Upper Darby School District – What’s going on?

A few things that have been on my mind over the last few days are detailed below.

Drexel Hill Middle School teachers take notice: I do not like what I am hearing from my sons about what is going on in your school. In a nutshell, To give a kid a five day suspension for defending him/herself from other kids without even listening or caring about what transpired, only because of race, is wrong. Several other students witnessed what transpired a few weeks ago between my son and a black girl in the lunchroom.

She took his five dollars, He asked for it back, You (the teacher in question) told him to shut up and sit down, the Girl denies taking the money, then you give him detentions while she laughs and then throws the five right at him in front of you, then walks away scott free. This kind of race baiting is wrong and sends the wrong message to both the white and black students in D.H. It tells them that if your black, you can get away with intimidation, laugh at the school dress policy, and even physically attack others with no fear of retribution.

God knows what goes on in the High School. I hear that there is an Upper Darby P.O.who patrols the hall on a mountain bike. To the school board, why don’t you take a ride after school to the 69th terminal and wait there after school. Watch as 100’s of kids get off the trolley and buses from Drexel Hill, Beverly Hill, and Upper Darby and board the El for West Philly. And you wonder why the the payers of Upper Darby see red every time you vote for a tax increase? You may ask: “Why don’t you attend a board meeting”? Why should I? If I did attended, and tried even to begin to voice my opinions, I’d be thrown out.

The Community Development Block Grant that then Mayor Sonny Kane first accepted in 1978 was the downfall of Upper Darby. In exchange for some major money, (To build a railroad walkway over Market St), etc, He allowed HUD to bring in section 8 housing. What this did is bring in the lowlifes who did not want to work, just collect welfare. It also lowered the value of the homes. Today in Stonehurst where I grew up it closely resembles a ghetto. Murders and rapes have quadrupled. Drug dealers and the homeless prowl the steets in search of buyers and victims. This is not a White on Black issue either. It’s everybody’s problem. So why does the public officials treat it like it is? Why do they allow black students to get away with the above?

I think know the answer. They are scared. Scared of being labeled a racist. Scared of being sued. Do yourselves a favor. All children should be taught equally. By allowing some to dominate others is wrong on YOUR part. And to those readers who will label me a racist? Go right ahead. You haven’t lived in my shoes growing up in the ’60s and 70’s in the Cardington/Stonehurst section.

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  1. Having also grown up in Upper Darby and with my parents still there, I can testify to the sliding board decline in the neighborhood I grew up in. The onslaught of Section 8 rentals has become furious in the past 5 year period and with it has come the dregs of society into Upper Darby. I’ve read numerous times in the News of Delco and Daily Times of parents and residents crying to have the UD school district step up it’s enforcement of non resident students attending their schools (patrol 69th St. etc) Hell, when I graduated in 1982 from UDHS I had several friends who lived in South West Philly and had parents with businesses in Upper Darby township that they listed as their address to avoid having to attend Overbrook or Masterson, this has got to be out of control by now. These rental residents are pigs, they do maintanance on their property, even basic lawn cutting, small repairs, painting, etc. It’s a real shame. You wonder why people never change their perceptions of others but when you see a great neighborhood deteriorate to a shit hole in 5 years, it makes you sick.Good luck w/your kid, he’s unfortunately been thrown down the “PC Patsy” well, if you know what I mean.

  2. I also grew up in Cardington-Stonehurst, closer to Millbourne though. They are cracking down on code violations in certain neighborhoods—-perhaps they’ll sweep through Stonehurst. I honestly think though they just want a flood to come and wash it away so they can put in a park. It’s sort of in line with the long term plan available at the township website.I had no idea things had gotten so bad at the HS though. It didn’t seem that bad when I graduated in 2000.

  3. I have been living in the Bywood section for about 9 years and have heard many stories similar to all of yours. We need to end section 8 housing in Upper Darby. Me and my wife are about to have our first baby. We will be moving in about 5-7 years because my background will force me to train my son the way my father taught me. My father was an ex-green beret and I am from a similar background. Being white we have no rights it seems. My dad taught me to avoid problems, but when attacked defend yourself with violent and decisive force (4 black belts… weapon training… coms… etc…). My sister was picked on in another Delco school district by a black girl (For years while teachers did nothing), this black girl ended up becoming her friend, but only after spending a week in the hospital with her face caved in. THANKS DAD… Time to move or require OTHERs to adhere to non-violent and proper civilized conduct in and out of school, before they meet the wrong person… I will not be a victim or any of my family members. I bring a lawyer first and then the gloves come off… Bring a lawsuit against the district and then they will jump… ps (I have had no problems except trash on my lawn).

  4. I grew up in the Stonehurst section of Upper Darby and I graduated from Upper darby in 1991.I now live in Clifton, and I’m ashamed with the way the neighborhood has turned out. My mom still lives in the Stonehurst section and she’s the only white perosn left on her block.When I was younger everyone seem to know everyone and now its so different. I would never walk down Long Lane , like I use to as a kid.Its so sad to see something that once was good turn into crap.As far as the school district. I think they need to get rid of Galli and some of those idiots on the board who don’t even live in our district. They need to put some real people in those seats and allow tax payers to follow these kids home to see where they really live.

  5. I think you are right about Upper Darby turning out to be the way it is, but I do not think you are being fair about Section 8. I am single white mother on the program, not by choice, I had to quit my job to take care of my mother, who died of cancer, and 2 months later take care of my grandmother who died, I am trying to get my life on track, but it is very hard to over come all that has goon on in my life, so why should I have to be punished and be talked about because right now I need section 8, it is not only for the blacks there are alot of white familys who need it and cannot find homes to live in, so we are stuck because the program has such a bad name, I think people should be alittle more considerate of people’s situations.

  6. i’m so sorry for all of you unfortunate white people to have to live with all of the blackies moving from west philly and ruining your lilywhite neighborhoods. why don’t these people just stay where they are supposed to. and i bet they all used section 8 vouchers to move here. i know none of them work hard and were able to buy homes or rent apartments out here. why don’t they just leave us alone.

  7. Quote: i’m so sorry for all of you unfortunate white people to have to live with all of the blackies moving from west philly and ruining your lilywhite neighborhoods. I’ll tell you one thing dude, Upper Darby in my day was a great place to live. Checked out the property values in Stonehurst lately? I thought so. I’ll leave it up to other racist like you to do the blame game. Me, I just call it like it is as in my opening thread. Upper Darby, espicially Cardington/Stonehurst is a dangerous place to live. And me? I blame it squarely on former Mayor “Sonny” Kane, the fat fucker who sold out U.D. for a few millions of federal money giving in to (section 8)and as a result brought in scumbags of both Black & White.Do away with all section 8 housing in Delaware County, and force those who do not want to work to do so or live on the streets. I’m sick of these people driving cars better than I have and flaunting their shit while leeching off of others!Did you know that over 500 students who were in the Upper Darby School District last year won’t be getting a roster? Why? Because they couldn’t PROVE that they lived in Upper Darby!Kudo’s to the School District for having enough balls this time around.

  8. As a black person who recently moved from Overbrook to the Highland Park section of Upper Darby, it is extremely unfortunate that I have to agree with all of the postings. Escpecially with regards to the black folks who move into an area on section 8 and completely destroy it. Those people are like cancer. They eat up and destroy everything good about America. U.D. should do away with section 8 now before it is too late. I watched Overbrook go down the drain, as I drive through certain parts of U.D. I see signs of the cancer spreading rapidly. Even though there are quite a few white folks renting and on section 8 the following goes out to the blacks: You disgust me. I am ashamed to share your race. You have no morals, no pride and you don’t discipline your children therefore we have generations of decline to look forward to. Black folks – you need to get it together. I don’t know why I used the internet as a way to voice these opinons. Most of your ignorant black asses will spend hundreds of dollars on tennis shoes for the kids but never consider buying computers or books for that matter.To the hard working black folks out there who are striving to create a good life for their families – I am not selling out and you know it. We have to stop thinking that we have to support our own no matter what just because of race. Now that I have children of my own, I will support only that which is fair and just. I am tired of moving every 5 to 7 years just to stay away from nasty black folk.

  9. I think your all a fucking piece of shit racist to even think its only black folks. I’m white and I see alot of nasty white folks where I live. I live in upper darby myself, and both blacks and whites are equaly tearing the place apart. And for those who think because they are in section 8, that they aren’t working hard, shame on you! Have you ever been around a person that lives in section 8 for awhile? Huh? No! I have though. Some people in section 8 are having tough times and problems, which they need help. Section 8 provides that help they need so they won’t live on the streets, or do you have no heart and wish to just see people on the corner asking for spear change? And alot of my friends don’t do nothing, their parents pamper their asses and they walk around “TRYING” to be black, wearing the most expensive clothes and driving the expensive cars. So before you past judgement onto another race, you better open your eyes a little wider.

  10. So what your saying is that section eight people are just people who are having tough times?? Please!!!! I lived next to a section eighter for 2 years, me paying 650.00 a month in rent, the section eighter paying 60.00!All the time, this woman just spread her legs for everyone on the block, doing coke, and causing trouble. And she was a blackie…I also still live in ud; (bywood) and see the blacks walking the streets up to no good and with there rap music blaring. Blacks ARE the problem in Upper DArby!!! they ruined west philly and are ruining every neighborhood they move in to!To the host of this blog = You live in the past! WAKE Up!!!also, any white girl who dates a blackie is dirt.

  11. the people on here have to be the most ignorant host of people on here. to actually stereo type black people in a matter like they dont matter. If anything go wrong in your neighborhood just blame the black people its easier fuck blaming you poor white trashy heroin addict who children you dont see because childwelfare has taking them away. by the way there are just as many white people on section 8 as black and I should know I work for section 8 and alot of them live in your neighborhood you just dont know there business but they are there, my dear.there is nothing on here but a bunch of archie bunkers and house niggers on her. you dont have to put your race down to look good to others. People need to look at others as individuals not as an whole race. Thats what we would call ignorant. There are bad white people and there are bad black people there is bad in all race.and to the woman whos child was being pickedon at school if the girl was white would you still feel the same. Tell your punk ass son to fight back.

  12. Let us all be proud that such intelligent people have learned how to surf the net and are employed by our government. I will let the grammar speak for itself regarding our Section 8 worker’s comments.The High School is now enrolling for adult classes, I suggest you sign up for the English as a Second Language course.

  13. I am black and college educated, who paid my way through school without grants or loans. I do not work for the government. I have only lived in Upper Darby for one year and I hate it here, thanks to those whom are ignorant, nasty, and especially the ones who don’t clean after their dogs. I won’t stay long, Upper Darby is not for me I can’t live with trash!

  14. I have been a resident of Drexel Hill since 1987, it doesn’t take much to look around and see what is going on. 69th Street has been on a downfall since the late 70’s it disgusts me to have to go through this again, seeing another beautiful town destroyed by Philadelphia trash – should I mention “Yeadon” I grew up there for most of my younger years only to see it destroyed. Pretty soon you will see a nail salon and wanda’s wig shop on every block, oh wait! that has already begun in parts of Upper Darby including DH. What upsets me the most is how some blacks attempt to blame whites for their lifestyles. Looking at past experiences it seems pretty apparent to me, so if the shoe fits wear it! Maybe it’s time to take responsibility for your own course of action instead of blaming someone else.

  15. I am a black woman who lives in Upper Darby. I am college educated and my husband is a police officer. We pay $920 per month for our mortgage. We are not on welfare nor on Section 8. I live next to an apartment in which a white owner, rented his property to Mexicans. Everyday I hear Latin music at 3 am in the morning. They have parties almost every other day. They smoke weed and do drugs. I have reported this to the owner and the police. Nothing has been done. The only thing the owner cares about is getting his rent money. I don’t even think my neighbors are legal residents of the United States. So as you can see there is trouble within all races. There is an Indian and Korean business on almost every corner in UD. The Chinese restaurants stay open until 2 am in the morning, causing people to hang out there. No one says anything about that. And by the way, my white neighbors who live on the other side of me don’t work at all. They watch me come home from work everyday. Basically EVERYONE needs to work together to turn this area into a better environment. No matter what race you are.

