Well providing Alison with alcohol cost her her life…those you took part in the events that occured the evening Alsion died and those who broke laws that night by serving minors should be to punished as well. Yes Alison made the choice to drink and drive and Alison has suffered the ocnsequences of her actions and her family will be suffering the consequences forever, but had the alcohol not been available who is to know what would happen…providing alcohol to a teenager is like giving candy to a baby. No suing is not going to bring Alison back. However, it will send a message. Bryan St. new that serving minors is illegal but they went ahead and served them anyway. A lawsuit may send a stronger message, one that obviously needs to be relayed to bars, parents, teenagers, people of all ages that drink, drive, or have every provided a teenager with alcohol. So Connie B and gang think logically. Your comments make others think you are a stupid as the owner or bryan st. What if it was your kid??? Put youself in the shoes of Alison’s parents before making ridiculous comments.

  28. Caroline B.I agree with you %100. Maybe if the dad was around her life more often this would of never happened. WHAT ABOUT THE OWNERS AT MAGGIES SHE HAS BEEN THERE PLENTY OF TIMES JUST AS MUCH AS BRYAN STREET.. LAY OFF BRYAN STREETPEOPLE

  29. Well I am glad to see that you agree with me. However, who says her father was not in her life? I happen to know her father and know that they had a great relationship. They talked nearly every day, saw each other often and spent many of holidays together. Alison had a great family around her who tried to teach her right from wrong. She was a teenager, who just like every other teenager thought she was invincible. However, for the record Alison’s dad is a great father…there is no doubt about that.

  30. Thats not what people are hearing around the streets about her dad. This could be a rumor but I dont see how. I hope something will happen soon if Brayn street will get charge or not because this website is stating to get out of hand….Alison wouldnt want this website about anyone else why she we do it about her…

  31. Alison would not mind this website if people told the truth. I am not sure who wrote that Alison’s dad is not around, but to set the record straight around town her dad was very much involved in her life. Her parents are not together so it makes it hard for him to be there everyday. However, he was always there for her and they had a great relationship. He was a great parent to her and the reason I know this is because Alison would always tell me. The only thing that bothered her about her relationship with her dad is just how he always repeated himself telling her to be careful, make sure she is getting up and going to school, and things of that nature…the thing that bother any teen that thinks he/she knows it all. He looked out for her, he provided for her financially, educationally (not tomention he kept check on her progress in school), and lovingly like a father should…he was always there for every milestone in her life (such as graduations, dances, proms). Alison loved her father and was daddy’s little girl. How could someone who doesn’t even know her dad pass judgement on him? You may not know him because he does not live with her, but for the record for all of Delco Alison’ dad is a GREAT guy and for anyone to think less would hurt Alison…I just hope her family and brothers and sister don’t hear of the above mentioned comment.

  32. I also know Alison very well and whoever was the last to comment is right. Alison’s dad was a great father to her and they loved one another very much. I know she adored him.

  33. Well if people are going to write on this website. please take any advertisment for your business off of it. Thats just wrong! You know who your are…..

  34. I hope your not talking about me. The “Ad” in my “About Me” section? Please. This is a BLOG. (Look up the definition of BLOG) No further explanation needed from me.

  35. I was actually very good friends with Alison in my earlier years of high school and hadn’t really seen her since I was at The Bryan Street about a month before her accident. As much as I want to blame The Bryan Street for what happened,they were not the only ones at fault. I am 20 years old and let me tell you, I have NO problem whatsoever getting into any bar in Delco (Maggie O’Niells, Spectators, Bryan Street, Casey’s) just to name a few. Even though I have lost touch with Alison and was not as close with her towards the end, this event has hit me very hard. I haven’t gone out to any bars in the past month and half. If i were to get into an accident after leaving one of those bars, or be pulled over, I know deep down that is my fault as much as anyone elses. I am not saying that I would be 100% wrong but it as sjust as much my fault as well as whoever served the alcohol to me. This has been a horrible experience for me and all of my friends and it still gives my mother chills even though she did not know Alison. I didn’t think it could ever happen to any of us but it did. I never want to see it happen again. I don’t know that my 21st birthday will be as exciting as I thought it was going to be because I don’t plan on going to ANY bar. I am glad the authorities have been cracking down on the local bars such as Della Pollas and quite a few bars on MacDade. People may read this and look at me as an underage nark but I would rather everyone stay away from the scene at least until they are legal. And to all fellow Cardinal O’Hara students….classes of 02, 03,04 & graduates to come, lets all be smart. O’Hara has lost quite a few people over the past few years due to stupid decisions with drugs and alcohol. (Alison,Nick Civitella, Kevin Kerr, Brian Fleagle, Jim Kearney)… ALISON, YOU ARE IN MY HEART AND PRAYERS RIP, WE LOVE YOU!!

  36. The last person’s comments were heartfelt. Thank you for being who you are, whoever you are. Please remember that The Bryan Street Pub is not only feeling guilt and shame but they are also mourning Ali’s loss. Those employees (myself included) grew very close with Alison and with her brother Brian for that matter. I personnally would hop/skip/jump to prison with a song on my lips if it meant that Alison could be with her caring family again…I miss you, I cry for you and I pray for you.

  37. True, there are a lot of rumors going around, but there are also some facts that cannot be disputed:1) The Bryan Street Pub was made aware of the problem before it occurred. Alison’s father stated in a Channel 10 newspiece that he had gone to the Bryan Street Pub only 2 weeks before the accident and made them aware that her drinking was a problem and begged them to stop serving her alcohol.2) Alison was an employee of the Bryan Street so they would have been well aware that she was underage.3) The Bryan Street was cited in October of 2004 for serving underage customers, yet I know for a fact that they continued serving underage customers in the following weeks because my underage daughter told me that she and her friends were going there every weekend. To put any blame on her father is so unfair. Anyone who is a parent knows that these days a person is condsidered an adult at age 18 and we have very little control over our “adult” children. Usually we can only watch them go out the door and hope for the best.

  38. First of all I knew alison well,and she made her own decisions she was well aware of what she was doing(with everything)and to blame more than one establishment is crazy when she was in fact in several.And found with many ID’s on her.There are many bars in delco that serve minors if dont know where your kids are go find them!ALISON WOULD BE SICK IF SHE COULD HEAR ALL THIS BS!!

  39. Of Course her father is going to say that to the news to cover his reputation… Let just stop writing on this website till the final charges come out and then you people that are talking shit on Bryan street can say what you want .. No charges have been given yet so give it a break because I know Maggie’s is under investigation now too. God dam you people

  40. Some of you people are so bitter at the fact that Bryan street served Alison on the night that she died. No matter where she was earlier in the evening, she was at Bryan street before she got in her car to leave. I guess all you bitter idiots are just the losers who don’t want bryan street to close because they hang out there or there underage and want to still be able to drink there. For the record I use to hang out at Bryan st. quite frequently and I was in there the day Alison’s dad came in. Alison told me she thought he was coming that day too. So far Ch. 10 has been right thus far about everything. Her father has nothing to worry about with regards to his reputation. Paul is a stand up guy who has nothing to hide. He was a great father and he still is as well as a great family man. How many of you have divorced parents??? How many of you who have divorced parents still have a relationship with the parent you don’t reside with? divorce is a common factor among today’s society. Al’s father may not live with her but he is just as much involved as her mother, brothers, and sister. So I’d like to know what reputation he has to worry about other that a heartbroken father without his baby girl in his life. So for you to say “No charges have been given yet so give it a break because I know Maggie’s is under investigation now too. God dam you people”…right back at you. Alison would not mind this website if people atopped knowcking her family and especially her father. She would never stand for anyone talking about him. Unless you were present during any aboved mention events than keep your mouths shut, but for the record I was present for most of what was covered in the Ch 10 investigation and all of it is true. I could go on forever, but half of you heartless losers aren’t worth it. If you could all just put yourself in al’s family’s place for one minute and think if the situation involved your children or your parents or loved ones or you for that matter, what would you or your family do…I highly doubt you or they would let it go.

  41. After Further Review, of the above post, I deleted my own response to the poster above who loves Bryan St Pub so much.Whoever posted it, kudos to you. I couldn’t get the words out better.

  42. To Living in Delaware County…I was the one who wrote the comment just prior to the one you posted. I also did not really know how to say what I said but I put it the best way I could. I hope I got my point across. I was very close with Alison and although I don’t agree with some of the comments that are left I am glad this blog is here. I visit this site 3-4 times a day to see if there are any new postings just to hear what people are thinking. I really hate to see how heartless and blind to the obvious that some people are. I could tell you that Alison was close with the people from Bryan Street. However, I am sure that if this happened to one of Alison’s friends rather than herself she would have the same position as you, her family, as well as myself. You learn from your mistakes, unfortunatelty Alison wasn’t given the opportunity to correct hers, but I know this incident would have taught her a lesson. I just want to thank you for starting this blog. I am sure when you did you really didn’t expect some of the brutal comments that were left, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I guess its up to us logical individuals to send the right message. Some have learned from this the effects of drinking and driving whereas others will go on doing it, its a shame because as a result more people will end up being hurt. Once again thank you for this blog and please do not shut it down

  43. I begin to wonder how much the people of Bryan St. cared for Alison. I feel if someone cares for a person they do anything possible to prevent harm. Although I know Al’s dad went to Bryan st. two weeks prior to the accident the bar denies it. Either way serving her was wrong and harmful. It’s not to say Al wouldn’t ever drink, but if someone cared why would they continue to serve you when they knew you were driving. Underage or legal there is a point when you know some one has had too much. And although I am legal to drink I have been out were people have told me not to have another drink if I am driving or take my keys before they give me one. Even as rumors have it that she was elsewhere that evening, she was in Bryan St. until @ 3:30 am. If they knew she was at another bar drinking and returned there to have 2 or 3 more drinks why would they serve her? DId they care or do they just feel guilty because they caused a young girls death, ended her life, diminshed any dreams she had of career, family, or children, left her family in complete turmoil, or possibly that they now face charges or fines?

  44. All that I know is that my daughter (Natalie) is going to be graduating from Jean Madeline in July where Alison was a classmate and friend of hers. My daughter was the one who told me about Alison. All at Jean Madeline are sorrowed as to this tragic loss. My Nephew (Who had worked at Bryan St.) filled me in on all the dirt and nasty ass rumours that have been spreading around here.I’ll leave this thread open for all to respond, but again I implore you all to show some respect and maturity while posting. (I am guilty of it myself on other posts but hey, It’s my blog, right?)

  45. I also knew Alison and thought she was an awesome girl. I also know the owners and employees of the Bryan St. The BSP is “notorious” for serving underaged customers but the same could really be said for any bar. When I was 19, I used to go to any bar in the area with no less than 10 of my underage friends. Every one of us had fake ID and drank every weekend at the bar of our choice. The fact is the BSP broke the law in serving an underaged customer(this doesn’t make them responsible for her death). They knew she was underaged b/c she worked there. The other fact is that Alison broke two laws that night. She drank when she was underage and she drove after she was drinking. These are 2 laws that are broken on a daily basis but that doesn’t make it right. I’ve also broken both of these laws and I’m certainly not proud of driving after I’ve been drinking. I really feel that this is a bit of a witch hunt for Tom Brower and the bartenders. He loved Alison like a lil’ sister and he was as broken up over her loss as he was for the loss of his partner and friend, Stephen DiPaolo a few years back. The simple fact is that she could’ve been drinking anywhere that night(and she was drinking at other places) and this same tragedy could’ve happened. This doesn’t excuse the responsibility of the BSP but I think it does put it in perspective a little bit. The news story that I heard was that her father indicated that he was talking about her not getting served at the BSP very loudly so that the workers had to overhear him telling her. Even if this was the case, what are the chances that the same bartenders were working that night as the tragic night. I send my condolences and sympathies to the family b/c I can only imagine what it’s like to lose a sibling or a child.

  46. Here is what I am having such a hard time understanding – why isn’t the lesson we should learn from this tragedy don’t drink and drive. That is what killed her. She didn’t die from drinking underage. I think it is such a shame that there is so much finger pointing.

  47. There is a lesson that stems from this regarding drinking and driving. However, there is more to the equation. I will put it this way: If a six year old child picks up a gun, brings it to school and shoots another child who do you place blame on. Almost 99.5% of people will blame the parents for not locking the gun up properly, even though the child was told the gun was dangerous. Alison new drinking and driving was wrong whether she was underage or legal, it’s wrong. This is something she was taught by her parents and her years in school. If Alison was not working she should not have been at that bar on the evening of April 4th through the morning of the 5th. If they had any idea she was at other bars that night like they so claim not only should they not have given her one drink let alone the 2-3 that she had. So that is why BSP is to blame as well. If Alison or any underage person was at a party that evening and a person of 21 years old supplied alcohol, now the underage person leaves the party and is involved in a fatal alcohol, id no blame placed on the person who supplied the alcohol. In another instance what if the cops arrived before Alison left the bar or the party that was used in the example. Both Alison, the bar or the person at the party who supplied the alcohol would suffer the consequences of their actions. Alison suffered the consequences, now the culprits need to suffer them as well. Also nothing on NBC 10 was heartless it was all very informative, but for those who say that Bryan St is not to blame then why is their a possibility of charges??? It the heartless people who needed to watch that segment of the news to see how blind they have been.If Tom Brower loved her so much why did he let her get in her car that night after having served her. I do think he cared for her he had a relationship with her for so long. He watched her grow up…oh wait she wasn’t given the chance to grow up, unless you consider 19 grown. However, I moreso think he feels guilt because he knows he was wrong. He would never let his own sister drive if she was in the same condition Alison was when she left the bar.


  49. You people are sick. Alison has died let her rest in peace. Find something better to do then post what you “heard.” Why don’t you try keeping her family in your prayers rather then getting off to these comments posted by all of you.

  50. I’ve been a good friend of Alison for the past 3 years and you have no idea how it feels to look around at our friends on the weekends and realize that Alison isn’t here nomore, this website make me sick to my stomach people need to have a little more respect and pray for her, her family, and her friends that have to deal with this lose even though i believe she in a better place rather than post comments of what he said she said, all this is doing is bringing more stress apon her family.

  51. If this website as you say makes you sick to your stomach, then you can avoid feeling sick by just not visiting. This is my blog and web site to do with whatever I want to. In a blog or journal,(I have several dating back to the mid- 90’s),you post shit that’s on your mind. My daughter told me about Alison. I posted what I felt about it. I am a father, I am not perfect. I thought about deleting this whole thread several times but after realizing that this post just may make ONE person decide NOT to drink and drive after reading it gives me second thoughts.What I could do is to make it a registered bloggers only, but then that would to me be censorship of people who do not blog.

