Duane "Dog" Chapman, A.K.A. Wannabe A R N O L D

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Look out all you little girly men…

Once a Con, ALWAYS a con. I cannot stand this testosterone pumping loser who goes out and becomes the predator. Gee, let me see. you were in prison for what? Who is this guy? Does he carry a firearm? I’ll give ya reality, TV has gone nuts when your wife defends some loser ex Con over the History Channel. I’ll investigate this guy later to see just what his “Rap Sheet” reveals…

Bring it on to Pennsylvania you loser! Ahahahahahaa!


430 thoughts on “Duane "Dog" Chapman, A.K.A. Wannabe A R N O L D

  1. what the hell is wrong with you guys? dog is the best man ever. he is my idol. so what if he is a convicted felon. people can change and he did it. at least he isnt sitting on his ass watching t.v. like you big losers!

  2. he had his bail licece revoked and the people of hawaii can’t stand him. i saw the show two times. if there was a trailer park in hawaii they would live there no doubt.i live a couple of blocks from the guy and i am afraid property values might crash. HELP!!!

  3. Me and the wife are watching the Dog right now. She is still defending this guy, telling me that I am jealous that I’m not big and bad like him. I replied: I have a permit to carry my Baretta, he don’t.No matter how big in size you are you will LOSE against a Baretta.Food for Thought.

  4. Guns are for cowards and losers. I guess you morons fall into both catagories.Duane “Dog” Chapman needs no gun, because he is a REAL man, unlike you pathetic couch potatoes.What have YOU ever done, jagoffs?:Maybe you should shut your stupid faces before you make yourselves look like even bigger idiots than you already have.NightHunter.

  5. Ok Mr.Canada, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt only because your brain is about as big as the Dog’s and I’m feeling generous this morning. But I am not a “Couch Potato” I work my ass off and as a “Sparky”, place my life in more danger by working on live voltage that could fry you in a millisecond and work in crime infested areas on top of that. WITHOUT my Baretta either. Next time “NightHunter”, Google something more in tune..

  6. On Dog… Men are ALL jealous. As far as property value going down: that’s laughable. He is going to end up filthy rich: they have a contract for action figures, a book in the works, a mini series with a major net work and I smell a movie. He’s a rehabilitated con with huge muscles who can take down the bad guys: every girl’s fantasy. So you little men go work at your desk jobs and make fun of him. Pennsylvania fan

  7. I cannot believe that you guys (and Girls) really like this Dog Dude. As far as the Baretta thing goes, no I would never take on Dawg without it. Difference is, I can carry one and he cannot. Would YOU go up against him? Nada.Desk job? I work a lot harder than old Dawg ever did.

  8. I guess being a convicted felon that is out doing some good for the human race is better than being a convicted felon out there looking to rape your wife, rob your house, or car jack you. You are only a hater because this man has made something of himself and people recognize his name.. and no one knows or cares about who you are. Nice- by the way- your little promo to try to get work

  9. I’m not really a “Hater” of the guy, I just never could stand the “macho” bully types. Dog makes a lot of money doing his show, the locals where he lives cannot stand him or his wife, and there are more inportnant things going on in the U.S. to have shows on.Every day, another U.S. serviceman or woman is killed or maimed gor life. Go to your local VA hospital and look around. And don’t give me that bullshit line of “They died for our Freedoms” either. Iraq = Pack Of Lies. Dog = Loser TV “Reality” show.

  10. A&E has always had a hate-on for bounty hunters and have perfected their assaults on real hunters with their presentation of this phoney and his pathetic clown troupe. This bozo couldn’t find his own butt at midnight with a flaslight and a map.His only TRUE claim to fame is that he got busted in Mexico, pulling off a stunt that anyone who’s been in the business more than a week would know better than to do.Beyond that, he is (at BEST) a lightweight, amature blundering through pissant assignments from an equally pissant agency. I haven’t seen him go after a skip with a bond over $10k yet. This indicates either that a pro is doing the serious cases or the agency is operating on the smallest reserve allowed by the surety company underwriting them. Either way, “Dog” is a pathetic joke.

  11. Ok, listen up, “Sparky”.You admit that you wouldn’t face Dog without your gun, yet continue to act all superior. You are a gutless moron! As for me, believe me that you wouldn’t try it without a gun either, tough guy. Dog doesn’t need a gun to get the job done, and neither do I.You are, in point of fact, an easychair expert. You have never put handcuffs on anybody besides the fuzzy pink ones you use on your boyfriend in an intimate moment, and thus are unqualified to talk about Duane Chapman.I’m a housing cop and I work in some of the worst Housing projects in the country, if not in North America. I have made hundreds of arrests of violent and strung out suspects. This qualifies me to speak on this subject.And make no mistake about it, you ARE a hater, bub! A pathetic, jealous little hater that wishes you could be half as good as The Dog.Now how about doing the rest of us a favor and shuting the hell up?And lay off the “Canada” cracks, dumbass. That sort of thing proves what a hater you really are, as well as what a loser you are!Now go google your mother, dipstick!NightHunter

  12. NightHunter, Go cuff yourself to a urinal. That’s what I think of your post. you claim to have made hundreds of arrests as a what? Housing Cop?Quote from NightHunter:”Dog doesn’t need a gun to get the job done, and neither do I.” Canada has hundreds of violent and strung out suspects? Listen idiot, I don’t give a fuck about asshole Dog Chapman, nor you. There are more pressing matters in the world, but it’s you, the idiot fuckhead, who is the lewzer.I’d like to see you work on a live 600 volt panelboard. No, you would wet your pants. That’s why you need to be in the john with your cuffs.Dog Chapman = I Don’t give a shit about him. And you ought to find someone else to worship. Your pathetic.P.S. Qualify This: I may not have ever arrested someone, but I saved a man’s life who had his leg amputated. Everyone else stood and watched as this guy was bleeding out. Only I thought enough to use a belt as a tourniquet and slow the bleeding. When he made it to the hospital, his hemoglobin count was a 2. Without my quick thinking, he would have been dead.Let’s hear what you”ve done for someone else that was positive.

  13. “Housing cop?” “Cop” indicates a law enforcement officer. Prey tell, what law enforcement agency (including housing authorities) doesn’t issue and REQUIRE the carrying of firearms?Are you sure you didn’t mean to say “rent-a-cop?” Or, would “compleste fraud” be more exact?If you have to engage in wannabe hero worship, try worshiping something other than another wannabe.I wouldn’t let Chapman pull casefiles (a job I used to give to security guards I found amusing) for me.The man and his little band of misfits, dressed in their clown costumes, are the biggest emberassment ever to hit the profession.If not sounding as big a fool as Chapman, I suggest you learn a little something about the profession and the true professionals in it who wouldn’t wipe their shoes on him.

  14. What have “I” done, Sparky? Well, let me see… arrested hundreds of drug dealers, rapists, armed robbers, burglars and numerous other criminals and put them in the slammer. Solved a number of crimes that the cops hadn’t, and passed on the info which resulted in suspects being charged and incarcerated. I’ve pulled people out of burning, smoke filled apartments, and provided emergency first aid to persons having seizures, heart attacks, people suffering from stab wounds, and many others too numerous to list. But the ONE decent thing you ever did was good. By the way, I locked up a major drug dealer last weekend. So what have you done lately?And all that was, yes, as a housing cop. Ever seen a housing project Sparky? Or don’t you visit your relatives? Your “cuff” comment was pretty crude, but thats about what I’d expect from an idiot, so no suprise there. You’re the one that’s pathetic, bub. All haters are! No go forth and humiliate yourself no more!As for “Anonymous”, you moronically asked: “what law enforcement agency (including housing authorities) doesn’t issue and REQUIRE the carrying of firearms?” A CANADIAN one, jackass! In Canada we don’t carry guns like the US housing cops do.If you don’t want to watch Dog The Bounty Hunter, theh don’t! But for pete’s sake shut up about it will you? Go watch cartoons then, that’s about your speed.I see your jealousy based hatred for the Dog keeps you coming back to attempt to defame him, doesn’t it? Well rest assured that neither Duane Chapman nor I will lose any sleep over what dim-witted, do-nothing losers like you think about us. You clowns are a complete waste of oxygen!And you and Sparky there, can bet your Pee Wee Herman lunch boxes on that! Now get off the computer and leave the grownups alone now. I’m sure that there must be cartoons on TV somewhere.Sincerely,NightHunter

  15. By the way Sparky, I’m sure that you are so stupid that you will again try to run down what I do for a living. But even if you don’t understand anything about protecting society from crime and what it takes to do this work, I guess I will just chalk it up to the fact that you are a total jackass.I bet you think your job is a big deal! So you pull wires all day. And I bet you practice pulling your wire at home when your not working too.In closing I humbly say:HOUSING COPS RULE AND LINEMEN DROOL!THE DOG REIGNS SUPREME!!!Sincerely,The NightHunter.

  16. Oh, excuse me! A Canadian security guard is of a much higher caliber than a U.S. rent-a-cop! No wonder you need a bufoon like Chapman to look up to.I bet you think professional wrestling is real, don’t you?I have no interest in “defaming” you or your sad hero. You do a fine job of that all by yourselves.You have made it more than clear that you have no understanding of the bail recovery business and no interest in learning. While you have been rattling doorknobs and slobbering over a characature of what you’ll never be, I’ve been there, doing and living what you can never hope to understand, let alone experience.It must be terrible to only have dreams and heros while others have memories. Fortunately, though, that’s nobodies problem but yours.The man you claim has done “nothing” has saved a life. You dare to compare chasing children off the swingset at 10:00 with that?Before you presume to diminish the work of others, do something real with your life instead of taking whatever you can get to sooth your ego after failing the PD entrance exam.And, while you are at it, get me a pizza. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you touch my car. It’s been on tv too!

  17. You’re a total retard, as well as an ignorant jagoff.I am not a “security guard”, you loser. I work in some of the meanest, most drug and crime infested housing projects in North America. I am a crimefighter. What are you? A welfare case, I’ll bet. Or a small time criminal. A loud mouth moron like you would be eaten alive there in 10 seconds.I have put the cuffs on everything from drug dealers to murderers bub. And all you can do is sit there at your pink laptop and spout off to Dog and I. Back to your parent’s basement, you pathetic jagoff. I think I hear your mommy calling!I hope I run into you some day, asshat.

  18. “Anonymous”, you are a loser. I guess you didn’t read what I said about the hundreds of criminals I’ve snagged. I am not a “security guard”, you retard. And don’t talk about what happens in my country, since you don’t even know what goes on in your own.I have saved lives and put killers and drug dealers in prison. I don’t care what you believe, because I know it, and the real people I know do too.You are just a loser on a msg board, hiding behind a pink laptop. You have never done anything in your life, and never will becuase you are to cowardly and stupid.I have no more time tyo waste on you, you pice of trash. Go back to your parent’s basement, you imbecile.

  19. Nighthunter is right. Dog the bounty hunter is a great man, and it sounds like Nighthunter is too. What do any of you haters do, besides shoot off your fucking big mouths? Nothing! That’s what! Jealousy will get you nowhere little boys!

  20. I agree with nighthunter on this. (And kudos to you for being a crimefighter also!)Dog the bounty hunter is a great man and it’s a great show too! he arrests lots of criminals and he trys to help as many as he can. Anybody that is a hater of his should just shut the hell up and watch something else because we don’t want to hear your trash!

  21. But you really have to admit…Money or not…Dog and his Kin are the biggest bunch of white trash I have seen! You have to laugh at the way this moron dresses…And his wife!! Holy crap! The chick is a hoochie…I mean reallly- she must take tips from Dog on how to dress. She looks like a dang hooker.. Oh, and this whole gun issue. This crap that he does not need a gun to do his job. His felony conviction made that decision for him..Dog didn’t. Do you really think that if he was able to obtain a permit too carry a firearm he wouldn’t? Bullcrap! He would be carrying a weapon twice the size of his wife fanny! I’m out.

  22. Yeah, you’re “out” all right.. out of your mind! Here is yet another classic example of somebody yapping off without knowing what the hell their talking about!! At least do your homework, buster!First of all, Dog Chapman received a congressional pardon, and therefore is allowed to carry a firearm.As for your other childish comments, Dog grew up in the 70’s, so if he sports a 70’s ‘do’, that is his perogitive. And his wife is also allowed to dress as she likes, I believe. This was AMERICA the last time I checked, dumbass! Besides, I think think they look great! Duane “Dog” Chapman is an American hero! He makes the streets safe by catching criminal scum like Andrew Luster, and helps reform others so that there is less crime! What the hell did YOU ever do for your city or your country? What have you ever done for ANYBODY, you loud mouthed ass?I bet your some ugly zit faced loser, that can’t get a job or a date with a girl. Stop being so jealous and shut then hell up! You suck! Now run down to the welfare office and get your latest check, you loser!

  23. Ha! That’s America for you. Congressional Pardon. I guess all you have to do is be arrested for armed robbery 18 times and imprisoned for the fatal shooting of a man and you’ll get a pardon. Now I have heard it all. Did that last poster make you a bit bitter? Sounds like it. You talk like a man with a paper ass-hole. If Dog is a American hero then you my friend she re-think things and possibly get some psychological help.

  24. K9Kickboxer,You just basically made yourself look like more of a ass than the poster you were complaining about. Your infering that he/she made childish comments? You should read your post. If your going to complain about a post don’t be a hypocrite. Grow up.

  25. Since all you clowns are doing is cursing and spoiling for an argument, I think you should shut the hell up! You don’t have one sensible word to contribute, you just want to try to cause trouble and make a lot of noise. SHUT UP YOU DAMN MORONS!Dog Chapman is a great man! If you can’t accept that or deal with it because you are less than a man, then work on your problems and don’t be jealous of those that are better and more successful in life than you will ever be.Suck it up little boys, cuz that’s the way it is! Dog rules and you suck!BTW, I am a woman, so the idiot that thought I was a man just proved what he knows, and that is nothing! Ha ha retardo!Duane Chapman does a tremendous job! He contributes greatly to society. He is a true hero, and I am glad that he keeps going forward, no matter what is thrown at him.I’m sure that he has helped change many lives for the better, and this compassion for others, be they citizen or criminal, only shows what a truly good man he is. Just as your words and actions show what pathetic imbeciles you are!I am sick of wasting time on losers like you buffoons, so shut up and go give each other BJs, you gutless annonymous assholes!

  26. Well said! I also don’t give a damn what these haters/losers say because I know the truth about Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. And that is that he’s a wonderful man that has given so much of his heart and soul to others. I’d like to say that I’m happy to know he’ll be catching more fugitives, getting more fans, and touching other people’s lives. He has touched and changed so many people’s lives already, more than he’ll ever know. He’s given his fans hope, inspiration, and even saved some of their lives from ending. ‘Dog’ Chapman has given everyone new ways of thinking and seeing things. He’s taught people so much, including to believe in themselves and to never lose hope. ‘Dog’ has always been there to support his adoring fans when times were hard, and because of this we will always love and support him. If there were any way to give back all that he’s shown and given to us, we would, and we will always from the bottom of our hearts be thankful to him. If someone asked me who the most amazing person alive is, I would tell them Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. The world’s greatest bounty hunter!

  27. Well said! I also don’t give a damn what these haters/losers say because I know the truth about Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. And that is that he’s a wonderful man that has given so much of his heart and soul to others. I’d like to say that I’m happy to know he’ll be catching more fugitives, getting more fans, and touching other people’s lives. He has touched and changed so many people’s lives already, more than he’ll ever know. He’s given his fans hope, inspiration, and even saved some of their lives from ending. ‘Dog’ Chapman has given everyone new ways of thinking and seeing things. He’s taught people so much, including to believe in themselves and to never lose hope. ‘Dog’ has always been there to support his adoring fans when times were hard, and because of this we will always love and support him. If there were any way to give back all that he’s shown and given to us, we would, and we will always from the bottom of our hearts be thankful to him. If someone asked me who the most amazing person alive is, I would tell them Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. The world’s greatest bounty hunter!

  28. Is that right? So where is HIS TV show then? And why have I never heard of HIM? Maybe becuase he sucks? What did HE ever do that was worth a damn? Nothing, I’ll bet, which is why he is an obscure name you found someplace, or even made up. Who the hell cares about who the “Godfather of bail enforcement” was, anyway? Because the King of bail enforcement is Duane “Dog” Chapman!Don’t try to be stupid like “Loser In Deleware County,” ok? Don’t be a smart/jackass.When you get to be rich, famous and have YOUR own hit TV show, then come back and let us know, alrighty? Or maybe if you ever just grow up and stop acting like a jealous little loser.In the mean time, save your lame replies about chumps nobody has ever heard of. Much like yourself anonymous boy!

  29. Speaking of LIDC, Whatever happened to “Francis” anyway? Maybe he went to get his nails polished at the beauty parlor?Oh yeah, you are much man “Francis”, or can I call you “Fran”? Ya goofy looking old fuck!

  30. Actually Samantha he is right.. Here is Padilla’s website I found..and National Geographic did a special on him. According to National Geographic he has quite a few more captures than Duane.

  31. OK – Let’s get the facts straight on Media Hound Chapman. But since you all seem to get your news from FOX, I won’t hold out much hope for you all. Mr. Chapman was with a biker gang and along with his crime partners, committed a murder. He ratted out his crime partners to get his life sentence reduced to 3 years. He has to be the biggest piece of White Trash to ever stink up the cable channels. A&E should be ashamed. I watch “DOG” – I can’t help it. It is like seeing a bloody auto accident. You know you shouldn’t watch, but you can’t help it. If you also watch “DOG” on TV, when a citizen with a room tempeture IQ stands up to him, he turns into a total weasel and runs away! FUNNY! Too bad the cops in Puerto Vallarta didn’t smoke him when they had the chance. Plus, why does he dress up like a bouncer in a gay leather bar?

  32. When A&E relates these stories they’re telling us Bounty Hunting is a lucrative and adventerous trade. Are they not? they are also condoneing it, for what? the money in the viewers? Bounty hunting from experiences is nothing more than picking up autos people don’t pay for, evicting single parents from homes, usually with kids kicked out on the street. There’s nothing adventerous in bounty hunting. A&E gives you a “James Bond” idea of bounty hunting. Dog, his tubby wife and the rest of the crew who dress like them, would bring so much attention to themselves, like a circus, that they wouldn’t be hired. I do know personally two seperate Bounty Hunters. They are nothing like “Dog” at all. They make excellant wages and they’re very secretive. They don’t “show off” to the public. Get real A&E or whom ever makes up your programs. “Dog” the bounty hunter is like watching wrestling, you want to think it’s real but, it’s not. It’s nothing more than a show for people that have nothing better to do with their lives.

  33. I’ll kick your ass DAWG and your fat wife’s ass, just for fun. Maybe while i’m at it i’ll stick her really good in the snatch.. Like they say DAWG, big man, little dick. Your a perfect example lmao!!