  16. Philadelphia Resident says, When is this crap going to come to an end. I dislike all niggers, black or white, they all suck. I’m sick of hearing about the good old days when all the neighbors talked to each other, the music was friendly, the people got along, now it’s black this poor whites that. Shut up! It’s ignorance, all across the board, fact. These people are not teaching there children any pride, honor, morals, dignity, nothing, they grow up knowing only what they see hear and are influenced by. I have black friends, white friends, I was in the navy and have friends from all over the world. What I’m trying to say is that blacks destroy neighboorhoods, that is correct, so do whites. I can’t stand it my grandmother grew up in west philly, now she can’t even vist the house she grew up in because if she tried walking around down there she would be harrassed or maybe even rapped or killed. Why do we allow this to happen? How can we as a community keep all this shit out of our neighborhoods? Why is this political correctness making us such pussies? It’s time to man up and stand up for where you live, and what you believe in. Don’t be scared to get your ass beat, or get arressted for beating someones ass, go old school on these thugs and punks. Imagine what it was like in the 50’s. What the fuck happened. I live in northeast philadelphia we have these dirty little scum bags (white) selling drugs all over the place, I was best friends with all of them until we grew apart due to there stupid decissions. Then we have black people moving in up the street in the appartment’s, know thats going to shit. I’m watching my hood go down the drain like a fucking ball of puke! This really sucks. The women who’s son was bullied, so what if he got into trouble for hitting a girl, make sure next time he stands up to hard guys! Please! This world is corrupt from white catholic priests to black islamic leaders, the system is all screwed up. Again how do we fix it? I’ll tell you how, it’s by taking small step’s and making a difference. If that means puring sugar in your local drug dealers gas tank, or taking out the trash then do it. It means mowing your lawn, and cleaning your sidewalk, setting examples help’s. You must build a foundation before you can build a tower. I know it’s not easy to go up to a group of 4 or 5 or 10 black dudes and say “hey, how’s it going my name is bob,” you would get you ass beat, or if you introduced yourself to a group of white assholes, same thing. We need unity. There is to much shit going on in the world, the last thing we need is for the place we call home to be destroyed. It’s our only refuge and if we just kick back and expect the law to take care of it you have another thing comming. Grow some balls and beat some ass, leave a nuckle print in there forehead. I could go on for the next 4 hours about this shit, do us all a favor and take back what rightfully belongs to us.

  17. I am a lifelong white upper darby resident living in stonehurst, and graduated from UDHS in 04′. Upper darby is going down the drain due to section 8 and HUD. Both of my neighbors are black families living on sec. 8. One familly is ok they can be loud, but thier two oldest children are now in college and other two are still in the high school. The other familly or famillies, i don’t know, is a mess. Thier is trash all over thier patio their are several different babies daddys and momas living thier with it seems like new kids every week. That is what i see from most of the black families in UD. All they car about is being ghetto. They can’t handle the fact that they live in the suburbs now. They literally through trash around from trash cans, just to make it more “upper dirty” and have more street cred, its the most important thing in the world to them. If thats all they want why don’t they just go back to west philly. Although, I do blame alot of the white people who frantically moved out to springfield or havertown just because and few black people moved in, don’t you have any pride? or are you just a pussy cracker?

  18. I have lived in upper darby for almost twenty years now. All I know is one thing that it is a a shit hole. This place has become so dirty and disgusting. The drug dealers and bums roam the streets and the cops do nothing about it. I live right by the 7-11 on long lane, it is ridiculous how many groups of people stand out there and sell drugs. I see the cops stopped at the 7-11 talking and joking around with a group of black kids when I know that these kids sell drugs right behind their backs. The other day I heard someone being beaten in an alley on Glendale Rd. Being a white teenager in the stonehurst neighborhood is becoming a dangerous thing now. Not only am I stared at by the black people, but I have been stopped by the cops several times, who assume that I am coming down from Drexel Hill to buy drugs. The cops in Upper Darby need to check themselves, they stop me when I walk down Long Lane, but won’t say nothing to a group of black kids selling drugs out front of the 7-11. They are scared shitless of them.

  19. how come the irish can never hold on to a neighborhood. First west than southwest now all eastern DELCO towns, even kensington. i guess we have no idenity any more we just continue to move out to the suburbs and lose our history and pride.

  20. Black man joining the local KKKI’m a professional African American man who used to reside in Yeadon Deleware County and it saddens me to see how some of my own people destroy such a beautiful neighborhood, I used to be mad and upset when I see a white family protest new black families who move into the neighborhood but after seeing what section 8 has done to the community I’m in full support of how some white people feel, and you might think I sound like some KKK supporter but I hate when bad black people destroy a great neighborhood and remember how great Darby Borough was a few years ago but now it’s starting to look like the bad sections of North Philly and as a black man it makes me ashamed to be a member of my own race because of how some of us are living and we wonder why some white people use the “N” word to desribe us as a people

  21. I Loved Upper Darby but,one day When My mom Told me to get milk from the store(it was on the day when the eagles vs. the patriots super bowl) I got the milk but on my way home I encountered some black people and they asked me the time and I said 1:32 p.m. Right after I told them the time they jumped me and after they were finished with me I got my big bro and jumped them back Anyways I got my revenge What IM trying to say is that Upper darby Is turning in to “The Hood” NOw Im moving out of this rathole town pretty soon

  22. Having been a (former) Philly resident for the first 45 years of my life, and now residing in Indiana (long story), I can relate to everyone that has seen all these good neighborhoods go downhill! The heartland of America is every bit as bad as back there, trust me! I now live in what used to be a nice neighborhood (my wife grew up here) in Indiana’s 2nd largest city, and I can tell you, it’s a DAILY “war” with these neighborhood terrorists. Tikrit has nothing on THIS city! When I lived in Philly, I never owned a gun (although I shot regularly as a guest at a local club on State Rd.), but now, I own both a 9mm AND a pump shotgun (with personal defense ammo), and I have NO qualms about using either one, should the need arise. When it comes to YOUR home, most states have something called “castle doctrine”, and I advise anyone wishing to know about this to do a search online. You will not be disappointed. And our state’s conceal-carry law comes in handy as well! I bought the guns after I asked a black youth to remove the trash he tossed on my lawn. He “replied” by pulling a pistol on me. I stared his ass down, and he took off. By the way, I don’t “recommend” this tactic when confronted by a punk with a firearm (unless YOU are packing as well). I now provide info to the local PD about anyone in my area that is doing ANY kind of “nasty”. You can blame that on being a member of a police family in Philly. People ask me why I don’t just MOVE…to which I reply: “Im NOT the bad guy here, why should ‘I’ move?” And to date, I have gotten THREE houses shut down (due to drugs)…and I’m just getting started! I will use a laser pointer and/or a million candlepower spotlight to shut up boomcars, and this works well, although there ARE some that get pissed over this. SO when they come to my door, I make sure my gun is ON my hip where they can see it. That shuts them up real fast. ANd if they want to pursue it further, well…I know most of my sector officers real well, and can “introduce” these perps to them in mere minutes. WHen I think about all the times I used to frequent Upper Darby (when the trains ran regularly), I had NO problem walking anywhere, but even in the mid-70s, 69th st. was starting to go downhill. I had hoped that this urban cancer wouldn’t spread, but thanks to all these giveaway programs to those that do NOT deserve it, milking the system for anything they can all at the TAXPAYERS’ expense, I can see I was wrong. To all of you (black and white) that have had enough of this crap in YOUR neighborhood…congrats! NEVER feel intimidated by those that would turn your area into a ghetto. I know there are MANY blacks out there who can’t stand these “people”, and I have been in my share of nice black homes (such as Tony George’s mom’s house), so even being white, I CAN relate to your problems. I have also seen roaches crawling over an infant sitting on a floor next to dog feces in a black house in Germantown, so don’t tell me I don’t “understand” the black experience in the inner city. Been there…done that. The black community (nationwide) needs REAL leadership, and Jesse and Sharpton just “ain’t gettin’ the job done”. Each of you can make a difference in your area….you just have to want it bad enough to take what is rightfully YOURS…back. Get organized with neighborhood associations, liason officers, narcotics, vice, and special investigation units. Boyz IN the hood…nah. Boyz ON the hood (assuming the position)…Yeah!

  23. I can’t even read these comments because I’m so utterly disgusted by the majority of them. I proudly grew up in Upper Darby and am attending a school in another part of the state. My parents still live in the same house I grew up in and to be honest I hope they stay there. First of all, Upper Darby High School is an excellent school providing a fine education for its students. It is clean (more so than the Catholic school that I attended), safe, and runs rather smoothly when you consider the sheer size of the student body. Secondly, Upper Darby is not going down the drain. If anything it is seeing a bright spot in its history. A home on my street near Sellers Library recently sold for about $230,000. Unfortunately, other parts of Upper Darby are not experiencing the same sort of good fortune however this is nothing new and it is certainly not the result of Black families moving into town. Nor, do I think its a result of Section 8 housing. Upper Darby has been plagued by residents who don’t care. Who like the vast majority of you commenting on this website – sit around and bitch and moan and don’t do anything about it. Let’s be honest since the 1960s Upper Darby has been known for its “white trash”, for being dirty, for being a haven for crime. Yes, that happened when the people who had been living here sold their homes to escape Italians moving into town then moved into other neighborhoods and suddenly grew pretentious. Then those Italians moved out to avoid Irish people from Southwest Philly (don’t take offense this includes members of my own family moving into town) and fled to Havertown. And in most recent years it was to escape black people moving in from West Philadelphia. Those who dislike the changes fail to see that very little is changing at all. The people moving in are exactly like you. They are hard working individuals just trying to move into a neighborhood that is relatively safe, has a good school system, and is close to the city. In my opinion what Upper Darby needs is residents with some pride. Maybe all of you who complain on this blog should do yourself a favor and move to another part of the state so you can realize what a great place Upper Darby is…how we have a very special community bond that doesn’t exist in other parts of this country. Maybe then you will all stand up and clean up our neighborhoods, playgrounds, and schools and realize that we are no better than our neighbors (no matter how new they may be). But probably not, what you will probably do is sell your home move into a smaller one that you can barely afford to furnish start telling people about how glad you were to move out of the “old neighborhood” where things were so terrible and then walk back into your homes so all your neighbors can talk about the white trash from Upper Darby that moved in and how Havertown is going to shit and how they better put their homes on the market now before the property values start to slip. Just realize…what goes around comes around.

  24. My wife and I were looking into moving into upper darby early next year. As a 37 year old black male, I have noticed that some whites use ‘black’ dysfunction as a means for stigmatizing an entire race of people(really, any race other than white will do) but it is never applied to themselves. Those who rush to herald the superiority of their own group have themselves rarely accomplished anything. Rather, they seek to live vicariously off the achievements of others with whom they share nothing more than some distant national or ethnic lineage. They are singularly unimpressive, in most cases, when it comes to professional or personal greatness, however defined-and certainly as defined by their own terms. Anyway, corporate fraud, which is disproportionately the work of whites, costs the country far more than street crime each year. But some whites never call upon white folks to take responsibility for their predatory ways. Martha Stewart, Ken Lay, and the Savings and Loan bandits are not used as symbols of what’s wrong with white people. George Bush Jr has a hard time pronouncing any word with more than three syllables, but when a black person does it, its ‘blackie cant talk’.According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the Centers for Disease Control, white youth have higher rates of drug use than blacks, for all drug categories. Whites in grades 8-12 are four times more likely to have used cocaine in the past month, and white seniors are 73 percent more likely than black seniors to smoke pot daily. As for booze, whites between 12-17 are nearly twice as likely as similar blacks to drink, and six times more likely to binge drink regularly. Among persons 18-25, whites are nearly twice as likely as blacks to binge drink, and more than three times as likely to do so regularly. Whites are also far more likely than blacks to drive drunk, according to available data: a behavior implicated in thousands of annual deaths. Bottom line: racists almost always tell you more about themselves than the people they seek to denigrate, and this is no exception to that rule. ……..still searching for a nice place to live……..