  52. Like the owner of this blog stated, if you don’t like it then don’t visit this sight. I was very close with Alison. I knew her for over 13 years. I love her so much and miss her every minute of every day. Yes, this website upsets me to see how some people view this situation, but I find more logic and peace in knowing that more than not people are viewing this logically and respectfully. By no means do I feel Alison is not to blame, but it could have been prevented. Just because other bars serve underage kids too doesn’t make it right, by no means. And whether or not you are legal or not there is still a point in time that a trained and responsible bartender will tell the customer “No” and cut them off. Other than bringing her back I wish nothing more than for Alison to Rest In Peace. Everytime I get in my car, everytime I look at her picture or listen to certain songs, I am reminded that I will never see her again and she will never live the life she had hoped and dreamed of. I feel that as long as justice is served and Alison’s family is at a little more ease she will rest more comfortable. Like I said I knew her well and if it was one of her friends that this happened too and not her she would stand by there family 100% to make sure the right thing was done. At one time we all or most may have done what Alison did but a law is a law for a reason to protect people and when laws are broken people get hurt. Just because we got away with it or the bars we were served at didn’t get caught, doesn’t make it right. I am not saying BSP is the only bar that serves minors, but in this instance on this occasion what took place at BSP that evening resulted in a fatal accident. BSP as well as every other bar that serves minors knows very well that what they are doing is wrong, yet they continue to do it. Traffic accidents are the #1 cause of teen deaths and nearly 1/3 of these deaths are alcohol related (MADD).At times I am so glad this website is here, please do not change it or get rid of it (as some one close to Alison I am begging you not to). And like you said even if just one person learns from this that is one more that knows/realizes today what they didn’t know/realize yesterday.To Alison, at one time you were a big computer nerd (with about 8 different screennames), but as you got older those times slowly faded. Hopefully you can see this or at least know that I am thinking it. I love you so much and miss you so much. You were so beautiful and even growing more beautiful everyday. YOu may never know how much you are loved and missed. You have deeply effected all of us by not being here. This he said she said is so bothersome but please don’t be upset. It is just so many people cared for you and are left with so many unanswered questions that will always be unanswered. I try to think that you did not suffer and I hope and pray to God that you didn’t, I just can’t even imagine…I would give anything to se or speak to you just one last time. If I had know the last time I saw you would have been the last time I would have never let you go. Your family (parents, step-mother, siblings, grandparents, step-sisters, nieces and newphews) and friends miss you and love you. You are always in our hearts and our minds. Our lives will never be the same, because a huge part of all of us was taken with you. Watch over all of us, especially your mom, dad, sister, and brothers…It’s hard for me to wrap this up because even though when I think logically I know you can’t read this, but in a weird way I feel that there is a slight chamce that heaven has the internet. I just feel like if I stop typing then I will never be able to speak to you again and that hurts. Just know that I love you and so many others do too. I loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and misssssssssssssssssss you.

  53. Believe me people who knew Alison don’t need this website to now avoid drinking an driving we have all learned from her lose in the worst possible way- losing one of our great friends and a great beautiful girl, i just dont believe this is what she would have wanted, just let her rest in peace but if a family member believes that this is good for them to get shit off their mind then im the asshole im wrong b/c that what matters most that her family can possibly find a way to move on without her, it is just too upseting to me to read some of these comments of people saying its not BSP’s fault, but in reality in a way this could of been prevented if someone there just took her keys from her but this is just my opinion but ill do what u say just avoid this website that is in a way so negative to one of my friends, and continue on buddy with ur dating service, i love you Al and miss you, rest in peace….p.s. id love to split a bag of hot fries with you when i get there..


  55. I totally understand what your saying. My son went to a Arts-way christmas party at the community center on Dec.11 2004. Eager to fit in with his co-workers. everyone knew he was only 20 yrs old. (small town) he was served and killed in a auto accident. I think that they should be held responsible for their actions. My son paid with his life. They walk free of pain. my family is destroyed. she might as well put a gun to my head, because Iam dead in my heart and soul. Until you loose a child you have no right to talk on who was in the wrong or right. I still search for my son, I wait to see if his light comes on at night. I can’t sleep.The hurt is so deep. I keep thinking that this is a dream and I will wake up, I am still waiting.I pray every night for God to take me and bring my son back.My oldest son climb on the table at the morgue and tried to wake him up to go home.then tried to commit sucidie so he could bring him back home.A bartenders actions of serving a minor destroys a lot of lives. There has to be some form of puinshment for their actions, how many children have to die to get that through a persons head.

  56. To the pp: I cannot begin to understand your feelings over the loss of your son. You have my sympathy. But what exactly was going to change in your son over the next few months. He was going to be 21 shortly. Is there some magic time that people understand drinking and driving is dangerous?I am not saying anyone who served either of these two minors are blameless. I have been taught since grade school the dangers of D&D. At 19 and 20 years old, they are old enough to know better.Yes there should be a penalty but I don’t think jail time for these bartenders is the answer. A lot of 19 and 20 year olds already have fake id. They need to be taught to be responsible for themselves. I don’t think it helps these kids to blame the establishments. There will always be a way for them to get alcohol. That’s why they should be taught to take care of themselves and those around them.I truly don’t believe if Alison was around to answer this question today she would blame the people at the BSP. I believe she would rather take responsibility for her bad decisions.

  57. I for one did not directly bash “Brower” other than to hold them accountable. Ok. I’ll give you a scenario: I have my own 19 year old daughter over and a few of her friends come along. I’m having a BBq. I have beer there. The minors (Daughter included) ask me can we have some? sure: Go ahead, just don’t get in any mishap or tell anyone. One girl happens to get drunk (The Driver) and I do not notice it or I have a I don’t give a shit attitude.. She then leaves my house with three of her friends, my daughter included, and drives into a tree at high speed, killing everyone on board. Who is guilty of murder here? The driver? or myself? Ask yourself that question. I am fed the hell up about who is to blame here and the bullshit crap that Alison’s dad has to endure. Whatever happens to the owners or bartenders or anyone else, will not bring Alison back. Focus on her family. I am.

  58. By continually serving alcohol to minors, even after knowing the law and after being warned by police once, “Brower” did this to himself. He’s an adult. As the owner of a bar, he knows the law & assumes those risks. I certainly don’t think they should lock him up and throw away the key, but, the owners/servers should be held accountable in some way.

  59. First to the kid who commented and would like to share hot fries with Alison when he sees her again: Like you I get very upset at some of the comments that have been left on this sight and do not understand at all how some people think. However, this website does allow me the opportunity to vent. I never wrote in a blog prior to this one, but I do understand that the purpose behind a blog is for people to say how they feel. I left one on the comments with regards to how close Alison and her father were and how he was such a good and loving dad. If I had not had the opportunity to do so people may go on thinking that he was not involved in her life because what is rumored to be going around town. Luckily Al’s dad or siblings do not know about this sight or some of the appalling comments that have been left because I know they’d be heartbroken at some of them. Also, I just wanted to let you know that although Al’s friends and the rest of us that knew and loved her will avoid drinking and driving there are others who may not have known her who may read this and see how many people are affected and learn from it. I think that is why Tom Brower should also be held accountable so that bar owners can learn to stop serving minors. To the man who lost his son and all others who lost someone to drinking and driving, my heart goes out to you. Having been so close to Alison this hit me so hard, even though I had heard so many other instances of drinking and driving related deaths. I guess I thought everyone I knew was invincible too and that nothing like that would ever happen to them, especially so young. Having just watched fat ass Tom Brower walk in to the police station to be arraigned felt pretty good. He didn’t look the least bit remorseful. He did do this to himself and even if he isn’t found guilty at least he has to live with the fact that he caused a 19 year olds death. To living in Delco: just because we are against Drinking and driving it’s ok that you were a bar shirt. I don’t mind, that comment was just left by a rude person who is bitter because their bar or hangout may close down. Well I can go on forever. I am sure I will be back shortly. I Love and miss you Al…RIP kid.

  60. You can say what you want about brower but you dont know the person he is… yes every fucken bar owner/bartender has done it people… its fucken allisons fault just as much a browers and who ever else will be charged..and it wont change things bbut people move on kids are still going to do it … why dont u people go bitch to the owners of maggies (where she went all the time) and even caseys these are the bars where i know i seen the owners and bartenders serve her tooo so move on about the bryan street people … let this web site rest in peace god dam…… a caseys bartender

  61. This goes to the idiot who said that people want bryan street open so underage can go there BULL! caseys, maggies,craigs all do the same thing be there I know!!

  62. this blog thing is making things worse not better its all rumers no one knows the fucken truth ,,, if her dad really went to bryan street two weeks before,,, if brower served her or like alot of of people said he told the bartenders they better serve her……. guys he didnt do it on purpose….

  63. Yeah it is a shame to see a young girl make a huge mistake and have her life taken from her because of it. but the lady who started this post doesnt even know tommy brower, or alison!!! Alison did this to herself, regaurdless if the bartender at bryan street (who i heard was not tommy) offered her something to drink that night, any 19 year old responsible adult knows that it is wrong to drink under the age of 21 and it is wrong to drive after drinking. any 19 year old girl knows that drinking while drunk could kill themselves or someone else. which was definately a possibility that night. However if Alison had crashed into another car and killed someone else everyone would consider her the enemy and she would be charged for breaking the law and maybe manslaughter! ALISON DID THIS TO HERSELF, hopefully people can learn from her mistakes. I do feel horrible for the family but almost every bar in delco serves minors, and for the brower family, it just so happens alison was in their bar that night. wrong place wrong night wrong time.

  64. Hey fairview: Umm for one, a lady didn’t start this blog you idiot…a man did…someone other 19 year old girl’s father who cares started it. Shows how smart you are and how much you pay attention. Secondly, offering liquor to a minor is like waving a lolipop in from of a baby…their going to go for it. Yes, Alison is to blame, she knew what hse was doing, and she payed with her life and now her family is paying. Third, just because every other bar in Delco serves minors does not make it right. By that are you implying if all men rape women (let me make it know this is just an example) then we shouldn’t make men accountable for rape because they all do it? We are all taught not to drink and drive, but every 19 year old thinks that they are invinsible and that nothing bad will ever happen to them…Well this is your wake up call so wake up, bad shit does happen to good people, both young and old. This could have been prevented. Punishing Brower and the others who served Alison that evening is just a way to send a message to other bar owners and servers to check for id and not to serve minors, because there are consequences. For the record, a rumor is a rumor is a rumor. I cannot speak with regards to this particular night because I never got to speak to Alsion afterwards, but she told me that Tom Brower served her befpre. With regards to her dad coming into the bar I know for a fact that he was there because I saw him. He was loud and clear in stating not to serve her!!! My heart goes out to him and to all of Alison’s family. None of this will bring Alison back. However, if these people who were arraigned today are found guilty, maybe it will scare other bartenders, owners, and servers into not serving minors. If even just one familyis spared the agony that myself and well as Alison’s family is going through, then justice will be served. To Alison’s boyfriend if you read this. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. I am sorry for your loss, I know she was really into you. I can honestly say I never saw her happier then when she was in your company. I mean granite she was a happy person, but there was a spark in her eye that shined when she was with you. I know she is watching over you. Al, you are an angel. Heaven is probably so happy and lively. Hey, maybe even a little tired because I am sure you are keeping everyone busy. I LOVE YOU AL. I MISS YOU AL. Just remember TEST TUBES…see you when I get there. RIP ASM 1/20/86-4/5/05

  65. Thanks for your post. I visited the guestbook and came across this:The Alison Martinelli Scholarship Fund, c/o Cardinal O’Hara High School, 1701 S. Sproul Road, Springfield, PA 19064I think that everyone should contribute something to this. It would be nice. I know it will not bring Alison back, but instead of buying your next round, you could spend it for a worty cause.

  66. To the last two comments, I applaud you for making that information know to all who read this and reminding people that there is something postitve that can be done in her name with this unfortunate and tragic event.

  67. i can’t take this anymore. for those who don’t know brower, and are taking alot of liberties with the trash and rumors they are spreading, i feel sorry for you. you’re obviously bitter and are mourning a loss, and for that i feel for you. but to bash someone simply because he is an easy target right now, is shortsighted and immature. why brower and not the bartender? why bryan st and not maggies? i can guarantee you right now that alison would be up in arms if she knew that brower and the 2 girls were being charged in her death. i only met alison and was fortunate enough to get to know her through the bryan st. she loved that place and all of her coworkers. she didn’t just love it b/c she could get served there b/c i know of numerous times when brower wouldn’t allow it. to the person who called brower a fat ass and said he wasn’t remorseful: you don’t have a clue. why does it make you feel good? it wouldn’t make alison feel good.let me pose this question: if alison was 21, would anybody be holding the bsp responsible for her death? the gov’t recognizes 18 as the age when you become and adult, doesn’t this mean you are old enough to make adult decisions?i appreciate this blog format. it allows me to hear different opinions from people with different vantage points to this situation, and as long as people are respectful, i welcome reading all sides.i personally lost one of my closest friends to a drunk driver, and while i harbored(and still harbor) some very hard feelings surrounding the issue, i never once blamed the bar/bars the drunk driver was drinking at.i feel very badly for the friends and family of alison and am heartbroken that i’ll never see her again. i also feel very badly for the friends of alison who are now being charged with vital roles in her death. it is very unfortunate that we feel the need to blame someone when someone so young and vibrant is taken from us too soon.

  68. that last statement could of not been said any better .. thank you..brower/the bartenders tiff and kristin are going to be charged for this situation and going to have to suffer for the rest of there life with this on there record and its not going to change anything with underage at bars … realize that people wont change.. we see it on the news everyday…..the punishment is a little to much for all those charges. they werent trying to harm her one bit… the bartenders tried to keep in her in line many time of staying out of trouble with the drinking and everything else etc etc… they did it because they loved her.. come on people we all did the underage drinking in bars they should not be dealing with all this trouble… especially everyone is going to gang up on brower.. yea he let underage in… but so does every bar it how they get there money

  69. Just because every bar serves minors doesn’t make it right. He served a girl that he knew was underage. That is against the law. I do not think he should rot in prison, but, some sort of penalty should be imposed. This is not about the other bars in the neighborhood. This is about a young girl who drank at Bryan St Pub, left, got in an accident and died. That is why there is so much heat for the BSP. Punishing people for crimes never eliminates the crime, no matter what that crime may be. But, something has to be done to prevent crimes. Perhaps this will help Bartenders & owners in the neighborhood to remember that they should not be serving alcohol to minors.It is not a crime to enforce a law, it is a crime to break it.

  70. Even if you are say 35, and a bartender sees that your are intoxicated, and serves you even one drink, you are responsible for thier actions! The people at bryan st knew she was drunk, so did her boy friend. They all are guilty of her death. they should be ashamed of themselves all of them!!!

  71. You say we see stuff on the news about this all the time, nothing is ever done, and it’s not going to change. Well maybe since nothing was ever done before that’s why it still goes on. No this one case is not going to eliminate underage drinking, but it will deter other bars from serving minors. Do you even know what her family is going through right now and for the rest of their lives? She had a great family,some great friends, and young nieces and nephews, who have no idea were their aunt Ali is. Tom Brower knew what he was getting himself into when he purchased BSP. Liquor licenses carry a lot of liability and responsibility. He was well aware of this prior to that night in April that if he served minors at his establishment then he would be held accountable. No, he shouldn’t spend his life in jail, but he should have to serve some time, he should step up to the plate and admit his wrongdoing like the bartenders have (at least by admitting they were wrong they can release some guilt). I give the bartenders a lot of credit. They are suffering because they lost a friend and they know they were wrong. But by admitting they are wrong should make them feel a little less pressure on their shoulders. By saying what happened at BSP that night was wrong and setting a penalty for those responsible will only allow other bars to see what they have to face if they serve minors. If you say the BSP and bartenders tried to keep her in line then why did they serve her? Was that helping the situation. The only people trying to keep her in line were her mom, dad, and sister and the rest of her family. They are the one’s that really care about her.

