Teach Your Children Well

Earlier tonight I was helping my son Fran with his History homework. It was about the war of 1812. He was of course bored as hell and wanted to watch Monday Night Football. I don’t blame him, but History and Science and Geography were my favourite subjects when I was in the eighth grade at St.Cyril of Alexandria. Drexel Hill Middle School is where our two boys attend. One in eighth,(Fran) and one in sixth,(Nick). Science is NOT Fran’s favourite subject. I loved it as a kid, had many science experiments in grade school, and watch the Discovery Channel every night.

So, how do you get a 13 year old to look forward to Science class? I have but only one idea. Transfer Lauren (Yes she is a Science teacher in eighth grade for another township middle school in the same district), to DHMS. This young teacher I’m sure will get every boys attention in the classroom. Did I mention that she also has a side job as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader?

My step son Eric informed me about her. He was a classmate at UDHS with her and also knows her personally. He said that she was “Good People” and other things that I will keep private. So there it is. Lauren? How about helping out these kids in D.H.? Sort of a lend-lease program between schools. Your beauty and teaching abilities would go a long way out there in Drexel Hill also. Kids these days need someone to motivate them with real issues, and I don’t have the mystique and sincerity that you have.

Either way, Go E A G L E S! I hope they win it all this year, God knows we need it!


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