  25. Your above post itself it littered with racial bullshit, such as “Whites have a higher incidence of drug abuse, drinking, etc.”Well guess what? Stonehurst has gone to the dogs because of scumbags on section 8. Black, White, Latino, It does not matter. I grew up on the border between west philly (All Black in the 60’s – early 70’s) and lilly White Upper Darby and lived through racism, murder, beatings, etc. Racism is a two way street. Look in the mirror and recite what you posted. Then tell me what gives YOU the right to bitch?Tell you what. Go move to Haverford. They have lots of those “White people” there. Go and try to impress them with your high and mighty rhetoric. I’m not.P.S. Merry Christmas! (Or should I say Happy Holidays?)

  26. I think we probably agree on some things…you wrote: Racism is a two way street. I would agree, however, racism involves power. you wrote: Stonehurst has gone to the dogs because of Section 8, black white latino etc……some section 8 recipients can be a problem indeed….you wrote: Your above post itself it littered with racial bullshit, such as “Whites have a higher incidence of drug abuse, drinking, etc.”you should probably take that up with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the Centers for Disease Control.you wrote: look in the mirror Then tell me what gives YOU the right to bitch?1. I am a taxpaying citizen2. The pathology of racism needs to be addressed at every opportunity.3. Free Speechyou wrote: Tell you what. Go move to Haverford. They have lots of those “White people” there. Go and try to impress them with your high and mighty rhetoric. I’m not.What I wrote was factual, not rhetorical or emotionally charged..there were some responses that were actually insightful…I hope you responded to the racially charged responses from whites with the same passion that you responded to mine….Bottom line: racists almost always tell you more about themselves than the people they seek to denigrate.

  27. What I wrote was factual, not rhetorical or emotionally charged.. Well it sure looks that way to me. The move to Haverford comment I made? Well that was just to piss someone who I know. Nothing personal..Get rid of or modify section 8 and you”ll improve Upper Darby and other blighted areas.

  28. I am an African American college graduate who lives in Upper Darby. I am a very young home owner and wife.I was born and raised in West Philadelphia. It saddens me when I read so many of the comments posted on this website. The comments posted on this site make me think twice about the moral standards and ethical beliefs of my neighbors. I am not a blackie, nigger, or any other racial slur or stereotype. I am a person. I represent only myself and not my entire race. No one person or group is responsible for an entire race. Now that I have presented the disclaimer I would like to state my comments.The deterioration of Upper Darby is due to many different factors. One factor is the fact that when black people move in, white people move out. This “white flight” phenomenon has caused many areas in Upper Darby to become lopsided in terms of race and social class. Many African Americans that are moving into Upper Darby are people from the lower class who were previously residents of SouthWest and West Philly. Many, if not most, of them are renting out from White homeowners who have traded in their pride of homeownership in Upper Darby for Section 8 checks. These checks can range from $600 to $1500 per month. If you want to blame anyone for the proliferation of section 8 in Upper Darby blame them. If you are worried about your neighbors on Section 8 do something about it. Speak with your local representatives about plans for Delaware County. I hate when people sit around complaining about a problem and do nothing but let it fester or spread. In defense of Section 8, I must say that I know of hardworking people who have waited years for section 8, while drug addicted, drug dealing, Homeless people,both Black and White, receive a voucher in weeks.If anything, we all need to lobby on changing the criteria for section 8 vouchers. However, most of the African Americans I know in Upper Darby are renters. Yes, renters, not Section 8 recipients. Therefore, don’t blame everything on Section 8. Blame also the explosion of landlords in Upper Darby.My second comment goes out to all the people who say that the Upper Darby school district is biased against white students. It’s funny because black students say that the school district is biased against them. There are some students who say that a black person will get suspended for not wearing a belt to school, while his white counterpart can wear whatever he or she likes and get away with much more. Each racial group sees a disadvantage to him or her because they are only looking at the situation in terms of race. If I say anything today that should stick with the readers on this site, I ask for you to not judge me or anyone else by the color of their skin. I am a hardworking and educated person who moved to Upper Darby for the racial diversity and camaraderie that I believed existed here. However, in the short time that I have lived here I see that this neighborhood has given in to “white flight,” racial classification, and plain old ignorance. How can Upper Darby survive, if everytime a black person moves in, the entire block puts up their home for sale? How can Upper Darby survive if every other house is managed by a landlord and not a homeowner? We as homeowners know that there is a degree of pride in homeownership that renters do not have. Homeowners are more likely to value a clean neighborhood and the quality of their school district than a renter. If Upper Darby is to survive we must stop running away and start providing remedies to solve our problems.

  29. ” It’s funny because black students say that the school district is biased against them. There are some students who say that a black person will get suspended for not wearing a belt to school, while his white counterpart can wear whatever he or she likes and get away with much more. “You must be kidding. The white students always get in trouble for violating the dress code, the black students are not even corrected anymore. They always have the tall tees hanging out from the bottom of there shirts, thier pants sagging and tims on. Any time a teacher tells them to tuck in thier shirt they will slowly pick it up as if they were going to tuck it in untill they go around the corner and then they just drop it again, and the teachers and administration just eventually stop trying and punish only the white kids for that. Or on a more serious note when my friends little brother who goes to BH got pushed down the staircase for going up the “black only stairwell” and no action was takin.I am from mostly Irish catholic desent and my ancestors wern’t considerd much of anything, but in a black persons eyes I am a person who enslaved and segregated thier people simply because im white, and they feel it is justified to attack and blame every white person for thier problems. That is why alot of time they go unpunished.

  30. I’m 19, and a graduate of 2005 from UDHS. I have lived in Upper Darby all my life and I do see changes. In my opinion, I don’t care about race and will not blame problems on race. I see the problems arise from lack of education. Someone posted, “These people are not teaching there children any pride, honor, morals, dignity, nothing, they grow up knowing only what they see hear and are influenced by.” I couldn’t agree anymore. It’s not a race problem it is intelligence. People do not have the knowledge and parents do not try to teach children how to work hard.I have seen children younger than I use foul language more than I ever would and even talk about sex. Just three days ago on Valentines Day I see police forcing kids at Beverly Hills MS to move along and walk on the sidewalks. These children dress, act and speak the same. Adults are role models for children yet do not teach proper behavior because they do not believe they’re doing anything wrong because they learned it from their parents!From just recently coming out of UDHS I can reassure you that all the teachers do not enforce the dress code policy on all races. It’s too much time and effort to repeatedly tell them to tuck their shirt in or wear shorter shirts. They give up so all the students get away with issues in their clothing. Even I didn’t tuck in my shirt! UDHS’ halls are cramp and stairways look like I-76. There are too many kids that come from Philadelphia but UD has been trying to remove many of them. I believe in May they were allowed to prosecute many of these kids. Still, they have to create a new building spirally for freshmen because their sizes become bigger every year!I believe the older generations resort to races: The other side (blacks and white) is the problem. In my eyes and my generation’s view are not about race because we’re mixing relationships and learning more about each other cultures. I have no idea what section 8 is, so I can’t comment.

  31. I believe kevin has said the smartest thing on this whole blog. All the comments about white or black trash destroying U.D. Exactly what are all of you who had something negative to say doing to improve the neighborhood all of you just sound like you turn a blind eye. And being a mom of bi racial children I wouldn’t subject my children to U.D just because of some of the comments made on this blog.

  32. “And being a mom of bi racial children I wouldn’t subject my children to U.D just because of some of the comments made on this blog.” Then your “Bi-Racial” kids will live in a fantasy world.. And will blame you when reality smacks them in the face as young adults.

  33. It is sad that people in this community attribute its percieved decline to the presence of another race. I think the problem of drug,section 8,unruly teens and failure to clean the surrounding is not unique to a particular race. I lived in a section of UD that was mixed-Whites& Blacks. The white folks were just as ghetto as the black folks. I think this is a problem of education,poor self esteem and moaral degradation. A lot of the parents in my section were equally unfit parents, regardless of their racial diversity. On the playground both Black and White parents used profanity as the standard way of communicating with their kids. I just moved to a different session of UD with the same racial configuration but the people are different as night from day. What I suggest is that we hold our neighbors responsible. If they do not conform to the accepted standards of our block or neighborhood we should inform the authorities. with regards to the school district, I think they ought to climb down on students from outside the school district. This is a matter of fairness. We can not pay our taxes and let other people have a free ride.The problem of UD is not a problem of race. It a problem of the failure of the adminitration to enforce the township ordinance.

  34. I am appalled at all of this racism! haven’t you figured out that the more you divide yourself from different ethnicities in your OWN neighborhood, the more you will disempower your community? “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Gustav JungWhat are you doing to improve the situation besides reinforcing prejudices?

  35. anonymous said…. I grew up in ud and went to udhs. I graduated in 1980 the school was great then . I think the school district needs to weed these people out that don’t belong there. last year the school district decided to start this re registration, I think it is great With that new procedure they weeded out some of these people. They need to do it to all grades. I don’t care if it takes to much time and or to many man power. My tax dollars need to go to something good. I went to a back to school night at the High school and the halls and stair cases were unbelieveble they were beyond crowed and I was just at a back to school night . A lot of parents don’t even go . My point is the school is to crowed. it is not safe nor is it fair that our children should have to be in this situation. You need to hire more people that can sit at these septa bus stops and watch and get these kids that get off the septa buses an dwalk up to the High school. I have seen them myself and wondered why nobody has done this. How simple is that how much easier can you get it. They are right there. My concern and mt intention of this comment is that Galli needs to earn his money instead of spending ours on his new cars, and whatever else he spends it on. He seems to keep getting raises and doing nothing for the children in this school, or their families but will be the first one to say he is a family man. DO SOMETHING WITH THAT SCHOOL

  36. Upper Darby is beyond repair, after Johns Drive In closed on long lane. That is when I knew the town was done. That was the last step for me. Its time to relocate and forget your past I guess. I’ll tell you this in the last 2 years , My car was stolen out in front of my house, My dog was stolen out of my yard. And the best one is after I chained down my gas grill and tank. They stole the lid off the grill to recycle it for cash. The only thing not chained down they found it. Get ready for the zip code to change to the city. Because its city living now. Comunnity churches build for community people to walk to is now letting outside people come in. Park in front of your house taken up parking spots so when you get home from work you have no where to park. Who cares that you pay taxes. Look around you dont see any of our leaders trying to fix any of this. This goes hand and hand with kids coming to our schools from philly. Bye Bye Upper Darby, Hello Upper Philly.

  37. I am haveing a ball reading all the crap you people have written.I am 23 years old i am on sec8 I also live in upperdarby. I am black and I drive a 2004 BMW I have never worked in my life. I am a collegr graduate and I let white boys sell drugs for me. My life is easy and I can see why the hardworkers would be mad at someone like me.To hell with you all, my life is fun and just the way i want it to be.(SLAP IN THE FACE)

  38. I lived in UD for most of my life, graduated UDHS in 93. We were part of the white flight in 2000. UD used to be a great blue collar type neighborhood and has turned into a complete dump in the last 7 years or so. Sure, there was plenty of white trash around but the “decent” people greatly outnumbered them and thus the area stayed nice, clean, and a good place to raise your kids and own a home. I do understand that everybody is there own person and we shouldnt blame an entire race but blame individuals but sometimes you need to be pragmatic about a situation and stop trying to overanalyze everything. So I’m just going to call it like I see it. Blacks destroyed the area, plain and simple and thats a shame. Sigmund Freud once said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

  39. When I wrote the original post above back in February of 2005, I never would have dreamed that I would have to pull my Son out of Upper Darby High School. But that is what his Mother and I did after him being attacked by a gang ringleader a few weeks ago.We both graduated from Upper Darby, and although it pained us both, our decision to take him out of the school was based on the fact that this gang of thugs were committed to do him great bodily harm with no end in sight.This all could have been avoided by having the principal contact these thugs’ parents. But Upper Darby and its lame ass School Board couldn’t care less. My wife asked them for the names of these punks. No reply. She asked for the video recording of my Son being pummeled. No tape was available they said. (So much for U.D.’s high tech Video Surveillance System).Bottom line? The School Administrators and School Board have 4,000 kids to baby-sit and only worry about lawsuits. Well maybe they will be seeing one soon.Cheers.