  72. I am a regular of the BSP. Tommy Brower is one of my best friends in the world. He has been there for me during some of the toughest times of my life and I would do anything for him.When Tommy and my dear friend, Stephen “Stumpy” DePaoulo, bought the BSP, my friends and I became instant regulars to support them in their new endeavor. Tommy and Stumpy were the very best of friends … like brothers. What some of you who have been bashing Tommy may not know is that Stumpy was killed by a drunk driver on City Line Avenue on August 13th, 2001. He had just got done work at the BSP and was on his way to see his girlfriend when Brendan Burke ran a redlight and slammed into Stumpy’s SUV right by St. Joseph’s University, changine all of our lives forever. Brendan fled the scene, never admitted responsibility, tried to avoid the charges, but was ultimately convicted and served 29 months. He had committed this exact same crime before: drinking and driving, getting into an accident, and fleeing the scene. Fortuantely for him, in the 1st incident, no one was mortally harmed.Stumpy didn’t die without a fight. We all got the call, the worst of our lives, and came to the hospital to pray and hope for our beautiful friend. Those hours of waiting, praying, & crying are embedded in my mind and those of my friends for eternity.No one felt the loss more than Tommy. He was heartbroken. We all were and continue to be. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about what could have been.We were angry about what had happened. We were angry at Brendan, but what we were mostly mad about was that he had done this before, that he hadn’t learned from his mistake, and even more disturbing, he never showed remorse or told the family that he was sorry. Most of us say it to this day that if he had tried to help Stumpy after hitting his car, if he had shown remorse, if he had apologized, we would at least have understood and forgave him for his actions. We may never have liked him, but many of us would have forgiven him. I came to know Allison very well. We became very good friends. She had a sweetness that transcended her age. She seemed older than she was, maybe b/c I watched her grow up in that bar and she was constantly around that scene, but from knowing her I know this: Allison loved Tommy & Tommy loved Allison. Anyone who questions whether or not Tommy is sad about her death doesn’t know him. He is one of the most generous, giving, and emotionally available people on the planet. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and he has a HUGE heart. Allison loved Tommy and the BSP. She would not have wanted this. Allison, from my eyes, was a beautifully sweet, smiling, naive, young girl who, like most of us, wanted to grow up before her time, and it cost her her life.What Brendan Burke did, in my opinion, warranted more than 29 months of jail time. He put his life and the lives of other motorists in his hands that night, yet Tommy is facing charges that would force him to serve more time than that when he had absolutely no intentions of something like this happening. Allison could have very easily killed someone else that night and she would have been responsible.She could have very easily been leaving an uncle’s house. Would they have pressed charges against an uncle who let her drink at a family BBQ?When these underage kids drink (and they will drink no matter what you do) it’s almost like a reverse lottery ticket as to who gets unlucky, being the last place that they occupy before they hit the road.Tommy has taken my keys and called cabs for me and others on numerous occassions, even going so far as to have bouncers drive me home, so he is accutely aware of the dangers out there and he has tried to protect his patrons as best he could. At some point the people getting behind the wheel need to shoulder some of the responsibility for their actions. Do you really think Tommy should go to jail for this?I, for one, do not.I miss Allison and my sympathies go out to her family.Everyone needs to let the courts decide.Tommy, I’m with you pal.RIP, Allison. Myself, Tommy, and everyone else at the BSP loved you and will miss you.

  73. you heard rumors, you dont even know the truth. mabey her parents should have had more control over her, mabey not. no one forced her to drink that night or any other night and anyone who knew her knows she drank very often. no one else in the world ever drank under age, this could have happened to anyone, put the blame on allison, because she made the choice to drive that night. and every single person who worked at the bryan st loved her very much and did not know she was at another bar before she was at the bryan st. i think you need to mind your own buisness because you make me sick. everyone makes mistakes in there lives bartenders, waitresses and even bar owners and im sure you do also, so when you are perfect then you can make a website passing judgement on people you fucking asshole. so until then climb back under the rock you came from and stay there

  74. This is a very difficult time for everybody. I do apoligize for what I am about to say. I am a father of 3 and can’t explain what the family is going through. The first thing is that Mr.Brower is one of the nicest,caring and opened hearted persons I have ever come in contact with. My sister and her friends are best friends with him. I have come to know him through the mutual relationships. He is a great guy everybody. He didn’t want this but knowing him he will take on this challenge head on. I would only hope people will back him like myself. This mess is a tragedy for everybody involved. Their is no reason to bring others down. We need to support Tom in this time of need. The next thing I would like to bring up is that I understand a fathers loss, its tragic. But for 20 years Mr.Martinelli has been a hot head. He has always blamed somebody else. From his time at St.Dots till the present. She decided what she was doing that night. No one else. Mr. Martinelli I feel for you during this time. But please pray to God and don’t blame others. This will only bring down more lives. Please pray.

  75. To the person who left the second from last comment (crawling back under a rock)…you have a lot of class. You sound really sympathetic towrds th eloss of a young girl’s life. Grow up. No one is saying Alison was right, we are just saying this could have been prevented. If this carries a penalty then maybe it can be prevented in the future. To the person who left the comment before the aboved mentioned one, I understand that you are friends with Tommy. I am sure he did care about Alison, but you said he took keys before…he knew she was drunk, supposedly she promised him she wouldn’t drive so why didn’t he take her keys. Like you said she was young and naive and if she looked up to him she would have respected the fact that he took her keys when she woke up the next day…but she never woke up : ( I just want an exaple to be made of this that there are consequences for serving someone underage. She was just a kid, and its not to say she wouldn’t have drank anyways, somewhere else, but if bars didn’t serve minors then maybe she’d have been at someone’s house drinking where she could have slept. We can’t change the past, but maybe we can make for a better future. We all miss and love you al…… : (

  76. For the record Alison’s dad is by no means a hot head like you state. He always fought for his kids but only if he knew they were right. He is by far the nicest guy in the world. Mr. Martinelli may be blaming BSP, but the state is the one who found criminal liability. The state of PA pursued the investigation. Bryan st. has still went on serving minors since this night, and although you are friends with Tommy I’d think as a father of 3 you should want there to be something done so that bars not serving minors so you never have to go through what this family is going through.How are you going to bash a man and bring him down and then apologize for his loss. Mr. Martinelli is a good man and a good father and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his kids or his family. He is hurting more than ever and he needs support because all is heart is telling him is don’t let this happen to someone else. Didn’t you hear him on the news, he doesn’t want anyone to have to receive the phone call he received that morning. My heart goes out to the MArtinelli family.

  77. i am the person who said to go back under a rock and as amatter of fact iwas also a friend of allison. i actually do have class i just think that if someone wants to start a website they need to have all the facts!!!! there is not ojust one person to blame, but yes alot of it should be placed on allison. i am sympathetic to her family but i also think people need to keep there opinions to themselves, accept the people who were there that night and her parents. you don’t hear ryan(allisons boyfriend) going around placing blame on anyone do you. this website is based on rumors and that is bullshit. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES IN THERE LIVES. includig allison. if someone from the bryan st didnt serve her then it just would have been another bar taking the blame for someone elses terrible mistake. everyone needs to just shut the fuck up unless you know the facts, which not to many people do

  78. Quote: “i just think that if someone wants to start a website they need to have all the facts!!!!”I’ll say it one more time, then I delete this whole thread. This is a personal web blog, or “Blog” for short. It was put up by me to post things that I am thinking “Musing” about. The reason 99.9 % of all of you are reading this is because you searched through Google or Comcast, etc, for Alison Martinelli.Did any of you care to READ my original post at the top of this page? No. You just come in here and slam me and my blog saying I don’t have the facts. I don’t need no facts. I voiced my opinion on my blog page and others commented on it.I’ll also inform you that I received quite a few nasty e mails concerning this post. One, threatened “To get me”.(I traced your MX record buddy). Real grown up people you are. To the ones who slam me by having this so called “website” Get a life and grow up. Better yet, just get the hell out of here.

  79. please don’t delete the blog. i enjoy reading it and hearing what everyone has to say…i used to be friends with alison and my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

  80. I’m just a little pissed about this. When I start receiving e-mails from chickenshits threatening to “Get Me” I kinda get defensive. (You would too.) I just don’t want this thread to get out of hand. I even refrained from posting the Daily Times news article about Mr. Brower and his employees being arrested on the home page because I do not want anymore attention to my web site on this.I realize that there are many people from the area that have many emotions running through them. Alison’s only link to me was that she was a classmate of my Daughter at Jean Madeline. In July, Natalie,(My 19 year old ) is due to graduate. I believe that Alison was also due to graduate with her.I am going to my Daughter’s graduation and I am sure that Alison will be remembered and mentioned. I feel deeply for her family, boyfriend and even Mr. Brower and Alison’s fellow employees. All that I ask from everyone is that if you want to comment on this blog, just respect her and her family. No more of the “She drank at Maggie O’Neills ” or ” Brower got railroaded” bullshit. It’s time to let sleeping dogs lie. Bitching and pointing fingers will NOT solve the problem, nor bring Alison back.Remember and celebrate Alison’s LIFE, and what joy she brought into the world with her being. And respect. It goes along way with me.

  81. i dont care what you say, you should have all the facts instead of your opinion on this site. you are the one making things worse then they already are because when other idiots like you , who dont know the facts read this they are basing there opinion on hear-say. you should let the nes and the papers handle this, then if you want to but in and have an opinion BASED only on the facts go ahead. and also if someone says allison was at maggies that night(which she was)that is not disrespecting her. and mr. you didnt even know her or any of the people involved so like i said before mind your on fucking buisness. i still dont understand why you felt it was your job to make this site, you are not helping anyone, all you are doing is hurting everyone involved including her parents. and don’t feel the need to make a comment to everyone. you posted your opinion so let other people post theres \

  82. to the creator of this “blog” you get a life, find a new hobby rather than reading about a tragedy and commenting on it, who are you to comment on my friend’s death. go walk the dog or invest in a phillies ticket, how would you feel to log on google and read comments,some negative on the death of one of your family members? so don’t reply to comments like your some big shot who creates blogs and you can do whatever you want, look me up

  83. Like I said, it’s people like you who need to get a life. not me. I didn’t “Create” this post or web site to be a “Big Shot”. My opinion is mine, you have yours, now this thread is closed.Happy?

  84. I can not imagine the pain and sufferring endured by allison’s family right now. The unanswered questions, the “rumors”, this blog, the media, and every other instance where her name is mentioned contributes to their uphill struggle of dealing with her death. I just want to say that I didnt know allison, but I have friends who did. It was very unfortunate that something like this had to happen. And to put it more bluntly…It just plain sucks! There is no doubt in my mind that an example needs to be made from all of this, however, I am having trouble with the harsh comments being made by people. FYI, brower, tif, and kristin, are all amazing people. They NEVER in their wildest dreams, for one second, could have anticipated something like this happening. And I would love for some of you people to put yourself in one of their shoes. You’d be scared out of your mind, as are they! They made a mistake and yes they should have to pay for it. But let me tell you all something…Ive never heard of anyone living in delco, or reading this wicked blog who is PERFECT!! They dont deseve the charges they are facing, specifically because that girl made half of those choices without their consent!! Maybe they did serve her, but she got in that car and drove despite efforts to stop her. We have all had the friend who argues and refuses to listen when you try to take their keys. Its an awkward situation to be in. Maybe they should have tried harder? Who knows? But what makes me even more angry is that she was spotted other places before she got to the bryan st? Didnt she arrive at like 1am? Sounds to me like she did a good part of tying on her load somewhere else! Why arent other individuals being held accountable? Why arent people speaking up? As many of you said there are so many unanswered questions. It just pisses me off that she even stepped foot in that place. She knew her father didnt want her drinking there. And she did it anyway? They knew she was underage, but they THOUGHT everything would be ok? Everyone involved here was in the wrong. I just ask that you layoff the nasty criticism of the “people” being held responsible. They arent bad people. They work hard to make a living and they have countless numbers of people who love and care for them very much. No one in the world wants to be faced with a situation like this, on either side of the equation! To allisons family…Im sorry about your loss, you are in my prayers. And to brower and kristin, keep your heads up!! Its gotta get worse before it can get better!!

  85. Ok, first dad is the one who made this page..and it isnt for people to bash him for his opinion. I didnt know he made this until tonight 6/7/05, and I dont see anything wrong with it. He wrote his OPINION you fuckin dont like it? dont look at it. I did KNOW alison pretty well and this isnt toward any of her close friends or relatives but I dont give a shit about whos to blame for it..shes hurtful as it is..people have a right to their opinion. As for the jerkoff that wrote something along the lines of my dad being a “class act” and that “no wonder your daughter dont live with you let along how she is” have something to say you can say it..But dont say something about my dad having no facts to back it up when u sit there and say something like the thing you said..go fuck yourself. anyone who has anything to say to me or about what i wrote..say it..i’ll tell you now and tell you again..people have their thoughts and opinions..and if you dont like it..stay the hell out! Rest in Peace ally..See you when i get there P.S. I’m behind you dad..dont let these people bash your made this page to vent..dont have any shame.

  86. daddys little girl RELAX..AND GROW THE FUCK UP..we were not bashing your dad for this blog.. we just dont want people and this website bashing the BSP and there workers thats it ……

  87. I had a friend who did from drunk driving. She wasn’t drinking, a truck driver coming south of the last exit was. Her vehical was crushed against tree and she died almost instantly. Its not the bars, its not the alcohol companys, its not even the person who pour her her last drink’s fault. She chose (which is what one does in a free country) to drink that night, then chose again to drive. In a sense she chose death. What about the millions of people who drink don’t dribe and then don’t die?

  88. Um if you exspress opion and write somthing like “Please Comment” then you need to exspect some negitive feed back. Though people could have been nicer about it…

  89. Allison is gone.. She mad that decesion to drink…. She is over 18 thats means she is a adult…. Iknow people have tried to stop her from driving many times… She was not the easiest person to deal with that when you wanted her to not do what she wanted to do … alot of you people know that.. She is gone!!!! now all we can do is keep in fam in our prayers and move on… she is not going to come back and yes people there are going to be kids her age that are still going to do it…this isnt going to change the bars…. so lets just move on and enjoy the rest of our lives.. thats the way allison would of wanted it…

  90. one of her good friends was the bartender at maggie the night she was there. why isnt she involved….. its the same thing as the BSP bartenders… the manager that was on at maggie new allison and knew she wasnt 21…

  91. sometimes ya do things and you don’t get caught. Sometimes you do get caught. Maggies got lucky this time, I guess. Certainly not fair, but, that’s life.

  92. Everyone on this blog seems so angry at each other. I didnt know Alison, but I am friends with her boyfriend, and since I heard of her death, not even knowing her, my heart broke for her family, her friends, and everyone that was touched by this young, vibrant girl. Its a shame that when someone young dies, or anyone for that matter, we always look for someone to blame. In the legal system, they are finding it necessary to blame BSP, the owner and the bartenders. Some people blame ali, some people are blaming her parents, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, not saying one is more right than the other. A little bit of each party being blamed could be blamed, but not one person specifically, I dont think. I just turned 21, and know what its like to be almost 21, wanting to be in bars with your friends and to just have fun. And its cool when you know people at the bars that will let you drink there. Even though on their part its illegal, and they should be more responsible, if they are cool with you, they will let you drink. There were times that I drank underage and drove home, which I know was stupid, but most people have that mentality that its not going to happen to them. Surely the people at BSP could have tried to stop her, and obviously should have, but they didnt. Ally herself, should have stopped, and thought maybe im just too shitfaced to drive,which she could have possibly done, but since she made it home safe other nights, tonight would be no different. I’m not a religious guru or anything like that, but God just had other plans for her, even though its hard to believe that someone so young didnt deserve to live a full life. She is in heaven, happy and at peace, while everyone here is angry & upset at the tragedy that occurred, pointing fingers on who to blame. Even when the courts come to a decision on what to do with the people at the BSP, people who are against what happens there will still not have peace. Everyone has to stop looking for someone to blame, and just let themselves grieve, and just remember the times and memories they shared with alison. I know its harder said than done, but everyone should try. I hope in my comment I didnt upset anyone, I was just trying to give an outsiders view.