  34. Where did you hear that Duane was Pardoned? I have read at least 6 articles on the web that states he is unable to carry a firearm. I also find nothing on the web regarding this pardon. Who said he was Pardoned? Dog Himself? Who the hell would Pardon him in the first place? If it is true then that is the most fucked up thing I had heard in a looooonnnnng time.

  35. Francis and the rest of you homos, listen up: Dog did 18 months, NOT 3 years. And that was for not calling the police after the murder of the drug dealer by one of Dog’s fellow gang members. Under Texas law at the time, that made you as guilty as if you had been actually involved, which he wasn’t as he was outside waiting in the car, becuase the real killer was supposed to be buying marijuana, not committing a murder.Dog was givenm a congressional pardon and could carry a gun, but chooses not to. Who would want a gun after it was a gun that was used to get him into prison in the first place, albeit not his gun.You haters really have no lives. All you do is talk trash. Get your own tv show and get famous, and stop running down the Dog. He is better than all of you lunatics put together! I mean, what did any of you (aside from NightHunter) ever do for anybody? NOTHING! SO just go away!!! We know you are stupid asses! Stop proving it over and over!!

  36. I love how the fans try to make excuses for Duane. He is basically giving the bail enforcement professionals a bad name. To exploit the profession like he does for profit? He should be ashamed of himself. As a person who has been in the field for 40+ years I can vouche for many people in the profession who think he is a ass. Grow up Duane.

  37. To Tess : QUOTE: “You haters really have no lives. All you do is talk trash. Get your own tv show and get famous, and stop running down the Dog. He is better than all of you lunatics put together! I mean, what did any of you (aside from NightHunter) ever do for anybody? NOTHING! SO just go away!!! We know you are stupid asses! Stop proving it over and over!!First off, you and NightHunter and other Dog freaks continue to worship this clown named Duane. The “homo” comments by NightHunter prove just what an immature fellow he really is. I don’t want to be famous, not like Dog. You see, to me he and his show are as entertaining as Jerry Springer.Yes, and last but not least; YOU GO AWAY. This is my blog, not yours. Go start your own, and dribble about Duane the “Village People” wannabe.

  38. “YOU GO AWAY. This is my blog not yours!” Talk about an immature little crybaby! And Nighthunter is immature??? I don’t think so. And YOU were the one with the homo comments, not Nighthunter.In fact, since I read what YOU wrote at a grade 1 level of maturity, I have to laugh in your face! You are so jealous of the Dog that it’s making you vomit!I don’t care whose stupid blog this is, you are spreading lies and hate about a great man! And if you don’t want more people telling you off, then just shut the hell up with your hate filled diatribe, dumbass.Unlike you, I speak the truth! Although I doubt that an immature little wussy like you and the other haters can handle it! Duane Dog Chapman, the world’s most famous bounty hunter and loving father has taught millions people across North America that you can be a better person and that your life doesn’t have to involve drugs. He has made a great impact on my life and I would rather eat a full tub of ice cream before I resort to drugs. During my life I went though alot of emotions that was until I watched Dog the bounty hunter.Alot of kids in my school use drugs and drink beer, even though i’m put under peer pressure I refuse to do any of those because I know that I can be a better person. Duane Dog Chapman is my idol and always will be. You can have your lame ass blog back now “Francis”. 🙂

  39. That explains everything Deathnova… Your a immature child. Please start concentrating more on your homework and less on the blog. Your age really shows in your posts.

  40. Yeah, that sure is pretty immature, grandpa. An old guy like you should act more mature. You are a disgrace!!Smarten up old man! Dog is all good in my book! anybody who snags a psycho serial rapist on the lam earns my respect, which is more than I can say about losers like you Francis! Delaware County must be real proud of you…. NOT!I am going to post a link to here on every Dog fan board on the net. After thousands of Dog fans read what you just said, you better get set to get your wrinkled old ass told off, pops!You nasty old coot! Get a life!!

  41. You go right ahead there loser, put a link up. I just can’t wait to see what kind of assinine posts show up. “Dog is God spelled backwards!”, or “Go DOG GO!”. On a side note the bad thing about blogging is that you have assholes who like to post on friends web sites like one who is a paraplegic with nasty comments. The good thing is that I can DELETE any of your asshole comments.

  42. I LOVE THE SHOW YOU ALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT ANYONE ESPECIALLY SOMEONE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW.Blah Blah Blah… YES I DO YOU STUPID RETARD! I don’t like the show, I don’t like Dog, I don’t give a shit about his adoring moronic fans. Don’t you people who have children seriously have a better role-model than Dog?

  43. “Anonymous said… Funny how you dog lovers call LIDC an old man, etc. Dog is 50 years old.”Oh yeah? Well I have seen gorgeous pics of the handsome, muscular, Dog Chapman, and the hideous pic of the old, decrepit, ugly looking LIDC. (Who incidentally, looks like he spends his time hanging around outside kindergartens all day!) Now, do you want to re-think that idiotic comment about why they call LIDC an old man? LOL!!!

  44. Holy crap! I saw one of the episodes where Duane and his tubby wife go to some fancy eatery in Hawaii…He drives up in the freakin’ Jaguar which he completely ruined with these 22″ bling bling negro rims. Then they get out and Duane looks like he just got done with his shift as a bouncer at the local gay bar….and of course his tubby wife looked like her usual hooker self! Shit that was funny!

  45. “Oh yeah? Well I have seen gorgeous pics of the handsome, muscular, Dog Chapman”You think Duane Chapman is gorgeous? You must be as fat and ugly as his wife. Just look at his pic. A CONVICT.A MURDERER. A LIAR.Most of all, A PLAIN OLD DIRTY, SCUMMY, FILTHY, FUGLY OLD MAN!

  46. Fuck you, scumbag!You’re a guy, so who’s really gay here? Must be YOU! You talk like a racist also, you hate mongering moron!And as for the next retard, listen up, bitch: Dog is a REAL man, unlike a loser like you. You pukes are just totally pathetic! It makes me laugh to see how stupid some idiots can be!You want to see an ugly old man, look in the mirror, Francis!!!

  47. No, Francis must be ok. I mean, he sits around bad mouthing a true American hero like the Dog, and then puts up loads of pics of young girls with HUGE jugs, and underneath he writes captions like “Beautiful smile!” What a pedophile!!What a diddler!! What a pathetic old loser!! He probably has tons of kiddie porn on his computer too!

  48. True Americian Hero? Pedophile? Girls with Huge tits? you both are really losing it to say those things in defence of Chapman. God knows that you worship the sniviling chimp Bush and his cabal too.Get a life. I am 44, happily married, have 5 children, ain’t a CONVICT (like someone else so beautifully posted about Dog), work 6 days a week. And have a permit to carry.DAWG on the other hand, is a 50 something year old steroid shooting fuckhead who terrorizes Hawaii and other locations with his so called “Shock n Awe”.Like I said before: I don’t watch his fucking show (Only for some laughs), and couldn’t care less about him. To you losers who continue to post your nasty rhetoric:One post about my family in a threatening manner will get you ass in court. To the fucker who e mailed me doing just that, Your attempt at spoofing your ip and mail addy has failed.I am an “Old Man” when it comes to the net. Been on it since ’88. Fido, Usenet, IRC, BBS’s, etc. I have more brains than you and Duane put together.

  49. LIDC.If you like something and make a blog or site about it, that’s all fine and good, but NOTHING was ever accomplished by hate mongering.Hate begets hate as violence begets violence.If you stop acting like such an insulting hate mongering jackass and leave Dog and his fans alone, then I’m sure that they will leave you in peace.You put up a hate blog and now it’s coming back to haunt you. You have royally pissed off a lot of people with your insulting comments and inane and insipid posts. And what did you get? You will never change the minds of any true fans of the Dog, and as for the idiots that are already on your side, you can’t preach to the already converted.So why don’t we all just “agree to disgree” on the subject. We will watch Dog’s show and respect him, and you are free to NOT watch it and have no respect.Just stop trying to ram your ideas down our throats, because it’s never going to happen. You can never change our minds.Just knock off the hate and stupid insults. You are badly out numbered here, bub.Live and let live. It’s the only way to be.NightHunter

  50. Funny thing is, I posted my OPINION about the show. Then I was baited by the Dawg fans. I fell for it. My wife watches Bounty Hunter, I do not.This isn’t a “Hate Blog” at all.Tell me something NH, how would you react to a threatening email towards your family? Would you e mail back more threats? Call the police? Or ignore it?

  51. I have arrested hundreds of criminals in my career, and many went to prison because of me. Consequently, I have received threats many times. It’s a little scary at first, but after a while, you start to think it’s all just “tough guy talk” to try to get a rise out of you. And it is.Naturally when one’s family is mentioned, the impulse to strike back immediately kicks in. That’s a perfectly normal reaction, and likely just one that the crank is trying to invoke, totry to get you upset so that he can sit back in his parent’s basement, and laugh.Now considering the source of the threat you mention is via e-mail, I have to imagine it to be the work of some dumbass crank or other such jagoff. As such, I would block the sender immediately. For treatening phone calls and letters I would say call the police without delay.So unless the content of the e-mail suggests some kind of intimate knowledge of you or your family that would not be known to the public through your site or other easily accessable public means,then I wouldn’t get too concerned about it. However if it displayed intimate knowledge than I would advise you to contact the authorities about it. But I doubt that it does. It’s more likely just some loser with a lot of spare time.And you can take it from me, LIDC, because I have pissed many people off in my time!! But again, I have to say that it’s likely just some jackass trying to bother you. Most threats are just that. Nobody ever actually tried to make good on a threat against me.I am sorry that this happened to you, and I hope that no fan of Duane Chapman would stoop to such a tactic, and if so, I would point out to him or her that The Dog himself would definitely NOT approve of any such action. And that is because it is illegal, cowardly and just plain stupid!

  52. It is quite obvious it is one of the fans that is threatening Francis. Read some of their posts, quite hypocritical if you ask me. So I would tend to think we are not dealing with Ivy league graduates!

  53. Dog may have been in a little trouble in his past but most importantly he paid his dues and did his time. Thank god that his past experiances made him the man he is today. He is a hereo!

  54. “LTMCSD said… It is quite obvious it is one of the fans that is threatening Francis. Read some of their posts, quite hypocritical if you ask me. So I would tend to think we are not dealing with Ivy league graduates!”I don’t know if it was a fan or not, and I won’t speculate without solid evidence. But even if it had been, one crank is not representitive of the Dog’s fans, anymore than any of the hate mongering losers who post here against the Dog, is representive of a non-fan.Besides, LIDC himself made the blanket statement that everybody that watches Dog is an… well.. I won’t repeat it, but as I warned before, you are just looking for trouble when you play with hate and prejudice like that. Give others the same right of free choice that would you demand for yourself. And don’t start mass insulting people who like some one or something that you don’t, and then when they complain, challenge them by saying: “Oh yeah? I’m not afraid of you! Bring it on losers!” This is just foolish.

  55. Alright NH, you got me there. I kinda did take a line from George Bush about “Bringing it on”. But The only thing “serious” about this whole thread is the fact that someone I do not know sent me an e-mail threatening my family. Most likely some loser but in today’s world, should be taken quite serious.The rest? Well let’s just say that I guess some people base their lives around another way too much.

  56. As I said LIDC, as nasty as it obviously was, if the content was vague and non-specific, just ignore it. Don’t give the idiot the satisfaction, you know? Karma will catch up to that clown sooner or later.And no worries about the “Bush comment”, Lol!And as for “the rest,” in this age of terrorists, 911, rampant crime every where, racisim on the streets and violence in our schools, if some people are lucky enough to find a hero to look up to, and an ideal to follow, then I say more power to them and to The Dog!I’m sure that you will agree with me on that point as well.You know LIDC, when you really stop and think about it, our ideologies aren’t really that far apart, are they?

  57. Yeah, I guess they aren’t. But one thing is quite different. your idea’s about who the “Terrorists” are and mine are completly different. I could go on, but it’s late, and I have to work yet another Saturday. (Thank God there is work).

  58. The Dog is a homo. the Dude takes down the weakest looking people. I’ve never even seen him go after somebody that looks remotly like a threat. It’s always homeless old people doing nothing. Then to make things worse he tries to make these unharmful situations all intense making it seem like they were a threat. Chapman’s a puss. Plain and simple. I wanna see him go after somebody that actiallly might do damage, not some cracked out old guy who doesn’t know what’s going on. Also the show’s a guide on how to be white trash.

  59. ‘scuse me, but is there something wrong with being a part of the “white trash” sector of life? Last time I checked, everybody was made up of the same molecules. Who’s to say that one lifestyle choice is “better” than an other one? There’s a beating heart and fine red blood runnin’ through every last one of us. Judge not, lest you be judged by your own standards! Dog’s got the balls to live like he wanna…no matter what anybody tink!

  60. Lola Gina Marie said… ‘scuse me, but is there something wrong with being a part of the “white trash” sector of life? Well, I guess not, as long as you can glance up at “Jerry” while your dad makes you blow his poker buddies. Besides, with your brother also being your dad and husband, Appalachia makes the ties that bind, right? Lola Gina Marie said… Dog’s got the balls to live like he wanna…no matter what anybody tink! I “tink” the only way I’d like to see Dawg is with some convict’s balls bouncing his asscheeks.

  61. Goodness, I didn’t realize that was getting involved with a bunch of potty-mouth bigots! I shall leave you to your judgemental chatter. By the way, “tink” is hawaiian pidgin english for the word “think”…. just so you know.

  62. LOl, and you local Hawaiian love the white guy? the same race that took over your former country? Read your history man!Forget it, you people are as stupid as they come. you can have Hawaii, and Dog too. Steve McGarrit “five o” was the shit in the day. Now, you have…. Dog the bounty hunter. Pathetic.

  63. Hey, Living in Delaware County…you are one miserable- sounding human being. I no longer see people in terms of their color or their history. Some of my best friends are haoles. Am I supposed to not associate with them because of something their ancestors did? Sounds like putting another link on the chain of bigotry and prejudice. No Thanks!

  64. Whew. Who would would have thought a retro redneck with the worlds worst mullet could piss off so many people just by finding a way to get rich. As an ex con who has lived the straight life (couple of traffic tickets) for the last 26 years, I’d just like to know how to get one of those congressional pardons.

  65. Duane is a discrace, and an embarrassment to the bail industry as a whole. In my state we bondsman can not have ANY felony convictions to qualify for a bail license, non the less a bounty hunter. I cannot see letting a convicted murder chase down other criminals. I don’t see how that is OK with the American public. Next it will be OK for cops to be ex-cons and murders. I wonder how the family of Dog’s murder victom feels about seeing him on TV? If he killed a member of my family I first of all wouldn’t want to see him out of jail and second running around with mace. 99% of Bounty hunters carry a gun. Don’t you think it would be foolish of a convicted murder to “admit” he carries one?

  66. I’ve never seen so much jealousy in my life! The blogger doesn’t care about Chapman? Why has he devoted so much time and energy to someone he doesn’t give a rat about?Three cheers for anyone who can turn their life around like Chapman has.

  67. You have got to be kidding. Jealous? Of a CONVICT? What was he convicted of again? Lemme think… Darn, I can’t right remember. As far as devoting so much time and energy if you mean this blog you are as stupid as Chapman is. It dosen’t take much to start your own.Tell ya what. Go to http://www.blogger.com and start your very own “I Love Duane Chapman Blog” Then give me the URL (link) so I can post on it.Agree?

  68. Dog is not what you idiots think he is. He is a joke in the bonding industry. The woman in the big underware uses a alias on the show.If there is a trailer park in Hawaii these booger picking morons live there.

  69. *Waia’kea said… I live in Kapaa..and a majority of the folks around here would prefer he move back to the mainland and take his white trash image with him.*I’m sure they would. Let me guess… are these folks criminals and bond jumpers by chance? Because decent law abiding people are glad The Dog is around!And as for the moron who posted above me, and the other jealous hater losers, get a life of your own, asshats!As you can see, decent people love The Dog, and nothing that any of you creeps can say is going to change that!

  70. Ed Tarnecki? Of course he is a moron. What do you expect from a guy that is dating his right hand?All these haters ought to move away from their parents and get jobs. Then they wouldn’t have so much spare time on their hands to write trash about the Dog, in between waiting for the welfare checks to arrive.

  71. I have a job. I know the subject in question. He is trash. The woman in the big underware has a real name it is not Beth Smith it is Alice Elizabeth Barmore. Do a web search on her and see what you learn. As for my job I’m a licensed bondsman in the State of Colorado. As for the people who posted right before me you don’t know shit from a cheap grade of putty.

  72. Aren’t there morse pressing issues here in AMERICA than some fuck head and his whore wife? Maybe you all heard the word “KATRINA” used a few times on the T.V. Why waste your thoughts on some loser and his kin?

  73. Wow, this is a crazy website! I stumbled onto it by accident looking to find out hold old “Dog” Chapman is (a very surprising “46”, I think he looks a lot older than that!) Anyway, you people are ALL nuts! I like watching a variety of shows, the “Dog” show included, but in my real life I at least have learned to spell, use proper punctuation and grammar, and not use vulgar language to get a point across. I believe you all need a good spanking from your mother, and to head back to elementary school to continue your education (or begin anew, since it obviously didn’t take the first couple of times you went). If you don’t like a show, don’t watch it, plain and simple. There are plenty of things to do besides television, anyway. Read a good book. Judging from your “entries,” I’d start small, with a Dr. Seuss book, perhaps! Happy reading, and nighty, night – leave on your night-light so the Dog doesn’t come and get you!!!

  74. yoy dis this man for turning his life around and you probally just some punk faggot dope dealing scumbag with no penis and you reffered that no matter how big you are you lose against your berretta blow me you have to have balls to shoot a human and you my friend dont have those as we can tell and maybe thats why your girlfreind (if she is real) looks away from you at night and watches the dog who if you look doesnt seem to be trashing your rep but you with no penis yell at the tv

  75. Your wording is right along the likes of “Dawg” and the Chimp. Why is it that you losers always bring up the size of a male penis, etc to try to get your point across? Are you a closet faggot maybe? You shouldn’t be on your Mommie’s computer and for the upteenth time, I still think DOG CHAPMAN IS AN ASSHOLE!!! As for my wife? If she want’s to lower herself by watching asshole shows like “Dawg” and “COPS” and all those other “Bad Boy” shows then so be it. I leave the room, go upstaris and watch REAL channels, like the Military Channel, or PBH..

  76. Actually shit for brains, your wife lowered herself when she married a hopeless dick like you.I am happy that she has since developed taste in men, and it sounds like she will be ditching your wrinkled old ass any day now.Good for her!!!!And as for the fag that claims to be a BEA in Colorado, I HIGHLY doubt it! Bobby Brown and the Dog have that area all sewn up, and if you were really a BEA there then you’d know that asswad!And the rest of you haters can take your skewed and twisted perspectives and shove them straight up your candy asses! LOSERS!DUANE “DOG” CHAPMAN IS THE BEST! FUCK ALL THE REST!!