  40. To Franny Ward:I am a 6yr resident of upper darby. My oldest son, who is now 19, also attended upper darby high school. While in 10th grade, my son and his friends got into a fight with another group of kids. The fight took place across from Mcdonald’s so it wasn’t on school property. However, police were called and not only did the ud police arrive, a darby cop came as well because he was the brother of one of the perpetrators. They took my son down to the police station, never called me or my husband, and held him there until late afternoon/evening. I only found out about it because one of his friends mother called me and asked me if I wanted her to bring my son home! I was baffled. They talked to my son like shit and called him all types of names. ( I did file a report with the FBI against the officers and the improper detaining of a minor. To this day I don’t know what, if anything was done. I repeatedly called the office to inquire about the status and was told that once they send out a report for investigation, they don’t know anymore about it.)Anywho, the principal and his other asshole cohorts decide they were going to expel my son for intimidation, terroristic threats, tresspassing, fighting on school property, and some other countless things I can’t recall right now. (keep in mind I told you earlier they weren’t on school property)Had to hire two separate lawyers to defend my son. One for the expulsion and one for the counts against him. I have never ever spent so much time in a court room, a juvenile detention center and so much on gas! LOLDuring the hearings they made my son out to be a monster. This was the same kid who made honor roll the year before. They also said he was a threat to the school. He wasn’t a threat to the school before this incident. Mind you the other kids never got suspended or any kind of punishment for a fight that the clearly started and engaged in. They admitted they were fighting and the last time I checked it took two or more people to fight. I had a great lawyer who exposed the lies they conjured up. In the end my son ended up in juvenile dentention center, but most of the charges were dismissed. As far the hearing went for the expulsion…..my my my. It was totally already decided wayyyyyyyyy before our hearing date. When I went to the school administration building for the first time I asked to speak to someone regarding the matter and before I could even tell her what it was about, she told me the person that handled “matters” wasn’t available. I said ok. I knew what I was in for then. The school principal (Mr. Freaking Manfre) said all kinds of negative things about my son and he didn’t even know him. His teacher couldn’t get his lie straight about the trespassing issue, mind you he gave him a “hall pass”. The sad part is the teacher was really a nice guy, but he had to go along with the “crowd”. They pretty much already had their minds made up that they didn’t want my son back at his school. Would you believe that one of the administrators at the hearing actually went to sleep? Didn’t even care who noticed she nodded!Even though I had a lawyer I felt helpless. He was expelled and after (partially) getting over it I was glad that he no longer attended a school that would play the race card and allow one group of kids to get away with “murder” because they were expected to graduate that year!The somehow had the heart to agree to allow my son to attend their “opportunity center” which classes didn’t start until 6p!!! What the fyck? And just what was he supossed to do with his time during the day? Do you think you were doing me a favor? Why would you agree to let a “threat to your school” person on any property that belonged to the school?I hope you do file a lawsuit. This has been long overdue. It’s not the students fault that they only decided to build one dam high school in the whole upper darby county. What the hell were they thinking? Did that think that the class sizes would stay the same year after year? I’ve traveled those halls doing report card time and many other times only to get lost time and time again. The school is huge and overwhelming to new students and like someone mentioned earlier its like I-76 doing class changes. They need to build several new high schools to accomodate the many kids.signed,behind you all the way!

  41. I am a student at UDHS and you all sicken me, you blame the trashing of upper darby on blacks? Im white and I blame everthing that has gone wrong on EVERYONE who pushes the blame on to other people and its no wonder that all your kids are so iggnorant, guess where they get it?

  42. To the student at UD! you are a nigger lover as are many other white kids in this area and your parents should be ashamed of you. You are the one who is ignorant. I live in Cardington and am of Greek heritiage and have seen my neighborhood ruined over the years by NIGGERS from WP. You will see the light when your an adult but it will be too late! Mark my words here.

  43. I am a black female married ,who lives in Upper Darby I moved here from Harrisburg PA and all these racist comments do not surprise me I pulled my children out of elementry school here and now home shcool,while going to school full time so that they would not be expoxed to the racism here. I have never experienced so much rasicm, some of these things could push a person to the edge so I keep my distance from these folks in this town I come in and out my house and keep my kids a distants I do not even want to speak to neibors because of all the racism I have experience in this towm. Please Black folks do not patronize Perkins Restaraunt I have never expeierenced racism worst then at this place. Me and my husband are hard working I come from a upper middle class black family, Im not on welfare, Both me and my husband have degrees! I see just as many whites acting a fool here as blacks! If you are a christian person you know you should not blame a race. I beileve the reason is for all the homeowners leaving!! They are renting there properties at ridiculous rates to section 8 tenants getting over on the system ,so dont coplain.

  44. Wow! I am absolutely amazed that such racism still exists. I guess I should not be. I am an educator and a doctoral student at an Ivy League school in NY and I was just looking for some information on the Upper Darby School District when I came across this site. I am sickened by some of the comments I read, words like “nigger lover.” My goodness, how old is the person who wrote this? Were you/ are you part of some White supremacy group? The reason I ask is because I’ve only encountered such unintelligent, unreflective understandings from people who are at the extremes of society. It’s almost futile to have a logical discussion with such persons. People like that do not listen to statistics, they do not listen to scholars; they do not listen to others who have actually done well-rounded research. So, they are surely only left with the kind of ignorance misinformation helps to propagate. For the person who started this blog with the situation concerning your son- I am not clear why you used race to explain any part of the incident. Relative to the amount of race bashing you have done, you gave very little information about what could have actually happened. As I was reading the many comments on this site, I think I was especially saddened when I started to wonder if any of the people who spurred out racist statements were Christian. It’s been my experience that people who hate the most seem to justify their hate with religion. In referring particularly to some White supremacy groups, it’s sad how hate lives in the heart of people who profess that they believe in a God who is about love. If you are a Christian, just remember that the bible is clear that darkness and light cannot occupy the same space. The bible calls Jesus the light of the world and calls hate evil. Although I’m sure the situation with your son was frustrating, my prayer is that you would not use that to continue to harbor such racial hate in your heart.

  45. For the person who started this blog with the situation concerning your son- I am not clear why you used race to explain any part of the incident. Relative to the amount of race bashing you have done, you gave very little information about what could have actually happened.Obviously you cannot read. I was trying to equate racism as being white in Upper Darby and having the school district come down on you with their full fury, as where as being black they turn the other cheek so to speak.My Son is now being home schooled, all because of the fact that the lily white school board cannot protect him from a gang of thugs (Black & White) that prowl the school. The UDPD does nothing; no one does anything about the situation.Our school taxes are going thru the roof, while the quality of service declines. As for you saying that I hold racial hate in my heart, nothing could be further from the truth.I have many “Black” friends my age who see these gangster’s of all colors for what they are. Bad news. Do yourself a favor. Quit your “Ivy League” teaching position, and come on down to Delaware County.Teach at any school and blather the students with your insulated way of thinking. See how much attention they’ll give ya.Better yet? Show your students this blog post and ask them if they see any ‘Racism’ from me in it.Upper Darby is not New York.

  46. We too are having the same problem at Upper Darby High School. Our son has had his life threatened for the second time now from blacks, but because Upper Darby is afraid to confront the race issue, they refuse to acknowledge any problem. Although many other students, white, asian and black, witnessed both threatening incidents, the school refuses to discipline the black students.Just as they refuse to discipline the black students for wearing hoodies, and being completely out of uniform. The administration at UDHS is terrified of a black student crying racism, so they punish the whites.

  47. Seems that my Son now has to go to court, charged via a “Private Crimminal Complaint by Assistant Prinicpal Heather M. King, for “Harrassment and Fighting”. My Son was Attacked and DEFENDED himself, as taught by me. Harrassment? Harrassing whom?The option is that if he joins “Time for Teens”, a community based program will get him out of it. Guess what. He is pleading Not Guilty if I have a say in it. He has not attended UDHS since December. He is home schooled. And, since when can someone file a Private Crimminal Complaint in behalf of a place they work for (The School District) and expect justice?Say I’m walking down the street and see a kid who I don’t like fighting with another and calling him names. You mean to tell me I can go to the police and file against him? More on this on a new blog. I’m fed yp with the cronyism in Upper Darby, and I have lot’s of evidence to prove it.

  48. Hey your Upper Darbyites wake up.I went to the old Cardington Stonehurst Elementary School, Then Beverly Hills then UDHS (clss of 1966)and I COULD NOT WAIT TO GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE, as I was treated like an idiot by the Upper Darby School District from K though 12. I was told that I was not going to amount to much, so my guidience counselor would not write me a recommendation for college. I almost did not graduate from UDHS as I was a first generation American and I did not fit in in the cool cliques (that hung out at Drexelbrook) and the teachers could have cared less for my broken English.You know the story, you have heard it all before. What happened to me after escaping from Upper Darby and UDHS?After starting our in a small college 2000 miles away, being treated like an adult (for the first time in my life) who wanted to learn, and working my way through school (five colleges), I graduated with an Advanced Degree from Harvard, then I followed that up with an Advanced Degree from MIT in the mathematics that formed the basis of today’s derivatives markets. Then I ended up in Chicago in the futures markets and made my fortune.With great pleasure I used the UDHS Class of 66 40 year reunion flyer as kindling in the fireplace of my summer place on Lake Tahoe. I’ve been on the front page of national business magazines and even the Wall Street Journal. I am an extremely successful Hedge Fund Manager.I don’t even admit to graduating from UDHS and coming from Upper Darby as it was bad even in the 1960’sIf you think Upper Darby is so hot, well I feel sorry for you as there is much more to life than Upper Darby, and UDHS ever was.Note my English got better the more educated I became.Someday I will do the world a favor and buy up Upper Darby and turn it all into a nature park.

  49. I am a student at Drexel Hill Middle School. I am 14 and in the 8th grade. I completely agree with you, Mrs. Ward. Me and my family talk about this all the time. How come them blacks get away with everything and we’re the one’s who get in trouble? When we stand up to them we get into trouble while they laugh at us. The teachers are afraid to say something to them beacause they might sound to racist! I wouldn’t care. Even though I never got a detention or suspension ever, I’ve been picked on for my size and there were times I was going to fight back and stick up for myself.I’m not afraid of anyone but I’m afraid of getting into trouble with the principal and my parents even though they told me if someone touches you, then you can punch them back. I’m the kind of person that wants to make peace with a person and have everyone like me. The fact I HATE is that them blacks can call me a fat or a deigo, but I can’t them the “N” word. That blows my mind. This is why I am not going to Upper Darby Highschool nextyear. I’m too smart and good for these schools to be named called and critized.

  50. Upper Darby has gone down hill because of Section 8. THAT IS A FACT. Whether you need it or not isn’t the debate. We all see the section 8 people who are lazy and don’t upkeep their property. We know who they are. The people are REALLY need section 8 aren’t a problem. I’m pissed off because I work two jobs.. i’m 22yrs old and have to help my retired father and my mom who ALSO works two jobs. She is 65yrs old! But because we’re hard working people we won’t scoop down low enough to take free handouts when we have two legs and two arms. GET RID OF SECTION 8 AND STICK TO FOOD STAMPS!If people want to be lazy let them.. let them have food stamps so they can eat.. but if they’re lazy, they’re eating under the 69st bridge and trashing that shithole rather then outside and around our houses. 22 year UPPER DARBY HARD WORKING CITIZEN!P.S. For all the scumbags out there who like to rob people and steal bikes.. if I ever see any of that going down.. it will be your last.

