What the hell is Mezhgorye you say? It’s the Russian name for one of their massive “mining” complexes near Yamantau Mountain, located in the southern Ural mountain range. So what? Well myself and others you see have an interests in this place. Supposedly, it is a secret complex that can house over 50,000 people for months after a sustained nuclear attack. Our government has given Russia billions to be used only for disarming their nukes. Instead, they spend it on this.

Why would the Russians need such a massive “Fallout Shelter” anyway? After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Russia and her satellite countries are enjoying a free market economy. People are not as fearful of the KGB or other government agencies. So why? Well I believe that there are still a few die hard commies that still cling to the notion that they must attack America first or America will attack them.

They live in the past, the glory days of the cold war, and the belief that they could rule the world and stamp out capitalism. I owe an apology to Congressman Curt Weldon. As I delved deeper into researching this I found out that he too is concerned about Mezhgorye and has inquired about it with the Russian Duma several times. We must progress forward with achieving diplomacy with Russia, and reveal to each other what we have in common with them as a whole.

Other far more important threats are popping up all over the globe. Take North Korea for example. Their leader, General Kim Jong Il, is a megalomaniac, hell bent on nuking the west coast. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela I see wants to start exporting oil to China, and cut back or cease altogether exports to the US. Speaking of China, do you know that they have been supporting us for the last year and a half? America runs on oil. We consume a hell of a lot of it, too much in fact. Gas prices are climbing with no end in sight.

For us to survive as a nation we must insure that these countries do not get the upper hand on us. If true diplomacy won’t work, then we must use what ever means necessary. Let America be seen to the world again what we once were and still are. Proud – Strong – Sincere.


One thought on “Mezhgorye

  1. What-ta pathos…Good Old Glorious America…Die hard commies, you say? And what about folks deploying short-mid-range rockets around Russia now? How would you call them? What about those guys in States halloing Ukraine and other former-USSR states at Russia? NATO in Ukraine, in Georgia and coming all around. What for? What the *** do you Americans do at our north-western borders? What are those military bases in Eastern Europe for?We are only taking minimal and reasonable steps to protect ourselves. Russia’s nuclear doctrine never assumed agression. The whole system is built as retaliatory-only. So sleep well.

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