Delaware County Domestic Relations

Have you ever dealt with them? I received a letter (Non Certified) yesterday informing me that I had a bench warrant out for my arrest. It was from the Sheriff’s Department relating to a support order that had been vacated over 3 years ago. Apparently, I still owed $927.50 in arrears to them. Now, before you label me a “Deadbeat” let me tell you that I have paid on average $150.00 a week for 19 years for 2 beautiful children who I love, even though my ex informed me that my older daughter wasn’t mine when she turned 18.

She ain’t mine? What do you mean by that? I always had a doubt in the back of my mind about my paternity, but I still signed the birth certificate anyway. It’s called love. She will always remain my daughter to me and I will do anything for her and my (Biological Daughter, I feel no difference)

I hold no ill feelings, only that I already spent 4 days in Charlie Sexton’s famous Gulag over a bench warrant in 1999 over not showing up in 97′ for court because my Mom had a stroke that morning (Documented) and while I was WORKING at the Court House! Note to self: Contact Court House for any electrical work they need done, I’m available at a very alluring rate.

Anyway, $50.00 times 52 weeks times 18 years plus several thousand dollars given outside the court system =? Was this remaining $927.50 necessary? Could I sue for this? Not worth it… Money = Evil. While I was there, I was seated with 2 other PACES clients. One, was handcuffed and taken to jail (He owed $76,000 dollars); the other, with two warrants, was told to show up for court in November. The young woman at the computer was very pleasant, as were the four sheriff’s in the room.

A little background on my case. I had 2 children from this woman who went on welfare while living with her mom and caught her red handed (or faced) getting it on with another man. So I left. The woman that I was going to marry soon had my ass in court.

So, TMI? I don’t care, this is a big issue to me. There are many Dads out there that get shafted by the system, Women who smoke up the money on crack that they receive for the kids. Domestic Relations is a one sided money collecting unit, no more, no less. They do not care if the Mother is doing coke with your money that is supposed to be for the kids. Their job is just to collect, and lock your ass up if they cannot. So, Domestic Relations, I am done with you.I post notice. My bench warrant that was issued in November of 03 that I had no idea of until I visited the PACES web site has been rescinded. ZERO balance. To all others with Domestic Relations cases (You guys and gals who are lax in your payments to the DR. of DC.) PAY up, or shit your pants in the intake unit of Wackenhut, then on to a pod for 22 and a half hours a day until the over worked can arrange a hearing for you! And, to all you smokers out there, NO SMOKING AT WACKENHUT! NO EXCEPTIONS!

P.S. Idea to Domestic Relations: USE CERTIFIED MAIL! To You GUYS out there? Keep it in your pants,it’s cheaper…


16 thoughts on “Delaware County Domestic Relations

  1. i think domestic relations is a joke. when my daughters father owes over 52,000.00 in back support and nothing has been done because the “can’t” find him or unable to make payments, what’s up with that. If it were me, i’d be sitting in delaware county prison. Looks like if these deadbeats don’t “fall in their laps” they cant find them. Like i said, joke.

  2. Domestic Relations is a total joke. My Daughters father owes me almost 7,000.00 in back support ( I couldn’t even get an order until I found him when she was 9) He is self employed, and lies bold faced about what he makes. His proof of income..HA! Letters from the sleazy bar owners that he DJ’s for. He is also in Arrears for his first two children ..over 20,0000.00. We have gone to court for contempt upwards of 6 times. Each time he either pays a few hundred the day before.. or the judge askes him what he can afford to pay then. Oh yeah and by the way They lowered his child support becasue he has a total of Five children.. They call this a Multi family discount. Are you Kidding me . I work 40 hours a week.. I am not on welfare. I stuggle every day so my daughter can play sports, and have ( relatively) the same kind of life all her friends have. I think it is disgusting that Domestic relations refuses to put these deadbeats in jail… They last time I was in court for contempt I watched a judge let a man is handcuffs and shakles go after he paid 300.00 when he was over 10,000.00 in arrears for his four children. His ex wife left in tears. I know that the judges have to follow the law. But maybe the laws need to change. If he can get a discount for having so many kids, can I get one for working hard and staying off welfare. No of course not because that is what is expected of me.

  3. You two chicken heads still chasing down your baby daddy’s for money that they alledgedly owe you?First off! how do you feel that they owe you money? You did not work for that money, instead you walked your lazy asses into domestic relations and filed for support and you expect the man to owe you thounsands of dollars? you two FUCKERS are crazy. Get a life and raise your kids yourself. If he won’t help you fuck him to, he will get his in the long run.