  77. So you mean you’re not even an assclown BEA? only a lameass bondsman??? Big whoop loser! So how the hell does that give you the credentials to shoot your yap of about a man like Dog Chapman, who does the job in the field every day for 27 years? Tell me Mr. expert; Where’s YOUR tv show, scumbag?You are just a loud mouthed asshole and you have no business talking about a REAL Bounty Hunter like The Dog! So stick it up your ass, little man!

  78. I can rest my case on that you would be a TV wannabe. I’m not doing this for fame I do it because I enjoy it. I guess you TV show would be on the cartoon network.

  79. June 11, 2005TV bounty hunter cited in alleged motel assaultBy R. SCOTT RAPPOLD and JOEL MILLMAN THE GAZETTEA bounty hunter who appears on the cable television program “Dog the Bounty Hunter” was cited by police for third-degree assault Friday night after a fight at a Colorado Springs motel. Leland Chapman, son of the show’s star, Duane “Dog” Chapman, was accused of assaulting Roy Barnes, owner of the Aztec Motel, 1921 E. Platte Avenue. The charge is a misdemeanor that carries a possible penalty of 18 months in jail and a $5,000 fine. Police said the bounty hunters showed up at the motel around 4:30 p.m., cameras rolling. They were sent there by Colorado Springs bail bondsman Bobby Brown to find fugitive Harry Whaley. Police Lt. Mary Jo Strassburg-Aldal said a fight broke out, and, based on a statement from Barnes, Leland Chapman was cited and released. Police provided no further information on the incident. There were conflicting accounts of what led up to the fight. Motel manager Erin Welch said the bounty hunters jumped out of their vehicle and demanded to know where Whaley was. “We said, ‘Harry Whaley is not here and hasn’t lived here for a year and a half, when we kicked him out,’” Welch said. She said she tried to tell them where Whaley was staying, but the bounty hunters insisted he was there and that Barnes was Whaley’s brother. Barnes told them to leave the property. “They started yelling at everybody in the hotel, yelling, ‘You crackheads, you tweakers,’” she said. Barnes continued to demand they leave, when Leland Chapman threw him against a car, punched him and pushed him to the ground, Welch said. Welch called police. Barnes initially didn’t want to press charges, and the bounty hunters left, but he later changed his mind. As of 10 p.m., Barnes was still being evaluated at Memorial Hospital, Welch said. “We would have helped them find Harry Whaley. We don’t like Harry Whaley,” she said. “They were very abrasive and very aggressive.” The bounty hunters told a different story. Beth Chapman, Leland Chapman’s mother, said they didn’t even get out of the parking lot before the motel manager began to scream at them to get off the property. When they tried to explain whom they were looking for, Barnes attacked her son, she said. Beth Chapman said that once police arrived and the fight was broken up, everyone calmed down and apologized. The bounty hunters even signed autographs for residents of the motel, she said. “The only reason they’re filing charges is so they can sue,” she said. “The woman there told the motel owner four times ‘You have to file charges if you’re going to sue.’” When police tracked them down four hours later to cite her son, she said, officers wouldn’t let him press charges against Barnes. “I didn’t care that they gave Leland a ticket, but they needed to give the motel owner a ticket at the same time,” she said. A police spokesperson was unavailable for comment late Friday. Duane “Dog” Chapman gained national fame in 2003 for capturing convicted rapist and cosmetics heir Andrew Luster in Mexico. His program, which airs on the A&E Network, follows him and his crew as they track down fugitives. It is in its second season. Brown said he’s worked closely with Chapman before and this was to be filmed for the program. Whaley, he said, was “somebody who needed to be off the streets.” Court records show Whaley has an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on charges of being a habitual traffic offender, and past convictions for drug offenses, theft, fraud, car theft and domestic violence. Brown, a former El Paso County sheriff’s deputy and candidate for sheriff, also questioned why the motel owner pressed charges. “Everything is fine. It’ll all be handled by attorneys,” Brown said Friday night. “It was all blown out of proportion. Everything was fine until this lady decided to sue.” CONTACT THE WRITER: 476-1605 or srappold@gazette.com

  80. Nice try loser. That proves you don’t even watch the show! Moron!!http://www.gazette.com/display.php?id=1309667&secid=1BOUNTY HUNTER’S CHARGES DROPPED!By R. SCOTT RAPPOLD THE GAZETTE The 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office has dropped an assault charge against a television bounty hunter after a tape proved he did not start a fight outside a Colorado Springs motel in June. Leland Chapman, the son of television bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, was cited on suspicion of third-degree assault June 10 after a scuffle with Roy Barnes, owner of the Aztec Motel on East Platte Avenue. The program, “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” which airs on cable channel A&E, chronicles the family’s hunt for fugitives. The bounty hunters had been asked by local bail bondsman Bobby Brown to help capture a fugitive believed to be living at the Aztec Motel. A fight broke out as they arrived at the motel, with Barnes and the Chapmans saying the other started the brawl. According to a Colorado Springs police report, the cameras were rolling, but the crew refused to show police a tape of the fight, citing laws that shield them from having to turn over tapes to authorities. Barnes, who had several cuts on his face and head, swelling under his right eye and fractured ribs, twice changed his mind about filing charges. He eventually told police he wanted to press charges to file a civil suit, and Leland Chapman was cited based on his account. Last week, an attorney from the film company, New Yorkbased Hybrid Films, brought a copy of the tape to Colorado Springs to show prosecutors. Elizabeth Kirkman, chief deputy district attorney, said the tape clearly showed Barnes was the “initial aggressor” and Leland Chapman acted in appropriate self-defense. Prosecutors filed a motion Tuesday to drop the charge, which was approved by a judge Wednesday. “I’m so pleased,” Duane Chapman said Wednesday. “The wheels of justice grind slowly, but if you hang in there and you’re innocent, it’ll be proven.” Beth Smith, his partner who describes herself as the stepmother of Leland Chapman, said the night of the fight, they did not have the authority to tell the film crew to show police the tape. Plus, she preferred to have a prosecutor view the tape and decide on charges, rather than a police officer. Barnes said Wednesday he dis- agrees with the decision to drop the charges. He contends the Chapmans started the fight and harassed the residents of his motel. “Those people came onto my property like they just got pumped for a football game and they started calling my tenants names,” Barnes said. He said he’s still considering a civil suit. Harry Whaley, the fugitive they were looking for at the Aztec Motel, was spotted and chased by police two days later. Duane Chapman caught him hiding in bushes after police lost him. Chapman said he plans to return to Colorado Springs this fall to film another episode. ON TV Duane “Dog” Chapman’s search for and capture of fugitive Harry Whaley in Colorado Springs in June will be the subject of an episode of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Aug. 23. The program will air on cable channel A&E at 8 p.m., Chapman said.

  81. Ha ha ha! It looks like “watcher” wasn’t watching!! Lol!Hey “watcher”, next time do your homework, you pathetic little hater-boy loser. Then maybe you won’t look like such a total RETARD! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  82. If this was done properly Mr. Barnes would have never known someone was on his property.It’s a television show. I want to know when they will air the Andrew Luster arrest so we can watch him KO your hero just before he is arrested for working in Mexico for kidnapping.I don’t know how Alice Elizabeth Barmore can have so many names Beth Smith or Beth Chapman. What’s she hiding a past maybe?

  83. WOW!!! If all you hate mongers could channel that hate to do something good for society then by all means go ahead! This is a pathetic blog and the owner of it is just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame! As for the Dog and his possy, well I watch the show all the time! How can you hate a man that has changed his life and is trying to help people? He not only catches these criminals and puts them away, he also treats them like humans, with respect! Something that you hate mongers here need to learn! As for those of you here trying to defend Dog, I am afraid you are wasting your time! These loser have nothing but hate in their hearts and they know nothing but hate! I feel very sorry for them that their Mommies didn’t teach them any better! I have always taught my kids that if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all! God Bless!

  84. Tater salad, Jujubees,a gallon of some good sweet tea.but here’s the question plaguing meJust what’s a farklebutt?The things I’m reading on this blogare nuttier than a pecan log.rants from brains slipping cogs.And what’s a farklebutt?

  85. At the end of the day, If he is doing something worth while with his life, ie: getting those that have broken the law & deserve to be in prision, why are we all slagging him off. In this day and age, there is so much hatred that goes on in this world, mostly based on jealousy, why can’t we give someone a break. He may have been a convict in the past, but he has paid his dues. If you had done something wrong in your life, would you all want to be forever remembered for what you had done wrong, instead of what you had done right. I know for sure I wouldn’t. Just please, never judge a book by it’s cover.

  86. Aiight, I watch the show all the time. I enjoy watchin Dog and his family get the bad guys. And plus, I’m a chick, so Leland is hot, lol.But I just wanted to address some things…I live in Canada, theres FUCK ALL bad stuff here, we are pussies, straight up. BUT, every law enforcment person (including you Night whatever) NEEDS to wear a gun, its the law dumbass, even in Canada, fucking take some law classes dip shit.Dog has gone after people that have skipped a bond over $10k…the most I’ve seen so far was $25k.Sparky, your a tool, straight up. Yea, you can have your opinions on Dog all you want, BUT don’t think that working on 600 volt whatever is gonna make you sound any tougher, cuz it doesn’t, it just made me laugh.And NightHunter, the WORST place to work in, in Canada, is Winnipeg, the MURDER capitol of Canada, I lived 2 hrs from there for 18 years. And don’t try to say that I ain’t tough at all, and that you have taken down some big drug dealers and that…cuz boy, -I was a HUGE drug dealer in my area, and nobody touched me-When I wasn’t a drug dealer, I was arrested for many other things-I lived in the “projects”…and they ain’t bad at all, fuck, they are boringSo, buddy, get a life, stop lying bout what you do, and go search up a better job for yourself and lie about that one.-Rachel

  87. Listen up, “Rachel”. While I am sure that the projects where you are must be pretty bad, and that would be due to drug dealing trash, like you’ve already admitted to being. In which case, what gives you the right to tell crimefighters like Dog Chapman or I what to do?And guns are only for the “3 C’s” Cops, Criminals and Cowards. I hate guns as much as I hate the criminal scum that carry them. I have put thousands of criminals in prison over the 15 years I’ve been in this line of work, and never needed a gun.By the way, you said you were a drug dealer, but the only drug dealers I ever met that were female were the ones that were also prostitutes. So are you going to own up to that also?Which brings me to that creep “tator”. Listen up loser, why don’t you stay here with the hater creeps in Francis’ blog, and leave the Dog boards for his fans? I’m sure that you’d feel much more at home with the hate mongering retards that seem to love it here so much.You twisted, deluded little miscreants are so pathetic! Don’t you know that you are so outnumbered, so outclassed, that you are like a match in a hurricane?Give yourself a break, just give up. We grow so tired of hearing your whining! It started when Dog’s first season came out, when you losers said he wouldn’t last. And now, as we are geting ready to watch season 3, you morons are still yapping! What morons you are!But remember this, wherever evil scum like you rear your ugly heads to make your hateful comments towards the great Dog Chapman, then you better get ready to deal with The NightHunter!

  88. How many of Duane’s arrests are the result of Alice Barmore’s letting the criminal out of jail in the first place? Dealing with you would be like dealing with a fart in a hurricane. Put your mom’s panties back on and stand in the corner sissy.Tator.

  89. Nighthunter is world famous, tator you faggot! He specializes in dealing with hate monger scumbags like you! If you think a homo like you can fuck with him then I guess your a bigger fucktard than you sound like. I’d love to watch him beat the crap out of you!

  90. So would I. Funny how this dick “tator” claims to be a bail bondsman, but then on here he says: “How many of Duane’s arrests are the result of Alice Barmore’s letting the criminal out of jail in the first place?” WHich I guess means that you lied about being a bondsman since that is what a bondsman does.By the way assjockey, here in the US of motherfuckin’ A we have a little thing called the constitution. And the constitution declares that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The people on bail are going to court and thus have not yet been convicted of the offence with wich they are charged.I guess that you never heard of that did you? You lying sack of shit! Fuck you “tator” tot! You sound like a redneck trailer park asshole! Do the world a huge favor and fucking die!

  91. Duane his hussy wife and the rest of the uneducated white trash are attention whores. Bottom Line. I hear that out of the whole clan only one of them ever graduated from HS. Like you couldn’t tell!

  92. Sheesh you guys still at it over here!!! Well I guess it is better here than on anyone’s forums right!!! I get a big kick out of NightHunter the wanna be cop thinking he is a big shot! Yea ok buddy you are a freaking housing cop if that profession even exists! Even a security guard gets to carry a gun loser! I am pretty sure your stories are made up cuz all the “dealers” I know carry guns and would never allow a twerp like you dressed up in a Halloween costume arrest them!Come on NightHunter tell us the truth here are you a stalker or a mama’s boy??As for Dog I am a big fan of his I love the show!I think what he and his crew do is a wonderful thing they get scum off the streets! Beth is a good woman for what she does, who really cares how she talks or dresses! She is a great mother to her kids, you can certianly tell she loves them to death, and that she loves Dog to! So come on why not let these people live in peace! They have rights to you know! At least they have something called COMPASSION for their fellow man, more than I can say for a few of you that have posted here on this blog!Oh and living in delaware I feel for your wife that she has to watch a real MAN on t.v then go to bed with a loser like you! I wonder does she think of DOG while she is with you????

  93. I think that all you fags out there dissin Dog should shut ur flipping mouths cause people can change and that is what Dog did and I think you are just losers to be dissin him like that and dog would kick all of oyur Butts! So I would watch what you are saying cause dog is the BOMB and all of the people that like dog are my kind of people so people defending DOG Keep doing what your doing and yell at all the people dissin him! STUPID PEOPLE!!!! At least dog is keeping criminals off the street and what are you doing your probably sitting there on your coach eating bomb bombs!!! So shut up and if you dont like the show then dont watch it!!!

  94. Since tater and the other morons are too stupid to google “housing cop” then maybe I’ll just tell you what it is. In Canada where Nighthunter is, it means “special constable” and that gives the officer the same powers as a regular police officer. In New York, it’s a section of the NYPD.You losers must really love to show your igorance to the world, don’t you?And the only fake around here is you, mr. po-tater-head! You’re no bondsman. You don’t seem like much of a man either.I applaud Nighthunter, and Duane “Dog” Chapman for making the world a better place.And I have nothing but contempt for you loud mouthed asshats that try to insult them. It doesn’t work, because it just makes you look like the little girly boys that you actually are!Suck it up sissy boys! Because REAL men make you jerks look like the homos that you really all are!

  95. You are absolutely right!It doesn’t matter what a bunch of jealous little losers like tator think or say, because it’s plain to see that we Dog fans are right, and the hate mongers are wrong!! Shall I spell it out for tator and the rest of the half asses? Alright, I will: You see dumbasses, Dog has his own TV show. Where’s yours?Dog has a book coming out about him, do you?Dog is famous all over the world. Are you?Dog has a lot of money. Do you? Dog has a phenominal physique. And I bet you haters are fat from sitting on the computer all day with a bag of Frito’s in one hand, and your pencil dicks in the other.You bastards are just so jealous that Dog is a million times better than you’ll ever be, that it makes you sick, doesn’t it?So clearly, it’s all just a case of penis envy here, right tator? You probably have a real teensy, weensy one, right? LOL!!!So tator, until you get your OWN TV show, how about shutting the fuck up, dick breath?And that goes for the rest of you hate mongers too!

  96. Of course he does! All the haters do! They suck humongous cocks! They are all jealous of Dog’s success. All his detractors are either on welfare or working for minimum wage. Ha ha !! Losers!!!

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  102. I also notice quite a pattern with the Dog fans and homosexuality. It seems that every post contains some reference. I would recommend that you fans look into some CBT therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Techniques). You may also want to consider speaking to your physician about the possibility of SSRI treatment (The use of Luvox, Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, or Zoloft). Good luck with the treatment of your illness. Keep us updated.

  103. Truthwillout? When you and others resort to personal attacks on me and my family that’s where I draw the line. Your immaturity is reflective those who watch fuck head Dog Chapman. I’m deleting your assinine post. Go back to the “Dog Chapman Fan Site” and troll there.

  104. The primary thing I find tragic about this whole blog is that I have just wasted a half hour of my life reading it. A half hour, folks…time I shall never get back!!Beth Smith AKA Alice Elizabeth Barmore Yes, Alice has had priors. This is something she freely admits, and has also spoken about candidly on camera. Why does it matter? Beth now spends her time working with Duane, Wesley, Leland, Tim and Duane-Lee Jr. apprehending and aiding in the rehabilitation of criminals. More than this, she is a wonderful mother, fantastic wife, and first class friend. Not only has she earned the respect of many, but Dogs Hawaiian Huntress is by far a better role model for children than Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, or any other of the countless anorexic celebrities on television today. I thank God for Beth, she is an amazing and accomplished lady. Duane “Dog” Chapman Sr. Yes, again, he’s had priors. I’d like to point out that the most vocal subject on these priors is a bounty hunter himself. The site that LIDC refers to, detailing the Bounty Hunter’s brush with Mexican authorities is his business site. He uses Dog’s name to get himself hits to the site, and then promotes his own sorry self. The truth of the matter is pretty simple to put together, folks. Dog is on a syndicated television show. IF the mexican authorities were really as hot to get a hold of him as this silly man pretends on his site, they, in conjunction with the US authorities would HAVE HIM BY NOW!! He’s far from difficult to find, non? The fact remains that they aren’t interested in pursuing any charges for two very valid reasons:a) Dog has, by far, done more good than harm to society as a whole. b) Charging Chapman would create incredible unrest as he is valued highly by US law enforcement.Almost as nauseating as the original accusations this pathetic individual, looking to profit in his own bounty hunting business by smearing Duane’s name, is the fact that he speaks about Luster’s deprivation of liberty as though Luster was a victim!! This scumbag Luster is a sexual predator that raped and sexually assaulted COUNTLESS women. The denial of this animal’s “civil liberties” are difficult to cry for in light of that, don’t you think?Perhaps, prior to spreading hate about the internet in an attempt to feel big, one should take a few moments and research the facts?? It really doesn’t take a lot of time, and friends, in the end, it could save a good many of you a great deal of humiliation. Oh, and yes, Duane was pardoned. This had to do with the fact that it was decided he had paid his dues, and gone on to give a great deal back to the community. Given that pardons are not handed out lightly, perhaps that ought to tell you all a little something?

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  107. So sad to see Hawaiians being exploited by these low class haoles. Why keep bailing out drug users who you know are going to mess up??? The answer is money. More money. I’d have more respect if the show was Dog the Drug Rehabilitator – oh yea no more money in that. I see Karma is catching up with Beth or Alice, she now has a huge tumor growing on her chest.

  108. “Congressional pardon?” My ass.Go back to civics class.. only the Executive (the President for federal convictions, the governor of the state of conviction for state crimes) can pardon.Someone wants to point me towards the official record of a legit pardon for Chapman, and I’ll go to work wearing “Dog: Bounty Hunter” shirts for the next week.The show is like a freakin’ highway accident. You can’t help but look.

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  112. I heard about that fight, I heard he ran away without even looking back and his son got beat pretty bad. What kind of man would run away and let his son get beaten? Where was boobs, I mean Beth?