  93. First of all to the above comment I happen to know all parties involved and bsp DID try to stop her,so you dont know what the hell you speak.and to the comment above that, maggies will be involved when the trial starts so you also dont know what the hell your talkin about.and yes people are angry the people at bsp are good people!this is all a tradgedy for all involved.

  94. I think that EVERYONE from the BRYAN STREET PUB should goto jail for atleast 2 years so that other bars like maggies will take notice NOT to serve underage people! How many more need to die because of greed!!!!

  95. Wow. Guess there’s only one person on this page who knows “what the hell they’re talking about”… No one is attacking you, so, please consider that. The people here are trying to remember Alison is a loving way & grieve for her. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Just because it is not your opinion doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I hope you find the comfort you’re so desperately in need of within the fond memories you have of Alison.

  96. Anonymous said… opinions are opinions facts are facts and there are a lot of non facts on this page.We all loved alison and miss her.And BSP are good peopleBSP’s customers are a bunch of underage hooligans who should be arrested. they piss all over our lawn just about every night. we call the cops and they do nothing.

  97. “OMG! We forgot the most liable of all…. whoever put that utility pole there!” A quote from “DiSaidSo” a silly slut woman on this forum.Seems people can be so cruel.

  98. He who is screams the loudest feels the most guilt. I MISS HER AS MUCH AS ANYBODY…I WAS WITH HER 6-7 DAYS A WEEK. In the end the truth will come out. I paid her phone bill when it was shut off. I gave her money when she needed it most. I faught with her as she was my own sister. I have the scars to prove it. She was one of a kind. Truly one in a million. There is a lot more to the story then anyone on here knows, and that is a fact. Bottom line is it seems like the world is out to get me, like I wanted this to happen, and the comments that I don’t look remorseful, they get to you after a while. It’s been 5 years since I lost my best friend and I still laugh and cry everyday thinking about him. I miss her, we all miss her, but don’t think that there is one moment that passes these days that I don’t think and cry thinking about her.

  99. What do you think alison would think about all this stuff going on right now? No matter what is said and done, nothing will bring her back. I was a true friend of alison’s. I’ve only known her for about 3 years but it was the best 3 years of my life. She was one of a kind, someone i miss everyday. I think about her at least every 5 minutes, everytime i step foot in my car i think about her. Theres not a night that goes by before i go to bed that i dont cry about it. I will never forget that day i got the phone call in school when i heard about alison…i was in complete denial, hoping to get a text message or a phone call back saying it was a rumor or some other girl. I see her car around all the time and hope to see its her but it never is. She loved to drive fast so when the cars goin slow i know its not her. I hear song after song that remind her of me. I got memories of her thats all i can hold on to. I only hope that everything turns out okay and moffet, tiff, and tommy you guys stay strong cuz alisons looking over us all right now waiting for it to end…everyone just needs to stop talking shit cuz who knows what could happen…anything could happen. miss u so fuckin much alwatch over me

  100. First of all, I meant to say he who screams the loudest feels the most guilt, and that I fought with her not faught….and why does everyone have to be anonymous, speak your mind, sign your name, have a liitle backbone. And another thing is that there is no need for the name calling, the f u’s or the asshole comments, this is America and freedom of speech is our privilage, but sound a little educated and speak in a dignified matter…and to that someone who says they see her car all over, Amen Brother, my head is on a swivel when I drive, especially when I see flowers or lays hanging from the mirror, I always take a second look. But you’re right she was carefree and on top of the world and drove like a madman, she scared the hell out of you if you were a passenger..But I would trade all my tomorrows to drive with her again…miss ya kid

  101. You people crack me up ! This is about Al , not Browers buddies who dont give a fuck about her at all only fat boys feelings and jail! I hope that the fat one goes to wackunhut and gets to be locked up with a couple of cchester drug dealers!!

  102. you people have names, unlike your spineless self…Maybe her family should have watched over her more..Maybe her siblings should have not drank with her on a regular basis, or smoked dope withher on a regular basis, or sold her pot on a weekly basis????

  103. You can stop knocking her siblings, chances are you probably don’t even know her sibs. AL wasn’t doing anything that any other 19 year old wasn’t doing.

  104. wow ur fucking rediculous whoever wrote the comment above..get a grip on reality…shes fuckin not here anymore, and its not cuz her family killed her…it was an accident, you know what accident means – NOT MEANT TO FUCKIN HAPPEN. fuckin clueless shithead


  106. If you feel the need to throw you’re two cents in on a public forum, especially with an issue as sensitive as this, deal with it with the consequences and opinions. Period. I run a national blog and was asked to comment on you’re opinions because I am also from Delco. I declined. If you and you’re family don’t like the feedback you should probably just stick to commenting on the last good book you read and the Upper Darby Flea Market. Don’t get yourself upset about what people think…it’s too damn emotional.

  107. All you die hard bryan street pub fans my heart goes out to you cause i know AL loved you guys like family so why dont you show her the same love and stop praising the freedom of TB. I know it was not his fault she is dead but if i was in as much pain as her family i would start pointing fingers as well. You gotta be a smart buiness man to run a bar and unfortunatly TB didnt catch on to that. I cant even tell you how much is sucks to see your friend laying in a white casket everytime you close your eyes. It haunts me everyday. TB i know you miss her as much as i do- she loved you and always had tons of stories about her family at the BSP– until we meet again AL ❤

  108. Your Right she did love the BSP as her family I know that to be true..I was there to see it, and I do miss her all the time. Again there is too many to blame, If the family wants to blame start with a mirror. LOVE YA TB, MISS YA AL..

  109. Brower, We will be thinking of you on tuesday.. our prayers are out to you… Al I WORKED WITH YOU MANY TIMES at BSP look over brower on tuesday and pray for him that nothing will happen… you never ment this to happen to anyone at BSP especially brower, tiff and moffit…you three are all in our prayers best of luck on Tuesday……………….Bsp for ever.. Its the times to remember now and forever

  110. “We will now see who the real freinds were of BSP.Al watch over us and TB on tuesday…” Who are the real friends of Alison’s family? You “”Brower”” people crack me the fuck up! Tomorrow will tell the tale of how the fat one killed his employee.

  111. As the owner of a bar, age should be the only factor that determines who can drink there, and who can’t. Not how good you know the employee, or how long you’ve known him or her. When you, yourself, allow someone under 21 to drink at your bar, and you are aware of it, you, yourself are responsible. You choose to baby sit when you choose to let an underage person drink. Bottom line. Brower let Alison drink at his bar, and he let Alison drive home drunk. There are no if, ands or buts. Those are the facts. There is a reason the law does not allow anyone under 21 to drink in the United States. Brower himself did not kill Alison, and I think to blame him for her death may be going a bit far. But Brower himself did indeed break the law, when he allowed his staff to serve her alcohol, night after night. Brower chose to break the law, and he should pay for that. Anyone with any sense should agree. Brower’s fan club needs to look at the facts. This case should have nothing to do with what a good guy he is, or how much he loved her, I’m sure Brower is a great guy, but Brower broke the law knowingly.

  112. You know I am not doubting that Al loved the people at BSP. But I doubt that Alison or anyone else wants to see another person end up where she is today because of drinking and driving. As much as she love TB, she probably also knows that he helped to put her where she is today. Just one thing had to be different to change that night and that one thing could have been the way she chose to drove home or the time she did. Granite D & D could have been that one thing but if she wasn’t out till 3:30 in a bar drinking at 19 years old she may still be here today. Locking Brower up will send a message to all area bars to stop serving underage kids. A law is a law for a reason. Closing your eyes and picturing her laying there in that casket, with her family and friends balling their eyes out kills me and I’d hate for any othher family to have to go through that. So TB she may have loved you but you deserve to sit behind bars for a while just to learn to stop serving underage kids, because with one friend dead who was supposedly like a sister to you, you still have not learned your lesson…I know underage kids who still drink at BSP. Al I love you and miss you. Hopefully this will all be over with real soon. Please watch over your family…Your real family, who loved you and cared for you and wanted what was best for you everyday of your life.

  113. To the asshole comment above, TB does deserve punishment but not jail time,, this isnt going to change what the bar owners alow at there bars,, people are still going to do it .Lets get this through everyone heads….Al will watch over brower today and make sure he wont be behind bars ……alision did this to her self like any other 19 year old person.. hello people

  114. I keep hearing the same thing over & over – “people are still going to serve underage drinkers”. Yes, you are right, they are. That does not make it ok to serve underage drinkers though!! People are still going to do coke & crack too, but, that doesn’t mean it’s ok. Everyone is concerned with the “facts” too. Here are the “facts” summed up for everyone: Alison was 19. It’s illegal for her to drink. TB served her alcohol, which is against the law. He should serve whatever sentence comes with serving a minor. Bottom line. NO, he should not be locked up forever, but, there is a price that should be paid. These types of laws are there to protect the youth of this country. No Alison should not have driven drunk, but ultimately, she should not have had the option. That is why we have laws here in the United States.

  115. If u r going to state the facts then state the facts…not what r thought to be the facts….TB did not serve her alcohol, His Bartenders who were frindes of hers did….She was served elsewhere that night also, for a couple of hours. It is very disheartening to hear the facts from someone else who doesn’t Know the facts.. Facts are what will come out in the trial…and facts will not send TB to jail…Facts will in the end will clarify this TRAGEDY…This Accident…To blame 1 person and 1 person only, destroy his reputation and his livelyhood is not the answer..If it makes people feel better, I don’t know…I miss her, you miss her, they miss her, we all miss her…Fact is, there was an arraignment today for Tom Brower and the Judge didn’t even show up…that is a fact…Those in glass houses shall not throw stones…INSTEAD THEY THREW BOULDERS….

  116. SLS Forever, are you saying TB did not know she was drinking in his bar that night and numerous nights in the past? It is irrelevent who actually handed the girl the drinks. She drank in that bar with his permission, many, many times. Period.

  117. I witnessed TB serve her a drink on many occassions. I’ve witnessed TB have a shot with her. Night, after night, after night, TB watched her get drunk there, and allowed it. Why shouldnt he get locked up? HE BROKE THE LAW. Everyone who has a brain knows its not going to bring Alison back, we’re not stupid, but justice should be served! When you get caught breaking the law, you should pay for it. Paying a fine is not justice. He made a choice to let an underage girl drink at his bar, this choice he made didnt cause her death, but it lead to her death. Brower allowed people to stay at his bar past 2 am drinking, Brower allowed an underage girl to get drunk there. If Brower had shut the place down at 2 am, and stopped serving drinks, who knows, MAYBE she would be alive. If Brower obeyed the law, there is a chance she would be alive today. He’s a grown man- he should run a business like one. and take responsibility for his poor choices.

  118. To the stupid comment above about TB you are ridicuious. I bartend at two bars and yes go to bars that I am well there past 2am..Alisons parents could of not let her work there for the time she did either…. there are many owners out there especially in delco that do the same as brower…so dont put that shit on him….. Alison did her thing weather people tried to stop her..its just the person she was

  119. In the USA 18 is a grown woman…She made a decision to drive home that night, even after telling friends she had a ride…she made the choice, not TB..It was how she lived, TB couldn’t stop her, Maggies couldn’t stop her, and christ even her own family couldn’t stop Her..Self responsibility…means responsible for ones self….

  120. I never said ” BSP is the only bar open past 2 am”, nor do I care what bars are open past 2 am. But the night she died, she was there drinking underage, after hours. Thats all I’m saying. People care about the law. No one cares what other bars do either, this is about the BSP. You can say all you want, ALL bars serve underage people time to time, ALL bars stay open past 2 am, and you know what? You’re 100% RIGHT. But the fact is BSP got caught. Thats the difference between BSP and all the other bars. And when you get caught breaking the law, you should pay. Im not sayin Brower is a bad person, and I dont think he killed her, but he did get caught breaking the law. In this just country, he should pay for that. My father is a cop, and just because some of the people he pulls over may be good people, or may have excuses for why they did what they did, it doesn’t matter. This great guy many claim him to be got caught breaking the law. I see many times someone pulled over on the side of the road for speeding, yet I see thousands of other cars speeding by the car thats pulled over. Whats the diff. between that car, and all the other speeding cars? It got caught.

  121. The worst thing that will happen to Brower is he will have to sell his part of the liquor license. Yes that will probley be the best thing for him………..that bar will still always be there weather the name changes or not

  122. I think everyone would agree that laws were broken. Really the only question left is what should the penalty be? People that know Tommy and know him well would say he is basically a good guy. He is generous, fun-loving and caring. But sometimes good people do bad things. TB made some incredibly bad judgements. I think privately he would admit to that. The bottom line is that you cant thumb your nose at the law year after year after year and expect that there will be no consequences to your actions. There always is. Several years ago, TB’s very close personal friend was a tragic victim to a drunk driver. One would think that TB would’ve been all that much more aware of a potential tragedy with regards to the hazards of drinking and driving. In addition, according to the Delco Times, Bryan St. Pub was cited 3 times in 2004 for underage drinking. Also, according to many reports Alison’s father spoke to TB just weeks before the accident imploring him not to serve alcohol to his daughter. In addition, TB knew she was underage and she had an open invitation to drink in his establishment, where she had done so numerous times in the past. TB cant claim he didt know nor can he claim she wasnt allowed to drink there. She was over SEVEN times the legal b.a.c. limit (for underage persons, the legal limit is .02 and her bac was a .15) These are aggravating circumstances. A mere slap on the wrist is not warranted here. But that is for the legal system to sort out. Prosecutors must send a clear and definitive statement that this will not be tolerated in Delco nor should it be tolerated anywhere else. Lets pray to God that bar owners will get scared straight by this case and follow the laws. The laws protect us all from the fate that befell Alison.

  123. If you we’re in the courtroom for the preliminary hearing you would know the facts.On June 14th at the preliminary hearing it was proven….1. Brower did NOT serve her a drink2. Brower was NOT present when her first drink was served BY THE BARTENDERS3. Alison was only served 1 1/4 drinks that contained only one shot of alcohol.4. She was “somewhere” else before arriving at tbsp at 12:30am.5. In order to become .15 she would have to have drunk at least 5 drinks….over a certain period of time.Again…it was proven by the bartenders who poured the one and a quarter drinks and several witnesses that she was only served 1 1/4 drinks at tbsphmmmmm….Yes-it is wrong to serve minorsYes-EVERY bar in Delco does itYes-it is a tragedywe all miss Alisonbut… one can argue that she lived a wild lifestyle. She went out all the time, she got away with drinking at Maggie’s, Casey’s etc…she smoked pot with brother on a regular basis, she drank in the cemetery, she lived her life as if she was unstoppable and we all can agree that if you tried to stop her from being who she was…she would shut you out. Please don’t think I am trashing her name…but she lived life by her rules. No one forced her into anything or made it easier to drink…she had conections everywhere. tbsp was her home…people cared about her and that was all she wanted

  124. Wow. What a disgusting and vile comment at 12:06 7/27.She lived a wild life style? Thats your defense of TB? I wouldnt want you to defend me. TB aided and helped her live this so called “wild life style.” You are disgusting to say these things. I noticed no where do you say that TB forbid her to drink there. She had an open invitation to drink at that bar and TB not only knew about it but according to all, he ENCOURAGED it, time and time again. Alison might have been a time bomb but TB lit the fuse. And your pot comment was in extremely poor taste. Thanks for jabbing her family and friends in the heart with your comments.

