John McCain On A Sunday Morning

Although I missed it, (I was working in Downingtown) I’m sure the viewers of the program Meet The Press were thrilled. Thrilled to see that at least one man has the backbone to stand up for what AMERICA is really about. In 2000, I remember ole’ KKKarl Rove slamming and defiling Mr. McCain. Everything from saying he was a nut to that he got a black woman pregnant.

Well in 2008, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to see that people know the real John. A man of compassion and integrity and devotion to his beloved county. Contrary to what many people think, John WAS a POW in NAM, while others got deferments and went A.W.O.L.

Anyway, remember that John will bring back the REAL Republicans to Washington. Not the ones currently there who are only pawns of TPTB.

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