  113. I think it’s funny how the dog lovers keep talking about what a great person he is and how nice they are and what a great mother tits must be. There was a thread running on hawaii threads that had a post by someone who lives close to them. Apparently their yard smells like crap from the 8 dogs that run around in it barking at all hours while boobs screams profaity at her children.

  114. All About The DOG“Six men can carry you or 12 men can judge you. You decide!” — a DogismThe walls are closing in on Candy Goins — and fast. Holed up in Room 209 of the Fairfield Inn in Denver, Goins is starting to believe the jig may finally be up. She’s been on the lam for two months, having jumped a $100,000 bond following her arrest for manufacturing fraudulent credit cards, checks and IDs, not to mention drug possession, robbery and extortion. With over 100 victims in her wake, this 30-year-old mother of two is plumb out of aliases, disguises and principal partners, four of whom have already been sent to the slammer. She’s tired, but there’s no time to sleep — not with a bounty hunter named “Dog” hot on her trail, taunting her with repeated calls to her cell phone and daring her to come out of her hiding place and play. “Run, Candy,” he growls, issuing a challenge for all to see on the Web site http://www.crime.com “Run!”Oh, Candy wants to. But she doesn’t dare, afraid of what’s lurking beyond Room 209.And so she begins working frantically to get a letter off to Todd, a friend — all the while keeping her ears pressed to the walls as they rapidly start to close in and the fear of God — er, Dog — wells up inside her.“I am so alone — except for Dog,” she writes. “He is right behind me. I can feel him. What do I do?”For fugitives of the law or bail jumpers like Candy, there’s not much to do but await the inevitable. Just like death and taxes, this much is certain: If you’re on the run, Dog is gonna get you.Dog is Duane Lee Chapman, owner of Da Kine Bail Bonds in Honolulu and self-proclaimed “greatest bounty hunter in the world.” Six thousand-plus captures over the past two decades have earned this highly intense, charismatic ex-con and born-again Christian such a distinction. He is the modern-day Billy the Kid — minus all the weaponry. “Regulators,” he’ll often bellow to his supporting cast of bounty hunters, which often includes family members and friends, “mount up!” He’s also the king of comebacks — a modern-day hero who was once a zero after serving time in a Texas prison for first-degree murder. It’s a conviction he claims was unfounded and later candidly discusses, for the first time ever, with MidWeek.“I am what rehabilitation stands for,” claims the man who’s been profiled on such TV shows as The Learning Channel’s Secret World of Bounty Hunters and Court TV’s Anatomy of a Crime, and whose Predator’s Predator column at http://www.crime.com receives a bevy of hits on a daily basis. “I did time in prison, and that made my mother and father — not to mention the public — very ashamed of me.”And so as part of his penance, he vowed to help make America a safer place for all.“It’s why I hunt men — fugitives of the law,” says Dog, who also spends a good portion of his time tracking bail jumpers, or skips, between Hawaii and Colorado — where he owns three additional bonding companies. “This is a game of good guy versus bad guy. And I must capture the bad guy!”Over the years, the list of fugitives Dog claims to have either helped catch or single-handedly brought to justice reads like a who’s who of America’s Most Wanted: Quinton Wortham, Capital Hill rapist; Wayne Williams, Atlanta child murderer; William Scatarie, white supremacist and convicted murderer of Denver radio shock jock Alan Berg. Even Hawaii’s criminals have felt his wrath. Just last week, for example, Dog caught notorious Kona burglar Bryan Blair, who was lying low in Kansas City.“Dog’s a genius at the practical side of humanity, especially when it comes to understanding the criminal mind,” says Anthony Robbins, world-renowned motivational speaker who talks highly of the bounty hunter’s abilities in his book Awaken the Giant Within. “He’s the best in the world at what he does.”Of course, much of Dog’s success is due to his knack for getting the most out of his informants.“Seventy percent of all my captures happen because some good ole American has turned them in by giving me information,” says Dog, the spitting image of the maverick bounty hunter: stone-cold blue eyes, long unruly blond hair and weathered skin all wrapped in a skin-tight, sleeveless T-shirt, silver-capped boots, bicycle gloves and arm bands. “I’m like that new game show on TV: I keep looking for the weakest link. I look for relatives, friends, anyone who might be willing to help bring the fugitive in.”Dog is one of only a handful of men across the country who makes a living as a professional bounty hunter. Together with an estimated 8,000 bail enforcement agents (BEA), they account for 30,000 to 40,000 arrests each year — all at no cost to taxpayers.“Bounty hunters are a dying breed,” says Dog, who at age 46 and nearing retirement refuses to work under the more “politically correct” term of BEA. It’s one of the reasons why he plans on opening a bounty hunter school in the Islands, where he’ll not only teach the “tricks to the trade,” but the ethics of the business as well.“Bail enforcement agents strictly go after bail,” he explains. “Bounty hunters go after anyone with a price on their head — as well as fugitives of the law.“When I got into this business, I said I wouldn’t be a snitch — someone who drops a dime and tells you where the fugitive is. I wanted to be able to look the guy in the face when I brought him in and see the entire process through.”There was a time, however, when looking a fugitive in the face wasn’t enough. Dogging the apprehended incessantly was as much of the routine as flashing his Colorado and Hawaii fugitive apprehension badges or slapping on the cuffs and leg irons.“A skinhead broke my nose once,” admits Dog. “I had him cuffed and was walking back to the car, and my adrenaline was going. I started talking sh— to him, what they call ‘holding court on the street.’ Well, the Bible says that a haughty spirit goeth before a fall. And he head-butted me — just splattered my nose all over the place.”Dog claims to have mellowed with age, although he’s still apt to call the captured every expletive in the book. “It’s tough. You’ve got to be able to chase these guys with your heart blowing. And once you catch ’em you’ve got to be able to stop that adrenaline,” explains Dog, who’ll often end his captures with “dogisms” — his own spontaneous, expletive-free sayings.“I do the verbal thing,” he continues. “I’ll walk around the fugitive and I’m like, ‘You mother f——-, god——, you sh—, you fu——!’ But then I’ll calm down and compliment them by saying ‘You were one of the best chases I’ve ever had.’ ”With all that rage, it’s a wonder Dog is able to maintain his sanity. But the balance, he says, comes from these Islands.“I’ll listen to a lot of Hawaiian music — stuff like Iz — to relax,” he says. “For me, Hawaii is like decompression.”“Born on a mountain, raised in a cave. Arresting fugitives is all I crave.”— another DogismHector Gonzalez is pissed— and he’s taking his frustration out on Dog’s car. Lying in the back seat with his hands cuffed, this heroin — or cheiva — smuggler from Colombia is screaming obscenities at the bounty hunter while using his stocky legs to boot the back windshield. Thump. Thump. Crash!This is not what Gonzalez had in mind when he decided to head for the mountains — a typical destination for many fugitives. He thought he’d be as free as a bird as long as he stayed close to Carter Lake in Loveland, Colo., and as far away from the El Gato Negro, a bar located on the seedy side of Denver, where Gonzalez’ drug deals often went down and which the feds and local authorities were keeping close tabs on.But now here he was — a fugitive considered so dangerous that the FBI put a no-hold bond on him — and he’s headed for the pen. The embarrassing thing is, he’d been duped by this bounty hunter and his five kids! Hell, the oldest one couldn’t be more than 12, Gonzalez thought to himself. And what were they holding? Flashlights?He honestly believed it was the feds who woke him in the middle of the night. “All right, Gonzalez,” growled a voice over a bullhorn. “You’re surrounded. Come out with your hands up!”With lights streaming in from all sides of the cabin, Gonzalez thought he’d do the only sensible thing and surrender. But after being cuffed and placed in the back seat, he didn’t expect to hear these 11 words:“All right kids, you can come out from behind the bushes!”Arrrh! Gonzalez screams. They’re just kids! “I’m gonna kill you , mother f —” he shouts, glaring at his captor. “I’m gonna kill you when I get out!”Don’t let the looks fool you. Despite the tough-guy image, Dog is afraid — and rightfully so — whenever he’s chasing a criminal.“I’m a normal guy. I’m scared all the time. Fear, I let him out,” he says. “Like with Gonzalez. When he said that he was going to kill me, well, that shook me up for a pretty long time.”But more so than facing killers and drug dealers, Dog fears not making ends meet for his family — which includes 12 children, seven of whom still live with him and his “significant other,” Beth Barmore. Bounty hunting, it turns out, isn’t quite the lucrative job after all.“There’s this really big misconception that Duane makes all this money,” says Barmore, co-owner of the couple’s bonding businesses. “Most of the time, bondsmen can’t pay.”In general, bounty hunters make between 10 and 15 percent of the posted bail. For Dog, however, the return isn’t always there. By his own calculations, he’s been paid for less than half of the 6,000 fugitives he’s brought in. People have offered him wristwatches and old pickup trucks as payment. Ironically, a bondsman once handed Dog a puppy rather than cash.Two years ago, Charley Dillion — a bondsman in Palm Springs, Calif. — posted a $200,000 bond for a murder suspect. After the suspect skipped town, Charley showed up at Dog’s door and begged him to take the case. All Charley had was $5,000 — and brain cancer to boot. “He came in and said, ‘I’m dying,’” Dog recalls, “‘and I can’t leave my wife with this kind of financial burden. You got to find this guy, Duane. You’re my last chance.’”Dog found the skip, but still hasn’t been paid. “How can you take money from a guy who’s dying?” he asks.It’s this compassionate side of Dog that many in the business don’t often see. With him, the job is never over once the fugitive has been delivered to the proper authorities. In return for his devotion to them, many of Dog’s captures become his friends for life.“He’s really big on honor,” Barmore says. “He does it to the point that sometimes I want to kill ’em. He’ll be on the phone with the guy, and I’m telling him, ‘Duane, it’s over. He’s already in jail.’ But with him, it’s his honor because he told the guy he’d see him through the process.”“It’s just like being a father,” Dog says. “You got to show them love and you got to show them the path. I don’t like this role-model stuff, though. Jimmy Swaggart was my role model and he got caught buying whores twice. So don’t look at me as a role model.”Robbins, for one, disagrees with that last statement. In fact, he allowed his son, Joshua, to spend many summers under the bounty hunter’s wing simply because he found Dog to be a fine example.“What makes him so special,” Robbins adds, “is that he has the mind-set to convert these criminals to a better life. It’s as if he’s here to serve a greater good.”Raised in Denver, Dog is the oldest of four children born to Wesley and Barbara Chapman. His dad was a welder with the Navy, while his mother was a minister with the First Assembly of God, and often traveled to Native American reservations to teach the gospel.“My mother taught me that if they bleed red, then they’re your brother. When I was young I used to say, ‘Mama, how come that man’s dark?’ And she would say, ‘He lives on the side of the mountain where the sun and Jesus are,’” Dog remembers.“My father was real abusive. Not sexually, but verbally and emotionally. He’d say, ‘You’re nothing! You’ll never be sh—!’ I still hear him today.” Wesley Chapman died last year, but Dog says their relationship improved significantly before his death. “I had to prove a lot to my dad. He started working for me the last few years. I took him with me one time and he was telling me, ‘Now son, you were calling this guy a son of a bitch, and telling him his mother was whore. You don’t need to do that.’ And I said, ‘You got to, Dad. They’ve got to feel afraid — be intimidated.’“We went on a bounty one night because he’d become a bondsman and this guy had jumped his bond. So we find this guy, and I have to pry my dad’s hands from this guy’s throat. I’m saying, ‘I got him, Dad,’ and he’s screaming at this guy, ‘You son of a bitch, I’ll kill you!’“My father is the reason why I am the way I am today, and why I vowed to never raise my kids like how he raised me.”“Gangsta versus bounty hunter: Bounty hunter wins!” — a final DogismJerry Lee Oliver is a good-looking guy, a natural with the ladies. He’s also a pimp and drug dealer — the kind of cat nobody messes with. People pay him “business visits” all the time at his home in Pampa, Texas. But on this evening, he smells trouble — literally — when Donny Kurkandall, a member of the motorcycle gang Devil’s Disciples, shows up at his door reeking of whiskey.Oliver knew of the Disciples — but he generally avoided them because they hated blacks. Dog, however, was different. The biker would often park his Harley-Davidson on Oliver’s front lawn, then rev his motor until the earth worms would surface. Oliver would then scoop up the worms and use them for catfishing.“How’d you get a name like Dog?” Oliver once asked the biker, who was relatively new to the Lone Star state.“We have a guy in the gang who’s always mad at God,” explained Dog, the Disciples’ sergeant-at-arms. “He’s always flipping God off. So I started praying for him. Since we already have a ‘Preacher’ and a ‘John the Baptist’ in the gang, I became known as Dog — God backwards.”Now that Dog, Oliver thought, he’s cool by me. But this other cat standing in front of me, he’s no friend of mine.“You got any pot?” Kurkandall asks, his speech slurred.“Yeah,” Oliver responds.“Good,” Kurkandall says, whipping out a sawed-off shotgun from his coat and pointing the barrel straight at Oliver’s chest. “Give it all to me!”“What the — ?” stammers Oliver as he grabs the gun’s barrel.Boom!The thunderous blast sends Oliver backward and into the wall. He slumps to the floor as Kurkandall drops the gun and stumbles out the front door.“Oh, God,” Oliver cries, looking down at his white shirt turned red. “I’m bleeding.”Less than eight hours later, he would be dead.Dog knows what it feels like to be a wanted man. As a juvenile, he had his share of run-ins with the law from Colorado to Mexico, including 18 arrests for armed robbery.Still, he wasn’t prepared for the news when it blared over the radio during an early September morning in 1976: Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman is being sought for the murder of Jerry Lee Oliver, who died last night.“I was at home in bed at the time and I remember that my wife, LaFonda, rolled over, pulled the covers over her head and started screaming,” says Dog, who’s been married four times. “And I said, ‘Oh, my God. Jerry died!’”Dog admits he was at Oliver’s home that fateful night, waiting outside in a car with several other Disciple members. But, he adds, the plan was simply for Kurkandall to buy pot and get out. Had he known his fellow biker was carrying a concealed weapon, Dog says, he would have aborted the drug plan right then and there.“I actually went back to Jerry’s place,” Dog says. “The paramedics were bringing Jerry out and he was wide awake on a stretcher and I said, ‘Jerry, brother, are you all right?’ And he says, ‘Dog, it was one of your brothers.’“There was a policeman nearby, an Officer Love, and he hears what Jerry says. So he asks Jerry, ‘Was it Dog?’ And Jerry says no.”After hearing the news flash on the radio, Dog says he acted on instinct. “We’re running,” he remembers telling LaFonda. “Get the kids, get the camper. You pick me up down the street. Where we going? Who the hell cares? We’re out of here!”Dog never made it far. In fact, he barely made it out of his back yard before he was caught by the local police and arrested.Found guilty along with several of his biker brothers, Dog was sentenced in 1977 to five years of hard labor in a Texas prison. He would end up serving less than two years of the sentence, and was finally released on parole on Feb. 6, 1979.For Dog, however, life was just beginning.“LaFonda, my first wife, had filed for divorce while I was in prison. So one day, this Judge Levi called and said I owed thousands of dollars in back child support. Well I told him I wasn’t going to pay for it because I wasn’t there — I was in prison.“So he said, ‘Do you know what a bounty hunter is, boy?’ I said yes. He held up a picture and said, ‘Can you find this boy? I said yes. He said ‘If you find him, I’ll pay $200 of your child support.’ “Well I only needed about a week to find this guy. When I did catch up with him, I tied him up with my belt, cinched it, and I took him into Judge Levi’s court.“My first bounty,” he says proudly.Soon afterwards, Dog claims he was arresting up to four fugitives a day. And the rest, he says, is history.Now, he’s looking forward to telling his story to CBS, which has reportedly signed him to do a made-for-TV dramatic series on his adventures. There’s also talk that Gary Scott Thompson, the writer of The Fast and the Furious, is interested in immortalizing Dog on the big screen.Dog first came to Hawaii in 1989 — at the time content to just spend a few days in paradise before heading home to Colorado. But after befriending a local and becoming fascinated with terms like “aloha,” “aina” and “mana” — he decided this is where he would plant his roots.And so he called home and broke the news to Barbara Chapman. “I said, ‘Mom, I’m not leaving,’ ” Dog remembers. “And she’s telling me no and I say, ‘Mom, I got off the plane and I smelled flowers. This local guy came up to me and said ‘I love you’ — it’s called aloha.“Mom,” he says, “this is heaven”.

  115. Is that story suppose to put a tear in my eye? *sniff* Give me a break how many drug addicted Hawaiians has this so called Bounty hunter torn from the arms of their children?? How many millions of dollars has this idiot made from the pain and tragedy of drug addiction? What kind of man runs away and lets his son get beat?? What kind of man spends more time chasing money than quality time with his own kids? GO BACK HOME DOGGY, HAWAII DOESNT WANT YOU.

  116. The reason Dog finds the Convicts in Hawaii is because he bails out the worst crack heads who aren’t even hiding from him. Hawaii is a rock surrounded by water, a duck shooting gallery for this so called “Bounty Hunter”. How many times has he had his ass kicked in Hawaii?? Waimanalo, Hawaiian Ryans, Waianae, etc. I want to see film of the Dog getting stomped!!!!!

  117. The Dog should have spent time with his now deceased drug addicted daughter (from Alaska) helping her get off drugs instead of trying to make the big bucks cashing in on the drug addicts in Hawaii. Shows you alot about his & Boobs character!

  118. I cannot believe they chose to “celebrate” the life of Dog’s deceased daughter by getting married the day after she died. More like they couldn’t stop rolling film for their stupid A&E show (mo money). NO CLASS.

  119. I for one am sorry for the Chapmans’ recent loss. I live in the midst of post-Katrina recovery. There has been so much loss, I hate to see people spending time saying hateful things to each other. There is enough pain in the world. Just my opinion

  120. Cry me a river. Keep your sunshine and butterfly comments for real victims of tragedy – like Katrina Victims. Find another Blog for your warm and fuzzy gift of praise. The “Dog” is nothing more that a glorified loan shark. He bails out drug addicts, criminals etc, and makes money of them. This money could have gone to drug treatment, the children or family support instead of another boob job for Beth. Sad, his daughter died a criminal, something the “Dog” professes to despise. Where was his love and support for his daughter? You feel sorry for his loss…. Give me a break. Pity his daughter’s lost childhood growing up without a father.

  121. “There has been so much loss, I hate to see people spending time saying hateful things to each other. There is enough pain in the world. Just my opinion” Do you watch the show lady? The “Dog” and “Beth” say hateful things to each other and to the people they arrest (and their families) throughout the show. Beth is notorious for calling people “crack heads”. The both refer to local people in the most degrading and hateful way. They have no respect for local (Hawaiian) people or local (Hawaiian)places. They have referred to Ala Moana as a “Crack Haven” full of criminals – when in reality it is just a family beach park. I think this blog is part of their Karma.