  125. You are correct,people dont know the facts thats the problem with this site.If you were at the preliminary as was I you would know the facts instead you come on here a spew BS ALs dad never spoke to TB he wanted to but never did,because she wanted to handle it thats the way she was.And other bars in DELCO will catch the same rath sooner or later cuz they all serve minors what goes around comes around…

  126. It is irrelevant if Als dad spoke to TB. The LCB put TB on notice time and time again that he was breaking the law. Did that change TB? Hell no. He callously went back to his old ways now he cries behind his attorney. Be a man. Suck it up. You played with fire, got burnt and he blames everyone BUT himself. He is pathetic.

  127. The BSP was fined once in 6 years of operstion for serving 3 minors..YES 1 time in six years for serving 3 minors…PJ henry’s sited with over 40 counts of serving minors…craigs over 30…Maggies, Barnaby’s,CAsey’s, all have been CONVICTED of serving minors..and fact is the night the BSP was sited for serving 3 minors…TOM BROWER wasn’t there….he was helping another barowner out at their Grand Opeming…yes 3 in six years, 3 noise violations and 50 / 50 gambling charge that was held for a benefit ….7 violations in six years….3 noise, 3 minors and one 50/50 drawing…..these are facts people..look them up…7 violations after seeing 10’s of thousands of people IS NOT A BAD RECORD…ITS A GOOD RECORD!, one of the better ones in delco…look it up

  128. I love when a comment comes out like” the lcb put TB on notice”. No offense, but this clearly shows that u have no idea what u r talking about…What is “on notice”..its a ridiculous comment made by a person who doesn’t have a clue about what is going on…And when someone reply’s what a VILE and Disgusting comment was made….trust me ITS only gonna get worse….Her father wasn’t around…he is going to hear things that are going to make him sick…but the truth will come out…he wanted this, he’s got it..BLAMING other people and not looking DIRECTLY in the mirror is not the answer..IN FACT. its an admission of GUILT….AL’s mom and brother new how she lived on a regular basis, didn’t stop it, didn’t want to stop it, let pot be sold out of their house, let pot be smoked on a daily basis in the Brian’s room. its gonna get ugly people…that is a FACT

  129. Take it up with the Delco Times partner. They checked with the LCB. the article is on line for all to see. BSP was in violation of underage drinking 3 times in 2004 alone. But lets not let the facts get into this. Real classy trashing the family of a girl who just lost her life. Real classy.

  130. “A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board said Brower’s company, Fairview Inc., was cited seven times in 2004 for incidents at Bryan St. Three of the fines were for serving minors, three others were for noise violations and one was for permitting gambling on the premises.”-Delco Times, 6/5/05

  131. 7 times in six years…look it up..3 of the 7 were for noise…1 for a fifty/fifty benefit drawing…3 were underage fines in the prior 5 years .. although they were random visits by the LCB..

  132. Here is the bottom line. Whether BSP was fined 3 times or 40 times doesnt matter. Everyone even remotely aware of this situation knows that BSP has a reputation for serving minors. Willingly. Knowingly. Hundreds and hundreds of times. The people that live in the neighborhood know it, The “kids” from ST Joe’s know it, the patrons of BSP know it, the employees know it and TB knew it. So lets stop with the legal b.s. defense that was “only” 3 times or that they had a “good record” when it came to serving minors. They have a disgraceful record. Nothing could be further from the truth and nothing does more to hurt the memory of Alison than all the b.s. coming from TB’s supporters.

  133. First off to the comment on 7/27 at 11:07 am it is my understanding that BSP was fined more than that. However I could be wrong but the Upper Darby Police have been out to BSP on numerous occassions. You have nerve defending Brower with regards to him to promoting underage drinking. Numerous people on this websites/blog have stated that they drank and some still do at BSP. Regardless of how many fines BSP or other bars have had, regardless of how many times they have been fined BSP was dead wrong on April 4th-5th, “dead” unfortunately being the operative word. Poor Alsion may have been wild and have done some things wrong but there is no reason to slander herself or her family, especially since Al is not here to defend herself or her family, which she loved very much. As stated earlier TB lit her fuse and he should suffer the consequences. Also, I agree to the comment on 7/27 at 10:32 am and thank you for that.I could go on forever, probably because I am deeply missing someone I love. To Tom Brower, step up to the plate and be a man, it’s time to face the music. As president of Fairview Inc. and someone who has served alison on numerous occasions including a drink you purchased on the house on April 4th you have been held responsible. So you can lie your way out of this and protect your reputation but that weight on your shoulders will weigh down on you and only get heavier. Needless to say your reputation has already been ruined and you have lost the respect of a lot of people. To the comment on 7/27 at 10:33 am, Where you really at the preliminary hearing? Because I was and Tommy nor Alison’s father got up on the stand to testify as to whether they ever spoke or whether Al’s dad was ever in the BSP. Al may have wanted to handle things her way but her dad was standing for that. That is why he was her father and she was his child. No parent can control a child at the age of 19, but they can do whatever they can to parent and that is what he did. He watched over her like a hawk. If Als dad knew she was in that bar that night he would have driven up there and pulled her out. Unfortunately noone informed him…unfortunately.To the comment on 7/27 11:25 am Again why slander al and her family. Someone you supposedly loved and cared about or your friend TB loved and cared about (what a joke). Al’s dad as well as many other parents and families may have wanted this but this is not why it is happening. TB abd BSP broke laws. The government is prosecuting TB, not Al’s dad. The police are investigating and the DA is prosecuting. Your just a rude, ignorant, heartless, dumb bastard.To Alison, I am so sorry these people are slandering yourself and your family. Don’t worry kid we know what you guys were about. You were a great kid from a great family and were cared about alot. You never hurt a single soul until the day you left this earth. We miss you with every passing moment. RIP I hope this is over soon enough so you can really rest. I hope you know that we are all praying for you and wishing you were here.

  134. Who in their right mind would find it necessary to trash the grieving father of a dead child? Do any of you that do this have even a hint of humanity? For the idiot that said this is “going to get ugly”, I wish you took half of your venom and spewed it at TB. He needs to “look into the mirror.”

  135. So all of you know her family and her father real well. Al’s family did love her and so did/does her father. It’s called divorce assholes. Her parents got a divorce. Neither her mom or her dad divorved Alison they divorced one another. Al’s dad moved onto bigger and better things… that’s a joke. He didn’t walk out on his family and still remains very close to all of them. If I remeber correctly he moved into a small apartment with one of his kids when they divorced. Al went to stay with her dad almost every weekend. Her mom chose to live where she lives and there is nothin wrong with row homes. 85% of homes in Drexel Hill are row homes and they chose to stay there. So you can think what you want but this situation is common. A man and wife divorce and the man ordinarily moves. Some of you have nerve talking trash about Al’s dad, she would have a fit. He may not have seen her everyday, but at 19 kids tend not to hang around their parents that often. So when her older brother and sister moved out did they walk out too and move on to bigger and better things…I don’t think so. Al knew she could call her dad whenever she wanted or needed something. Al lit up when she was in her dad’s presence. Yeah she lived with her mom and brother and although they wanted waht was best they couldn’t stop her. She was alison and no meant yes to alison, if you know her. Al knew it all. She was a great girl and YES SHE does have a great family. All you assholes really need to have a little respect. Not only for Alison’s heartbroken and grieving family, but for Alison…have a heart. And I don’t wish bad on anybody but to all the jerks who left comments like assholes I hope people talk about you the same way you knock both alison and her family when you are gone. So go climb up Tommy Browers ass and be little wuss’ like hime.

  136. Who are you people that read and reply to this blog everyday.?..What gives you the right to blame, badmouth, trash , talk shit, and destroy peoples reputations that YOU dont even know…And If u have so much to say then sign in under your real name…It takes a real person, man or woman to talk the talk, but it takes a coward to hide behind.”anonymous said…”I have just been informed of this it over and over for 2 hours and find it hard to beleive the trash I am hearing…stop trashing me, stop trashing Alison’s family and let the courts handle it…Granted freedom of speech is one of the great freedoms that we have living in America, but what is said on this blog is very, ( I am lost for words)…very negative and depressing…The comments about me, Alisons siblings and Alisons father are hard to grasp…There is no need for it…Time will heal and the courts will decide….put your anger and feelings elsewhere and do something good with them, Do not sit around getting yourself disgruntled and upset about what people are saying, you will only drive yourself crazy…Do I want to reply to some of the comments, Yes. Will I no…Do I miss her everyday?…more then you think!She was the best! She could make u love her and hate her in the same sentence….She had a certain chip on her shoulder, a certain way she carried herself…She is missed now and always…Love always Alison…Your friend..Tom Brower

  137. Tommy, people are bad mouthing you because you and your attorney have blamed everyone BUT yourself in this tragedy. Its Als fault. Its Als dads fault. Its Maggie Oneals fault. We are sick and tired of the bullshit! Where is your apology? Where are you owning up to your share of the blame here? Nobobdy blames you 100% but are you saying you are blameless? Cut me a break. You served minors on a day in and day out basis. It was fine when you were making money off of them but when it came to the eventual tragedy that was sure to happen, you run and hide behind your attorney. You knew full well the potential hazards of breaking the law and you did so anyway. Recklessly. Willingly. You destroyed your reputation. Not anybody on this blog. You chide people for hiding behind “anonymous said” yet you hide behind your attorney everyday.

  138. Fact…..Brower did not serve Allison her 1-1/2 drinks at the BSP. Kristin Moffit and Tiffany Henning “served” her the drinks.Get that much straight.Brower’s crime was not kicking her out once he arrived and saw she was there.That is it!!!!!!!!Blame the bartenders (HER FRIENDS) for this tragedy.

  139. No. Brower’s crime was “allowing” Al to drink there, and other minors, time after time after time. He is the owner. He is responsible for what goes on there. The thought of him “kicking her out” is a joke. He encouraged her drinking there and you KNOW it. When you serve minors you become responsible for them. Except if you are TB. Then you blame everyone else.

  140. I am a freind of the brower family and and a former employee of BSP You people have a lot to say,let me ask you.How you you react if the case was reversed and you were in tommy’s shoes?would you get a lawyer?would you have regrets?would you feel sick everyday of you life from now on because you lost someone you care about because of bad judgement(on both parties that is)?Tommy has taken blame in his heart where he will deal with it forver.If you know him like I do, and all you people must since your on here judging him and alisons family you will know that tommy would give up all to have her back which he can’t so he will deal with “the cards that were dealt”.We all loved her myself included.

  141. “How you you react if the case was reversed and you were in tommy’s shoes?” Were not in his shoes, and Al is DEAD. This tommy brower defending has got to stop here and now. He is a coward for not pleading guilty to his role in her death. He will suffer greatly in his hollow heart because of it.R.I.P. Al, Your the one we think of.

  142. blame…blame…blame…the only thing Brower did was allow a minor to drink a tbsp…that’s it!!!!He didn’t gag her or hold a gun to her head and say DRINK THIS!!!!! How on earth can you blame him for this disaster. I don’t go into tbsp much anymore but a couple of weeks ago, Brower said to me the trial is going to be awful…for everyone. He hopes Alison’s family will be alright because people are going to say some bad things. He knows it was wrong for her to be there and he doesn’t shirk the blame, he feels everyone is to blame in someway. To the person who keeps refering to Brower as the “one who lit the fuse” give it a rest. Anyone who knew Alison was well aware of her adventurous personality…now don’t take that as a dig at her but she embraced life and enjoyed every bit of it. The person who wrote…if you tried to change the way she was then she would shut you out…you we’re 100% correct. She just wanted to know people cared about her. To comment on the “pot issue being in poor taste…get real. Everyone knows she bought pot and smoked with her brother. That again is not a dig but the truth. To comment on the remarks from “justice said” Do you have any idea how the judicial system works…obviously not. Alison drank at Maggie’s…for several hours BEFORE going to tbsp hmmmmm….that is liting the fuse and tbsp will probably be responsible for serving her as a minor….that’s it. brower didn’t make her drive , witnesses say the bartenders and brower tried to stop her. She made a choice. If she was 21 and chose to drink and drive would we be having this blog at all…..I think not.

  143. “justice said”..what kind of ignorant asshole r u? Alison is turning over in her grave at his blog and the comments on it..Do you people really know her…She lived at the BSP..she was there more then she was home…the comments, your the one ewe think of…NO fucking shit asshole…she is what the blog is all about…God, I just wish people like u would stop being such pussy’s and come out and say your name, how u knew her, and how u can back up your statements..the answer is YOU CANT or you WOULD>..stop being a Wuss and tell us who u r, and how u knew her,,cause I know u didn’t know her like WE DID…

  144. notice the time that “F Justice” posted his slimeball comment.. Sunday, July 31, 2005 3:13:07 AM.probably just left TBSP! Tommoy still up to his old ways i see!!!

  145. To the posters like “Justice” and others: Please stop resorting to name calling and stupid posts about Mr.Brower. The man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This blog and the contributors will not stand for personal attacks on anyone.

  146. This blog is a waste of time anyway just a bunch of people who have noooooooooo clue, and want to think they know.All they want to do is bash peoples name and the dead.I guess everyone who has some comment is without sin.

  147. What a ridiculous comment on 7/30 at 11:32. You state “if she was 21…” No kidding! You are making the point. She WASNT 21! DUH! She wasnt legal to make the choice to drink. When you knowingly serve minors you assume respinsibility for them. Period. You dont try and stop them from drinking and driving, you DO stop them. Ever hear the saying “Friends dont let friends drive drunk.” It isnt “Friends TRY not to let friends drive drunk.” On another note, what an insult it would be if TB’s defense trashes Al’s family in any way whatsoever. This court case has NOTHING to do with Al’s dad. There are no charges against the father. I predict if the defense goes down that road that the entire community will be outraged.

  148. This case has everything to do with Alison’s dad. He LIED on Channel 10 and says….I quote I got loud . A big fat lie. He never spoke to any of the b streets staff and furthermore….he wants to to blame someone else…..I quote… I hold the bryan street pub responsible. Should of said I couldn’t control my daughter. Why should a bar and it’s owner try to teach a 19 year values…..

  149. This case has everything to do with Alison’s dad. He LIED on Channel 10 and says….I quote I got loud . A big fat lie. He never spoke to any of the b streets staff and furthermore….he wants to to blame someone else…..I quote… I hold the bryan street pub responsible. Should of said I couldn’t control my daughter. Why should a bar and it’s owner try to teach a 19 year values…..

  150. Its not his job to “control” his daughter, idiot. She was over 18 and no longer legally allowed to be “controlled.” A bar owner, on the other hand, CAN control the alcoholic intake of its underage employee while on the premises. In fact it has a legal AND a moral obligation to do just that. You see genius, thats why TB is being prosecuted and the father isnt. Or is that too much for your small mind to grasp?

  151. You said it. She was over 18 and no longer able to be controlled…which means she is an adult. She is able to go to was, get married, buy cigarettes and vot. She was an adult who made a poor choice. That sums it up.You sound pretty angry. With comments like “is that too much for your small mind to grasp.”This is a blog…..a place where you voice your opinion. You seem to be so angry and without knowing all the facts that this will be my last entry. I urge all other Brower supports as we are refered to to not bother to write one last comment and let’s not visit this blog anymore. Alison’s young sibling with the poor spelling and immature choice of words…has helped me realize…THIS IS A BLOG and I will no longer be part of it.In closing, Brower Moffit and Tiffany stand tall and strong and stand together. We love you all so much and hopefully soon we can mourn the loss of Alison instead of focusing on the legal issues.