  51. I recently moved to Drexel Hill this summer.I noticed something..Why is there is not a Borders or a Staples around? We have plenty of Pizza Stores, but not a bookstore for miles!Drexal Line Shopping Center has plenty of room. If we want to up the standard of living, make reading more accesable for all. And I am not talking about the library.

  52. Ok, I gave my 2 cents about getting a Boarders in Drexal Line Shopping Center.Umm no response there…The kids could have brought their laptops, read, and enriched their minds.While we are at it, why do we not have any youth rec centers at either middle schools?We have 2 middle schools. We can have 2 rec centers available on Friday nights. It dosent cost much.And it would give the kids something to look forward to at the end of the week.Marple_Newtown has a rec center every Friday night which is staffed with a DJ and voulnteers. I just moved from there, and I see that it really WORKS!Everyone on the board moans and groans about the “youth”.Hey, give something back to your community. Proprose a rec center, and get off your butts and voulnteer, get involved, and do something.Give these kids something to look forward to at the end of the week.It dosen’t cost a lot of money. And the kids work hard, and deserve a place to go.

  53. It’s funny how racist hide behind the internet to express their opinions. As a new Upper DArby student (just moved in the area) I believe the cause of so much violence are because of gangs. My first year here at Upper DArby High and I have already witnessed about 5 really intense fights between gangs. Mind you that we are just halfway through the school year, at the school i attended in Philadelphia there was only about 2 real fights a year and i knew of NO gangs in our school (IT was catholic and about 80% black)One kid even was pushed towards a speeding car on McDade blvd and his leg was ran over by a truck…. There are both black and white kids who are in these gangs and I doubt simply building a rec center will deter them from fighting, but harsher punishments will. As soon as the police arrived at the seen the perpetrators were scared as hell and immediately stopped fighting.I think that If harsher punishments were implemented, people will be scared to fight

  54. I was a substitute teacher at Beverly Hills Middle School and was inexplicably told not to come back after being there for months.I had perfect attendance and the students loved me.I wonder if the fussy teacher at the school, who had no control over her own classes, was able to get me ousted. I simply wouldn’t kiss her derriere because I found her to be overbearing and rude.Apparently, Upper Darby School District has very few substitute teachers. They have one less now because I won’t go to that School District, anymore.

  55. You can not receive section 8 unless you work or have a medical reason for not doing so, it’s called ‘welfare to work’ for a reason!You have to work at least 30 hours to receive any type of public assistance or have a medical note that states you are either disabled OR caring for a child that is disabled.The minute you do not comply you lose all benefits.Also, section 8 is not limited to race…blacks, white, hispanics and asians qualify too ;)The other thing you all need to understand about section 8 is the FACT that section 8 doesn’t choose the house or neighborhood you live in…it’s a voucher, kinda like a check and individual private landlords choose whether or not to accept section 8 vouchers.SO don’t blame sectin 8 specifically blame the home owners that have chosen to accept section 8 vouchers but even more so the home owners/apartment managers/corporations that accept section 8 AND do not bother doing credit or background checks on the individuals using the vouchers.I have a friend that has a child that is extremely disabled, she is on section 8. Her landlord chose to accept the voucher from her as rent payment (her son can not get into a residential facility and no day care can care for him safely). Her landlord also did a credit check and back ground criminal check check the house every month for lease compliance.

  56. I was a Stonehurst resident from birth to age 30….Stonehurst is just another shitty rowhouse neighborhood.. just move on…its gone! Anyone who still lives there black or white only lives there because its cheap , and they can’t afford to live in a better neighborhood!

  57. I lived in UD for 3 years and I could not stand it. I had a black neighbor and a white neighbor with two dogs and guess which neigbor got on my nerves the most. The white neighbor with the two f#$king dogs and did not clean up their Sh$t. The black neighor stole my security sign. SO I got the out! Some people are just ignorant and some are just nasty but guess what they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. It is not just one race that is screwed up……Everyone is screwed up in some way………..Good luck. PS At the market I saw more white people with the foodstamp cards than blacks

  58. I find the manner in which many of you complain about the “harsh” living conditions in Upper Darby to be utterly ludicrous. In the 90’s, I grew up in Darby—not Upper Darby, and I would have relished the opportunity to attend any one of Upper Darby’s schools. Furthermore, I not only worked at the Fresh Grocer in Barclay Square for three years, but I also worked at the St. Lucy School, located across from the Sears on 69th Street. Therefore, I am quite familiar with Upper Darby! If you people want to discover what “tough” living is all about, then you should visit Pittsburgh—the city that I now call home. If you were to juxtapose economic data pertaining to areas on the peripheral of Pittsburgh with the areas outside of Philadelphia (i.e. Upper Darby), then maybe you would stop your incessant lamentations; maybe you would refrain from your futile protests which aim to portray Upper Darby as a poverty-stricken, underprivileged, blighted place to live; maybe you would realize how lucky you truly are to be residing in a community that brims with occupational and educational opportunities. And, as for the stereotyping of “section 8 people,” this simply shows how uneducated and overtly myopic many of you truly are. I’ll bet that most of you criticizing these people are solely basing your opinions on what you have heard from your friends or, further, one or two instances in which a person receiving section 8 housing rubbed you the wrong way. There is virtually no place in any of your tirades that conveys a clear, cogent argument to support your ridiculous claims. Remember, arguments are more convincing when they are supported with facts and statistics; personal experience can not sufficiently lend credence to claims that tackle something as complicated and vexing as section 8housing. So, residents of Upper Darby: come to your senses, do your research, and stop playing the “racial blame-game” over the internet. The fact that most of you throw “black” and “white” around in your posts only attests to the fact that you are incapable of transcending the issue of race; that you are incapable of discussing your community’s so-called “problems” without the perpetual incorporation of racially divisive rhetoric. If you love your community enough, then you will embrace the people living in it and work with them to improve it; sitting on the internet and castigating a few residents that you feel may cause problems will get you nowhere. (And, it is sad to admit, but I bet most of you pondered one common question while reading this post: “I wonder what color this person is.”) Right there, people, is the problem. WISE UP!!!

  59. I have lived in Upper Darby for thirteen years now. I have seen Upper Darby change in the last 10 years.Mostly for the good,look at 69th street now, then where was 10 years ago, and there still building bigger and better,At one time upper darby was consider klan terrory I am a single mother raising two children alone with no help from the fathers besides child support. I have been discrimnated against because the color of my skin. I have a police offcer place a wooden stick in my door,with the words kkk carved in it, back in 1996 to scare me out. I have always worked and paid taxes and kept to myself, My children do not bother any one and get excellt grades in school and are distinquesed honor roll students. I live next to a great neighbor and her son, who happens to be white who has been living her just as long as I have. I mow her lawn and do the tings the neighbors are suppose to do. why is that I am constantly being stalked by the the upper darby polce department, the Upper darby school district, the upper darby township, and some ignorant blacks,. I am yhwh fearing and always no matter how bad hings may be I always look for the goodness in a person. I recently was involved in a motor vehicle accident which left me disabled, I had to lose a job that paid $2,870.00 a week with full paid benefits for my self and children, I had to get on ssd and apply for a grant to get disabled housing choice voucher formly section 8. Righ now with the way the economy is and the housing market slump and the food and oil crisis these programs have been a good substitution from my previous fincial arrangements. I Pay morgage using my secton 8 voucher along with other utilites, I do not receive state assistance and it still hard to make ends meet. I did ask to be on secion 8, are to live in upper darby, but I glade I’m here and here I hope to stay I love Upper Darby and Hope that we can find some way get rid of the hatred, drugs,volice, bulling, the racal profiling that the some upper darby schools, police department, the townships, oficials participate in and thank that i ‘s legal to treat a person in a discrimatory way. My ancesors where free slaves and owned there own land and I had other ancestors that were not free slaves and had to be forced to work and pick cotton and tobacca without pay. many of my ancestors have are white and can be traced back to the freedom rideres and the tuskee air men. If they can see how far we as a white race and black race of people have come copared to there times . I think they would ashamed, with all the wickedness, hatred, Ivilence, war, and disrespect we show to all races. WE SHOULD BEGANE TO WORRY ABOUT THIS GENERATION OF LIFE AND LOVE AND EMBRACE WHAT WE ARE CURRENTLY FORMALIER WITH AND KNOW BECAUSE VERY SOON. THIS UNIVERS AND THIS EARTH AND EVERYTHING WE KNOW AND TAKE FOR GRANANT, WILL NO LONGER BE HERE FOR US, AND WE AS A GENERATION OF PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER EXSIT.

  60. I don’t know how I had the misfortune to come upon this blog. I was just inquiring about some simple information as to the school district and what do a find a bunch of simple, ignorant, non educated, self righteous people sitting around downgrading one another. I am truly saddened about what I have read on this blog. I am a hardworking black woman, married to an even harder working black man. We have lived in Upper Darby for 7 years now, in an area that is very diverse. I noticed when I moved in, the for sales signs started to go up. Fotunately, however, I have seen new people coming in that have taken more pride in the up keep of their homes and for the most part everyone looks out for each other. Maybe instead of downgrading each other, get out and meet your neighbors. Black, white or any other race. Get to know them and maybe istead of criticizing you could lend a hand. Get off the computer and help your neighbor take down their trash, help an elderly person with their groceries. But instead you rather continue this racial hatred that has plagued this country for so long. Go Obama.

  61. Yeah the day Osama i mean Obama becomes President is the day the REAL working people in this country need to gtfo and move.Please get a life and realize that you black women are a rare species, that your black men want WHITE women, not some ugly flea bitten nappy headed hoe bitch!

  62. I agree – I was looking online for Upper Darby information and happened to come upon this site. I happen to be a Caucasian Women, married to an African American hard working man, and I have three bi-racial sons who are on the honor roll and do very well. I agree section 8 needs to be revised and worked on, but all people on section 8 are not ignorant or hard working. I have been blessed never to need these services, but you can count on that if I ever needed them I would use them!I know some nasty ignorant people of all classes. It doesn’t matter if you are on section 8, or make a 6 figure income.If people would stop, look and listen, get to know your neighbor, the world would be a better place. Hatred KILLS!!!!!!

  63. You sais -I happen to be a Caucasian Women, married to an African American hard working man.As a BLACK FEMALE I find it repulsive that you WHITE bitches insist on messin’with our men! Stay the fuck away from them!1You prolly be some fat azz white trash bitch anyway.,

  64. you white people should not be talking about black people because i waz just watching this show called busted and this 2 girls said that they were prostude and this boy stole his dads car and there was this other gurl that got pulled over by police for not having a license and she waz only 15 so you white should be talking about with people because black are not the only one with the problem

  65. You know….. it’s funny. I just a comment from around April, 2008 of a female who stated she was a single mom living next to a great neighbor but was disabled in a car accident from a $2850/week job. And it went on… Blah blah blah. If I was making $2850/week, I certainly wouldn’t be living in Upper Darby and definately not the 69th street area. So that is a load of crap.Face it folks. 69th Street is a craphole, WAY worse then it was 10 years ago. The police try to keep up but are out numbered and out gunned…. and ontop of that, the courts don’t care and just slap the bad guy on the hand, release him and then the cops have to arrest him again… Then… the biggest problem, is the political corruption. They keep taking your money, raising the OUTRAGEOUS taxes and don’t care about the residents. They get their cushy pension and go on their way. Does anyone REALLY know what is going in with Upper Darby? It is so corrupt that they have written books about it. You can’t get a job unless you are politically connected or your family gets you in. It’s not what you do in UD that gets you up the ladder….it’s who you know.I’m glad I’m out !

