You Call This a Storm ?

Yep. The roof is still leaking, right over Liz’s side of the bed. She let me know about it about an hour ago. Leaking like it was taking a leak. (It’s Sunday).
As I sit here listening to the rumbles of thunder heading towards New Jersey, I had to re boot my machine. The router (A new linksys) also had to be rebooted. This crazy weather we”ve been having in the Tri State area is the result of mother nature being pissed. Notice the non use of the word Chemtrails.

So, here’s what I want to accomplish today.

1. Do the electrical work around the house that has been half done now since the ground outside was frozen.
2. Call somebody to check out the roof. (Fat chance on a Sunday)
3. Fix leak in ceiling of work van.
4. Install new hose bib and hose holder out front.
5.Visit mom and see what she needs done, if only to keep her company.


2 thoughts on “You Call This a Storm ?

  1. Mike, where I was rasied (Stonehurst section of Upper Darby) we always pronounced a Creek a “Crick”. i catch myself sometimes correcting myself.BTW, Pronounce “Aluminium”.lmao.

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