  4. First off nice language.. I am sure you are well educated and very intelligent. Second we live the The United States, so the Law didcates that a “man” is finachially responsible for the children he helps to create. So Einstein that is where ( first off) I “deem” he owes that to me. I also “deem” he owes that to me because for the past 13 years, I have gotten up for feedings, diarreha, vomiting. I have washed clothes I bought. Sat in The waiting room thru ear surgeries I have paid for ( at least the part the insurance I have thru my employer..yes 40 hours a week.. not welfare, did not pay for.) Why don’t you add up what a nanny, cleaning woman, taxi driver and social workier make in a year . Because that is what I am worth. Being a Mother has more value that your minimum wage McDonalds Job. Especially when I do it all alone. He wouldn’t know her to trip over her. She has needs now so excuse me if I don’t want to wait for “judgement” day for him to get his… Piece of advice to scum like you. Wear a condom!!!!!

  5. To EVERYONE who has been wronged by Delaware County Domestic Relations, I have contacted the Philadelphia Inquirer to write a story, unless they have more complaints then mine, they won't proceed with a story…Let's unite and complain…

  6. Oh please tell me who to call… DR was supposed to file a warrent for his arrest on May 1st … I am still waiting. The fact that the judge ordered him arrested if he missed one full months payment does not matter in the least. They keep telling me summer is really hard for DR.. Why is that is it becasue everyone is taking vacations??? Well bully for them since becasue I put out 55% plus the % he choses not to pay , I can't afford to give my kids a real vacation.. so please tell me where to sign up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'd like my story to join the Inquirer article, if still possible. Domestic Relations in Media held a hearing for my ex without notifying me. Not him, or his lawyer, or DR – not a soul notified me. They CLOSED my support case & get this – DR claims I called & gave verbal agreement to them closing my case!!! Since when is that acceptable? How did they confirm the caller was me? Not only does DR have my home ph#, but also my cell. NO ONE called me. No one sent me a letter. I called 3x to inquire why support stopped. DR outright lied to me each time,not informing me the case was closed. My tax dollars are paying the salaries of people who help my ex to continue ABUSING me. His claim is he no longer has income or any assets. OMG, the lies are so outrageous, and DR knows it & goes along with it. Oh, but he can afford a high-priced attorney! He is at his shore house now, fishing as much as he can on his boat. My case really needs to be publicized, people need to be more aware of how their tax dollars are being spent. Evil continues winning because some of us decent folks are not standing up and speaking out.

  8. You have to love this one. Last Novemeber a judge finally threw my "deadbeat" in jail. The Judge ordered if he missed one payment in 12 months a warrent was to be issued and he would spent 90 days in jail or have to pay 1000.00 to get out. So everyother month I have to call and try to get a warrent issued since he never pays more than 50% ( and I am being generous) This time I called because a full payment was not made for the month of Aug. The case worker told me she was not going to issue the warrent and that we should just wait and see what happens…. Seriously when does a case worker have the ability to superceed a judges order. Oh when they don't want to do the job they are paid to do

  9. Who do we contact for the philadelphia inquier to do a story? I am on both ends of the DM battle and all I can say is that both messed up. I know it may be difficult for them to put forth any extra effort but there are special circumstances and everyone should have the right to have their looked at. This is not a place where the same laws can be applied to everycase. They really don't even do that. It depends on the mood of those who work at DM. They all act like you are bothering them. I would rather close down the damn place and save myself the taxes…

  10. Well I am now a single father of two beautiful boys. I use to pay 1200 a month for the both of them to my ex wife. (even though I was on unemployment) I paid this for eighteen months, until they caught her shooting up. I have had custody for two and a half years now and have gotten nothing. Unlike you blood sucking women I will man up and take care of business. Fuck the system, fuck her, just me and my boys. Her death will be my payment!!!!!!GOD BLESS

  11. To everyone who has children. Since when do we let people in black fucking robes decide what happens in raising our children. First, to women if you slept with a dirt bag and knew he was one shame on you. If you didn't see his behaviors and responsibilities before hand then you should have an eye test. Two men if you knocked up a girl man up a take on the responsiblity. I am so tired of hearing about people bitching and moaning. Take control of your life. You will never get blood out of a stone I don't care how hard you try.

  12. My daughter just came from DR and they told her baby's dad he has to pay $11.00 a week. She did not go before the judge..this is what those so called employees came up with. I am shocked. That won't even buy a pack of diapers or a can of formula. So now we know why we need so many government hand outs. She has to go to wic now. She has to go on food stamps now. She has to get medicaid now. DR is not for the woman. I noticed that 25 years ago when I took my ex there. I mean come on eleven dollars a week. What the hell is that suppose to be for.

  13. I find it interesting that so many people are unhappy with DR, I had a caseworker tell me she has had her job for 11 years and has many happy clients. Well my son is 11 and I have never been happy with them. I am very interested in going public about this, especially since I have been on both sides with my husband paying $600 a month for a child we have more than half the time. I do not understand how deadbeat parents get away with not paying and there is no recourse. I wish I could go without paying my mortgage or taxes that pay their salary for 11 years. These case workers and judges should get increases based on their success rate and then maybe they would care a little more about how they handle things. Does anyonw know if the media is still interested in doing a story? I know of several people who have complaints. To complain to domestics you have to put it in writing….I guess if I was as insufficent as Mimi Walker and Judge Cronin I would be afraid to take calls too.

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