Pete Ward – Remembering my Dad

It’s been 7 years since my Dad passed away. Funny how it still bothers me. I thought that I was over it but find that I have a heavy heart. My Dad was 74 years old when he died of Pancreatic cancer. I remember him being in terrible pain.

My Dad and I were close as father son relationships go, but in the early years, he was always out drinking. It got so bad that he wound up in the VA hospital in Coatesville and then to Haverford Mental hospital for alcohol treatment. I guess after serving in WW2 where he was a POW in Germany and Korea where he was wounded would make anyone abuse the stuff.

Finally, in 1970, he quit. I remember going out to Liberty Bell race track and then dining at the Mari Nay diner. Boy he gambled a lot! My summers consisted of working for him cutting grass on the main line. He had over 60 lawns, but I remember one on Coopertown Rd. The residence was the Millers. They were about the nicest people to my Dad, and he appreciated them as he would remind me just about every other week.

He was most off all well know in the Irish community as an excellent violinist and accordion player. He loved his music, and the people he played with. Mary & Kevin Mcgillin, Barney Boyce, Pat Collins, and Vince Gallagher come to mind.. I had good memories of my Pop.

Rest easy Dad.


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