  66. I have been reading all the blogs that have posted and to my great saddness I must agree , but I really must say that its not just black people killing our system or harassing other students,I always tell my son there are 2 kinds of people good people and bad people, I know alot of black people who are very wonderful they take care of thier property and don’t like living in getto conditions then there are alot of white people who are down right trash thier lawns are horrid and thier kids cause trouble , I have a son in Drexel Hill Middle School and guess what , a child told him he was going to put a “cap ” in his head , this child is white as is my son so you have 2 white children in a good neighborhood and this happens , well Mr. princapal did nothing but talk to the child in question who denied it and I was told he could do nothing as it was hear say , bull , this child is feared by many students , they should have been keeping a list of kids who complained about him and kept in mind those children must really be afraid to tell on him ( especally at this age when they usually keep quiet for fear of retaliation ) guess what I told my son , my passive non confrontational son , KICK HIS #*! , his reply was no he has older kids as friends who do the beating up for him , does this childs mom know whats going on or is she just to stupid to see her son for who he is ? next time I am going to her house and laying it out for her , she needs to wake up . and so does Mr. Princapal , as I will sue. I don’t beleive the dress policy worked in that prespective , and home and school can kiss my butt if they think I’m donating money for anything , my taxes are paying enough let them get money from the school board . and they can buy a box of tissues as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Oh and by the way Obama is half white so he really wouldent be the first African American president and his father who was black went bye bye on them so his upbringing is shall we say white ? and Africa is a contenent so I guess if you are from Egypt your an african American too ?

  68. I just found out that there was a big food fight late last year at BHMS…and some of the employees there…one had a broken collar bone…Way to go…I see BHMS is on the up and up…

  69. LOL Young black girl.. Your race baiting, cursed laced reply only helps us “whites” to look down on “your kind”. Keep up the great filthy trash mouth. Must be from West Philly, right?

  70. Wow! I am absolutely amazed at the vast amount ignorance on this website Franny Ward, you are unbelievably racist and obviously you are proud of it, but that just shows that you are not much more than white trash yourself. I will not disclose my race because it is not necessary. I am a college educated 22 year old and I can clearly see why our country is going down the drain. Its not just Upper Darby, its the United States and it because of uneducated racist scum like most of you on here. The reason things are the way they are is not because of white or black but because of selfish, heartless assholes like most of you who, who would never take the extra step to help when they can. We will have a new president in office and his agenda is to change our country’s racist and selfish mindset to a united one. Instead of wasting your life away posting nasty and racist comments on a blog, why not try and go help someone and stop being afraid. Because all racism is, is fear of what you do not know. I am so embarrassed to know that I live near idiots like some of you. But you will get yours some day … as someone previously stated what goes around comes around

  71. I am a student at Upper Darby High School, and I can assure you that there are no P.O.s riding around on mountain bikes in the school, but I completely agree with everything you said.I once had a black boy smack me in the face with one of those 750 page hardback Harry Potter books UNPROVOKED. The teacher who wrote us both up with a referral to the administration informed me that they must write both students up in a “fight”, especially if it is a white person and a minority. The school does not want to be labeled “racist” by minority groups, but it’s perfectly fine when it’s reverse discrimination…I currently live in the Highland Park area of Upper Darby, and having lived here my entire life, I have watched the neighborhood basically go to shit. It’s a shame, I used to be able to play outside at night, but after I was sexually assaulted on my own back porch 3 years ago, I no longer go outside after dusk.

  72. by the way, GO OBAMA!to all the white racist, where yall gonna go now, where everywhere, even the white house. Why don’t yall go back to where yall came from. Ireland, Greece, Europe.who the hell care, just go! This country belonged to the Native Americans first until that scum bag christoper columbus came with his disease carrying ass.

  73. Why don’t you go back to africa then. You ask why whites are racist, but its hard not to with assholes like you. Go back to collecting your welfare.

  74. It’s obvious living in Delaware County is not a picnic and there are many horror stories. I have my share of them definitely. It is more a block by block thing in Collingdale as on one block you are in physical jeopardy and the next block over is upscale. This would include Collingdale and Lansdowne as well. The jobs that can be obtained are not quality jobs by any stretch and a certain kind of poverty (people have computers and big screen televisions) is all around us. There is a lot of downward mobility. And to think this is the kind of lifestyle that the United States wants to export all over the world, people at each others throats calling each other’s race trash and blackie. Anyone who can get a high paying job will quickly leave this sordid area for a nice place surrounded by intelligent people with good jobs. How long until places like Havertown etc will be affected. Bottom line it is the money because to live in Havertown you need a certain amount of money and this keeps out a lot of people who like to make things difficult, although its probably bad there too in spots. West Lansdowne isnt too bad but a lot of the homes are subdivided into crummy apartments. Well good luck, God Bless or whatever to all of us who have found ourselves living in this maelstrom of racism and imminent poverty so curiously named Delaware County.

  75. What’s really bad is that say fifty years ago men were the only ones that worked for the most part and many of them bought new homes, cars, televisions, whatever, with their paycheck and could give an allowance to their kids, go on vacations etc. I know my father was an immigrant with a seventh grade education who fit into this category and was a pillar of his community. Obviously, the history between then and now should be closely examined to see how that fifties lifestyle turned into a world where people are ignoramuses slapping each other around, threatening each other with grievous bodily harm, and watching shows about how to rape someone in prison (Oz). Many books by scholars should be written on how this happened to make this country, as noted by a previous poster, basically a rotten piece of garbage going down the drain and descending to the level of the neanderthals.

  76. Speaking as a man from the Black aspect of the human race who grew up in the Wynnefield area of Philadelphia in the late 70s, 80s, and early 90s I have witnessed the decline of good old Upper Darby (specifically the Stonehurst side) which a friend of mine calls "Nigger Darby." I do blame CERTAIN members that are recipients of Section 8 and HUD on both sides of the human race (black and white) for this decline. And of course it's not everybody on these programs that are contributing to the decline of the area it is also other non recipients too.In my humble point of view there are two types of people in this world and they are DECENT PEOPLE and RAT BASTARDS!!! Both of these types have people of all colors, shapes, and sizes. I personally would like to live around the decent people only in which other parts of Upper Darby has and which Stonehurst once did but the rat bastards keeps on following us. They either need to reform or stay out of our communities. And I don't care if you call me an Uncle Tom. Read the book Uncle Tom's Cabin first and then watch the movie version before you do.

  77. Hey, Franny Ward! How’s it going, buddy?I posted a comment about a year or so ago (the guy from DARBY who now lives in Pittsburgh). Every once in a while I check in to see what you and your buddies from the KKK are saying. I know your type: You think your some industrious, hard-working, blue-collar dude from Upper Darby who deserves a life devoid of “scumbags” messing with his son or causing other types of problems. Well, Franny, life does not work that way. And when things do go awry, you don’t blame an entire race for your problems. Come on, man. How stupid can you be?Your pathetic laments are never logical and only make you look increasingly foolish. To put it simply, it's clear that you have not been exposed to a diverse array of people throughout your life (and you evidently have not been around many English classrooms, either). You need to go back to high school to get your diploma; perhaps then you'd sound a bit more eloquent … but still probably completely irrational.And you want to mention your son. I feel bad his father is a racist prick. He has a wonderful role model to look up to; you should be proud!Concisely put, you are a fucking pussy. You sit behind your computer and talk shit. Grow the fuck up and try to muster up enough gumption to transcend the utterly myopic paradigm you so consistently convey. Did I lose you there, Franny?In case you are wondering (which, sadly, you likely are), I am a white guy. But … I admit … I love black women and just dated one; does this diminish my credibility as a white person? Well, I guess this means I can't hang out with you and your racist buddies. But, if you’re curious, it's true what they say: "Once you go black, you likely won't go back." Maybe you need a nice black woman in your life (they know how to take care of their men). On second thought, it’d probably be too much for you to handle.Take care, Franny! Continue making your son and your family proud. Because in your twisted mind, you are a tough, honest, patriotic, hard-working, blue-collar, right-wing conservative guy from Upper Darby, PA who has “paid his dues” and deserves a great life.Come to Pittsburgh, and I'll show you around. Then maybe you would stop bitching about how difficult your life is.Okay, I'm done.

  78. Ok Mr. Pittsburgh your just so smart. Ingalls Way? Where is that again in Pittsburgh? You han have your Black women. And as far as calling me a racist, you should look in the mirror. Stay in Pittsburgh loser.

  79. I live in Upper Darby. I purchaesed my home in November of last year. the block I live on is relatively quiet and I get along well with my neighbors. I am a seasoned professional who moved to the area to be close to my mother who is getting up there in years and I did not want to be over an hour away from her just in case she needed me. I am saddened by the comments on here beginning with the originator of this blog. Is funny how you failed to mention your son had problems with both white and black students until the Ivy-league educated teachers call you on the racist remarks in you posting.What is even worse is there are youth on here who have adopted the hatrad mentality. I grow up in west philly and around Upper Darby all of my life and I have seen all races tear up Upper Darby.It is my prayer, because I do pray for my neighbors, your son will grow up to be a productive well rounded individual. I hope that his heart will not be filled with the hate that I have read on this blog. You and your family be blessed Franny.

  80. Look. after reading into all the posts here I've come to the conclusion that Black people are just as guilty of Racism as whites. The fucking ASSHOLE from Pittsburgh only con consolidates my findings. i never said in my original post that blacks were solely guilty, only that the "System" lately, is geared to minorities. (I'm not supposed to be offended and threatened?)Be advised Mr. "Pittsburgh" that My son has GRADUATED Upper Darby High School, like I did 30 years ago, as well as his Mother. For you to come in here and threaten me is grounds for criminal charges. Stay The Fuck out of my web site. you have been warned, your IP address has been recorded. The authorities can get a warrant to you internet provider and trace you MAC address. (Prolly don't kn ow what the hell that is Mr. Darby Dirt product)Anyway, READ the original post and then quote from it on how I'm some member of the KKK. ASSHOLE troublemakers.FUCK YOU I GOT YOUR NUMBERS. BRING IT ON. (Just be careful to not use your own computers)

  81. "… i never said in my original post that blacks were solely guilty, only that the "System" lately, is geared to minorities. (I'm not supposed to be offended and threatened?)."The contention that the "system" is geared toward minorities is inarguably false. First of all, what "system" are you referring to? 1). If you are referring to the education system, then you might want to research the PROFOUND educational achievement gap between minorities and whites across the country. Enough said … just do some research, and you'll find that the education system has failed minorities for years. Facts don't lie.2). If you are referring to the prison system, then why are minorities getting locked up at rates that far surpass whites? Look at the overall U.S. prison population, or consider the kind of people cops stop on the street. And you are going to tell me that the "system" is geared toward minorities? I know people from Philly who don't even drive through Havertown, Springfield, or Marple because they feel they'll get pulled over by a cop.Facts don't lie.3). If you are referring to the political system, then tell me how many black, Asian, or Hispanic senators/state reps./mayors(besides major cities)/governors/etc. there are across America.Facts don't lie.4). If you are referring to the economy/job attainment, then tell me how many minority executives or CEO's there are in this country compared to that of whites. Facts don't lie.I could go on and on, but all you people need to do is conduct your own research. After looking at a variety of sources and considering all sides/points of view, THEN COME BACK HERE AND TELL ME HOW THE "SYSTEM" CATERS MORE TO MINORITIES.Do your research, because facts don't lie!(This anouncement has been brought to you by an educated man from Delaware County)

  82. i had a long reply to you but realized that if I posted it, it would make me as low and scummy as you are. Ya live on the main line, ya typed in Google, "Lilly white in upper Darby". i seen this same search over and over again. I don't give a FUCK about your bullshit, other than the fact that soon myself and wife and children will be homeless. Guess what? Were WHITE! imagine that? Go to hell. Any reply? Email me jackass. I'm not in the mood for silver spoon fed Dem from Bryn Mawr who ain't got a care in the world.