  122. Yeah, he realized he could cash in on others misfortunes rather than commit murder and deal drugs, riiigggght??? Okay, his daughter died a tragic lonely death as a criminal without a father because he was busy changing his ways, riggghhht? He thinks Hawaiians are all crack heads and our paradise is his dog pound. No more da aloha dis guy.

  123. Sorry for all his children he abandoned, even after he supposedley changed his ways. Deadbeat Dad. Even his children now are having trouble because most of his time is spent away from them………..sad.

  124. To the Einstein quote, I counter back:Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” The “Dog” has continued in the same “violent” path only now he gets paid for it legally.

  125. “At least Dog has realized his errors and done something about it.” What has this dead beat father done for his children (I mean the ten others that he had before he met boobs?)

  126. Duane “DOG” Chapman is a true american idol, showing people can change.Seeing him caused me to change my life, if he can anyone can…except for close minded people.

  127. The “DOG” and his fat wife are nothing more than white trash, making a buck from us true natives here in Hawaii. Change your life you say? There is rumors that the DOG is going to lose his bounty privileges here. When it happens we all will be overjoyed to see this WHITE TRASH leave us!

  128. Seeing the “Dog” changed your life?So what now you dress like a Native American Wrestler reject and you abandoned your children to persue a career as a glorified loan shark cashing in on the miseries of others? You married a women whom you have dress like a slut ( and buy fake tits for) and make more children that you don’t take care of? Please tell me how watching this idiot changed your life, pleeaase. Did you quit dealing drugs and killing people so that you can loan money to drug addicts to get out of jail, then chase them down when they fuc* (cause you know they are gonna fuc* up) and put them back in jail?

  129. I love the “Dog” Show! I love watching as the hero dressed in tight spandex with his booby sidekick rid paradise of the poor brown, yellow, and red (never white or wealthy) parasites. I really enjoy watching him spew his relious vomit – not unlike the first missionaries who came to Hawaii- over their drug induced haze. Please give me more of this mindless action and racial oppression, I love it, I love it. I want to watch the big fat double whopper boobs setting on that big fat jelly belly and those cottage cheese thighs, hmmmmmmmmmm. I want some more please.

  130. The whole show makes me want to vomit…………..can’t stop watching it, it’s like a horrific car crash. I truely need help. Why can’t I get enough of this crap?

  131. Indeed. This show reminds me of how not to treat my fellow humans. This man “Dog” feasts on the poor and desperate minorities in an effort to elevate his religous piety.

  132. ah, my favorite blog – it has been awhile. I saw Mr. “DOG” at Kahala Pet store , *gag*. Beth looked like she was going to topple over with the huge breasts. She was loud and obnoxious as always. I think that they are decent people caught up in the hollywood hype. They are definately extraverts who like attention.

  133. I watched an episode last night where the Dog and his family were on the Big Island going after a bounty. Dog’s youngest son (3years old?) was begging to go with his parents and Beth in all her wisdom says to this little boy “What if a bad man with a gun shoots at us?”. Is she NUKIN FUTS? What kind of thing to say to a little boy right before his parents leave for work. I just want to slap her.

  134. You may not agree with his lifestyle, but that’s no reason for you to trash the guy. To each his own. He may have been bad in the past, but isn’t it possible that he has actually seen the light and changed his ways? People do change, especially for the benefit of their children. Who are you to judge the way anyone lives their life? Are you perfect? I’m not a fan but I’ve seen the show a few times. He seems genuinly concerned about the people he picks up unless they’re REALLY bad, he seems to do his best to try to help people, and he definitely seems to love his children. I can’t vouch for what happens off camera, but who cares? Even though a network gave him a show, he’s just a guy, a human being, hopefully a better one than he was in the past. I think that with the state our country is in, we have better and more important things to talk about than Dog the Bounty Hunter and how we feel about his lifestyle.

  135. Well I guess I do not agree with his lifestyle, and no I am not judging the way he lives his life. I just can’t stand the guy, I think he’s an asshole. Am I perfect? Hardly. Better and more important things to talk about other than Dog? I posted this thread how long ago? TWO years ago this August 31st.The only reason I’m replying to your comment is that I get an e-mail when someone posts.This blog is what it says: “Musings from a variety of people from Delaware County,Pennsylvania. Comments are welcome.”Cheers.

  136. “United We Lay” go find a love post for your Puppy. We dislike the Bounty puppy and everything he stands for. Come to Hawaii and find out how many people he has actually helped here. I promise you will be hard pressed to find one person.

  137. “I think that with the state our country is in, we have better and more important things to talk about than Dog the Bounty Hunter and how we feel about his lifestyle” Hey Ba-booze, you not to bright brudah,nah?- Aren’t you talking about how you feel about the Dog and his lifestyle?

  138. Okay last nights show was too funny. It was obvious that they had the “fugitive” acting like an ass on purpose so the story line could flow. You know the formula – say it with me, Dog catches fugitive, the Dog and fugitive fight – yet by the time they reach booking they are sharing a cigarette and Dog’s words of wisdom (another oxymoron?). IT IS GETTING OLD ALREADY. What I would like to see the Dog going to court on his skips, or Beth trying to squeeze into her too tiny outfits – now that would be entertaining!

  139. Top ten places you will never see the “Dog” in Hawaii:10. The University of Hawaii9. The Library8. Kam Shopping Center7. Borders Books6. Inside the Game Room5. Zippy’s4. Tumbleland3. Yokahama Bay2. Ha Bush1. Hawaiian Ryans

  140. dude that show is garbage i saw it for the first time today they thought they had like a huge bust wen they got a guy smoking weed hahaahah thats nothing crazy FUCK THAT SHOW ITS A BUNCH OF RED NECKS

  141. I stumbled across this web site and saw what some of you fucking dicks that where coming up with shit especially you franny fanny fuck fuck ward was coming up with “oh I got a gun off my Dad while he sucked me off and it goes bang bang that makes me better than dog” and only woman carry guns because of your kind you pussy dog killed some one and that takes guts have you killed fucking someone no. And what’s this I am electrician and that’s hard work its hard work because it’s a shit job you dick hell I bet working in MacDonald’s is fucking better with your fucking 80s gay porn star mustash dogs far better man than you are and his wife has got nice tits. So don’t sit there saying shit of someone who’s better than you o k dick

  142. You are uninformed . I am in the bonding industry in the state of Colorado . I know Mr. Chapman. He still is a pile of crap. You form your opinion off a television show.Murdering a man in Texas then rolling on your friends for a lighter sentence doesn’t make you a hero dipshit.

  143. “This place reads like a who’s who of the “I’ve been caught by Duane Lee Chapman” club. Sounds like some of you need neck braces.”I think you are reading the wrong blog and need to google “I love the DOG”

  144. “Fuck You” the only one pissed off here appears to be you. Your ignorance and inability to spell the word “simple” quite obviously demonstrates: 1. You are a teenage who is homophobic.2. You are on crack.

  145. A&E took out a full page color ad in the Honolulu Advertiser to promote the “Dog’s” wedding tonight at 6pm – are they that desperate for viewers??? Couldn’t pay me or any other local to watch that crap.

  146. You people need to get a life! This is a t.v. show and you all act like you are personally involved! If you hate Dog so much, how do you know so much about the him and his show? Could it be you are closet fans who aspire to be him? For the dummies, “aspire” means to accomplish a particular goal. Why don’t all of you get an education and real jobs and be productive members of society instead of trashing each other and people you will never meet. Also, some of you should learn to spell before embarassing yourselves on a forum such as this. Losers.

  147. UHHHMMM, you are posting here and trashing the people who post here so does that mean that you are uneducated and ASSSpire to be like us? Obviously you have no concept of what this blog’s intent is or the inability to comprehend (sorry “understand”) what it is meant for. Shoo fly, don’t bother me.

  148. Easy now, don’t hurt the little fly’s feelings. It might be one of “Dog’s” relatives with a spelling hangup. Maybe someone could suggest a Webster’s blog for it.

  149. I think all of you need serious professional help. GET A GRIP!!! I guess when you teach a bunch of retards a new word they have a tendency to overuse it. Here’s a thought, why don’t all of you hillbillies form your own group? You could call it the “I Am Unhappy With My Own Life So I Will Trash Yours To Make Myself Feel Better” group. There, now you can keep each other company in your pathetic little forum. What an enormous collection of idiots! I will look forward to insulting you in the future!

  150. The little fly twists, caught in a web of self doubt and frustration. Poor little fly is dying. Little fly if you are going to “teach” a word please understand the definition. Aspire means to strive for a goal, not to achieve a goal. I’m so embarassed for you little fly. This is our group, you are the outsider. You must love to suffer?

  151. Ignore the little fly, obviously it is some lonely pathetic little fly who got caught up in the web of the wrong forum. It love’s the Dog and must face a group of people with a different opinion – and yet doesn’t know how without puting them down. It just doesn’t know how to engage in a debate without using cliche words such as “hillbillies” and “retards” (I’m surprised the word “gay” wasn’t used). Surely this is a young fly with little or no education since it did not understand the definition of the word “aspire”. So please, ignore it.

  152. What exactly should we grip? If in fact you plan to “teach a word”, please learn the definition first. If you are trying to debate this forum for “puting down others” how can you justify using the words “retard” and “hillbillies” and saying “I will look forward to insulting you in the future”?

  153. I cracked up at some of these comments… if this “Dog” was such a real man, he would have the self-confidence to accept his stature and not run around on 4 inch heels, to look bigger. I just returned from the Big Island and had the “joy” of being pestered with a friend that is one his fans. She talked about him to quite a few locals there, and not one of them had anything positive to say about him nor his son. I got curious and looked him up, expecting this hulking man of high moral grounds. That’s how my friend described him… boy is she delusional. My take is this: he’s an outrageous character that people are drawn to because he’s entertaining. Sadly, though, people accept that if it’s entertaining, then it has got to be a great thing, transposing the reality at hand, accepting what is crap, for good. If the man wasn’t on tv, he’d be seen as scum.

  154. You must be really stupid if you do not know “loves” isn’t possessive. That means no apostrophe genius! As for loving Dog, I said nothing of the kind. I’m just baffled about the amount of time people like you waste on these forums. You must have no other life, or you are as sad and pathetic as I initally thought. As far as the comment you made about me using the word “gay”, I would never insult a human being for having the courage to admit what they are, and living their life accordingly. I have the utmost admiration for anyone who can be honest with themselves, that is why I have no respect for any of you. So sit on this sad little forum and bash someone for being richer than you, tougher than you and braver than you. I bet you were beat up a lot as a kid, weren’t you? That is where all the hostility comes from. Well enjoy your night and I will be sure to visit again soon.

  155. Hiding behind a quart of pepper spray doesn’t make one tough . I was one of the first to offer to return him to Mexico to face charges . I’m pretty sure if Andrew Luster knocked him out in one swing he wouldn’t have a chance here . Most bondsmen here in Colorado are glad he is on the island .

  156. Looks like the little fly busted out a dictionary to grasp the use of an apostrophe! No apologies for the improper teaching of the word “aspire” *sad*. Did you redeem yourself by the apostrophe remark? I think not little fly. And I take note that you do not rebut (when you rebut someone’s argument you argue against it) the fact that you are putting down members of this forum using words such as hillbillies and retards? Good that you defend people who are gay but not people with special needs such as “retards”. Maybe it was you little fly who needs a lift by putting others down by calling them names, making fun of their use of grammar and spelling. This is the only explanation to come to a a forum and put others down with such malice (To treat without proper respect or attentiveness). It’s okay little fly – you have become what you protest you do not like. I wish you peace little fly.

  157. Good point little fly, you must be sooooo much smarter than all of us. Where does all the little fly’s hostility come from? Why are you so mad little fly? Do you need a place to put other down to make yourself feel better? I am baffled about the amount of time you are spending putting people down in this forum – but hey – makes you feel better about yourself – welcome! I know when I put the Dog down it makes me feel better too!

  158. Poor little fly needs a hug ( ) there you go little bug! You are so much better than we are – you spell better and have a much better grasp of the English language. And yes, we should be doing more with our “pathetic” hillbillie /retard lives than posting here. You win!

  159. This is no little fly – it is more like a Flea – a little blood-sucking insect. You see the flea doesn’t have an opinion about the “Dog” because of the parasitic nature of their relationship. It is almost impossible to get rid of a flea – they are stubborn little bugs who exist by feeding off others.

  160. All you people are really weird you complaining about someone whose doing something with there life and all your doing is complaining because your jealous because you cant do any thing with your life, and the people how will reply will say there doing this doing that but don’t believe a word they say because they can lie and you cant prove there lying but they will and don’t go saying I’ve got no life I’m doing what I always wanted to do you really don’t have to believe me but I’m happy because I’m getting on with my life just like dog I’m just posting because you should really stop posting and do something better than this just leave all the kids to post stupid things on here like “fuck you”

  161. I think you all are crazy. Let’s see any of you go out there and catch criminals. It is not easy. Leave the guy alone and if you don’t like him, don’t watch the show, that is all you have to do, it is that easy, just turn the damm channel to something else. Of all the things there is to worry about in the world and here you all are trashing a man who is trying to make a living. Grow up all of you.


  163. You really need to learn more words. The whole “fly” and “flea” thing is getting boring. But I guess someone with limited intelligence can only use three and four letter words. You seem to know an awful lot about fleas, do you have them? Maybe that is why you are so nasty. Maybe you should go to the vet so they can give you something for them.

  164. Whose the person who calls everyone fly’s and fleas they must get put down a lot in life just to come on here to call people name that’s a bit sad how about they move out there mums house and finally kiss a girl or some thing

  165. Dog: “Don’t you disrespect her (Alice)”Alice: “Nanee Nanee Ice Head”This couple continually disrespect our Hawaiian brother’s and sister’s. Addicted to ice or not they are still human beings who deserve respect. This couple continually disrespect our Aina, every episode the dog smashes his cigarettes into the ground and fails to pick them up. *Sad*

  166. Isn’t hilarious that people come to this forum and complain about “trashing” the Dog – yet in the same breath they trash the people who post here. Hypocracy.

  167. Everytime I run into the Dog – he makes me laugh. What a character! He is a living cartoon. High heels, spandex, feathers & leather. His sagging face and balding head are marked by sparkling eyes. He seems to have been humbled by his life – Alice (his wife & beeaoch) on the other hand needs to be slapped. She is loud, obnoxious and rude.

  168. Ok you said that you dont like the macho bully types? im sorry that you may have been bullied at school but its not dogs fault that you were a geek oh no wait obviously your not smart enough to have been a geek. so you were an outkast…who cares. im watching dog right now and he was in a parade or something and a bunch of people were cheering for him so i dont know what your talking about. the only people who probably hate him are the criminals that he caught or the family of those criminals. it doesnt matter if he has a criminal record. has he done anything lately? NO! he has just helped get the rapers and murderers off the streets. and not just hawaii he has gone to san francisco so you are obviously just jealous. there is no other reason for you to do this. DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER IS THE BEST. HES MAKING A DIFFERENCE WHILE YOU ARE WORKING WITH ELECTRICAL STUFF.

  169. Uhmm, what is a “raper”? Anyway – that Christmas Parade was five years ago – it wasn’t suppose to be a “Dog” parade. There was a crowd of about 75 people, most in attendance, like myself, were there to watch their children march in the parade(A&E didn’t show the entire parade – just shots of the “Dog”). I respect the fact that you enjoy watching this idiot, that is your right. Respect the fact that this Blog is for PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE THE DOG. Whatever our reasons for not liking him – RESPECT. THE DOG SUCKS – not you brah.

  170. Not a criminal. Not a family member of a criminal. Was popular as a child in school and am a fairly “normal” adult. DUDE, THE DOG SUCKS. Who was the idiot who booked the Dog to be in a Chrismas Parade?

  171. Ok for the ones who don’t understand. The only reason these “Bad Criminals” are out on the street is because Alice has bonded them. They were in jail before being released on Bond. Duane isn’t working to better the world he is working because Alice is a piss poor bondsman. This also includes his friends here in Colorado who are stupid enough to hire him. Yes they have had illegal activity in the not so distant past. Alice plea bargined Felony charges in Jefferson County Colorado last year. Something to do with False Imprisonment.Duane was busted working in Mexico.Thanks to NAFTA illegal to pick up skips in Mexico. You should be charged with kidnapping for doing that (in both countries).Ever see Duane process a skip into Jail. No. He can’t in most states due to his felon status.It is a Television Show not real life in real life someone would kick his ass before they could get the film crew set up. That is how the Mexican arrest end was Duane on his ass thats why it was not aired.

  172. I suppose we will never know for sure to what extent “Dog” was involved in the actual taking of a man’s life. He was present and he did nothing to stop the murder.

  173. Ok….Why are people arguing over Dog Chapman and fighting about his worth to society? Yes he has a T.V show and yes he is becoming wealthy? So What? If he’s not hurting you or affecting your life in a negative way why fret about it. It seems that people just need to leave well enough alone. If you don’t like him that’s fine, all you simply have to do is change the channel.

  174. Mr. Chapman paints a bad image of the Bail Industry as a whole. Duane is not a crime fighter or hero . He is just a pussy with a TV show. If his ideal capture is hand to hand, man to man what is with the jar of pepper spray and the herd of booger picking morons to help?

  175. If you do not like what is being said in this forum simply google something else. This forum is about having an opinion and being allowed to freely express it. This is still America. People here are allowed to express opinions even if they are contrary to what someone else believes is “right or wrong”. If you don’t agree with freedom of speech – find yourself another country (or another forum) where people are told what to think and say.

  176. omg!!!!! ahahhahahahah, i was just surffing the net trying to find out what dog was put away for (my friends and i were curiouse) and i found u losers!!!! seriosuly how pathestic is it that u losers having nothing better to do than either idolize some dude on T.V u’v never met, or rip on the guys that do? go do somthing construtive, like getting laid! hahahaha. oh and on a seriosue note. I’m fucking Canadain, and this country is ten time what the states is. yea guess what? we belive in not toting around some big metel penis, that we use to kill eachother. seriously get it together u guys, stop doign somthign as usless as fighting over dog, and start doing somthing construtive. oh and “nighthunter”, is that ur dungons and dragons name to? ur the worst one, i don’t buy any of ur shit for a second, my brother is a Royal Canadain Mountie. so i know ur bullshitting.sincerly “not gonna waste my time on this msg bored anymore”

  177. I’ve just lost all respect for the people of Canada. Either this is a child writing or Canadian white trash?? Love or hate, that is what this blog is about – being American and having freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, etc.

  178. i was in prison with dog every body in prison is called dog only stupid fucks get out and take up the name this is real he was a punk every nigger in prison pushed him around he kept his mounth shut they would take his food and say are you mad? he is not a big man kinda small i have slaped the shit out of him he done nothing i still could he knows who i am the warrior when i got out of prison i didnt use the name——– nothing to be proud of

  179. Well two things.#1) He took the name dog because he is a very religious man and every man in his crew had a name to do with religion. Dog = God backwards. watch the show once in a while.#2) You said you didn’t keep the name warrior, so then why are you posting under that name?hahahahah

  180. I’m sure you have given yourself a healthy boost of ego by putting others down who post here – yet you forget what this blog is about: The Dog, not you brah. Now back on track, Dog’s crew crying on TV last night about how their home was “raided”, and “A simple phone call and we would have turned ourselves in”. Finally the Dog got a taste of his own strong arm tacticts. YAY.