  152. I think we can all agree on several things. Alison died too young. When that happens, anger is a natural emotion. It is part of the normal grieving process. This tragic story doesnt make anyone look good. It reminds us all that we are human. We make mistakes. Mistakes that are often unfixable.Nobody feels TB is a bad or evil guy. His supporters are sticking by a friend, as they should. A friend that even they admit had mad some terrible judgements. No rationale person thinks Tommy wanted a tragedy. No one. From everything I here, Tommy loved Alsion. Was like a big brother to her. On the other side of the fence, I am sure TB wished he had handled the situation differently. No matter the legal outcome, TB will probably blame himself, to some degree, for the rest of his life. At this point, I think the Brower trashers and the Brower supporters should stop. The healing process needs to begin. It cant if the two sides continue to rip each other apart. Hopefully the court system will deliver the correct amount of punishment. Neither side may be totally happy with the outcome. I pray that the TB detractors will view this now in a different light and move on, as best we all can. I also pray that the TB defense team does not rip into Alison’s past nor her father. That would only aggravate the problem and cause more pain for people that loved her. So lets let the facts come out at trial. Let justice be done. If any good will come from this is that local bar owners will hopefully think twice before allowing underage people into their establishmenst. And we all pray that we never have to deal with this type of tragedy anytime soon.

  153. Instead of arguing about all of the things that are out of everyone’s control at this point, how about everyone who knew and loved Alison tell a story about a funny memory they have of her? Perhaps the good memories of Alison will bring everyone more comfort!

  154. I agree with the last two comments. There is alot of anger and pain from this entire incident. Let the courts figure it out. Nothing that gets posted here will make one bit of difference in the outcome of the trial. Does anyone have a good memory of Alison that they want to share?

  155. Wow, I feel like everyone on this blog just went through therapy. It is going to take a long time but both sides will eventually talk and laugh about great Alison was to be around. I talked to Patty, Tommy’s sister the other day and she said Alison was supposed to come work for her at her hair salon. She said she wants to talk to Alison’s mom when this is all over. She also said we have to let the courts decide the punishment. She said Yes Alison was a minor but she carried herself like a 25 year old…until you got her laughing and then she sounded like a twelve year old. I think both sides can agree…..Alison rocked. I love Tommy Brower and know that he misses her terribly and I miss Alison and her big eyes. Tommy and Alison fought like brother and sister. I also feel enough name calling and hurtful things have been said on this blog against the browers and the martinellis. No matter who is right or wrong. EVERYONE is GREIVING. Please do not write any more negative. I love the idea of sharing stories…it helps you heal.

  156. Alison was a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. She would do anything for anybody, she had so many friends and family that loved her and had such a huge heart. I miss Alison more and more everyday. However, with each day that passes I am that much closer to seeing her again. Alison’s life was taken far too soon, but she lived more in 19 years than most of us will live in our lifetimes. She had fun while she was here and always tried to get everyone else to have fun with her. Alison is someone none of us forget, but please keep her memory alive. It has been almost 4 months since she was taken. Please visit and sign her guestbook under her obit. as a memory and some support for her family to see. Even add some pictures if you’d like of her smiling and laughing and having a good time; her and her big brown eyes. I could go on about all that Alison taught me, showed me, helped me with, and so on. She was truly one of the best people that I know and I will never ever forget her so don’t you. Please pray to Alison and pray for some guidance for her family. Let Alison know everything you want through prayer, because I know she is in each of our hearts and is right here listening. I Love you Al. Congrats you would have graduated last month from school and I know you would have been a great hairdresser. I love you, rest in peace : (

  157. Al it is so hard to believe you are not here with us. I know you are here in spirit but it is just not the same. You were too young to die, you had a future ahead of you, you had a lot of people who loved you, you had it all…and it all got taken away too soon. Why? Is a question that we will never have the answer to. You were such a happy person and you made others happy, so why would God take away our happiness on earth. I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. Our lives are great because you have touched our hearts, but without you things will never be the same. We grew up together and now I have to go on without you. Life will mever be the same…I miss you. I Love you. RIP

  158. Alison and family, you are thought of often. I pray for you everyday and hope that justice will prevent another family from experiencing the pain and loss that you are feeling. Nobody should have to bury someone so young. I know Alison is watching down on you everyday. She loved her family and knew how much they cared about her. When God called her name it probably hurt her most knowing that you were going to be hurt. Although you may feel she missed out on a lot, she fulfilled her purpose here. She made a lot of friends, loved and was loved, and enjoyed life to the fullest. Alison will always be with us in spirit, in our hearts, and in memory…just don’t let that die. Our prayers are with you.

  159. Alison is dearly missed by all. I believe this is the poem her father read to her. Take a minute to read this and remember…When tomorrow starts without me,And I’m not there to see;If the sun should rise and find your eyesAll filled with tears for me;I wish so much you wouldn’t cryThe way you did today,While thinking of the many things,We didn’t get to say.I know how much you love me,As much as I love you,And each time that you think of me,I know you’ll miss me too;But when tomorrow starts without me,Please try to understand,That an angel came and called my name,And took me by the hand,And said my place was ready,In heaven far above,And that I’d have to leave behindAll those I dearly love.But as I turned to walk away,A tear fell from my eye,For all my life, I’d always thought,I didn’t want to die.I had so much to live for,So much yet to do,It seemed almost impossible,That I was leaving you.I thought of all the yesterdays,The good ones and the bad,I thought of all the love we shared,And all the fun we had.If I could relive yesterday,Just even for a while,I’d say good-bye and kiss youAnd maybe see you smile.But then I fully realized,That this could never be,For emptiness and memories,Would take the place of me.And when I thought of worldly things, might miss come tomorrow,I thought of you, and when I did,My heart was filled with sorrow.But when I walked through heaven’s gates,I felt so much at home.When God looked down and smiled at me,From His great golden throne,He said “This is eternity,And all I’ve promised you.”Today for life on earth is past,But here it starts anew.I promise no tomorrow,But today will always last,And since each day’s the same wayThere’s no longing for the past.But you have been so faithful,So trusting and so true.Thought there were times you did some things,You knew you shouldn’t do.But you have been forgivenAnd now at last you’re free.So won’t you take my handAnd share my life with me?So when tomorrow starts without me,Don’t think we’re far apart,For every time you think of me,I’m right here, in your heart.

  160. hey al, whats goin on..its lil buddy from work..i miss you a whole lot. i started a new job today and its nothing like the fun we usted to have at byran street. i like it and everything, but i miss havin u right behind me always makin me laugh droppin a fork or something. i never thought at 17 i would be going through what im going through right now. Im so mad u did this but everything happens for a reason and i have something to look forward to like seeing you in heaven. i came home from work tonight and cried my eyes out wishin i was back with u this time last year. well i just had to write in to see if i’d feel better…rest in peace, i miss u everyday, every second.

  161. Al, your the best. I can still hear your contagious laugh and it brings back so many good memories. It’s so hard to fathom you not being here anymore, but we will meet again. I just want you to know that I love you and miss you more and more with each passing moment and I long for the day to see you again. Watch down on us with your big brown eyes and rest in peace. God Bless.

  162. I will tell you that the new owners of the pub (TROP X) WILL NOT allow this to happen ! I heard a quite different story from those “in the know”. Please do not believe what you read in that “fish wrap” called the DC Times… They can only survive on negative activity.. That’s all they do… also, God Bless the family for there loss which I can never imagine the feeling..

  163. well, I understand that the Times could possibly print lies, but, fact is Brower DID get busted last week for week and gambling. So, if he knew when to quit, the times wouldn’t have anything negative to report.

  164. Al, I cried tonight on my way home thinking of you. I miss you so much. I was listening to Delilah on 99.5 and she played a song for two friends and it just made me think even more of how much I miss you. Why oh why did this have to happen to you? Why someone so nice and beautiful and YOUNG? I wonder what you are doing up there in heaven and if you miss it here. I hope you are happy and I try to be happy everyday so that you don’t feel sad, but its hard. And no matter what if I am not sad there are a million other people who are because they miss you and love you so much. It I had just one wish it would be to just to see you one more time. I would never let you go. I Love you and hope you are doing alright. We will be together again someday…someday.

  165. Yo Al,Still think about you everyday. Everytime I hear a new song on the radio I wonder if you would have liked it. Its been real hard missin ya. We’re still always hangin out at my house and I still think about how my dad always talked about your big brown eyes or how I tortured u when we were kids when u came over. Not gonna lie our group of friends are gettin kinda messed up and I know you would be mad if you saw some of us hurtin ourselves. Keep your eye out for us I miss you so much and I’ll see u soon.

  166. Al, I miss you more and more as each day passes and still have not found a way to move on and live without you. You are on my mind day and night. I can’t believe you are not here and it kills me to know that I will never see your smiling face again (until we are in heaven together). I still have so many questions yet to be answered…for you, for God, for Brower, for everyone. Why did this happen to you? Did you hurt at all? Are you happy? Why did God want you? Why did God hurt all of us? Why didn’t God give you another chance at life? Why did Brower allow you to be served? Why did you drive that night after being at Bryan St.? Why does Brower still continue to serve kids after having lost you? Why, why, why? Why did this happen? Why you? Why so young? Why you? We will never ever know. The one thing I do know is that i miss you more and more every single day of my life. If I could give any one day of my life so that you could live one more day I would…even if it is just so you could say good bye I’d give all the days of my life up for it. I love you so much and i guess you never had the chance to find that out. I had the chance to tell you, but like most people I waited until it was too late. And to tell you the truth I may not have even of realized how much I loved you until it was too late and for that I am sorry. But now I know how much yo umean to me and how much I wanted great things for you. I wanted to see you graduate from cosmetology school. I wanted to see you get married and have children because I know how much you loved kids and yet you were never given that chance. Al, I love you with all of my heart and you are in my mind and in my heart and in my soul. Everyday I live and breath it is for you. I wish I could do something to have you here. I can’t imagine what it felt like in your car that night and what you were doing to have caused you to swerve, or what you were thiinking when you realized what was going on….what were your last thoughts????????????????? It kills me to think about it. I love you so much and please just listen to my prayers and hear me say this….I love and miss you sooooo much and wish you were still here. Nothing will ever be the same without you and I want you to know that. Rip little one and know you are always in my heart and on my mind…..FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR and EVER. RIP RIP RIP ILU ILU

  167. Whoever left the MADD comment is a realy heartless ASSHOLE. Its nice to make a comment such as ‘thankfully she only killed herself’ yeah ‘thank heavens she never made it home that night’ you asshole. Have a heart you f-ing jerk off. I understand what cause you support but Al died…yeah she made a mistake and yeah she drove drunk and yeah she could have hurt or killed someone else. However, she only hurt herself and her family. Noone is honoring the fact that she drank and drove, because I don’t think I’ve read one comment that says ‘oh hey way to go Al, you drank and drove, Bravo’. But people are honoring the life Al lived and how she lived it aside from this incident. Al was a standup girl. She didn’t have any problem owning up to anything, never had a problem helping out a friend or someone is need, she was the most considerate person I know. Al’s life was taken too soon. She was young and immature and never had the opportunity to learn from her mistakes. I can say a million and one great things about Alison, but there is no need too, because plenty has been said and if you knew her you already know what a great person she was. However I do have something to say to the MADD Asshole: I use to support MADD but if all the members are inconsiderate f-ing ass’ like yourself I don’t want to be a part of the organization. I think you should start a new club and you can be president of it, you should call it HIFA, Hearltess Inconsiderate F-ing Assholes, your motto can be ‘We stomp on graves’.

  168. I will NOT allow Alison Martinelli or her family to be in anyway slammed or trolled by heartless bastards. What sick mind would post such shit? Anyway, the post is history.P.S. Remember (MADD) this could easily happen to you or someone that you care about. Food for thought.

  169. I am pretty happy that Tommy may face jail time as well. He deserves it. Needless to say what idiot who has pending charges doesn’t play his cards a little more careful (no pun intended). Gambling charges and drugs, what an idiot. I don’t think I know anyone more stupid. Anyway this is not about him, this is about Al. Al we all miss you and love you. We know you are probably doing well, because you always managed to fit in wherever you were. You are so greatly missed and I hope you know that. Al I am in a loss for words at this time because all I want is to wrap you in my arms so tight and never let you go. RIP

  170. Anyone who is “happy” that Brower might go to jail….is a fucking douchebag! He has been a loyal friend of mine for over 25 years. Next time “Fatman” you want to make a comment print your name pussy.

  171. Brian, Tommy may be a loyal friend of yours and that is nice of you to stick by his side. However Brower is a Loyal Idiot and he deserves whatever he has coming. He may not be a bad guy but he fucked up and he deserves to be punished for that. Fatman is no P*@^# by any means, the only one who is is Brower because he won’t admit he did wrong. Brower should grow some balls as he walks around with that big ass smile on his fatass face.

  172. Quote from Brian: “Anyone who is “happy” that Brower might go to jail….is a fucking douchebag! He has been a loyal friend of mine for over 25 years. Next time “Fatman” you want to make a comment print your name pussy.” You say he is a “Loyal friend”. Does that make it ok that Ali is dead because of his self-centered reckless ways? I hope he get’s the max time in prison and has BUBBA as a cellmate! So do alot of others! You Brian are a callous pompous asshole! Are you drinking right now with your pompous asshole jock friends at Bryan St? I was a regular at Bryan St. and saw alot of bullshit going on. I hope that you grow the fuck up and realize that Al is the victim here!

  173. Let’s see…. Only pompous asshole jocks drank at the Bryan St. but you are a regular there, that’s interesting. And one question, the Bubba comment was completely out of line, you should be ashamed.

  174. Al, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and its going to be so weird without you here. I miss you so much. The only thing to be really be thankful for is that charges still stand against Tommy. I know he was your buddy, but Al if it wasn’t for him you may stillbe here. I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. The holiday season will not be the same without you.

  175. So let’s see….people are still blaming Tom Brower…facts:Alison drank alot……Alison smoked pot alllllll the time…..Alison got the weed from her brother……who’s only job is to sell pot….Alison’s underage friends are still drinking at local bars……Alison drank before the bryan street pub at Maggie o’Neill’s…..Alison died because she made stupid decisions.Comment all you want but the facts are still the facts.

  176. In response to the last comment:Alison drank…Tommy allowed herAlison may have smoked pot…hardly any was found in her systemTommy smokes pot…Tommy got arrested for possession & gambling (he runs his businesses illegally)Bars are still serving underage friends of Al…her friends are taking advantage of what the bars provide them with, Tommy includedAlison was at Maggie O’Neals but there is proof she didn’t drink there…even so she was at BSP after 3 am when the bar should close at 2..Tommy got her a drinkAlison did die and did make a stupid decision to drive…So did Tommy he allowed her to be served all of the timePeople in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…The fact still remains Alison was young and looked up to Tommy and although Alison was behind the wheel on April 5th, Tommy drive her to her grave.