  83. Racism is a two way street. I live in Drexel Hill and I'm African American. In 2006 when I took my daughter out of Catholic school and decided to send her to public school "Aronimink"(since my school taxes are so high). After being there for a month. A group girls white and black followed her home, they where not on school grounds. One white young lady pushed and threatened my daughter. When the young lady turned her back on my daughter before she knew it my daughter had pushed her back. The little girl started crying and told my daughter she was going to tell her mother that my daughter was bullying her. They other girls tried to make my daught feel bad for protecting herself saying you made her cry. But nobody stood up for my daughter and she didn't cry or make one racial comment.When my daughter came home she told me everything that happened. I was raised that parents should let children try to handle things themselves. I always say I don't get into children's fights. I told my daughter don't worry about it. They were trying to test her to see if she was a punk. But now they see you know how to stand up for yourself. Just leave the young lady alone. Things would work out.The next morning I get a phone call from the Principal. Because the young lady lied to her mother and said that my daughter was bullying her. I'm sure the young lady told her mother that my daughter was black. The principal said that after talking to the girls the young lady who pushed my daughter finally admitted she pushed my daughter first. The principal punished the young lady. But the principal still punished my daughter for defending herself. Dentention for three days and they had to partner with each other and get along. My daughter had never been in the principals office before this. I think the Principal was put underpressure by the young ladies mother. I'm sure the little girl didn't tell her mother but her and my daughter became friendly associates. When my daughter came home I told her how proud I was of her for standing up for herself and taking a punishment she didn't deserve. But nobody ever bothered her.I think that everyone is underpressure here. I like this area. I brag to all my friends who live in mostly white, or mostly black neighborhoods. That I live in one of the best neighborhoods because so many races, and cultures are living together. Trying to make it work. I guess I had blinders on. After reading these Blogs. I'm living among people who smile in my face but wish I could disappear. I take my children to the Greek, Italian, polish,Indian, and our favorite Odunde festival. I tell my children we all should learn each others cultures so we can get along. After reading these blogs it seems as if people would like to stay ignorant.This is America, this is what we're about. Bring all races together. If you don't like it move back to your own single raced country Africa,Ireland, Italy,Greece……..etc. God Bless America

  84. Racism is a two way street. I live in Drexel Hill and I'm African American. In 2006 when I took my daughter out of Catholic school and decided to send her to public school "Aronimink"(since my school taxes are so high). After being there for a month. A group girls white and black followed her home, they where not on school grounds. One white young lady pushed and threatened my daughter. When the young lady turned her back on my daughter before she knew it my daughter had pushed her back. The little girl started crying and told my daughter she was going to tell her mother that my daughter was bullying her. They other girls tried to make my daught feel bad for protecting herself saying you made her cry. But nobody stood up for my daughter and she didn't cry or make one racial comment.When my daughter came home she told me everything that happened. I was raised that parents should let children try to handle things themselves. I always say I don't get into children's fights. I told my daughter don't worry about it. They were trying to test her to see if she was a punk. But now they see you know how to stand up for yourself. Just leave the young lady alone. Things would work out.The next morning I get a phone call from the Principal. Because the young lady lied to her mother and said that my daughter was bullying her. I'm sure the young lady told her mother that my daughter was black. The principal said that after talking to the girls the young lady who pushed my daughter finally admitted she pushed my daughter first. The principal punished the young lady. But the principal still punished my daughter for defending herself. Dentention for three days and they had to partner with each other and get along. My daughter had never been in the principals office before this. I think the Principal was put underpressure by the young ladies mother. I'm sure the little girl didn't tell her mother but her and my daughter became friendly associates. When my daughter came home I told her how proud I was of her for standing up for herself and taking a punishment she didn't deserve. But nobody ever bothered her.I think that everyone is underpressure here. I like this area. I brag to all my friends who live in mostly white, or mostly black neighborhoods. That I live in one of the best neighborhoods because so many races, and cultures are living together. Trying to make it work. I guess I had blinders on. After reading these Blogs. I'm living among people who smile in my face but wish I could disappear. I take my children to the Greek, Italian, polish,Indian, and our favorite Odunde festival. I tell my children we all should learn each others cultures so we can get along. After reading these blogs it seems as if people would like to stay ignorant.This is America, this is what we're about. Bring all races together. If you don't like it move back to your own single raced country Africa,Ireland, Italy,Greece……..etc. God Bless America

  85. Hello if anyone is still here, lolI am a 14 year old Teenager living in Brookhaven, Pa. I am so glad that my mother has bought a house here. Just east of me is the ghetto metropolis of Chester. Now I know that this is about Upper Darby, but I wanted to express my opinions. It is a shame that Chester is in the state that it is. Since I have band and percussion practice after school on Mondays and Fridays, I have to ride past Upper Darby and Chester. Let me tell you, It is a huge contrast to places such as Brookhaven, Aston, Springfield, Bromall, or Marple. I go to Cardinal O'Hara Hugh School as a Freshman. Since we go through Chester on our bus, I see it EVERY DAY! I see the children with nothing better to do than roam the streets of Chester. I see how dirty and run down the houses are. I personally hate Chester because I had to hide under an Earth Mover, Thats right an Earth Mover just to avoid getting beat up just simply because I was black from a white neighborhood. I luckily made it! In school, I would be called a "White Boy" by my black friends, but was socially accepted by my white friends. I hate that black people have these allegations against us as a race because I'm looked upon as being from "The Hood", but we black people, as a race, could do a lot better. I see mothers in Chester screaming and cursing their children out. I always shake my head at that kind of stuff. If they do that, their children will because they will think that they are entitled too. We need to stop selling drugs. I mean come on what is the need for drugs anyway. They only kill you faster. And the worst thing is I am looked upon as being "Ghetto" If you really did not know me.If you would like to share your stories with me, I have two E-Mail accounts. They are Southern.Cardinal@gmail.com and cardinal.31@live.com.

  86. Hello everyone I am sorry that you all are experiencing all this hatred between races especially due to the fact that we all came from the same parents Adam and Eve. We are all brothers and sisters and we are letting the devil win by hating the differences in other while being blinded by the bigger picture. That the whole world is a Ghetto.The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one and he has blinded the mind of the unbelievers. So the truth about God and Jesus Christ wont shine through.

  87. My parents bought our house in 1980 right by Cardington Park in Upper Darby. We have lived here in the same house since then. I grew up with many wonderful neighbors. Most of who were elderly. Many of the original elderly neighbors began passing away due to old age and their houses were sold to foreigners, mostly Asian and Indian. I went to Catholic school at St. Alice. This was the same school my Father went to when he was growing up. The area was beautiful and full of trees. As the years went by and I grew older, things started to change dramatically. I remember when 69th Street had parades and nice stores and people were friendly. That would not last. Soon all the stores that once had many nice things to offer people were changed due to frequent robberies and theft. Nice stores changed to nail salons, shoe stores, dollar stores and low cost clothing stores. I miss Woolworth. Now we have a Footlocker across the street from a Footlocker. Why, I’ll never understand it. Troubled youth has taken over my old schools. I remember high school not being too bad. I was class of 2001. I remember watching things get worse every year though. Back to my street, all of the kids I was friends with had money and began moving away to neighboring areas such as Clifton Heights and Drexel Hill. My Father had passed away and my Mother was working hard to support 2 kids. We couldn’t afford to leave and the house needed work that we also could not afford. It’s these reasons we are STILL stuck in Upper Darby. We feel trapped. As people moved away, due to too much crime and unsafe conditions, blacks started moving in. We never had black people in my neighborhood growing up. This spawned many more white people to move away in fear and more black and Indian people moved in. The Indians take up the whole street with all their cabs and these people can’t drive to save their lives. We had a black family section 8 one house down the street and it got shut down with numerous petitions due to the family robbing cars and houses of their own neighbors. The Indians cook some smelly food and blow it their windows so I have to leave my windows closed all year due to the stench. Then we have the fact that our taxes continue to go up every year and our property value goes down. We also have to deal with rowdy kids throwing trash on my front lawn every day! Neighbors walk their dogs on my lawn and never pick up. Trash is always blowing around since the neighbors put their trash out 5 days early. Most people speak no English at all. My car is constantly getting scraped and dented from the kids riding their bikes in my driveway. The kids love to torment my dogs and make them bark. The kids steal lawn ornaments and patio furniture so you can’t have any. The wheels on my trash can were even stolen. Occasionally someone will rob 69th street stores and come running from Police through my backyard. All of the trees were cut down. You have to lock the door ever time you walk in and out. Not to mention there are tons of bugs now. Then there’s the playground which has become a dirty place to bring your kids. I used to play in the park through all of my youth and now I can’t even walk my dog there it’s so dirty. Now there is work being done to the soccer field which once was Cardington Elementary. I hear they are building an apartment complex. Now more low life people from Philadelphia can move in and wreck havoc on the neighborhood. Overall, I am very sad to say I am ashamed of living here and want to get out of here as soon as possible. I have to move out of the loving home my family has occupied for 30 years. It’s so depressing.

  88. WOW. I just spent the last 90 minutes reading all of these comments. I was just trying to find out some things about the UD school district. I just faxed my resume to the district today in hopes of being called for an interview to teach ELL. As I began reading, at first, I thought – no thanks, no way; if they call, I'll just say I've found other employment. The more I read, however, the more I thought about it. I would work in the school district. I want to make a difference, a positive one. Granted, I'm not familiar with the area, so I would have to see for myself whether or not I would move to UD. Someone mentioned, "…after reading these blogs, I realize I'm living among people who smile in my face but wish I would disappear." To that I would say that there are only 106 blogs herein, 107 including mine here, and some of these are "repeat offenders," and this in itself I would hope brings you solice. As there are indeed many terrible people in this world, there's got to be more who are good. That's what I'm choosing to believe. There's this saying that I really can't stand, "It is what it is." I don't believe that. I believe that "It is what we make it," and we all have the potential to make "it" better.

  89. To Cardington Park. Get yourself a few guns, and if anyone of those niggers fuck with you, kill them then drag there sorry ass body down the creek and hope it washes away in the nextt t storm.

  90. I dont think it has to do with welfair or wic or sec. 8 cuz my moms going on sec. 8 and where on welfair and im on wic its to help the people that need it cuz even tho they got a job they still dont make alot of money so they get help from but i do agree that the black people get off more easser then white cuz white people run the schools in upper darby and they dont want to come off that they hate blacks when they dont but i agree it still dont give them the right like when i was in school jr high i came to school in blue jeans cuz my old school jeans didnt fit anymore and my dad couldnt afford new ones right then and i got sent to the office but the lady giving out deten.s was white and i when in she gave me a deten. without hearing my story then walks in a black boy in blue jeans and out of code shrit a hoodie and hardtoe boots and all he got was a warning but i also note that white people can get off easser if they have a black teacher but the problem is people are forgetting there shouldnt have color to do with anything

  91. As a resident of Upper Darby, I will agree with some of the comments made here on this blog. However I believe that we have come to far as a people to continue on with all the racism. For pete's sake there are children on here reading these comments. Is this what we want to teach our youths? Come on people lets stop the blame game. We need to be accountable for our own actions. What are you doing to fix the problems in your neighborhood? Remember if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Lets lead by example.