  181. Since when do we bow down to Mexico? Like it or not Luster was a creep who needed to be caught and Dog got him. He needed to be caught and now someone goes to a mexican prison for catching this guy. Come on something is wrong with this picture! And before you start in on me, what he did is a misdemeanor in Mexico. A crime, yes, but a very minor one. Is it really worth all the taxpayers dollars that are going to be spent on this?

  182. Bounty hunters are people who make their money retriving suspected felons who may have comitted rapes, murders, and drug deals. They are paid by bail bondsmen who let these FU*KS out on the street. Whoever wrote.”I guess being a convicted felon that is out doing some good for the human race is better than being a convicted felon out there looking to rape your wife, rob your house, or car jack you.”You can thank his lovely fat wife for putting up bail that let those guys out.”DOG” is little more than the librarian chasing you for late books.

  183. God spelled backwards is The Devil dipshit.We bow down to Mexico since signing the NAFTA treaty.It is a Felony in Mexico can’t get International Warrant on a misdemeanor.Bounty Hunters go to the store to get paper towels. Bail Enforcmnet Agents are who work for bondsmen.

  184. Duane seems like a nice enough guy, but when he turns on the “Dog in on your trail “stuff I laugh out loud. Him and his crew of models from the “tuff guys r us” catalog and his chunky tart wife (who I believe is unlikable ) chase dim witted drug addicts all over town based on information from other dim witted drug addicts who will say and do anything for a few bucks. My overall opinion is that the guy is harmless, he’s not a hero on a white horse and he’s not Mother Theresa. He is just a guy making a living doing the only thing he is qualified to do. I know his role as a bail enforcement agent gives him certain liberties to search and detain people and property but if this guy comes banging on my door demanding entry based on information he got from some toothless guy in front of a liquor store. Me and the big bad dog (who stands about 5ft 5in) are going to have a problem.

  185. Google “Beth Smith’s Tits” and see what comes up! I don’t care about the Dawg or his asshole kids! I want to put my hands on her massive breasts and suckle them and watch her nipples get erect!THATS WHAT I WANT!

  186. dog will kick your ass haha bring it to pennsylvania hhow about you bring your ass down to my hood philly and you get your ass kicked by 96526 dudes at once so shut the fuck up about dogs he owns

  187. Hi, I was also just looking for some background information on this “Dog” character as he has recently been in the news. I too, have watched his show in the past, but, as time went on he just seemed to become increasingly arrorgant…therefore, I no longer watch his show. Fame seems to have gone to his head. I never did take his show very seriously anyway because it was my belief that IF I were a “bounty hunter”, I certainly wouldn’t want a TV show to enable all my prospective “catches” to know what I looked like! It just makes sense…if I were a criminal and I saw him from a distance, I would put as much space as possible between us. He can’t “sneak” up on anybody! So, how can his career choice be taken seriously? In any event, it has been very interesting learning more about this unique individual while googleing.

  188. You Dog bashing, hate mongering idiots are all the same. Just a bunch of puny, little losers who are insecure in your manhood and try to act all tough guy when you get in front of your pink keyboards in the privacy of your parent’s basements. Still, I won’t debate this issue with you. I’m sure that you are all masterdebaters.

  189. Dog is a two time looser. He got into the business so he could look respectable while still being a felon. He’s a tough acting pussy motherfucker, his son Leeland could kick his ass. His bitch ass 15lbs in a 5lb sack pile of shit wife is just as bad, trailer trash. Without the show they would be gutter slime. People make him out to be something that he’s not, it just shows how blind and stupid society is. Wake up, the dude isn’t a god, he’s a freakin rebel doing what he wants, now it finally caught up with him. Good, let him spend some time in a mexican jail…. He wouldn’t have to worry about his wife cheating, unless you had ACME industrial strength beer goggles nobody would look at her.. GAG

  190. What a sad commentary,when instead of trying to figure-out how to bring the troops home from Iraq,or Afganistan,this is what some of the American public focuses on?.Something from the “A and E Channel?”… The A and E network must be loving this-how else would they be able to accomplish ratings like this?,and keep “their” name out there, if not for some “jail-bait,dysfunctial bunch of losers”,like the entire Chapman family.God,,A and E must just love the Chapmans,and their antics.A and E,couldn’t “buy” ratings like this,but they’ve forgotten that they(A and E) are the big losers-the viewer has lost respect for A and E–A and E’s creditibilty is only slightly above the “Fox” network.I hope A and E,is proud of themselves,repeatly broadcasting something which “demeans” the entire premise,that “A and E” oringinaly started out with,as a “cutting-edge” network. It’s now become as cutting-edge,as “PBS”.Sloppy,and “long-forgotten”.A and E,should really take the oportunity,to remove itself,from “Dog,and litter”,and show everyone it has higher standards,than what the viewer is being subjected to now,i.e.,”a Felony’s activities”.I used to enjoy,seeing what “fare” A and E,offered to us,each evening,but I think I’ll look for something else–perhaps on the History Channel.At least,on “that” Channel,the facts,can’t be “fudged”,just for ratings-sake.Down the road,A and E,will regret ever agreeing to host a program,which deals with a specfic “convicted felony”,when the ratings of A and E plummet into the “abiss” of programming “hell”,due in part,to programs like this.And let’s not forget-that A and E,is owned by ABC,so all you folks out there-who have an ax to grind with ABC, well-here’s just one more thing,to slump-on to,the ABC network.ABC has consistently lost to “other networks”,so all you disgruntled T.V. viewers of ABC,here’s another reson to complain to ABC.Instead of worrying about “1” loser,why not zero-in,on how to get the “fighting men and women” home for the Holidays?Somehow,the fighting troops in Iraq,seem more important,than “1” dumb-ass loser,like the Chapman Family.

  191. Well, if that’s the case then “Tater”, why are you so jealous of Dog Chapman and me then I’ll tell you why: Because you know you aren’t man enough to shine our boots, that’s why!I’d just love to get my hands on your neck, and beat the holy hell out of your hate mongering punk ass! Your type is NEVER so big and bad on the street, face to face. Maybe one day, bitch! Maybe one day!! That would be so sweet!!!In fact, one slap in the face and your on the ground begging for mercy like the little bitch that you are! You’re still a pathetic little loser, “tater” and you always will be!Speaking of losers, whoever’ the “Anonymous” loser above this post is, he rambles on like a whining little bitch!You hate mongering assclowns can all go straight to hell!

  192. tater is a goof and a fag. He is so jealous he could just pee! Every night he masturbates over a photo of Beth Smith-Chapman, and moans: “Oh Alice Elizabeth Barmore! I so much prefer your real first name and the last name from your previous marriage to Barry Barmore!” What a stupid faggot!

  193. No I’m not jealous of your hero. Nighthunter show up when he is in Mexico you could get your chance. If your pussy security job pays enough to buy your ticket. You are the ultimate poser. Fighting crime while sweeping the floors at an apartment complex. Keep dreaming little Bitch .

  194. Tater you are a worthless little troll assmuncher. I know what Nighthunter does, and he a crimefighter. Just as much as the Dog himself is. I would pay serious money to watch either of them beat the shit out of you. I suppose you wouldn’t know what a housing cop or a bounty hunter does because they don’t have them in the trailor park you live in.What you are is a jealous little fag loser. The hatred you have for crimefighters must mean you are a criminal yourself.

  195. Of course tator is a criminal. I bet he’s a crackhead too. He writes and acts just like one! I bet he wouldn’t say any of this shit to these guys in person. he’s too big of a bitch coward! All these Dog haters are chickenshit assjockeys!

  196. The three year old case of “The Dog” going to Mexico and retrieving Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster resurfacing now is insane. The Mexican authorities want Dog and the guys extradited because of that? This is just absolutely retarded. This is just plain wrong.And then Duane “Dog” Chapman being arrested in Hawaii on kidnapping charges. Isn’t that priceless coming out of Mexico, where they make kidnapping for profit a cottage industry.FACT: As many as 4,000 ‘express’ kidnappings occur in Mexico each year. Passengers in unlicensed taxis are driven to ATMs and forced to withdraw money.Being arrested in the US and extradited for kidnapping a rapist scumbag three years later … nice job Mexico. Nothing political about this is there?If you’re in the extradition mood, then how about taking a few hundred thousand of your wetbacks out of here, and sending some cop killers, drug lords and rapists back?Becuase you sure aren’t getting any American heroes from us, punks, No way in hell!By the way, “NightHunter,” I LIKE your STYLE!

  197. The U.S. government is appeasing the Mexican government at the expense of three of its own reputable American citizens and their families — even though the country hasn’t been a good neighbor or done anything to stop drug trafficking, illegal immigration and other criminal activity brought by Mexican citizens across the American border.The U.S. Office of International Affairs in Washington D.C. gave an order earlier this week for the arrest of the Bounty Hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, 53, his son Leland Chapman, 29, and his brother Timothy Chapman, 41, with the intent of extraditing them to Mexico. The trio are well known for their reality show on A&E, based on their work in Hawaii and the mainland as bounty hunters where they chase down and apprehend criminals who’ve violated the terms of their bail. They not only put on a popular entertaining show and promote law and order, but they run a compassionate and conservative operation through their business, Da Kine Bail Bonds. They pray during every television episode before they apprehend a suspect. They preach to the suspects about Jesus Christ, getting off of drugs, and turning their life around. And they even feature a picture of President George W. Bush in their shows.Hawaii’s head U.S. Marshall, Mark “Dutch” Hanohano, says the order for their arrest came from Washington D.C. The warrant was prepared Wednesday and executed by seven deputies without incident at 6:30 a.m. Thursday morning at the Chapmans’ Hawaii Portlock home, Hanohano says. The Chapmans made an appearance in Hawaii’s federal court Thursday and will be back in court Friday.The irony is they are being arrested for doing what American law enforcement failed to do.The Chapmans went to Mexico in 2003 in hot pursuit of a serial rapist, who fled the United States after being convicted in a California court for three rapes. The target was the Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, who is now serving 104 years in prison in the United States as a result of their work. They apprehended Luster on June 18, 2003, and he was jailed the next day.But rather than cheering the Chapmans for removing a convicted serial rapist from their country before he struck again, the Mexican government charged the Chapmans with illegal detention and conspiracy, throwing them in a cold, dark and dangerous Mexican prison for refusing to turn over Luster to them. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico.The case — and their treatment by the Mexican government — launched them into the international spotlight, and eventually landed them the A&E gig, now the most popular series on the network for the past two years. The Chapmans were supposed to appear at a court hearing there on July 15, 2003, but wisely never showed.Now instead of defending three citizens who have collectively rounded up an estimated 6,000 bail jumpers and criminals in the last quarter of a century, through their offices on three Hawaiian islands, the U.S. government is willing to turn them over to what could essentially turn out to be their death sentence. Mexican prisons are not patrolled by the ACLU and prisoners don’t have cable television, private cells, and three meals a day or the same rights as they would in America.So the question is why? Why is the U.S. Office of International Affairs having them arrested and extradited? Why is that office throwing three of its most famous, do-good citizens to a lawless country run by thugs who will take cash over principal any day? At what political price are these government bureaucrats selling the Chapmans to a foreign government?It is outrageous that the federal government is endangering the lives of these three men.Hawaii law enforcement officers muttered something about an international treaty with Mexico, but the bottom line is the United States owes Mexico nothing except the return of its hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and all the crack and cocaine smuggled from there to America’s 50 states. Chapman’s publicist, Mona Wood, released a statement to the media on Thursday morning, saying her client will be vindicated. “This is obviously a very upsetting time for the Chapman family. Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is a true modern-day hero. He arrests the bad guys — he is definitely not one of them.”She’s right — he is a hero. Americans should rally, write their Congressman and the president, and demand freedom now for “Dog” and the other two Chapmans.Congress should intervene on the Chapmans’ behalf and open an investigation into the behavior of the heads of this so-called Office of International Affairs.Whoever gave that arrest and extradition order should be fired and appropriately humiliated in the national and international press for making the American government appear hostile and unjust to its own citizens and unethical, and for embarrassing America on an international level. The Chapmans deserve the thanks of all Americans — including local and federal law enforcement — for rounding up so many criminals who jumped their bail with no intention of serving jail time. Just ask Andrew Lusters’ three rape victims who can rest a little easier knowing their seemingly untouchable and untraceable attacker is behind bars for life.The Chapmans made the streets safer. They should be rewarded — not punished — and they should be put back to work. There are, after all, still thousands of real criminals to catch. And the Dog must be there to catch them!

  198. Malia who put these people on the street in the first place? That would be the Chapman’s Bonding Company. Thus endangering the streets to make them safer. If I feel a client would endanger the public I find it better to leave them in jail.They are being returned to Mexico by the rules of the NAFTA treaty which I think is a crappy rule but they knew this going in. If you get busted stand up and take it.It is funny that on another site when Nighthunter was advised that the moderators had seen my state issued RPB info he attacked them on their site. He is a little wannabe.As for Duane he would have to wear 12 inch heels to look me in the eye.

  199. Tator, you are a retarded little troll bitch!For your information; people on bail are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. They have NOT been convicted of anything yet, and thererfore, are entitled to be out on bail. Dog Chapman DOES maker the streets safer, because he puts the innocent people on them, and takes the guilty ones OFF of them. He makes a difference out there, and helps reform his fugitives to try to be productive members of society.And you only presume that the Chapmans are going to be extradited to Mexico, but don’t count your chickens before they cross the border, dumbass. It ISN’T going to happen! Not EVER!!Further, you are a lying sack of slime! I NEVER talked to any site mods about you and your so-called “RPG info”, you liar! Clearly, you are the only “wannabe” here, chump! But being jealous of crimefighters like Duane “Dog” Chapman and I isn’t going to make you look like anything other than the stinking, lowlife loser that you are!You aren’t fooling anybody, assjockey! Your type NEVER do!I cannot wait to have the last laugh on you, and all your hatemongering assclown kind, when the Chapmans emerge victoriuos! Then nmaaybe we can put an end to the tyranny of scumbag lowlife losers like YOU!!

  200. Oh Puh-lease,the whole chapman family,is nothing more than your typical Dysfunctual American Family.Anyone that puts “much stock” in the A and E program,or actually believes,what this bunch of “God-fearing” losers portray(and I use the term losely) on t.v.,that they ARE actually bounty hunters,are as a big of a loser,as are the entire “dog f’er” family. Duh-ane,and the “clan”,are nothing more than overpaid,Red-Neck,Hilbillies.They’re disgusting,and look it.Will somebody please take the belt-sander to Duh-ane’s face?It could only improve what God “didn’t” give him.And how about that Mullet?Hubba-hubba,big-fella.And what about Beth-that big hunk of overweight “Southern-Bell”.What a piece of Wallmart that is!2 words for Mrs.Doggie–Jenny Craig!Use it or lose it,Tubby.You could probably run better,if your chest wasn’t the size of Mount Rushmore,and you didn’t have 40 lbs. of makeup on your acne-scarred face. Just a bunch of dummies,that are trying to capitalize on the fact that they can run faster than some of the idiots that AandE,have the stupidity of putting on the air.Serves A and E right-they’ll reap what they sow-which in this case,is “next to nothing”.In the 1 or 2 episodes,that I ever watched,of the “puppy-fuc’er”,I found it more amusing,than anything else–the whole premise smacks of “what’s wrong”,with America,is glorified,in this hour of “long comedy of errors”.A and E are probably worshipping the ground that the Chapsticks walk on-where else where they get this kind of publicity,or ratings.A and E,is as disgusting,as the Dog Fu****.They should be ashamed(but I doubt they ever will be) of themnselves,for putting ratings and crappy content ahead of quality content.Pity.And to whoever said-that Duh-ane,would have to wear 12 inch heels, to look him in the eye-well, I found that statement hilarious-I think Duh(ane) would have to wear heels to look “anyone” in the eye,he’s such a loser.

  201. How very shameful. You are obviously a lonely person who is filled with hate. I feel sorry for people like you because you are so inner-conflicted that you don’t believe in anything that’s pure and good and decent. That is your loss and it is a very big one.Hate and insults directed at good people such as Duane Chapman will only come back to harm you. I hope you wake up and smell the coffee one day, before it is too late for you.I am a nineteen year old girl, and I have never had any encounters with rape, and neither have any of my friends or relatives. I don’t believe I could say that in a world without the Police force or people like Duane Chapman. It makes absolutely no sense to me why on earth we would allow anyone to punish a man who has devoted his ENTIRE life to helping people – even the criminals that he takes into custody. There is no telling how many women Andrew Luster could have raped by now, had Duane Chapman not taken him in. It scares me to think that I live in a world where the government will punish America’s superhero, for making the biggest bust of his career and saving so many women from a life devastating and tragic occurence. Would you want twenty, fifty, maybe a hundred more girls to get raped for the sake of a stupid legality? I certainly hope not. I pray not. I have always had the deepest pride in my country for numerous reasons. This, however, is very shameful.

  202. Tell the family of his Murder Victim what a hero he is. He stands a about five foot five wears heels everytime he walks out the door.Nighthunter what would a Canadian Security Guard know about International Law ? Look Sissy you aren’t even smart enough to read his criminal history. Chapman can’t enter your country due to his little crime problem can he ?Our industry will come out ahead either way . Chapman goes to Mexico we win . Chapman doesn’t go to Mexico it opens the border for us to work in Mexico again we win. Hell maybe next year Nighthunter will get a bullet for his gun and he will win Too !

  203. Tell the family of [i]his[/i] murder victim? Since Dog never murdered anybody, that may be hard to do. The Dog was outside in the car, and according to him, he didn’t know anything about it before hand. That was why he only got 18 months; because he had been at the scene and he didn’t report the crime after he learned about it. Argue with the judge bub, that’s who decided thatbased on a preponderance of the evidence. It was actually some other member of the Devils Deciples bike gang that killed that drug dealer.And one might also argue that the victim’s position as a drug trafficker highly contributed to his own premature demise. This sort of thing happens all the time in the underworld. And if you were actually a member of the law enforcement society, you’d be aware that this type of thing is called a “public service homicide.” He was no innocent citizen, he was a scrote! Or are you a fan of drug dealing scumbags? BTW, it’s Canadian Special Constable! And who are you calling a sissy, you little wannabe BEA bitch? I highly doubt you’d have the sack to say that to my face! Mr. Chapman is more than welcome in my country. Why wouldn’t he be? I don’t live in friggin’ Mexico!Now, the Dog will definitely NOT be going to Mexico. He wins! You and the rest of the hate mongers LOSE! If BEAS can go to Mexico, then they owe Dog their thanks, and have to admit what he did was right all along. That means he wins again, and the haters lose!And tator, I don’t [i]need[/i] a bullet since I don’t carry a gun. Never have. Never will. I don’t like guns, as they are only for criminals and cowards. I also don’t need to wear a firearm on my hip to compensate for any shortcomings. But I guess guys like [i]you[/i] do!