  177. So if one of Alison’s friends dies leaving another local bar are we once again going to blame the bar owners……….Alsion and yourself need to take responsibility for for your actions. Tommy never made her drink and drove her home several times after she stumbled into the B street drunk after drinking other places with her friends.She came to the B street because she knew Tommy would get her home safely…..maybe you should think about the glass houses comment……and to the comment about “hardly any was found in her system”…give me a break. You obviously we’re not very close to Alison because she smoked pot allll the time and was proud of it. Did you not read the pole????? Smoke til you get there!!!!! You teens need toWake up and be responsible for your actions…until them just blame, blame, blame

  178. Teens need to be responsible for their actions, I agree. Part of being adults is to help teens make good decisions. Had the owner not served Alison repeatedly, perhaps she would have made a better decision in the end. Just as the kids need to be accountable, so does the bar owner. So, by blaming only Alison you are not making your point very well. Brower broke the law. He has to pay the consequences. End of story. I don’t feel bad for him b/c he knew what he was doing and he knew it was illegal.

  179. Never said Alison was the only one to blanme….her friends knew she had a drug and alcohol problem….it makes them feel better to just simply blame Tommy reather then understand that it is everyones fault that Alison is not here to share Christmas with us. Tommy feels just as bad but no one seems to understand that. Tommy also agrees that he shares the blame of serving a minor but that is pretty much it. Can we all try to please put it into perspective. Alison’s mom was aware of her actions and her dad was concerned and talked to her several times about her drinking. Most of her drinking(which was alot), was NOT at the B street but it was ALWAYS with her friends. I miss her terribly and whether Tommy is found innocent or guilty, he is the only one who has paid for this accident. No one else the bartenders got a plea bargain and they are the ones who served her, her boyfriend “feels bad”, but her didn’t drive her home, her parents knew she was going down a wrong path but they didn’t tighten the chain…..her friends are still drinking and driving and unfortunately I know this for a fact…..How about Alsion’s brother he still supports Maggie O’Neill’s and Alison was drinking there the night she was killed. Lots of blame but it gets us nowhere

  180. I worked at Maggie’s & had to quit after what happened. & I’ve felt consistent guilt for what happened. She drank there. More than once, including the night she died. She was my friend. I miss her more than anything & think about her, truthfully, every single day. I think both Maggie O’Neill’s & Bryan Street Pub should be held accountable for what happened.

  181. Anonymous said… I worked at Maggie’s & had to quit after what happened. & I’ve felt consistent guilt for what happened. She drank there. More than once, including the night she died. She was my friend. I miss her more than anything & think about her, truthfully, every single day. I think both Maggie O’Neill’s & Bryan Street Pub should be held accountable for what happened.Please do not feel guilt. all of you who really knew her (I didn’t) should celebrate her life and what happiness that she bestowed upon each and every one of you. My daughter thought Alison was the best. They hung out together at school. Alison’s death affected many, including the Browers.Think of what your friend Ali would really want you to think of around Christmas time. Think of her FAMILY. Think of her free sprited ways.In closing I will probably get replies from immature people who will say various things like You didn’t know Her! Or, What right do you have to write about her!My reply to those is simple.Stay safe,love your friends and families. Remember your friend and honor Her and her family this Christmas.

  182. To Living in Delaware County, Thank you so much for keeping this website up and for putting a picture of Al up. I love coming here to express my frustration as well as my love and messages for Alison. I am sorry your daughter had to go through this too…I hope she knows how lucky she was to have known Alison. Alison was a great person and you are right she would want everyone to be happy and celebrate the joys of life. However, as you know it is easier said than done. I try and try to live life for Al and the harder I try the more I think of her and the things that she is missing. Alison had a great life, one fulled of love, fun and happiness. Alison probably did more in her lifetime than some of us who are much older have done in ours. I hope I can enjoy this time of year, but no matter what it will never be the same. For now its late and I could go on, but instead I am going to bed and as weird as it may be I am going to sleep in hopes to dream of Alison just to see her face. Al, I miss you so so much. RIP and always remember that I love you always. Thanks again living in Delaware County and please keep this website going, especially since the one expires on the day after the anniversary of her death. I’d love to purchase that so it is open forever hopefully by then I will be able to afford it. Thanks again. ILUAL RIP

  183. I saw that too – but did a sign there for Christmas Trees for Sale – maybe the people that put that sign there removed the decorations. It’s sad that someone would do that though.

  184. Al you are missed more and more every single moment of every single day. I wish I would wake up and this would all have been a dream…it is a living nightmare without you here.

  185. Hey Al ive wrote this 3 times already but i dont know how to work my sisters labtop so i accidentaly deleted it. We first met when we were real young and im not gonna lie I was a dick but hey I was like 5 and we had lots a laughs about it when we reunited, then we caught back up to eachother middle of highschool and up until u left we were all the tightest of friends. Senior summer especially when I lived with u and shared a bed with u roisin n christi. The one time I can never forget is when it was my birthday and u jumped on me and tackled me into the trash. Even though we probably stunk in the picture we have the 2 biggest smiles. See its memories like that that really get into my head because i dont think life will get better than that and it makes me not care. That was what would go through my head everytime i heard a beatles song driving on township line or and little thing probably up to a couple days ago. Right now at least tonight im feeling more hopeful about the future and im just glad i got to have that moment with you. Theres been a few more losses since you and they all hit close to home and after the last one and my school situation I didnt think I would be alive and living at my families house but here I am. I wish it was like the movie ghost and you came back just so we could talk for alittle. Im crazy. Anyways for all the people judging our friends, thinking and watching and waiting, for the expected fuck ups of delaware county alls I can say is we are probably the closest and strongest group when were together and it sucks that it took AL’s life for us to realize it. Also to the bloggers bringing up inappropriate things bashing al, her friends, and her brother – if thats what you think keep it to yourself please, believe it or not this site does help me when times when i would otherwise drive to the pole.Aight Al time for me to be on my way. Den just got off the night shift we’ll chill for you. U made me a better person and even though I have so much pain i dont regret ever tripping you down the shore b/c we would have probably never talked again

  186. Oh yea I wanted to tell you about my party for new years down the shore. It was reckless and it was all the usuals plus a few randoms. Friends who fell out after you were chilling and we had a great time. The one person I realized we were missing was u and i know everyone was thinking it. Dennis put it into words and did a great job. Anyway I think I was slipping into nothingness after you just up to a day ago along with some of our other friends. But i think the worst might be over and all in all people are getting better but we still need lots of help from you our angel. Anyway even though its like 2 sumthin the sun is shining in my world because of u and all of our friends.Peace out again I LOVE U

  187. Anyone, and everyone who has ever met you, will NEVER forget you. You were too funny, too pretty, everything about you was too contagious to ever forget. You were the most down to earth girl I’ve ever met, and I miss you more and more each day. You’re in my dreams all the time, and I love dreaming about you. Everytime I do something fun, I wish you were there, and I think to myself, if you were still here, you’d be right there with me. I miss and Love you to death Girl, and I can’t wait to see you again! Till then, I’ll see you in my dreams. I Love you!!!!!!

  188. Al, your birthday is in three days and no one knows what to do. You would be 20 this year…a big one. I am speechles. I have no words for what I am feeling right now and I miss you more than ever.

  189. There are so many people who love and care for Alison. Her Birthday is tomorrow 1/20, she would have been 20. Thanks to the Talluto family, Al’s webpage on will be opened forever. Please visit it at to leave your comments, feelings, letters to Al or her family, and whatever else you would like. Al, Happy Birthday, we all love you so much and tomorrow of all days will NEVER EVER EVER be the same. We Love YOU SO MUCH.

  190. Thank you so much to the Talluto family for sponsoring Alison’s guestbook on for all to visit forever. It is such a nice site to go to to leave a message for Al or her family. Al’s birthday was yesterday for those who don’t know. She would have been 20. Is it still so hard to believe that she is gone? Because I struggle everyday and I know her father and mother and siblings are as well as many others who loved her. Well Al we will see you when we get there. For know everyone should visit the site to leave comments and add some picture for everyone to see Al smile… visit

  191. Al, I just got done reading some of the stuff written on this website, and it makes me sick. You were such an amazing person, better then half of the people on here bashing you. Everyone runs to either side when something bad happens. Brower vs. Alison. There is no side to take! Brower didn’t kill Alison, but Brower did make bad decisions when it came to running his business. and Alison knows that. And Alison made a poor choice. Why dont all you people, who sit on here, and talk about someone who is not here, celebrate life? Instead you sit here, and you talk about someone who isn’t even here to defend herself. Go hug your kids, or your parents, or your husband, or wife. Be happy you are still here. The only comments on this page should be the ones talking about what a great girl Alison was.

  192. Hey if you don’t like this website then you can just leave. you post yor opinion right?? you prolly didnt know alison at all just another ass inneed of attention! Als aniversary is coming up in a few montehs im sure you will spend it drinkin and driving from McGillicuddys;

  193. alison i miss you soo much … you have no idea… there is not a DAY goes by when i dont think of your pretty smile and the way you made everyone laugh… i wish you were here with me and everyone eles… but you are in a better place now…love you and miss you

  194. hey al, its me again. I dont know why I feel like I have to visit this site all the time but I do it anyway. Well the rents are in florida so looks like my crib will be the flop house of a bunch of our friends as usual. Oh yea u would have liked the little birthday bash we had for ya and I know u were there because I know u had a hand in the two shady ass incidents. Me n KD talked to ur mom on the phone and I was not prepared. As I heard her voice I was remembering her at the viewing and I was really happy that she still remembered me after a long time because that meant that I was a part of your life. A few regrets though: I regret not spending every minute of highschool with you, I regret not calling you up a couple of weeks before and inviting you over, I regret driving on that same road but just about 5 miles further down in the same condition as you, I regret not calling your mother until your birthday (Mrs. Martinelli, if you see this and you ever want to talk or anything feel free to call me, just look me up in the phone book) One thing I dont regret is meeting back up with u in highschool despite all the pain.

  195. Im sorry if im rambling because I know you might want me to stop typing and shut up but I have to say a few more things before I get on with this cloudy cold ass day. Al since you have been gone it hasnt gotten easier at all. God decided it was time for 4 more people in my life to go- 2 of them being around our age taken prematurely from what could have been(I think you met 1 of them before up at St. Joes so you guys are probaly chilling). I never really thought of God until you were taken from us and for awhile I was just really pissed off and confused. Some people have seen you in their dreams and I wish I could do the same so if your up to it Im down. Screw it-Mrs. Martinelli my number is 610 246 5680

  196. Yo AL, were all here thinking about u and I know u would be laughing ur ass off or would be joining in the dance-session goin on. Al all i know this weekend u saved my life. U no what u did and I asked you for a sign and you showed me and I just want to say thank you. After April I pretty much gave up on life and then it was easy to hide from my Parents because it was summer. Did real bad but hey I was still in school. Couldnt figure out why each weekend or actually any nite whatever was around I was doing and not just doing; doing recklessly but now I am starting to realize the “big picture” because of you. You answered a prayer for me and saved me from the hell i was trapped in. Im happy now and you are the reasob

  197. Al,One year is coming up faster than any of us want to think about, but we know that there was a plan for you. If there is only one positive thing that I can pull from this whole situation, it’s this; you gave everyone you ever loved and anyone who ever met you the greatest gift possible. You showed us all that even in the short time we are all given, that we can make the most of it. In your passing you have showed us the greater meaning in life, and that you should live every moment as if it were your last. You are loved forever and for always.

  198. Heard that ryan has been tagging several other girls well before he broke up with here that fateful night! He never cared about Al only himself! In fact he is the reason she died!They argued, then he told her he hated her, than he drove off shooting her the finger! Piece of shit should have been the one to DIE !God i miss you Al more than you ever would know !

  199. Alison i miss you so much sometimes i cant stand the fact that ur not hear to share all the memories we are making… i thank god everyday that i was lucky to have u in my life and i know you are looking out for me.. i wouldnt of made it thru days if it wasnt for you… i get this feeling that you are with me and that makes me feel like i can get thru anything.. i know we butted heads in the summer and i wouldnt trade those days for the world.. thats what i loved most about u that i could fight with you hard core and then turn around and just laugh because we realized how funny it was to fight over something liek SOFT PRETZELS from wawa hahah remember that? or ur chubby hubby ice cream that you threatened my life if i ate and as soon as u left we cracked into that ice cream so fast… or when i would make fun of ur shirts that you baought from FASHION BUG with all the weird ass sayings on them… i wish i could turn back time and tell you how much you made me laugh and how much i loved our rides down the shore talking about anything and everything… i love you with all my heart and i pray to god that you are ok and happy… untill we meet again my friend… watch over me “sweet face” my love forever- meghan herd on 43rd for life

  200. To Al’s Ghost So Al was not on her way to Ryan’s when she died? I had heard they got in a fight but he seemed so sad at the funeral and I thought he did really care for her so I had figured she was on her way back to stay at his house. Was she following him home or chasing him to finish the fight they started?

  201. Decisions? We make them everyday of our short lives. Whether we decide to live a straight and narrow life, or live the life of the care free. Neither one is wrong, neither one is right. Running a bar and making poor decisions is irresponsible. Being nineteen years old and indulging in alcohol and drugs is also irresponsible. Knowing your daughter or sister indulges in alcohol and drugs and not taking the proper measures to stop it is irresponsible. Experiencing your friend running a bar illegally and not taking the measures to correct it is irresponsible. The blame falls on EVERY single person who has ever been involved in either one of Alison’s and Tommy’s life. Think about it? How many times did one of you see Tommy allow alcohol to minors? What did you do about it? Nothing, you turned and continued to have a good time. How many times did one of you smoke a bowl or had a drink with Alison? What did you do about it? Nothing, you asked for another hit or who was up to buy the next round. It’s amazing to me how each one of us each day makes decisions and doesn’t realize how those decisions will impact another individual. Then when something tragic happens the decision is to take a side. Step up and all of a sudden be courageous. Then as time passes on the tragedy, we all go back to our old selves – until the next tragedy. Some of you are probably reading this right now and saying, “What a pussy!” or “what the fuck does this person know” or “this person doesn’t even know Al or Tommy” or something negative. To this I just ask one question, “Why is it that we always turn our head to poor decisions made by our family and friends?” Is it because we don’t want the confrontation? Is it because we don’t want to ruin the good time? Is it because tell ourselves we can handle a certain situation, but don’t take into consideration that someone else won’t be able to handle it? I will give you my take and believe me, I fall victim to everything I am speaking of. I believe we are an extremely SELF CENTERED SOCIETY. We only care about ourselves and what effects the things we want. We need to stop being afraid. We need to stop being quiet and speak up. We need to do what is RIGHT! If you want to drink or smoke a joint, go ahead – have a blast. Just do me a favor, keep away from a car or anything else that might endanger another human being. If you want to serve minors alcohol, go ahead. In doing this you are breaking the law. If you see this going on, you can also consider yourself as breaking the law. Do whatever it is that makes YOU happy. Just remember that whatever you need to do to make yourself happy should have no ill will effect on any other living person. If we take a second to just think a situation through, we can hopefully cut down on the tragedies that continue to plague our lives. The night will turn into dawn, the dawn into day and the day will continue into the night.

  202. To K. Wills,I do agree with a few things that you had to say but these posts attempting to put blame on Alison and Tommy’s family and friends is just wrong and you really should think about the hurt and pain you bring with your words. I agree with you that yes Alison and her friends (me being one of them) were reckless and stupid and we still do make mistakes but realize that we were basically fresh out of high school and we were just having as much fun as possible and those are the memories that get all of our friends by each day. To the statement about drinking and smoking some weed and how come no one did anything about it- as one of her good friends we are young we were fresh out of high school, and the best summer of our lives and I know we have did and still sometimes do get irresponsible with both but blame is not necessary anymore. And although I do regret smoking some of those bowls im glad I did because thats one of the memories that gets me by.

