CIA, Fockers, San Andreas, and other things

I’m currently watching Meet the Fockers” on the USA network. Focker’s future FAW is Robert Di Nero. Does the CIA have “Operatives” really like this? I think not. Last night my son nick asked me to help him with a school project concerning the country of Colombia. I scoured the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) and one hit came up in the top ten.

What was the web site? The CIA World Fact Book. Now, being that I am a bit paranoid concerning the facts that I kind of question people like Congressman Curt Weldon, or take a stab at George Bush and get a lot of hits from DIA, NASA, and especially made me a little bit nervous even typing the URL.

But being this is America and I am an American citizen I did just that. What I found out was that the CIA does have a substantial database of just about every country/ region on the planet. I not only ingested every pertinent fact about Columbia (Much to my Son’s delight,)for his project, I spent over an hour on their web site, gaining valuable information about countries the quite frankly, I’ve never heard of..

I enjoy reading. I read anything and everything that I get my hands on. I think that reading is more than fundamental, it should be mandatory for all Americans. George Bush’s program of “No Child Left Behind” falls far short of educating our young. It’s a good program, but there is a critical flaw. PARENTS. If parents would interact more with teachers on a personal basis I believe that his goal would be achieved.

I for one am guilty of this. For 2005 I pledge more support both monetarily and more importantly to bridge the gap between my Son’s teachers and myself. America is STRONG and her people have the resolve to get the job done, no matter what the cost. We are the number one leader in the caring catagory, hands down.

P.S. i think that the CIA should revise their job listing, I do not have a BS degree, but would bet my pants that I would be more valuable to them than one who did. (I checked out their job section as I am getting older for physical work but I read well..)


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