  204. Nighthunter you should learn the laws of Canada prior to playing cop. His felon status makes him not welcome in Canada of course being a security guard you would not know this.I forgot you don’t have a gun. You are one step below Barney Fife. Next year you get the gun the maybe a bullet later.

  205. Are you guys still posting about jackass Dog? A little tidbit of info: Our number 3 hit count on this blog is from sicko perverts who type in Google “Beth Chapman’s Tits”. Give it a rest. Dog did good in getting that loser rapist who fled to Mexico, and yes I think our Government sucks by handing him over to the wet backs.I still don’t like Dog though.Cheers.

  206. I don’t know about the business about Googling “Beth Chapman’s tits”, but I agree Dog did good for catching that rapist and the government shouldn’t send him back to the wetbacks. Dog’s a good man though.I still don’t like that Tator asshole, though! 😉

  207. Look Mr. Potatohead, I don’t know where you get this “security guard” crud you keep prattling on about, why don’t you Google Special Constable, and see what you get? It’s more fun than pretending to be a BEA like you’re so fond of doing! Lol!As for Dog being not allowed in Canada, this is further proof of your ignorance. He got pardoned long ago for anything in his past, and he has been here many times! The RCMP here love the guy!Now stop acting like a jackass and grow up, ok?

  208. Name one. Better Yet what is the date of his Pardon. Maybe you googled what you call yourself. The truth is you know very little about Chapman other than what you read on his site. You know very little about the laws of Canada. Example if Chapman was pardoned he would not have Felon status as the pardon would clear his criminal history concerning his felony conviction. At the time of his Arrest in Mexico he was a Felon.It is a matter of court record in the State of California in the Luster bond hearing where he tried to collect the million Luster’s mother put up. The judge advised them they could not work in California due to his status and it was in the Judges ruling not allowing them to take the money. If you are a Special Constable you are only armed with the Knowledge of a security guard. Your BEA story is funny since I’m a Bondsman I just hunt for myself or the surety we write under.

  209. I am not a fan of the Dawg, Beeaatch and Litter. These critters need to be sent to the pound pronto.I also believe that Andrew Luster is most likely innocent and Dawg used him to advance his own agendas for celebrity status and for $$$$$$ (the later he didn’t get in a bounty award but the capture did launch Dawg;s trashy and lousy reality TV show).Have any of you checked out the following links:www.andrewluster.netwww.stg.proboards19.comwww.beagent.comAnn

  210. I’m from Hawaii and have met dawg I think that he is a nice person, though on T.V. it’s a different story. Things tend to be a little to sarcastic and in the peoples face which I think is wrong and dick. It is true though wouldnt you rather him be somewhat good than trying to rape someones wife or robbing the bank. On the otherhand it’s his wife you should talk shit about. She is a big tit Bitch who thinks she is untouchable because she is the dawgs wife. Only time will tell, if he is as good as he portrays himself he will go down with dignity. And about Luster, if he was innocent why would he run to Mexico. Mexico might be a whole other country but someday we the U.S. and Mexico should come to terms about wantees fleeing into eachothers territories. That way we wouldn’t have to go through the procedures of U.S. citizens crossing over to retrieve them.

  211. To the last anonymous who posted here…..I agree with your acessment of Beth.As far as Luster goes, who says that fleeing means one is guilty. Could it mean one finds oneself in a difficult and painful situation with no hope of a favorable outcome.Seems to me in cases of witch hunts for rapes, domestic violence and child molestation, the accused is guilty until proven innocent.In the good ol’ USA, the accused are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.In cases of many “sex” crimes it is a he said/she said situation and there are no other eye witnesses.Look, you wouldn’t want your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or niece to be raped or experience molestation or violence; yet, you wouldn’t also want to be wrongly and falsely accused (if a man) of these crimes yourself, nor would you want your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, nephew, etc. to experience the pain of being falsely accused of a vicious crime.False accusations do occur more often than I believe the public is aware and especially during marital and other relationship breakups.While rape and other sex crimes are traumatic for the victims, I also believe it traumatic for the falsely accused who are victims themselves.The falsely accused suffer extensively, are maligned with the stigma even if proven innocent, and frequently have to pay thousands of dollars in their defense. Not only this, but I don’t believe if it is proven that they were falsely accused, that the accusers suffer any perjury or legal costs in many cases. That has got to change.I’m not particularly religious, but one of the commandments has crossed my mind: Though shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  212. It makes no sense for our federal government to arrest a prominent American citizen who happens to be a bounty hunter, for simply having gone down to Mexico three years ago and located a rich, sleazy serial rapist who had skipped bail in our country.Common sense would suggest the Bush administration would issue a sincere “Thank you!” to Chapman for having done its dirty work in discovering the whereabouts in Mexico of Andrew Luster, who fled south of the border during his rape trial in 2003. On the contrary, the guy who risked his life to bring a multiple rapist to justice is instead rewarded by the U.S. Justice Department with an arrest warrant and extradition hearing.Millions of Mexicans illegally cross from their country to ours each year; the vast majority never are even questioned by U.S. authorities. Mexico remains a key smuggling point into our country for massive amounts of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamines. Corruption is so pervasive and systemic in Mexico that often our law enforcement personnel assigned to diplomatic posts in Mexico feel they have more to fear from corrupt officials than from the civilian criminals.Yet, the Mexican government gets its pantalones in a wad because it doesn’t like gringos coming into its territory to locate fugitives so they can be brought back to our country where, unlike in Mexico, there actually is a functioning court system. Mexico considers bounty hunting a “deprivation of liberty” and, ever sensitive to challenges to their sovereignty, the authorities in Mexico City saw Dog’s actions as an “affront” to their sensibilities. President Bush’s good friend, Mexican President Vicente Fox, therefore demanded that his U.S. counterpart arrest and send Dog Chapman back to Mexico. So far, Bush has played ball.And how come instead of simply serving a warrant in a civilized manner against a highly visible TV personality, the feds felt the need to execute Mexico’s warrant commando-style and en masse at his home at 6 a.m? This whole thing reeks of a conspiracy!

  213. tater is a little sour grapes fag wannabe. And hey Ann! You think Luster was framed? You want “eyewitnesses? The scumbag VIDEOTAPED himself raping UNCONSCIOUS women! DUH!!!

  214. Tator is nothing more than a little hater bitch! He’s just a poor man’s DAWORMO who thinks he’s all big and bad but he isn’t in that league! He’s just another little fag trying to make a name by talking trash about the Dog!Go strap on a pair, you pussy! Your a big fucking internet JOKE!

  215. The Dog,is a LOSER.And so is the rest of Chapman Clan,especially Boobs,er-I mean Beth (or whatever the hell her real name is).The sooner someone “kicks their ass to the curb,the better”.And to the neighbours,who have to put-up,day after day,with that bunch of Mongrels,you have my sympathy.

  216. Wow, what a well thought out, articulate and insightful post that was! You old wordsmith, you! NOT!Tell me, did you have to get help for all the big words? Oh that’s right.. there were none! Dimwit!! lol!Listen fucktard, it’s hate mongers like you that give hate mongers a bad name! Try “Hooked On Phonics,” jackass!So Dog is a loser is he? So what do you think you are then? No money. No TV show. No fame and no brains! Trying to spread hate just because your own life is so pathetic!Now THAT is a real LOSER!!Dog is a famous crimefighter and you are just a pathetic, jealous little creep!I bet that you probably still live with your parents, right? I suspected as much. It’s evident in your lack of maturity.It’s probably past your bedtime little man. Now go get into the jammies with the little feet in them, and grab your teddy bear. It’s a whole lot safer than spreading hate on the net and looking retarded in front of the world.Nighty night, you little bitch!

  217. What would you know about a crime fighter ? How is your TV show coming along Barney ? Fame & Money kinda hard to come by being a security guard huh ? You nighthunter don’t know shit from a cheap grade of putty . Go back to wannabe and tell everybody how great you and Chapman are. Maybe somebody there will believe you.BEAs are not crime fighters dumb ass they just hunt bond skips for money. Bondsmen also are not crime fighters we get you out of jail for money . We understand with your limited knowledge of law that you don’t know the legal process here . Maybe you should Google for knowledge instead of a job title you can pretend to be .For the rest of the people reading this one thing to remember when nighthunter posts. You Can Fix Stupid ! He is unrepairable .

  218. You’re a fat guy that lives with his mother aren’t you? Well set the bucket of chicken down and listen up, retard!I know that YOU aren’t a crimefighter, but Chapman took a serial rapist down. he takes taken rapists, drug dealers and every type street level scumbag there is down. I have done the same myself.YOU on the other hand, are so jealous of us that it’s pathetic!Much like the Dog, I am world famous in my field, you little punk. But what about you? You and that gaylord name you chose are laughable and lame!Dear hate mongering losers. Where do a pack of illiterate, neer do well lowlifes, such as yourselves, get off by attempting to trash the name of Dog the bounty hunter? A man, I might add, whose steel tipped cowboy boots you sickening slimeballs are not worthy to lick? What did you ever do for anybody besides yourselves?Unlike you pathetic little punks, the Dog is not a welfare recipient, nor does he sleep with a nite-lite. Dog is a hero, but you are just zeroes. He contributes to society, while leeches like you only drain it, like the parasites that you are. The only actual purpose you creeps serve, is as an advertisement for birth control.You wish to come across all big and bad, whenever you can steal a few moments on your parents computer, but really now; who do you think you’re impressing? Any sane, right minded person who reads your drivel knows you are the product of a union between cousins.It must be a really lonely life, to be such a hate filled moron and be so jealous of Duane “Dog” Chapman that you have to try to spread blind, unreasoning hate against him. Unlike you, scumbag, he worked long and hard and made something of himself. The Dog will always defeat anything that comes his way! He will be victorious in any battle!Dimwits like you, on the other hand, can always try to improve yourselves by learning not to wet the bed. It makes it much nicer to hide under it when you hear a thunderstorm outside your parent’s basement.Hate mongers like you are out of date, bitch! Go away now. You suck.

  219. Okay, so I read through all of the posts within this thread, and I must say that the level of uninformed ignorance to the facts is absolutely astounding! I, and the company that I own, are friends and suppliers of Duane, Beth, and their business. Before you ask, no, i am not posting this as someone whom is paid as a supplier to “the Dog”, as we supply them free of charge with computer equipment. I do not receive a single penny from them! Why? Simply because I have been through the same hardships that Duane has! There are a few of you who condemn the Dog as an ex-con, and I have to shake my head in disgust at the prejudgemental and outdated overt bigotry against someone who made a mistake in life and paid for it. I CAN preach on this as I, myself made a mistake that cost me 15 years in prison to pay for it before I was able to straighten my life out and find a life that makes a positive difference to the community in which I reside. Duane is a gentleman of the old tradition, and, regardless of his clothing and appearance, is perhaps one of the most genuine “nice guys” I have ever talked to or dealt with. To vilify the man without having spoken to him isd about the same as condemning a meal because it doesn’t look like a 5 star restaurant menu picture before ever tasting it! Such is utterly ridiculous. So, in conclusion, before any of you begin to shoot off your mouths with derrogatory remarks about Duane, perhaps you should take a long, hard look in the mirror, as I am almost certain that not a single one of you could fill his shoes or ever even come close to being half the man that he is. In short…put up or shut up! Try doing his job before you crucify the man for doing what none of you have the intestinal fortitude to do!

  220. I find it rather hard to believe that you would be dumb enough to donate to a actor with his income .You donations would be better used by someone who is facing true hardships in life . ( Not Driving Around in a New Jag.)As for the security gaurd if you are such a great crimefighter as you put it how come the only place we here about your saving the world is from you ? You are not in the same type Actor Mr. Chapman is . Acting is different from pretending .

  221. Awh,Barney(nighthunter,er,nighthunted,) ,where the Hell are you from–Winnipeg?,or Regina?,or let me guess-Scarborough?As a fellow Canadian,your posts,as “Secret Agent 007”,are laughable–next thing,you’ll be trying to tell everyone,that you once worked for “CSIS”.Just remember,”007″,try not to put “anything over”,on a retired O.P.P. officer-it’s like,”the more the talk, the stupider you sound”.Got it?,”stupid”?

  222. The Security Guard must be moonlighting as one of Santa’s Elves. Just got one that was in Mexico .He is now in San Diego waiting Extradition to Colorado . Got Lucky and he crossed the border. Thanks to the US Marshals for their assistance .

  223. To the company “donating” equipment to the “Dog” – Auwe, giving to a man who doesn’t need! There are so many children in Hawaii who could benefit from computers/ equipment………maybe the homeless shelter at Kakaako? Don’t think much of the Dog or his family. Their tween daughter was caught shoplifting at Longs recently and all Beth could say was her daughter was in trouble because of “who (we) are”.

  224. Listen JERK!!! You leave Duane alone. Yes he was an ex convict. But now, look at what all he has done and all he will do. He has the support of his family and the millions of fans. If you don’t like him, then why did you even write this blog? It just makes people love Duane more and more. If you don’t like him, then don’t watch or talk about him. JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Anonymous said… Listen JERK!!! You leave Duane alone. Yes he was an ex convict. But now, look at what all he has done and all he will do. He has the support of his family and the millions of fans. If you don’t like him, then why did you even write this blog? It just makes people love Duane more and more. If you don’t like him, then don’t watch or talk about him. JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!Jerk? Wow. I am offended! No I don’t like the Dog other than the one good thing he did by getting that rapist fucker down in Mexico. Finally, I don’t watch the show, as far as talking about him? I wrote one blog post when?AUGUST 31st, 2004.Get a fucking life moron, get off the net and watch more Bounty Hunter shows.. That’s about your speed anyway.

  226. You fucking loser. Obviously you are jealous because he acyally has a wonderful life,a job, kids, a tv show. Do I need to go on. Get a life. Your’e pissin a lot of people off!!Jackass

  227. What kind of name is Franny for a little boy. You are really pathetic. That fuck up your blog links. I did not know that boys called women assholes. You are really desperate, to have to call someone a fatass especially someones wife . I am willing to bet you $100,000 that I bet if Dog was in your petafile face that you would not say anuthing to him like what you are shit talking about in this fake ass blog???????? Your a pussy as little boy who wants to be a man. You really need to get a real life. Nice picture….is that the little girl that your screwin Bahahaha what the fuck is that oh what a hillbilly laugh.HA ;} Bring on your bet, security boy.ooooooh

  228. Learn how to spell moron. BTW, JSMOOTH? What kind of name is that? The little girl as you call her is 23 who could kick your sorry ass np. I only leave this blog post up as a reminder of how many MORONIC assholes like you are out there. As far a Dog meeting me? I ain’t a convicted FELON and have a permit to carry. Indiana has their share of assholes dontyathink? A bet? You ain’t got $100.00 never mind 100 K.

  229. Don’t worry if Chapman is in your face all you have to do is kick the chair out from under him . Besides he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag with a Sherman Tank thats why Luster knocked him out.

  230. You all are some sorry asses. I mean come on especially old franny boy,so your’e rapping a 23 year old ugly ass bitch. You wish she could kick my ass!! You really must not know who the fuck I am…. If I were you, well I would never be you. You are a sorry ass excuse for a man. As far as me only having 100$ you need to think twice motherfucker. I have more money than you and your entire trailer park family. Oh by the way my son said “GO SUCK A DICK” ASSHOLE

  231. I’m not a homo like your Son is moron. Why don’t you let him blow your queer ass hero Duane? As for knowing who you are? Your the one hiding by using some gay ass name like “Jsmooth”..Take a hike loser.

  232. Look you fucking serial rapist. You need to watch your mouth about my kid or I will hope on a plane and come kick you and your bitch ass girlfriend fat asses. And also I am not a man I am a woman. Get it right. That just goes to show how stupid you both are. You wish you could get a blow job for free. That’s why you have that young ass whore. Oh yea that’s right you did say she is a hooker. Myfault I thought she was just some random slut. Now I know where I have seen her… on COPS hahahahahah DUMB ASSES

  233. Man are you serious???? I thought all you people couldn’t get any stupider and then there is watcher…. you must be from Michigan. Are you serious? How fucking stupid is that???? Look, One:I am not from ghetto state ass Michigan I am from Indiana.Two: What doe sit matter to you what the hell I say anyway? You got fagot ass tator tot tryin to talk some shit then you got franny panny the serial rapist.So do I need to say more. Let me guess…. You all live in the same trailer park or probably in the same trailer, in Tennessee. You hang all your clothes on the antenna of the trailer just to dry your clothes. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Oh I kill myself. YOU ALL NEED TO GET A MOTHERFUCKING LIFE

  234. Hey Jill.. “Serial Rapist” ? You do know that your statement is slander, and I do know your from Indiana… Do yourself a really big favor: Stay the fuck out of the blog, and my web site. I ain’t playing, you should know that Comcast, RCN, Adelphia, road Runner and a shit loat of other ISP’s will gladly give investigators your ip and more inportantly, your MAC address of the PC that you used to post your bullshit… I’ll tell you what bright boy. quit while your ahead. I hold ALL THE CARDS, as in deleting this thread, denying your isp access, putting up a page with YOUR info that I have collected, or just ignoring you.Being that I am a lazy fuck, I choose my easist option…Cheers asshole.

  235. Do you really think that bothers me. DO you not think I mean come on you are sitting here saying the same stuff, so buddy you’ll have the same issues I would have if you did. But dont worry I have better things to do than to worry about writting on this dumb ass thing it was the stupiest thing I have ever seen. Are you serious the toliet flushing how dumb was that. Goodbye to all of you losers.Oh one more thing you dare mess with my ipand you will deal with my lawyer,and you dont hold any cards you have not collected any of my info. you dont even know who I am!!!!!! Good riddens. Please get help

  236. Hey Jill.. Go show your “Lawyer” this page. Then tell him to read below at the bottom of it. Aslo, I have this statement from you: Jill said… Look you fucking serial rapist. You need to watch your mouth about my kid or I will hope on a plane and come kick you and your bitch ass girlfriend fat asses. That you are implying is that I am a rapist. Being that I use my real name and picture on this blog ask your attorney what I could do to you, both criminally and civilly.As for “Messing with your IP”, I am within my rights as the owner of this web site to block any ip address I wish. Here’s what I have on you… A visitor from c-71-229-81-56.hsd1.in.comcast.net ( without a referring URL,and visited http://www.totallydelco.com/blog/2004/08/\duane-dog-chapman-aka-wannabe-r-n-o-l.htmlat 11:40:10 AM on Tuesday, January 16, 2007.This visitor used Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0;Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322;Media Center PC 4.0).If anything, YOU are the one who I should be contacting my attorney about. See the above info? Thats ypou. Know what? every PC has a MAC address in it’s nic card, including yours. Comcast has a record of this, pointing directly to your account. But you know what? I don’t care about you, your new PC, where you live, or what your real name is.As I said eariler, GO FUCK OFF.