  203. To Alison’s family; for the last part of the comment above I am sorry if I seem insensitive or brought any more pain to you but at this point any memory whether it was something we should have been doing or shouldnt, helps me

  204. Hopefully, Alison’s friends have learned a lesson here and stopped drinking and/or drinking and driving underage. It would be a shame if the act that took Alison from us far before her time were to be repeated.

  205. Anonymous said…Hopefully, Alison’s friends have learned a lesson here and stopped drinking and/or drinking and driving underage. It would be a shame if the act that took Alison from us far before her time were to be repeated.Like I said when I posted this blog post,the people who serve/get booze for underage people should be held accountable. I lost 4 friends in 1976 on Scotdale Rd in Lansdowne. Although the driver was of the legal drinking age, the victims were not. But, they made a decision to get into the car that night.Being drunk allowed them to bring their guard down. You know as well as I do that most teens drink. My own daughter Natalie, (Classmate of Alison) has had an underage drinking citation and as a result has to wait for her drivers license. Thinking back on all of what has happened only make my heart ache as a father. A young, outgoing Woman has her life cut short by a bad decision. But it was not her fault. I fault society, the blatent ads that push beer and whiskey, etc on us all. The bottom line is that Alison’s family and friends are the ones now suffering dearly, questions that fill their minds 24/7. I’ve been there. The only thing to do is to pray and look after each other more closely.

  206. To the Blogger:You said, “I do know that because of SOMEONE serving or buying this woman booze, She is DEAD.” What about the fact that SHE DRANK the alcohol herself? If she had crashed her car and killed children who actually were innocent, you would be sitting here harping about their deaths. Especially since you are a former drunk driving lush, I think it’s a little ridiculous that you are saying “People need to be held accountable here!” Those who drink and drive are a menance to the responsible people in our community. Your daughter does not drink and drive, correct? Well how would you feel if this reckless woman had stumbled into her car and, traveling at a high speed, smashed into your own daughter’s car, brutally killing her? Where then would you be placing the blame? Death does not automatically make someone a saint…

  207. *Edit: I just saw that you said your daughter does drink and drive. What’s that old saying about the apple and the tree again? No wonder you’re so quick to blame other people when someone makes a destructive choice. Way to teach your children personal responsibility!

  208. To SAD.. Number one, You call me a “former drunk driving lush”. I’d like to know just how you justify this statement. Also, My daughter dosen’t have nor never has had a drivers licence. She dosen’t drive.Seems to me that your the one who’s “SAD”. Get real. I stand behind what I posted above.

  209. Big Al we love you and miss you more and more every day. It never gets easier and I don’t think it ever will. I hate this website because people say some pretty mean things but for some reason it’s a way for me to feel close to you some how. I don’t know it’s weird. I just want everyone to know what a beautiful, funny, loving person you were and how much you are missed by more people than you’ll ever know. I think about you every day and can’t wait till the day I can see you again. You are in my heart forever and always. Rest in Peace Al. We’ll never forget.

  210. Al, not a day goes by when i dont think about you and how you where alwasy there for me.. and it hurts me to see that your not with me anymore… its almost been a year and i still think about you everyday i guess that means how much you meant to me and much much i miss you.. Everything i hear on the radio makes me think about you and i feel so bad when i drive pass the pole and know where that where it happened.. i wish i could of done something to have you here with not just me but everyone.. i love and miss you so much and hope you are happy in heaven… Loved (still do) you like a siser…

  211. Family, friends pay tribute to life that ended too soonBy Courtney Elko, CORRESPONDENT 04/13/2005″We should not be having this funeral today,” the priest at Alison Martinelli’s funeral Mass said during his homily. “Alison was too young.” Martinelli, the victim of a fatal car accident last Tuesday morning, died at the age of 19.More than 1,500 of Alison’s friends and family waited in a two-hour line, which spilled out the doors of Ruffenach Funeral Home into the parking lot Saturday, to say goodbye to the girl with the big brown eyes.At the viewing Friday night friends stood in line and reminisced about time spent with Alison. After greeting her family and saying goodbye to Alison, small groups meandered down the street to a memorial at the scene of the accident.Flowers and poems adorn what once was an ordinary telephone pole, but has now become a place of mourning. Friends used permanent markers to write messages on the pole telling Alison how much she will be missed. Friends said that Alison, an employee of Bryan Street Pub in Drexel Hill, left Bryan Street around 3:30 a.m. last Tuesday and was driving alone down Township Line Road toward Springfield when she struck a telephone pole outside of Loehmann’s Plaza shopping center, also known as the Pilgrim Gardens shopping center on Township Line. She was pronounced dead at the scene, according to reports. Alison, who attended Jean Madeline cosmetology school, was described as a strong willed person who went after what she wanted. There was not an empty row at in St. Dorothy’s Church in Drexel Hill Saturday. Yellow, white and pink flowers adorned the altar while Alison’s white casket lay in the center aisle. The back of the church was filled with young adults who had all been touched by Alison in her short 19 years of life.During the meditation hymn of “Ave Maria,” friends put their arms around each other and cried silently. After the hymn, Alison’s older sister and father, supported by her older brothers, spoke about Alison. Paul Martinelli, Alison’s father, read a poem, summoning tears from the mourners, and Jennifer Applebaum, Alison’s sister, gave a eulogy.Applebaum said her little sister always made her laugh. “She would call me to tell me about a night out and tell me how hot she looked,” she said as the crowd .”Alison, we love you and we’ll miss you,” her sister said, before walking off the altar into the arms of her family.Joe Hughes, 19, of Morton, attended both the viewing and the funeral and said both were upsetting. He said he met Alison during their freshman year at Cardinal O’Hara High School. Hughes drove Alison home from school just about every day their senior year.”We became really good friends that year,” he said. “I used to hang out with her after school before I went to work.”Hughes said he received a phone call at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning from a friend telling him Alison had died. He said he and his friends came together in the days following her death and talked about Alison and her easy-going personality and funny sense of humor.”It’s weird that I can’t call her up and hangout with her anymore,” Hughes said. Fellow O’Hara graduate, Kevin Hilaman, 19, of Marple, knew Alison since he was 3-years-old and grew up with her during joint family vacations at the Jersey shore. He said Alison’s godmother lives down the street from him.Hilaman said Alison was never in a bad mood and made everyone around her happy. “She was one of the most outgoing girls I knew,” he said. Hilaman said he heard about Alison’s death at Neumann College.”I was in the hallway and a friend came up to me who didn’t know Alison that well and asked me if I had a friend who worked at Bryan Street,” he said. “I said yeah, and he told me she had died.” Others at Neumann confirmed his worst fear that Alison had really died. “I was shocked I couldn’t believe it,” he said.Hilaman said he was not surprised by the amount of people who attended both the viewing and the funeral. “There was a great turn out for both and it just proved to me how much Alison was really loved,” he said. Hilaman said numerous times he and his friends have gathered together at the scene of the accident to pay their respects and comfort each other.”On Saturday one of Alison’s best friends had all of Al’s closest friends over to reminisce about her and all the good times we had with her,” he said. Hilaman said what he will miss most about Alison is her contagious laugh and memorable eyes.”Her big, beautiful, brown eyes,” he said. © News of Delaware County 2005

  212. This post is to the anonymous response to K.Wills…First, let me apologize for getting back to you in such a late fashion. Your response was right in line with what I thought I would receive. Agreeing with a few of the things that I had to say must of made you feel good to put down. I mean, you are basically saying that my comments make sense, but because your young they do not apply. Can’t say I never heard someone young make a comment like that. Never once in my post did I put the blame of Alison, Tommy, their families or friends. I simply stated that the people involved in both of their lives turned their heads. They were as irresponsible as myself. Being young and right out of high school does not mean to indulge in drugs and alcohol. If anything, you should be preparing for your future and the future of your children. Stop this selfish pursuit. You are making excuses for the way you live your life and for a friends life that was taken away from you and the rest of the world. It is pretty sad that one of the memories that “gets me by” is one of you smoking weed with Alison. Do me a favor, take a second and think before you speak or write. Believe me, I made the same mistakes when I was younger. I saw life as this roller coaster ride full of twists and turns. I thought of myself as invincible. I also look back and would like to punch myself right in the mouth. Stop using drugs and alcohol, nothing good comes from it. Your eating patterns will change which will force your body to react in ways it should not. Your appearance will suffer later in life from the abuse you are putting your body through. Even worse, you are putting yourself in a life threatening situation every time you do. How many times do people have to tell you it is wrong. Please give me on example of how drugs and alcohol have made a positive impact on life? Don’t even try to tell me how they help people with a terminal illness. That is a whole different game. Anyone who uses drugs and alcohol suffers in the long run. They bring the powerful to their knees. They strip the young of their beliefs. Worst of all, they take away your children. You tell me to think about the hurt and pain I bring with my words…my words bring no hurt or pain. I have confronted the truth and I will never let anyone be irresponsible under my watch. Think about how you will lead the rest of your life and how you will hopefully take the higher road when it comes time to make the right decision. Remember, just because you can handle, does not mean the person next to you can.

  213. I dont think you took what I wrote how I meanted it but let me clear it up. I wasnt condoning the use of drugs and alcohol for young people at all. Im sitting here writing this now because my life and everyone involved lives have been irreversibly changed because of them. I was simply saying in response to u that it doesnt matter that some of my memories with her were involving those things because many of them were because i no it wasnt the right thing to do but im glad i had those memories with her. It just sucks that now I have to reminisce on dumb things like that and in a week im going to wake up an not want to move because it will be 1 full year without her.

  214. Let’s stop bickering with this “he said/she said” internet drama. Tomorrow will be a year since she’s been gone, & those of us who knew her are having a terrible time. It’s going to be awful, these next few weeks; for me, I know I’ll never really get over it & I’m going to have to constantly deal with the pain & regret. Either way, let’s not focus on the drama surrounding this or whose fault what was– it hasn’t been settled in this year, & I really have the clarity of mind to know that it never will be. Playing the blame game gets old really quick. Let’s stop it. Focus on Alison. She is missed & incredibly loved. I have learned from her & her life. I have taken lessons that I needed. I will always love her & appreciate what she has given to me, to us all. Out of respect, give her some peace. Pray for her, her family, & her close friends rather than acting holier than thou with comments of ridiculous judgement. It’s going to be a bad time for us all. The most we can do is pray & hope for some resolution.

  215. In honor of it being one year today without Alison, let’s keep all comments positive, remember Alison for who she was, how happy she always was, and a joy to be around. Share your memories and feelings.

  216. This day really came up fast and I just cant believe weve gotten through a year without u. I know u had something to do with that Al. I miss you and will never forget u ur beautiful smile and your one of a kind personality. Love ya Al

  217. I need a little help today kiddo! It’s been a rough one for all of us, a rough year as a matter of fact..Time heals but memories last forever….You left me with so many memories I laugh and cry out loud some days and people that look over in their cars while their driving seeing me laughing or crying probably think I’m nuts…Well maybe I am! It’s been a rough ride but we will all get through it….1st my best friend and partner Stumpy was killed and I thought I never would get through that, but I did…and I still laugh and cry EVERYDAY about the stupid, funny, and ball busting shit that he use to say or do….He might be gone but he will never be forgotten…And you are the same way with all the crazy, funny shit you use to do….i can still remember Terry Lynn’s face when she walked into the kitchen and you were ducked taped to the pole….I am laughing out loud thinking about it…trust me it will get better for everyone…you have left us with so many memories, you have great friends and a great family and everyone misses you dearly!

  218. Al, I really need your help…again. I just hope U and God will still listen to my prayers after all the pain ive caused my family and friends. I am really going to get my shit straight this time and I know u would be proud of me because I know that u might be thinkin, “no way is he gonna quit all that shit,” but I am and I will. Thanks for all u done. Im goin to talk to zack on the phone ill see u when i get there. love ya al

  219. Damn Al every time I come to this site I see that picture of u and kelly. You were so beautiful and we all still miss you alot. You touched my life in so many ways when u were here on earth and now that your gone i believe you saved me because you knew it wasnt my time and now I want to pass that on to another one of our friends in need but I just dont know how. Ive been a good listener and all and tried to give her as much advice as possible but i believe I need some divine intervention from you and God. Please help me give her the advice to help her, Miss you alot and still thinking about u constantly. Goodnite

  220. Alison,, i miss you so much i cant take it anymore not seeing you or not heariong your voice but in my heart i know everything happens for a reson. But i think of you everytime i hear a good song on the radio and just get so upset because i knew you would of liked it and everything we talked about i keep that close to my heart. (well some of the stuff HAHA) i miss you so much and i wish you were here but everytime i look at the braclet it makes me think of you which is good.. I LOVE & MISS YOU

  221. I just thought I would drop on in and say that I am thinking about your and my daughter’s friend Alison. I think of her and her family and include then in my daily prayers.God bless Alison..

  222. Hey Al its a shame that when I woke up today I was thinking about some fun times we had together an then I had to see the front page of the paper an bring up that one night that changed everything. Just know that I love u and im praying for your family cause i know its gotta be hard especially for ur mom now. And Jim go to and type in Als name people stopped using this site awhile ago

  223. yo buddy out of the 12 jury people, 11 voted brower not guilty… this website site is not to bash brower or his sister … this website is to say our thoughts to alison. …. joe

  224. He would’ve been not guilty on some of the charges but not all. He would’ve been guilty on the two lesser charges. My question is – Where were all Alison’s friends?

  225. 11 voted NOT guilty. One women couldn’t make up her mind because apparently the information wasn’t clear enough for her. They had no case against him.

  226. 2 years later….where are we all…….I relive this day by the minute……court, lawsuits, heartache, not guilty, guilty, blame….doesn’t really matter…can’t bring her back….give what little I have left to bring her back…to see her smile…to hear her voice….to hear her laugh….I miss her everyday…Love Pattie

  227. TO ALL: i’M late on posting this BUT, she’s been working there since she was 14 years old. WHOSE FATHER AND/OR MOTHER WOULD ALLOW THEIR DAUGHTER TO WORK AT A BAR?What was she doing with such an expensive and fast car? Daddy brought it for her!Also, IT WAS WITCHES N BITCHES NIGHT. I feel horrible, children myself. BUT, FOR MR. MARTINELLI TO SINGLE OUT BRYAN ST AND NOT GO AFTER MAGGIE ONEILLS AND THE OTHERS? I SAY BULLSHIT. He obviously has connections. She argued and argued with Brower. She was driving. PERIOD, END OF STORY, GO ARGY WITH A DRUNK. Good luck. Her boyfriend too also tried to take her keys. She used to brag about “she could drive drunk with her hands handcuffed behind her back and still not crash.GOD REST HER SOUL.Daddy went after the wrong guy – he hsould have had multiple defendants and multiple verdicts. He went after Brower because he knew she worked there. HE SHOULDN’T HAVE LET HER WORK THEREPERIOD. NOT A DAUGHTER. NO WAY, NOT MY DAUGHTER

  228. Still moronic after all this time….she was driving her mother’s Hyundai and was not intoxicated when entering the BSP (multiple witnesses). A lot of people let her down that night including her boyfriend? I think his quote at the trial was….yeah we dated. He’s a real stand up guy. Let this girl rest in some kind of peace please.

  229. I agree with you. Alison is becoming just another memory in many people’s eyes. And to add to it most of her so called “friends” and co workers dissed her. The did in fact let her down.I never met Alison, my daughter Natalie went to school with her. Yet I still feel for her and her family, the REAL victims here, not Tommy Brower, or anyone else involved.

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