I Concede the Presidency to George W. Bush

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m taking it easy today. I have a lot of things that have to be completed, like the job in Downingtown, and Mike’s place. But today I will play auto mechanic, installing a new blower motor for our van, and a headlight.

Why the title “I Concede the Presidency to G.W.B.?” Well I’ll put it this way. Last night I saw my buddy at Thomas’ Cafe. As I sat down, he informs everyone around him that “The Democrat” just walked in. I half heartedly let out a laugh, and informed the gang that I was not nor never was a Democrat. I’ve been Republican since eighteen. Just because I voted for Kerry did not mean that I was a “Liberal” or a Dem. Why Kerry then? Gee. Good question. I wanted us out of Iraq and the Middle East. Period. Since George Bush stated that he would be working to bring an end to this conflict, and to try to create a Palestinian state within four years, I am delighted. Since he won, he also seems more focused, and less stressed out.

So, President Bush, I will back you up in anything you do, trusting that you will make the right decisions that will both benefit our great country, and the world. Who do I want for President in 2008? John McCain.


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