Great Day For The Wife

Liz, Eric, Erica and Michael all went up to the Eagles Training Camp at Lehigh University. This one picture stands out. (No offence Terrell…)

Pick me a winner…


3 thoughts on “Great Day For The Wife

  1. I took my son to the Eagle’s training camp this Saturday and it was pretty cool. My son managed to get a couple good autographs, it was crowded but not too bad. The one thing I couldn’t get out of my mind though was looking at the composition of the crowd and thinking of Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin’s comment of “Goddamnit people, go back to your shanties” What struck me as pathetic was a small group of guys who showed up really wasted (drunk) and proceeded to make complete asses of themselves, typical Kensington Eagles fans I guess.

  2. Kensington is my Father-in-Law’s hometown lol. I’m sure he’d agree though that getting shitfaced at a game or practive for that matter,just brings everybody down.I hope the Eagles do well this year. {For My sake}.

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