  92. Hi ,I am a student at Beverly Hills Middle School. I really dont think the school is THAT bad. Upper Darby isn't that bad either. But HONESTLY if you gave me the option to move to Drexel Hills I would. Not because I Think Upper Darby Is Horrible , but because i just would prefer to live in a nicer , quieter neighborhood such as drexel hill , but ive lived in upper darby my whole life and ive NEVER been jumped , Ive NEVER been in any fights , NEVER seen a gang ( i dont think so ) and ive only seen one person who i thought might have been a drug dealer and some females that i thought might have been prostitutes ( by the way they were dressed ) ( see through shirts , EXTREMELY short skirts , etc ) but im not sure . I dont agree that only black ppl are making it bad , because there is this white guy that sells drugs around the bywood area , that i know FOR SURE is sells drugs. I think that people from philly are ruining upper darby because most of them are loud ( especiallyt he females ) and rude , and are always ready to fight for some reason …. but whatever. Some ppl are REALLY rude though … Im shocked that there are actually so many racist ppl there is. but i think going to bhms is a matter of survival , and if your weak ,cant defend yourself , like to voice your opinions (good or bad), or are racist , you wont survive and everyday at bh will be a living hell , because those kids can and will give you hell .. i am a calm person and its VERY hard to make me angry an d so many ppl ask me why i am so calm , but i dont know .. i think being angry is a waste of time , so if someone decides that they want to fight, its cool but im not throwing the first hit , i went to bywood for elementary and I REALLY HATE THAT SCHOOL ! , the kids are too grown up for their age , there is always a fight or an argument , and personally i think its a grimey , poor school . but there are some good things about bywood , like , the teachers , they really care about the students and are really great educaters , and at bywood your relationship as a school is family like , and justice is served ( most of the time ) . Im not going to comment on drexel hills becaus i really dont know anything about it other than that most of the ppl that Majority of the ppl there are white , and i dont think that the education is bad in the upper darby school district because im really smart , ive been in gifted education program since the first grade, and i scored perfect scores on tests numerous of times and ive always been the fatsest reader in my grade ( as ive been told by the testers ) but then again there are only like 4 or 5 other ppl in my gifted class , and i think majority of the students are basic and or below basic , some proficient , little advanced. but i dont think its because the teachers are well educated its primarily because the students simply dont care. they are more focused on their looks , and impressing ppl , and having fun and hanging out .. thats what i think , and its not all their fault , but also their parents who also dont care , letting them do whatever they want and the parents are most of the time bad examples beacuse they are loud and obnoxious , rude and careless , and unresponsible , im not critisizing or judging anyone , im just simply saying what i feel , and i agree that you shouldnt look at a community as as different races ( black , white , hispanic , asian ) whatever . but you should look at everyone as one race , the human race and dont judge ppl by their skin color . DONT JUDGE PPL AT ALL . because your opinion really doesnt matter . so if you have critisism about something or someone , keep it to your self , YOUR OPINION ISNT NEEDED NOR WANTED , soo , thats my intake on this whole ordeal . p.s. i agree with the whole , upper darby gone upper philly thing (: Thankyou ! and i hope you take what i have said into consideration ..

  93. ^^I agree , I want to go to dh too! btw , do any of you know if its possible to go to dh while living in upper darby , i mean i dont think it should be a problem considering that dh is apart of the upper darby school district , and if it is possible , can you explain how to do it ,thank-you !

  94. If you live in Upper Darby you should be able to petition the School Board to go to DHMS. Tell them that BHJS is not going to help you, and that you have issues with the students who attend there. Get an attorney.Cheers:)

  95. I just received a phone call from my wife about this blog she found, she said "I have something I want you to see" I NEVER thought it was anything like this.We are currently selling our home in hopes of finding a better school district for out two children. We have never rented and our neighborhood is very nice; however, the Philadelphia school district has forced us to have been paying for private christian education ever since our kids could talk. In desperate need for a change we decided to sell and maybe rent a town home in drexel hill because the AYP scores of certain schools looks promising. The reason for renting in drexel hill rather than buying is because we really would rather not own another town home, twin or even duplex. We actually own rental properties and know how most people tend to want their places cared for. I also do property management so I believe in caring for a place as if it were somewhere I purchased myself. But to be honest, after reading some of these demonic posts, some from people who say they "are not racist", I feel like moving them to Drexel hill would be very similar to keeping them in a Philadelphia public school because of all the hate. There are people on here that act like ignorance has a color or maybe they think intelligence is genetically inherited by their specific race. It sickens me to see blacks hating whites, or whites hating blacks. People are on here talking about shooting and dragging dead bodies… and I'm quite sure the person who posted that thinks THEY are the most intelligent. Listen to yourselves! You blame each other for the decline of a neighborhood or area, how foolish! The people taking advantage of section 8 are not the ones calling the shots, sure they may not hold the same value for your neighborhood as you do, but then what can you do about it by hating blacks!?its those in power, your beloved elected officials! They control the climate of diversity in your area believe it or not! Yet you fight, blame, quarrel, threaten and even vandalize each other because "He's black/white so he's my enemy". The greatest irony of being deceived is that the one being deceived DOES NOT KNOW he's deceived.Maybe the next time a black, white, Indian or whatever race, moves next door or down the road, you should probably go and introduce yourself and welcome them as if they were the same color as you. Do that instead of passing judgement; when you give hate you get hate, you reap what you sow. It is easier to do wrong than to do right, but it takes less energy to love than it does to hate.No one is a perfect saint! Not even myself, but to breath words of hate, discouragement,and belittlement is completely devilish and demonic. If you have issues with people of a particular skin color then this is for you, you need a change of heart. This is not about Drexel hill, Upper Darby Philly or anywhere else, its about you! Change your heart! Don't know how? ask Jesus Christ!Maranatha!

  96. /Amen to that. Jesus Christ never changes. As a matter of fact, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). Remember what the Good Lord promises:"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." It's your move! Just remember that this crucified carpenter from Nazareth has been changing lives for 2000 years!

  97. No hate here, common sense dictates the truth. since 1980, and Section 8, Upper Darby (Stonehurst, Cardington, Bywood, Highland Park, etc has turned into a ghetto. People dealing drugs, shootings, rapes, "Flash Mobs", ALL with it being carried out by people of color.

  98. "Park Boy" I'm going to attempt to show you reason according to common sense. First; ignorance existed before 1980, Section 8 and "people of color" are two different groups. People of color are not the only ethnicity that utilize section 8 services. For example; I am one of your "people of color" and I rented to two very sweet old ladies when I first purchased my first investment property and they were not black… Also I have seen quite a few "non colored" families that are on section 8 but I don't label these people as; drug dealers, rapists, gun-slingers and leaders of flash mobs. I see them as families that need a helping hand because of extreme circumstances that occurred in their lives. You seem to be confusing them with those who abuse the system because of their own selfishness, those who can do better but don't. THESE ARE NOT ONLY PEOPLE OF COLOR, this is across the board, I am not one to call names, but for every ethnicity there is a terrible name given to these people that truly shouldn't even be. You're confusing ignorance with color. God forbid someone like myself would lose everything and would have to start from scratch, you would label me the same way because of my skin. I'm not taking the side of trouble makers, rather I'm taking a stance against your argument that the decline of the areas you mentioned are because "people of color" started occupying it.I do believe that once "people of color" move in the area, they are normally stereo-typed and the people move out because of what they "think" blacks will do without even knowing them. To think, as old as the time is from the words of MLK, when he stated "a man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character", still we can't rise to those standards. You made an absolute statement by saying the horrible things in those areas were all done by "people of color". Well, in order to make such an absolute statement you will need absolute proof and I don't mean "common sense" because our ideas on common sense already differ. Please provide the statistics to support such a statement. I just cancelled one of my contracts just last month and just last week the tenant that still resides their sent me a text stating how she just got her G.E.D., getting married, just got a full time job and is very optimistic about owning her own home very soon. She had some serious set-backs in the past and had to get on section 8. After only 1 year on section 8 she is already trying to get off. These are the people that your placing the blame on? Section 8 is not a felony and neither is being black, so please be careful how you label "us", I shouldn't need to feel like I'm wearing a death sentence on my outer-person when I walk outside my doors and neither should anyone else. I think we hate the same thing, ignorance, it's just that one of us is placing a color on it while putting down a government service that is subject to abuse like many other services rendered. Action speaks loader than words so we need to show love and respect to all men regardless of what we heard of them. the tongue is like a two edged sword, be careful how you swing it and use it wisely.Be blessed!

  99. As I said before there are two types of people in the human race: DECENT PEOPLE and RAT BASTARDS. And they are everywhere. The only ones that are destroying parts of Upper Darby are the rat bastards which comes in all colors. Sadly most of them come from Philly. But certain parts of the 19082 section of Upper Darby aren't that bad. It's just down by Cardington Stonehurst and Bywood areas are the problem children of the township.

  100. I must say, I am glad I moved from the Upper Darby School District. I thought elementary school was fine, I attended Garrettford and endured very little problems. It was when I attended DHMS in 6th grade, there became numerous issues. Within my first 2 weeks, I had people trying to beat me up for no apparent reason. I was quite a bit of a tomboy then and endured much sexual harassment. I've had the authorities, my parents, and school administrators, little was done to stop it. I've even had teachers publicly harass me in class or teachers that just laugh and egg people on to bully me. I vividly remember a kid coming up, trying to punch me in the face and the teacher just sat there nonchalantly. Might I also add administrators spend more time calling people out for frivolous matters such as not having their shirts tucked or planners signed when there's people out there in the school getting beaten up. My last day of 7th grade (aka last day in that hell hole), I was written up for wearing cargo pants when throughout the entire year, I received freaking DEATH THREATS and nobody did anything for me. The buses to the middle school are also hell. If you're lucky enough to be able to ride one (the dumb "You must live more than 1.5 miles away" rule). You are lucky if you can even find a seat. The buses are rowdy, chaotic, and often looking for trouble. They have "security cams" on the bus but they're never turned on. I've had numerous confrontation instigated by others and when my parents asked to see the tape, the transportation department couldn't provide us with the evidence. I honestly don't know how the bus drivers are able to concentrate on the road! Now, those who want to bash me down, I understand that buses to some level can be noisy; teenagers will always be loud and obnoxious to some extent. However, there is a fine line between being loud and being out of control, moving around, and trying to punch people! Walking or biking home isn't always safe either, though is to some extent, better than the buses. Walking home poses more risk for fights, which occurred and still do on a daily basis. The only way you can truly avoid fights on the way home is to get a ride, but unfortunately, that is not possible for many. I think alot of the violence, as you listed earlier is a result of the inner city students pouring in from West Philly. Many of these children were not taught proper social behavior and all they know how to do is use their fists instead of words. I am glad they kicked the 300+ students out. Maybe if the district keeps a closer eye on these people, the rate of violence may decrease to some extent. Parents, I highly advise you to carefully think out your decision to send your kids to DHMS or UDHS. If your child is a target for bullying, I recommend moving elsewhere or investing in private school. I am glad I moved when I did because ever since I've left, many of my friends who attend UDHS have noticed the change. Since January of 2011, the police have been called to the school over 50 times during the time school was in session all the way up to the month of November 2011. I can only see this number growing. It's unfortunate a school once so high in the ranks is now changed into such a dark and violent place.

  101. Hello Franny Ward, Hopefully your children will prosper and you will prosper too. I think a few years ago I read this particular blog, and I might even know some of the posters. But I do have to agree with you on the overall decline of the school district and township. I actually graduated from UDHS several years back, and I know how bad the discipline situation is. In short, pretty bad. And I do know that the reverse racism is also very serious. I've personally observed that more whites have been victimized than blacks have fallen into trouble. But when I was around and based on info I had after I left was that there is a general decline which I tend to think is rather expected. You can say I'm pessimistic or bigoted or whatever. But I doubt you would figure out accurately who or what I am. However somethings I know you and I can agree on. Overall, your family and my family are part of the working class white people who try to manage a good income and raise a good family with sound values.But eventually external decline sets in and negatively affects your hometown. And one aspect was from below, where people with no values, ethics, and plans invade because they can, and they have benefits exploited from working class people such as yourself. The other one was I noticed, and I think it also negatively affects your life. When I was in high school, the graduating class about just under 900. I would have to say there were 50 true elite students with another50 really good ones. And at the bottom was several hundred garbage, and then not among the near 900 several hundred others did not matriculate. Besides the several hundred at the bottom I also didn't like the ones at the top. They were smart, too smart. They would rather flee than stand. They had all the brains, but even they stayed away from the bottom. For some reason, I knew a lot of people from both worlds. Not surprisingly, such an out of logic reasoning might explain why I end up in a psychiatric hospital. But the point I'm getting at is that, UDSD is a lost cause. And the township is gone as well. The former cohesion which made many local communities is gone. And that's a real shame because those playing the race card know they are in the game for themselves rather than defending others.

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