A Future Model? I think so…

Here I sit with Erica, our 17 year old neighbor. Her brother is Robbie, the young man who was tragically injured in a car accident in December of last year. Erica would like to become a model. I think that she has the potential to do it. In fact, tomorrow or over the weekend we will be doing a photo shoot (A portfolio?) of her for people to look at. Hopefully, someone who isn’t a con artist and is REALLY connected with a reputable modeling agency will see the pictures and contact her thru me.

Hey, free publicity is better than paying $300.00 dollars to those so called Modeling agencys that tell you that scour the papers looking for couples with newborns and contacting them saying that thier kid is soooo cute, now gimme money to put them on a commerical that never happens…

Yes, and two things.. 1.Dont even think it and 2. It’s not that I’m not a happy guy, it’s just that I have really horrible crooked buck missing teeth and am embarrased. I need an extreme makeover. Vote for me on T.V. to get it done.
I’m game.


9 thoughts on “A Future Model? I think so…

  1. I was a professional advertising photographer for a major retailer in Philadelphia for about 10 yrs ago but have been out of the biz for about 10yrs, but will offer you some advice regarding modeling. The first criteria that agency’s look for is the height of the model. They look for models that exceed 5’9″ in height, your chances of being succesful in the biz under 5’9″ are extremely “short”. Pay a professional to shoot for half a day and provide all negs, contact sheets to you in the fee. Do not go to a “Modeling Camp” or a psuedo “Modeling Agency” they are all con artists who will merely tell you what you want to hear, all the while taking your check for the privledge to do so. Good Luck.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Erica is exactly 5’9″, and at 17 maybe still can get an inch or two out of her. My wife and I were approached years ago when our son Nick was an infant about being on commercials, after this smooth talking gent left our home, we were $300.00 lighter in the bank. Luckily, we soon came to our senses and put a stop on the check. A week later, he called and demanded the money, saying that he already submitted the 2 Polaroid pictures he took to several Hollywood agencies. I told him to F*** off, to come over and try and collect. Never heard from him again.

  3. Anyone with integrity within the professional modeling biz will tell you within a first visit, wether the candidate your asking them to evaluate (this is not rocket science by the way) is viable to model. Height is usually the first criteria, then facial appearance, dress size, etc. Larger or “Full Size” modeling was just starting to take off when I got out of the biz and even though these folks were of a larger size (not the traditional size 6ish) the agency’s were still looking for folks over 5’9″. There are not many legit agency’s in the city of Philadelphia anymore, most are in NYC where the majority of the advertising photography and ad agency’s are, Philly used to have some ad agency’s w/national accounts and retailers that did there own in house advertising but this has virtually disappeared in the past 10 years, hence why I’m out of the biz.

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