  237. I have heard the Dog & the pups have been Sued for pushing a lady down a set of stairs causing her to fall & break her neck. Anybody else hear anything ?

  238. Oh Puh-lease, like it said on the TMZ.com site,even though “Momma Boobs” may be willing to stand behind her mongrel, shortly it may be Carlos,Jesus,and Pedro,lining-up behind Dog and Leland.

  239. Dog Chapman is eager to accept praise for “cleaning up the streets”.One of his bonds murdered a Deputy Sheriff.John K. Lorenzo Jr. shot and killed Deputy Sheriff while on the street.http://starbulletin.com/2007/02/13/news/story02.htmlhttp://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070213/NEWS20/702130358/1001/NEWShttp://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2007/Feb/14/ln/FP702140394.htmlConfirm the bond here:http://hoohiki2.courts.state.hi.us/jud/Hoohiki/main.htm1PC05-1-000313A&E are money sucking vampires. Duane is a puppet.

  240. It has been confirmed that Duane (dog) Chapman sits on a booster chair so he can see over the car door. He lets others drive because he can’t reach the brake or gas pedals.

  241. Wow, it’s great to see so many internet tuff-guys hiding behing the “anonymous” user name. Or in the case of these dickwads, it’s more like “loser-name.”But hey, did I see some jerkoff pretending to be from the OPP? Wow, adding impersonating a police officer to your list of retardation? Wasn’t hate mongering enough for you? If you were a real cop then you’d know what I was talking about. But since you’re not, you’re just gay!And I don’t know what this “007” crap is that you’re babbling about sissy boy, but I guess you are spreading yourself too thin. Maybe it’s hard to keep a clear head when you are standing in the closet wearing your momma’s underwear.Anyway, I see that the usual number of dog hating assclowns is still here, like that tator fag! Another homo scumbag that is all mouth and no action.My complements to Jill and the others for standing up to you asshats! But don’t waste your time on these losers Jill, they are just jealous little boys with gayass names. Cowards, posers and diddlers all! I don’t plan on coming here anymore, I just saw all the morons and couldn’t resist bitch slapping them one more time! LOL!!Now they can try to respond to me, by acting all big and bad, but they know as well as I do that Dog could stomp them like the wussies they are, and I could do the same! But go ahead, you little bitches, try and act all big and brave and bad!Nobody’s buying your BS! You’re just jealous little losers!Get fucked, you bunch of queers!!

  242. All of these Dog Chapman haters here are so obsessed with Dog Chapman that they have nothing better to do than constantly come on this creep Franny’s lame blog to post their lies and other bullshit about him. THIS ALONE MAKES THEM LOSERS! Try getting a life!!Denver and Hawaii arre both standing behind Dog now, and he will NEVER be extradited. In fact, all this publicity has made him even MORE famous!! Ha Ha Ha!!!Franny the pedophile here, bitches about slander and threatens legal action if you as much as say “boo” to him, but he is ok with bashing Dog and his family and allowing his child molesting asshole buddies here to do the same! Chicken shit! And another thing,it’s ‘lible’ not ‘slander’ asshole! Your as ignorant as you are ugly!Faggots like tator – dicktracey- Franny and all the anonymous assholes who have nothing better to do then masturbate and come on this crappy blog to say their cowardly lying bullshit should all go fuck yourselves!You’re a bunch of cowards and cocksuckers! And go ahead and try to threaten me Franny, you fucking diddler! Post all my personal info, computer id, IP addy and anything else you got! But you don’t got shit, do you asshole?So go back to your kiddy porn and your spreading lies about a great man like Dog Chapman. One day karma will catch up to ALL of you cocksuckers! And you can’t stop it or me assholes! Fuck you tator and Franny and all you other diddlers!It sure sux to be you assholes!!

  243. The truth hurts, JILL, jsmooth and NightHunter are all absolutely right! The stupid haters on this pissant blog are so filled with jealousy and hate that they are wasting their lives. They are totally consumed by their hate for a good man who doesn’t even know these losers exist! Duane “Dog” Chapman sure isn’t wasting his time sitting at a keyboard to write how much he thinks you suck, on some piece of shit blog made by some child molester!The Dog doesn’t know that any of you asswipes exist! And all this mexican shit will do is make the Dog even more world famous then he is right now! So go ahead and talk your shit, because you’re just making him more famous! You sick, twisted confusing motherfuckers! Keep it up, assholes! lol

  244. Funny thing NightHunter / The Truth Hurts. I just BANNED you and your whole IP range… You probably don’t know what that is , being your a fucking stupid Canuck.The DOG is an ASSHOLE, as you Dog lovers are…

  245. I don’t know what you think you did, fuckhead, but you sure didn’t ban me! I wonder who you did ban? What an idiot! Besides,I have better things to do then come to this gay blog of yours, francis. A lot better!! And if I’m banned, then you better go back and read the instructions again, dickweed!By the way, don’t blame me for what somebody else does. if I do something, I’ll damn sure take the credit for it, but don’t think you’re going to slander my good name, bub! I’m not one of your hate monger loser buddies! So fuck you!!Ok? You got that now? Good! And one more thing: keep your predjudicial crap to yourself too! NOBODY insults my country without asking for trouble!You can shove this hate mongering piece of trash blog straight up your ass!And now I’ll just sign off by saying “DOG RULES” and leaving you with the reminder that “Live And Let Live” is the best way to go. i.e. Do NOT fuck with me, jackoff! And I won’t fuck with you! Kapeesh?

  246. ASSHOLE Night Hunter said: “And now I’ll just sign off by saying “DOG RULES” and leaving you with the reminder that “Live And Let Live” is the best way to go. i.e. Do NOT fuck with me, jackoff! And I won’t fuck with you! Kapeesh?”Hey Night Hunter..Are you threatening me? A visitor from hidemyass.com ( without a referring URL,and visited http://www.totallydelco.com/blog/2004/08/duane-dog-chapman-aka-wannabe-r-n-o-l.htmlat 01:06:34 AM on Sunday, March 11, 2007.This visitor used Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90; Avant Browser; Avant Browser; .NET CLR 1.1.4322).I’ll ban every one of those proxy servers you half-witted inbred drunken Canuck! You are an ASSHOLE. This post is over, what, 2 and a half years? What a simpleton you are! PATHETIC, loser, wannabe Cop who probably got ass raped by your Dad as a kid.Fuck off.

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  248. Nice job at that, Francis! How’s that blocking thing working out for you, fuckhead? But seriously, if you and tator took your lips off each other dicks for a second, you’d know you can’t back up your talk! I’ll stop when you do asswipe, and NOT a second before! All you have to do is shut up! Is that too hard for you, iceheads? Just shut the fuck up! Nobody, least of all ME, wants anything to do with you scumbags!And I don’t usually sling mud at a person’s country, but I don’t see Bin laden messing with Canada. Could that be because you fucks are led by mindless morons and bullies who like to fuck around in countries where it’s not your business? I think so! Canada rules, you limp dick motherfuckers! And you know it too!Now that I have once again proven you for the retards that you are, I will again TRY to sign off by saying you are a couple of gay, limpwristed motherfuckers who wouldn’t last 3 second with me in an alley. All you can do is try to act tough on your gay little blog! Big deal bitch!Now do try to excercise some good sense this time and shut the fuck up! Merely talking to human garbage like you is disgusting! You can’t beat me, and you sure as fuck don’t impress or intimidate me.You cheap little hate mongers aren’t even worth the time it takes to kick your pathetic asses! Just fuck off!!

  249. You don’t have enough time nor friends to cover your story. You nighthunter keep pretending to be a cop maybe the will give the tin badge instesd of the plastic one.This Blog is kinda like our country If You Don’t Like It You Don’t Have To Be Here.You don’t have enough knowledge of law enforcement to be anything other than a idiot who watches Chapman’s TV show. I Support my family in the Bonding Industry and know that you don’t have a clue how the industry works.Tator.

  250. Duane “Dog” Chapman is more man than any of you hate mongering retards! And so is the NightHunter! And you bitches know it!Your blind, pathetic, impotent and jealous hatered is truly sickening!I have grown bored of you losers! Tator and Francis (speaking of impotent)and all the rest of the hate mongering assclowns here! Fuck you!! I am out of this evil, nightmarish thing! You can stuff it! Sit here all you want, and tell your sick lies and twisted thoughts about the Dog! It doesn’t hurt him one little bit, and I suppose it does keep you scumbags away from the local schoolyard!And make note that it is MY choice, and nobody elses. Particularly Francis, whose feeble attempts to ban me were about as successful as him trying to get an erection without the aid of Viagra! LOL!

  251. As if you are know anything about the Chapmans. You have seen the act on TV. Tell us more about how little you know. You are a fake just like the Television Show .Tator

  252. You no I’m sitting here reading all this crazy stuff DOG and I just cant believe it! There are so many different kinda of sick people in this world. I work everyday with children who have been beaten, raped and everything else you can think of. In the morning when I go to work the first thing I have to deal with is a little girl who just turned 10 and was raped over and over from her step father. Now I have to try and get her to see that not everybody in the world is bad. So I thank GOD that he made DOG and BETH & LELAND & TIM & DUANE and every other member of the dog team. Dog and his family are out there day after day trying to make the world a better place and safe for me and the kids and people of the world and yes even YOU! but, even if you dont like DOG I can say this….funny how he is out there doing the best he can keeping the streets safe while your here bitching like a pathetic loser and not doing anything to help people.. something to think about.

  253. That is so nice. Did you ever ask yourself how the people got out of jail in the first place? They were bonded by the Chapmans. People don’t be stupid now. As bondsmen we release people from jail before we can be putting them back in.THINK ABOUT IT .Tator


  255. Sharlene says. Tator I dont mean to sound rude but why is it that you dont like the dog and his family? It cant be just because he was in jail is it? I was reading over some of the things you have posted and you really sound mean! Like I said Im not trying to be rude but, from whatt I can see from the show dog and his sons and wife look to be a pretty cool ok family. So why do you hate him so much?

  256. Sharlene you base your opinion of them from what you see on television. In real life they real different from what they are on A&E and what thet were in Colorado are two different things. From a professional point of view they only tell about a quarter of the story of what the industry is like.The image you have is that they are cleaning up the streets this is not what we do. The reason all these people are on the street is that they bond them out in the first place. They knew what they were doing when they got busted in Mexico. It was a ploy to try to get a Million Dollars off the court system in California. Proof is that they showed up and asked the court for the money. For them to stand up and lie saying we are trying to make the world a safer place is BS.I have done this for 15 years never have bond a client or put them back in to make the world a better place it is a money game. I donate to charities that help make the world a better place.Mr. Chaoman is a Felon. He got out by rolling on his friends not by being a bounty hunter for a judge.The Texas Rangers seem to cover that job in Texas.I have been a biker for 39 years a bondsman for about 15 have no respect for anyone who lies about either.Just my opinion.Tator.

  257. Sharlene says.. Tator remember that A&E special “year of the Dog”? Well in thatt interview Dog said the courts came to him and asked him to go and get this guy.(whole mexico thing I’m talking about). So because he did get that guy then how come he shouldnt get his money? And once again I’m just trying to understand your side I mean you and Dog are in the same business right? And one more question what did Dog do to end up in jail?

  258. He was not honest on television . He cannot work in or for the state of California due to his Felony conviction. The had green cash on hand for Andrew Luster’s bond. No Surety involved. So they really did not want anybody to return him as they would lose the money. If the government returned him they kept the money. He also left out the part about stiffing the people who told where Luster was.The bottom line is we cannot work in Mexico. It was part of the NAFTA treaty. By law when they are finished in Mexico they should face charges here it is part of the treaty. Is Luster being in prison a good thing ? Yes totally.No I’m a Bondsman. Mr. Chapman is a Bail Enforcement Agent. I chase my own skips as well as some for the surety I work under when I have time to help them.What he did was break a law in Mexico. Posted bond and then skipped on it. The Hunter becomes the Hunted.Some of this is my opinion (Luster being in prison has got me attacked on the web many times. He Deserves it.) The legal side is fact. I have chased several in Mexico and have had the State Department call me off several times.In Chapman’s own words. If you are gonna do the crime. You gatta do the time.I wish Mexico was open to us I could make a whole lot of money. (Speak Spainish and Have Solid Connections In Mexican Law Enforcement) But the Rules Are The Rules.Tator.


  260. That is the difference between asking an opinion and tell someone what their opinion is. Yes America will stand while Mr. Chapman faces a Mexican court system. In case you have not noticed the appeals are happening in Mexico not the United States.

  261. You guys leave Beth & Dog Alone!!!They are both wonderful people trying to make the world safer from bond jumpers and those people breaking the law!!You think your life is perfect then take a stand!

  262. To the people whining about how “unfair” it is, bounty hunting in Mexico is a felony. Consider: If he knows it’s against the law in Mexico to be a bounty hunter, why the fuck did he go to Mexico to catch that rapist? Why not just leave it up to the Mexicans to catch him or not catch him? Why does he seem to think that being American means he’s entitled to go to other countries and break their law and not expect anything to happen because of it? Dog is about the most arrogant, obnoxious asshole I could possibly imagine. And a convicted murderer by the way. This is just another example of how Americans think they can do whatever they want wherever they want and that the world should conform to their needs at the expense of everyone else. Fuck America. Bunch of pussy losers who are getting their asses beat in Iraq by guys who have homemade bombs and wear track suits. Pretty humbling, no?

  263. right i think its very true abo9ut what you say about the americans, but i also think reading back that dog has made it bigger than you all seem to give him credit for. iI mean im no big dog fan or anything in fact i think he can be a twat alot of the time, but fact is he is on english tv aswell as american and everyone knows once you make it in england your gonna be known all over shortly, he is gonna be very rich but i think he will still be a plum. Oh and jesus christ the tits on beth lol

  264. I love how people are leaving messages talking about how Dog, his wife, and everyone who watches the show are losers, but you care enough to leave a message! You all sit there putting down a man and his family. At least he’s doing something with his life by getting rapists and druggies off the street. So when his time comes, at least he can say he did something good after doing the bad. Where you guys will just sit there with your thumb up your asses, and that will pretty much be your most productive activity over the whole course of your lives (besides leaving hateful messages). So why don’t YOU all get lives before putting everyone else down for making well of their own.

  265. It doesn’t matter what anyone saids or believes about a person. And sure there are service men. women being killed everyday. And also there are women being raped everyday too. Has people lost their compassion so much that they don’t care if a rapiest is caught so he can’t rape and maybe kill again? No matter if you like someone or not you have to look at what Mr. Chapman did…..he caught a man that was raping women and who knows what else he’s done. But yet he is being treated bad because of it. I don’t care if I like this guy or not. The thing is a predator is off the streets and can not rape another woman or child. Mr. Chapman does not need to be critized for doing the most honorable thing. If it wasn’t for this guy that preditor would still be on the streets raping.

  266. The problem is you not Dog. You are in your own world where the only person that matters is you and no one else. Jealousy is the other problem and no self worth. At least Dog has done something with his life instead of returning to crime. When you get to the point where you can love the un-lovable then you will be something and somebody but until then your will always be nothing and nobody. Props to Dog.

  267. look the guy talkin about his gun all the time…i think you hide behind that gun because of what your lacking somewhere else..and i also believe that you carry that gun because you are a pu@#y..now about dog who the hell are you to say he is a bad person? do you have children? if so he takes the ppl who do evil things to children off the streets!..he shows that no matter what you came from you can be somebody! And i think that is a great message to send to our public and to our children! GO DUANE “DOG” CHAPMAN AND HIS FAMILY!

  268. I am not either a fan or a hater of the Dog’s show, but he is again in hotwater. It seems that his son is dating a black girl, and while unknowingly being recorded he told his son that they use the word nigger to much as well as other slurs for his son to be seeing a black, Mexican, or whatever kind of girl that can record them using racial slurs and lose everything they have worked for for over 30 years. I heard this recording tonight on TMZ. Apparently this just happened, and they said that A&E has temporarily pulled the plug on his show until they can get this taken care of.This is pretty bad for the Dog, and I cannot beleive his son who also is getting rich would do anything to hurt his family. Like I said, I am not really for or against Dog Chapman. I am never able to watch his show. I was behind him 100% when Mexico wanted to have him sent back down there for catching that rapist. That was bullshit. I t6hink rapist should all hang. He seems to know how to catch bail jumpers, but he should be careful on the phone if he is going to use racial slurs.

  269. Now Duh-ane can add another title to his name. BIGOT….BIGOT…BIGOTA&E should have sent this show to the landfill site,with all the other garbage,a long time ago.The guy is an embarrassment,and has lost all creditbility,and all respect.Once a loser,always a loser.

  270. Finally. You give a fool enough rope and he’ll hang himself. Now everyone can see this man for who he truely is. His character, or his lack there of is now seen by all. He is a Racist. Period.

  271. didn’t I recently hear something about dog going back to jail?…… Isn’t this supposed to be an anonymous blog? when did being anything on a blog become relevent?If you claim to be a cop or a professional bounty hunter for that matter, you would be completely defeating the purpose of having the blog in the first place… if you feel the need to insult a fellow bloggers intelligents , then do so… but proof is not available no matter what you say… keep this in mind, this is not about you… It’s about dog. As ugly as he is some people must love him out there, so anyone coming on here saying that Dog SUX and whatnot are to be considered as trolls, and if you respond to a troll you have immediately lost.

  272. This guy is a fuckin tool. Says he was locked up in Tx for murder and only did like 18 months……I call bullshit. TX? Fucking Tx of all states is the worst to get locked up in, he would have done 10-15 years easy. 2nd of all the goverment wont licence a fellon for bounty hunting…last I checked….murder was a fellony….even in Tx. Karma is a bitch…he got what he had coming to him.Shit I did 6 years on a wepons and drug charge…LOL…murder hahahah in TX even.FUCK HIM !

  273. I have to say: if you like it watch it. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s that simple. He doesn’t carries a gun with “less than deadly rounds” when needed. He fears applying too much force. We can all better ourselves and he has odviously made that effort. Everyone had something to teach us if only we are willing to learn. I am a disabled volunteer (now) first responder (firefighter and peramedic) so i respect anyone who has the wisdom to avoid trouble and the courage to face it when they can’t avoid it. So if you always try when you can you are headed in the right direction. Why waste your energy complaining about other people when you could be out bettering yourself or your enviroment.

  274. Dog Chapman is a wanna be cop who breaks the law all the time showing his badge and saying he has a warrant and then busting through peoples houses. I think the real cops in Hawaii should bust his ass and throw his racist ass in jail and see how the mullet head hypocritical jackoff likes that!

  275. He is an ex-con so what he went good and became the best bounty hunter ever and for that they gave him a t.v. show stop bitching and if your pissed off become a bounty hunter be better than him and get on t.v. try it sometime.



  278. This is shit! Dog and his family r gr8 ppl!And u dont even know him to be saying any thingBad!! Leave him alone! He helps ppl!I bet if u asked any one the ppl he hadIn the back of his car that will all sayThat he helped them!!

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